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693 267 views | 16 Sep. 2019

Everyone, make some NOISE

Everyone, make some NOISE in the COMMENT SECTION for the return of JEM!! What a special day for us! Not only do we get to UNBOX and TEST the new TRAXXAS TRX6 Mercedes-Benz® G 63® AMG 6x6 body: 1/10 scale 6WD electric trail truck - but my lovely wife JEM is here to do it with me! For the last 5.5 years Jem has been very busy raising our son Maurice.. and he is off to kindergarten now! Jem is now back in the studio with me.. and we get to kick off her great return with a pair of Mercedes. Now.. I already took out her shiny new G 500 wagon, TRX4 (Portal Axle Truck) out into the forest trail.. before I knew this 6x6 even existed! Now.. she can take it over, and I will roll in the 6x6.. with my son driving the TRX4 sport.

Jem has never driven a TRX4 truck before.. and is not familiar with the shifting gears and locking differentials.. but, after we unbox the 6x6 we take it out to our rock course to give them both a comparison to each other. I am elated that Jem likes her new truck and has time to hit the trails with me once again! Should be an epic fall and winter season!! We love competing.. and look forward to many different events.

The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 represents a singular vision to create the boldest and toughest all-terrain vehicle ever. Traxxas captures the spirit and no-compromise approach of the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 with an officially licensed detailed scale replica built on the proven TRX-6 platform. Six drive wheels, three T-Lock™ remote-locking differentials, portal axles, high/low transmission, 6 aluminum long-travel shocks, and a stunningly accurate body with brilliant LED lighting make this the most advanced and capable RC crawler ever to hit the trail.

"MODEL 88096-4: TRX-6® Scale and Trail™ Crawler with Mercedes-Benz® G 63® AMG 6x6 body:

1/10 scale 6WD electric trail truck, Ready-To-Drive®, with TQi™ Traxxas Link™

enabled 2.4GHz radio system, XL-5 HV ESC (fwd/rev), and Titan® 550 motor"

In 2015, Mercedes-Benz released the limited-production G 500 4x4² to stake its claim as the ultimate off-road vehicle. Outfitted with a powerful V8 engine, dynamic 4WD system, and military-grade portal axles, the G 500 4x4² had no equal. Traxxas honors the engineering masterpiece that is the G-Class with this highly-detailed RC replica. Based on the class-leading TRX-4®, the Traxxas Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4² features portal axles, a high/low transmission, and remotely locking differentials for superior all-terrain capability. The highly detailed body with unique wheels and tires makes this truck a fitting tribute to the legendary original.

SUBSCRiBE & “Ring the Bell" ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU

"1 Million Views Club": http://bit.ly/2AYVrAF

RCSPARKS Shirts & MERCH: https://shop.spreadshirt.ca/RCSPARKS/

RC ADVENTURES™/ RCSparks Studio™ © 2019 Medic Media Productions Inc. All rights reserved. Publication, reproduction or distribution of this film by any means whatsoever - including without limitation electronic transmission via internet or e-mail, or re-uploading existing videos & re-uploading such material on any website anywhere in the world — is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Medic Media Productions Inc.

Gaming Sachiya

How much does it cost


amazing video...⚡️


i laughed way to hard at the unboxing! LOL

N Keerthan

13:55 for a second how many thought that is actual price of that RC car?


your wife is great crawler

Toby Dyes

Mom and dad are going to be pissed rollover what three times haha hehe

Girirajsinh Jadeja

I Love The G63 Series Brother

Random Creator

i have the trx-4 and my motor is done, its not running at all i need a new one but i dont know if i need the reverse rotation or not, can i just get a new crawler motor and not worry about it? help me out please

ziggyzbeak R.C.

I hate that crunch on a new body my bronco is broke in so its better now the crunch don't hurt so much. Awesome new trucks
I like them. CHEERS


Cheater rig..?

MTB Business


Cesar Cardenas

hands down best unboxing ever!?


I'd like to see the 6x6 wheels on the 4x4

K. Cossey

Haha...love this vid!

Fawad Ally

This was ockward, worst thing about it was I’m under my blanket with my phone volume all the way up

xavier louis

With the Pandemic so nice to see love to forget about what’s going on in the world! Epic video thanks Medic, and Jenn!

Edwin Lundquist


Tractor Freak Denmark

thats more like a porn vid like MILF?

Nick’s Rc’s

“Let’s suck it off babe” ???

Bryson Hill

Can you do some more videos with the family


That scratching sound tho. ??

Tony Schulte

Tr-x 4 and you know it


Aw man, I was looking forward to seeing your son's reaction to seeing it at the end of the video. Great video!

Tony Romano


Wow 6x6 is sweet.

Vykintas Janusevicius

Please do more of these crawling videos, LOVE them!

Russ Walker

Your wife looks just like Fiona off the show burn notice??

Tim Allen

I Love how Jem just goes along with all the innuendos.

vic calzada

Hey!! I have the limited edition snap-on car hauler... it's so cool. It's based on the Trx6 you guys just reviewed... would love to send you a pic... where? The model is SNAPON10

Crawling Nation RC

??? good like my custom 6x6 good content

Redneck Patriot


Colter Lee

Absolutely love your videos, glad to see you coming out with newer content. Keep up the great work man!

Suyashvind Boodhoo

plz send me one?

Danhy Nguyen

Nice crawling.

Zachary Larson

You 2 were hilarious to watch, love the chemistry!

Watching you both run the same course with the 2 different rigs was really informative. Thank you

Jared Laflamme

I love how his wife and his kids and him all bond over rc cars it’s awesome ??

rogelio acma

many talking

nathan ryan

Hey jem

woods gamer

Can it go in water ??????

dodge ram 1500 1996

This was probably the weirdest rc unboxing I've ever watched ?


unless youre sponsored this shit is way too expensive


That's SIC!

blanco polar



SUPER Cool, Enjoyed the

Pat Leadingfox JR

I have the black one and love it. Awesome vids btw, love you guys!!

Luke Grisham

Ever tried to strangle a right in real life over water

Fix-um RC

I have G Wagon RED I had to save my Body I put pick up Body on it

Savage Hobbies


kelsey schulte

is the 6x6 limeted??

Chris Goudy

This is not a toy....it is a hobby truck.?

Alexander Besliu-Surkic

they should have done the diff lock the other way around. first back and than front and back. like on the actual car itself. no one would lock the front diff and leave the back one open.
thanks for the video guys!
take care!


6x6 trucks are awesome because you have the advantages of a short and long wheelbase in one

Brayden Roden

The difs make it easier for you to climb up steep and non grippie hills

Grease Monkey

Great video comparing the 2

Dark Star

19:24 oof that hurt


I like the way your wife sucks

Aggelos Velissarakos

i thought kevin was huge in rc until i saw this guys chanel

Kiki & Spencer The bunnies

Say no to pornhub

Al Init

Wow it's beautiful. I bought the trx4sport first. I just bought the redcatgen8 n don't get me wrong it's awesome and very capable. I still plan on getting a trx4 for sure my hobby shop just didn't have the body i wanted so I'll order one. Your wife's new one might be the body stile I get not sure yet but maybe

Jim Frost

So now i know how to be able to reverse immediately! omg i hated that. ty

Chris Free

the Gwagon does have a Toy Store kids look to it ..

Lachlan Mckenzie

Locking your difs is more for traction

iSaiah Rivas

Mans got the wife doing all the cleaning?


this vid is M O I S T

Corn D0g

"I can't believe it's not butter" - haha, I remember that commercial! xD

Daryl deal

gwaqgons are cool


I have the red g-wagon ? i love it

Jonathan Rivera

Thats boring asssss hell

Jake Balan

I am an albertan boy through and through buddy. I watch lots of your videos, and I am stoked to see your wife out there with you. My wife... (Long story to be told in private over beers) was once an RC enthusiast as well. I built an SCX-10 for her and also bought her a used XMAXX 6S. We used to smash XMAXX's and go crawling at least 3 or 4 times a week. Went on "vacation" for a bit, and sh*t went south. People get lonely... Kinda get some feels watching you and your lady out there. Keep up the vids brutha, love this sh*t. And nice work Jem, but easy on the reverse. My woman used to be that way too.



Squidney Armoire

I’m only 16 but his son being in kindergarten makes me feel so old. I still remember when he told us Jem was pregnant.

Evison pk gemis

F** yue

Dan Colegrove

Both trucks are amazing I like the red on jem truck it just popes. You two are Epic together on these videos I laugh my butt off listening to you guys with the jokes. If more couples were into RC the way you two are it would help in the relationship have a problem go bash it out on the track or the rock course. Love the video you guys peace out take care.

L payne

love the vid!

Jonathan Toledo

Love the dirty talk

Danon A

Wouldn't that metal plate be more of a hindrance? Metal being so sticky when against a rock, as opposed to if that skid plate was plastic & being so much more likely to skid & slide on rocks?

Mustang Life

What he mean is ww3 in the comments below

ghost 5769

can you put a cheap walmart crawler on the rock track

Turki Alshamsi

From where did you buy the 6x6

Mr. Random

Guesses on the price of that 6x6

SpazTek Warrior

I love the G class ... it’s body and gorgeous. I can’t wait to get this RC beauty.


Just joined, wow I have been into aircraft and drones for many years, but you folks have sure made rc Vehicles look amazing. Traxxas have also come a long way. I still have a couple of their old quadcopters lol. It was the TRX5 Mercedes Benz that really let me to your video. Good job and Happy Driving.

Trailing Gen 7

OMG within 2 minutes they will have another child

Shaun Menezes

Well you just scratched a 600000 $ truck ?

Vincel Brown

Love the Benz g500 it’s my favorite trx4 I have the blue one tho it’s my favorite color lol love the channel

Bobbie Hiley

I love the 6x6

Daryl deal

Nice present a Gwagon

Tony Schulte

Omg I watch the mad torque 6x6 I Moe was So small!!


What happened to Jem’s axial honcho

Brantlee Gantt


Just nobody:

The deer in the picture : ???

Nelly Singh

The traxxas trx4 sport is one of the most capable crawlers

Adam Miller

Are you running on 2s or 3s for the 6x6?

Cesar Cardenas

"still with the body pins" For real paying $600 for that and still has body pins?

Russell Cupples

It was a pleasure to see Jem back on the show .You 2 make a great couple and Jem is just silly . LOL

Bow River RC

tingles... rc asmr!

Wilson RC

That small space in the front is for a mini battery pack

Josito MTL

13:31 Poor truck. She drives like a real one..


I better check my parents closet for some RC’s... I wonder if they’ve been opening any 6x6s

Tim Vanasen

Great video guys welcome back Jemm, I have a UMG I love it great crawler and I tow my M41 Catamaran with it, lol the OMG you said Aaron was funny my wife is cracking up ? hey turn off the cam and make Moe a sister you guys lol, great crawl Jemm ??you too Aaron that extra axle makes a big difference

Anthony Brancaccio

i love the relationship you guys have cherish it i wish my fiancé and i would be interested in things like this something we both would love and to be able to support your hobbies god bless you both

Black ops 4

3:07 that’s what she said


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7 Best Custom TRX-6 6x6 bodies

22 329 views | 17 Jan. 2020

Best TRX6 bodies here

Best TRX6 bodies here customized since no third party is available yet. Really showcases the creativity of rc crawler enthusiasts.

Traxxas TRX-6 - https://snp.link/836da4f8

Buy your kits and upgrade parts from this Amainhobbies link to support RC Review: https://snp.link/6640d084

Join the RC Review Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/302319827122846 for early videos and extra footage.

steve violette jr

You say that but you told me that they are build for you let's see you make your own!

Dustin C Mills

This guy always reminds me of Jeff Goldblum [not complaining]


I like the car hauler unimog

Edit: and the Mercedes was sweet and the rest as well. Was watching as I commented. Cool customs !!


Gave me some ideas, thank you. Love the new Studio .

essimi tsanga valentin

Pouvez-vous me donner l'adresse où je peux acheter ses bijoux ?


Dang!!!! All of them are awesome. I think if I could find a gen2 dodge ram i would make the T-rex that they made a few yeara back as a concept truck.

RC Crawler FR38

Bonjour, super vidéo, 6x6 super !


My fav is the Mog.

Overland Exploring

What about the trx4? Where should I look for custom bodies? I like the blazer body but It would be cool to have something different!


Someone needs to do a new jeep gladiator pickup!


AMAZING creations!!! The 6X6X6 Power Wagon is amazing! ???

I don't know if you watch other Channel's Videos, but I just uploaded Part 2 of my P/L Power Wagon Body Build. One notable feature is making the Wood Grain Bed, just with paint! I'd be honored if you could take a look at the two videos so far...
COPPA has really messed up my viewership.
Carmine ✈??


I want to do a jeep wrangler 6x6, just watched a video of a real one someone did and then this video popped up.

MC's Creations

Some really fantastic options there! ?


Francis you over look over one bad ass build but I understand

Peter Kubička

Hello mate my model what you share G63 Amg is Hardbody complete

Austin Seamons

I am new but I love your English

kaspar demuth

How can i show my custom trx6 to you? (Rcreview)?

Grenada RC Trail Adventure Expedition Hobby

TRX6 very nice rig...https://youtu.be/zw3Ilnvm12U


I want to see a Deuce and a half. Would be so cool for trailing. My grandpa told me stories of driving them in the 50s. So I have a spot for them. And great work on the bodies guys !!!


What color did you guys paint the unimog body and the tacoma? Was it a Tamiya color?


Jeep Gladiator would be a good add.


I really would like to purchase the Traxxas 6x6 but Im just not crazy about the Mercedes body, but I do love the Raptor body...Where I can buy it? do you have a link?...great video ...stay safe

James Liu

Just a friendly note: I was looking to see if there were any hardbodies for the TRX6, and I stumbled upon Peter's G63 6x6 built. Just a note, it's not built on a TRX6 chassis, and was created before the TRX6 was released from traxxas. I'm happy that you still put it on. I'm saying this because you said that they started from a stock body, but it was self made.


Already sent a plea to PROLINE RACING USA to bring us the Hennessey Velociraptor model… Should be easy for them to just add 2 doors to the molding and extend the bed from the 12.3 Raptor body to fit the extra axle…
I will pay all kinds of money for that body from Proline.

Bohuslav Patáč

Peter Kubo Kubička

JJ Torres

Lots of respect for the people with the talent and passion for this type of work! Thanks for showcasing their efforts

Noah Thompson

Where the HECK to I get these! Some of these are insane! I'm looking to get the one by Milos Hajek.


The trx makes a great tow vehicle also. Mine tows A custom made 5th wheel car hauler that halls my clod Buster bigfoot along with my actual Horizon barrage bigfoot 1 I believe I have a video of it on my channel

Mowgli Mike

The trx6 that has 6 wheel steer belongs to me. Its a full custom built chassis by myself. I designed this truck after watching 6x6 truck trials

Tom Lucas R/C Crawlers

Mogli Mikes rig is completely custom....everything on that rig. I've talked to him and have a few pictures. He's an awesome builder.
It uses three TRX4 front axles.

RC Carnage

Wow some of those are insane. The detail put into them is awesome. My custom made body is just putting duct tape on to cover up all the cracks ?

JAHMEN RC Building as One

That Ford was sharp as a razor!!. So very pretty man I would of been happy right there?

André Charland

I really love that blue Raptor!

Vince C

Shit my custom bodie been in the maken b4 i got the truck,,2 much work rite now 2 sit down n play 2 finish it up???????????

Rodcognito 00

Deuce and half with those pit bull military tires.

Lukas Garage

You know Proline....HotBodies and Co are working on some

E. Holm

Can you put up a link to milos hajek?

Greg F

Wow, these are very talented people!

Patrick Goetzke

Like i said i was going to go with the tactical maybe cut that in half and then a flat bed and wooden sides ish. Been a little busy with work. or just paint the body o. d. green and add to it errr decisions.


Nice review. Give hard plastic body on TRX6. This is my https://youtu.be/LTHBv-u_Ruc still in progress. If you want real no problem. Unimog, Volvo, Pinzgauer, V3S.

Mowgli Mike

If you want anymore info or pics of my trx 6x6x6 custom contacted me i will be happy to share .its very different to the trx6


Man, I love the merc body but I really want a high clearance crawler body

Peter Kubička

Thank you for show my G63 6X6. Hope you like it. if you want see more of my crations check this link:https://www.youtube.com/user/akcibuk/videos

Eric Shanahan

Haha Love it! That Dodge Power Wagon is awesome! Got my TRX6 yesterday finally. Play a little with it and then body work?

Trx 6

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The Ultimate Adventure Crawler! Traxxas TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 Review | RC Driver

75 344 views | 19 Sep. 2019

Traxxas continues to step

Traxxas continues to step it up big time and impress the RC community with their scale and trail crawler line-up. But I don’t think anyone saw this release coming, the new Traxxas TRX-6! A 6x6! And not just a 6x6, an incredibly detailed, high quality, officially licensed Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6! Just look at it, the finish is amazing, chrome and satin chrome accents, LED lights galore and even exhaust tips peeking out from the bottom of the chassis. Traxxas fitted an enhanced version of the TRX-4 below the body that will surely be an ultimate scale crawler that can tackle all types of terrain. New frame, new center axle set-up, T-lock shifting too. This incredible machine has everything necessary to be a standout crawler in the crowd. In this video we take a closer look at all the alterations that were made to transform the TRX-4 into the TRX-6 along with an up close look at the body details. Then we go for some exciting off-roading in two locations and wrap up our review with some performance talk. Did the TRX-6 catch your eye? See our review before you buy.


TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6

By: Traxxas

Part Number: 88096-4

Price: $629.99

Visit Traxxas: https://traxxas.com/

Don’t Miss A Thing! Follow Us:

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToRCD

Website: http://bit.ly/VisitRCD

RC DRIVER SHIRTS & MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/rc-driver-swag-store

▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/RCDriver_Online

*Notice: Some of our articles, videos and descriptions may contain affiliate links or coupon codes, which means that if you click on or use one of the product links/ codes, we may receive a small commission. This helps support the website and social media channels and allows us to continue to produce content. Thank you for the support!

#Traxxas #RCCars #RCDriver

Crawling Nation RC

Reminds me of some content i made with my 6x6 niceeeee?

FC's The Meme

They should've done a Jeep Gladiator or something.


Great review, Greg you are the best!?? a kit build with time lapse would be perfect ? have a great day my friend ✌????

עילם אברמוביץ

amazing vid, amazing car


They look so cool and crawl a lot better but I’m not sure the price tag is gonna do it for me ?

BigHead RC

Thanks Brother, Very detailed


Outstanding off-road film footage !!

Shaun Sanford

Somebody's got to say it, the 2075x servo is absolutely the weakest link in any of the trx lineup. On top of that, the optional traxxas servos are VERY expensive and the stats are WELL over rated. A HH shv500 servo will change your life for $20 more than the 400 oz. Traxxas servo and without needing all that other bec/ extended receiver box/ extra wiring.

Nobody No One

I'm not big into crawlers, but I may have to pick this up. It's just impressive, like the real one.


Looks awesome.

Michael Lee

Hi does it have a BEC build in?

Hungry Jack's

how does it perform in relationship to an 4wd crawler ??

We Out Here

This is bad ass, I’d put Arnie in the drivers seat.


Been loving to drive this BEAST, I cannot believe how capable they are. Greg that was a great review as always, happy this older video popped up in my feed. Don’t know how I missed it.


Can you make a vid of the q-baja

Speaker and rc lover

Next year they should make a TRX 8?


My 11 year old has the Bronco TRX4 and i've been holding off getting one because i didn't want the same thing. Well.... This TRX6 is a game changer.... I'll be getting one.

Terra Quest RC

makes me want the 1:1 all the more

Ma-t 69

I like body clips to be honest. The work in about every situation where other methods do not. Just don’t set them down all Willy nilly. Long live the body clip!

James Schaarschmidt

The holes are to drain water and grass and mud


These r sweet, great review n first run Greg!

Enrico Tagliavini

I cannot state it enough: Traxxas nailed it with the TRX platform. With the TRX-4 they did a fantastic job with the engineering, and now they bring it to the 6x6 world. For an RTR it has so many details on the body, it's great. And finally they have clear windows yay!

I really look forward for proper heavy truck body options, because I think that would look so cool as well. Nothing wrong with this body, they did a stunning job.

MyPassionRC- Studio XD40 Lou's RC Garage

In that price range I'll take a quality Cross RC H6 anyday, didn't like the body, truck bed, bumpers, no interior for driver passenger. Seriously check out Cross RC stuff if you want a 6x6 more scale truck


Great location!


This is not good for comp. Just trailing yes.

Voorheeslaz70 Voorhees

Nice review and test drive my friend. My hun got me the white one and also got me the traxxas trx4 Bronco on Valentine’s Day as a gift. I just took them both out today and man it was awesome both of them are a BEAST. I just subbed to ur channel????from Denver Colorado


Expensive compared with the Axial UMG 6x6.


Are the chassis rails one piece or 2 piece like the UMG 6x6?

Espen Lund

Damn you! ? I had decided that I wasn't gonna buy the TRX-6 but your video made me change my mind so now I have ordered one. ? I guess my TRX-4 Sport will be my dedicated crawler and the TRX-6 will become my trail rig. ?

Daniel Navarro

It looks awesome but I'm waiting for a Summit 2.0 ! Come on Traxxas!

megaman 123

Is this vehicle still fully waterproof?? as I cannot help but notice the unsealed light connections and you drove it through very shallow water only

Great video btw!!??

Paul Barrick

Ordered mine! But they had better come out with an extra long set of tank tracks for the rear.

Joe Derrick

Body and wheels are awful just like the TRX4 Merc. Puke inducing.

Firstjimmy Lasthedgecock

Traxxas need new body's for this 6x6 and all so the 4x4 .i like to have the Ford f150 raptor or Chevy silverado trill boss body.

Ignus Fast

I love the design and engineering, but I really dislike the ugly, boxy Mercedes shells.

James Schaarschmidt

I have watch many vids on this truck and yours is the best , thank you ?

Bob Rudy

What is the top speed???


I just got a JLB racing 21101 truggy when o went to drive it the steering was all messed up if I turned the wheel on the transmitter the wheels would turn but then it would go and when I held the trigger in it just was turning the wheels.
Please let me know how to get the steering back to normal

Super LeWiSaR

Did they put trx6 stickers over trx4 printed on the box???? I feel like they may have caught that at last minute

Steve Moon

2 videos in 24 hours... Greg, you're definitely spoiling us!


This looks like the ultimate winter exploring rig!


I wonder if the middle Bevel/Pinion are going to wear out faster with time?


How much battery time did you get out of it? I'm thinking of getting one.

Brad King

i love your channel, thank you for the content. I'm sorry for the stupid~can I use the flysky gt5 with this truck ?

Nguyentrong Sang

Yang pilih allah like.

Rugger 878

scale army truck would be cool lika a doce and1/2 mide my spelling

Vannin Stylz

After owning this bad boy for a while, how has the durability been for you? I want to purchase one as my one and only crawler for everything but really want to make sure the durability justifies the price on one. Lol

Carson Meier

So when are we getting TRAXX for this thing

Steve Bevan

Simply the best video of this truck yet, thank you.


Good job Greg! Nice piece of kit.

Clayton D's rc's

Another great video keep them coming

Ngoc Nguyen

I just bought one Traxxas TRX 6 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6 1/10th Scale RC Crawler Body" Silver " . From Amain hobbies.

Manuel H.

no one wants to know what traxxas does. stopp review stuff from such a bad company

Marlon Pape

there is also a tow bar option
if so which model or type number
this model will also be available in europe

Fredrik Stjernqvist

I really don't understand this. 6x6 looks like crap!
Luckily for traxxxas the taste is like the ass... ..divided.

Ready Set RC

Great review?? Can't wait to get one on the trails.


that coool traxxas 6X6...
how come america dont like to make their own R/Cs and traxxas models


Would you add a 6x6 to your RC collection or are 4x4's good enough for scale off-road fun?

Russel Akam

Cool AMG

James Schaarschmidt

Just to keep you up to date , I bought one should have it next week . I blame you and RC Sparks ?❤️


I wish Traxxas would come out with something other can another version of a crawler or another reworked older model like the rustler 4x4 . Something brand new and cool. That would be awesome. Also I heard losi is coming out with something cool soon can you talk about that yet? ?? Also don't worry Traxxas fans im not being a jerk I love my summit and emaxx and stampede 4x4 just want something new been along time since traxxas gave us anything actually new since the trx4. And looking at all the other companies coming out with cool stuff all the time

Traxxas Master

amazing Video!!! good Content!

Levi Beebe

I dont like how the shocks are so over tight when you first get em, atleast all the ones ive unboxed were.

W.G. Brown

I would love to see a tactical body, but that's just me.

Drew Metzger

600 is hard to justify so I'm waiting for a sport model and hoping it will be around 500 because that about as much as I can spend on one


What is the top speed?


At 3:59 are those extra body clips

Matthew Jorgensen

You know it wont be long until someone drops a front axle into the rear axle spot for tighter turning...

Crawlhard RC

Seems, to me that 21t is to fast. For that large a crawler.

Prakhar Kumar

All the details anyone would ever need to know. Hats off to you!

Achieve Fitness

Thank you for doing so much for the hobby. You used to publish RCDriver mag right? I used to go to Barnes N Noble and read every issue back in the day.... this is a great pastime!


I hope they come out with a kit version... I love the chassis, this seems perfect for an FPV rover / robot type thing, so I don't really care about the expensive body and Mercedes licensing... But this looks really cool!

HemiStorm RC - Custom RC builds, painting videos and more

Man that thing is MASSIVE, I really like the body detail on it.


A 6x6 crawler would be cool. And the real AMG 6x6 is sweet, but for scale I'd probably pick up a rig from Cross RC or build my own custom one before I would buy a Traxxas truck.

Everett Beal

Stop making me jealous lol