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S q u i s h

22 views | 13 May. 2019

He squish

He squish


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Amazing ASMR Quish Toy Review

1 396 views | 16 Aug. 2020

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Just a Tree

"Sealant nipple" LOL

Tony Borda

Great video as always, man. Would you be interested in opening a pack of Magic the Gathering cards for a video? I think that would make for some great ASMR. Just an idea (:

Zola Quite Catholic

I like the squishies and slime that has Styrofoam in it. You've got yourself a cronchy fish now ?

Zola Quite Catholic

JHR: 3:44


It's just a matter of time before it bursts at the seal

John Doe

Hey bro, just letting you know that I would really enjoy another under the microscope video. Besides that keep up the great work!

Kendall Tisinger

>the balls can go into the nostrils

We Are Wrestling

Welcome back! I've been relying on your videos these past few nights during our heatwave here

Zola Quite Catholic

"Let's go ahead and focus in on its face. ...
[L A U G H]"
Me af

Queen Bee

You have the best camera.

Wilderness Ontario

I’ve come back to this page every day praying for a new vid. I watch your videos on repeat! Now I’m stuck watching the same ones! Cheers ??

Lucy Baldwin

'The sealant nipple' ?

JHR Reviews

This is my last video until further notice, I do not plan to upload, but also don't plan to NEVER upload again. All content will remain up.

Zola Quite Catholic

Yes, the other language on the packaging is French! Really enjoyed the video!


Do you plan to ever upload again man? I saw your post a while back about why you were quitting but I cant remember and I think its deleted

Roger Case

hows it goin guUuuUuYYs

Juno Luna

Its very wholesome(? I don't know but your voice made me relax, i enjoy IT :)


Hope everything is alright. looking forward to more sweet reviews


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pretty*quish tranformation ?

18 views | 26 Feb. 2019