Xrp added to coinbase

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RIPPLE (XRP) ADDED TO COINBASE! Here's What Happened...

814 views | 25 Feb. 2019

XRP Ripple has officially

XRP Ripple has officially been added to COINBASE! This comes after a ton of speculation over the last year and a half of people begging for Coinbase to add the popular cryptocurrency XRP!


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Washington Denilson

Now I confirmed btc hack is real when [email protected]gmail.com hacked down 8btc for me without human verification

Line of Sight

for the long term, I'm happy.

Yang Acars

I don't know for sure for what fucking reason they need xrp on coinbase and all this xrp army fud, when it's actually on binance.

Alex Psy

Great shill boy...great shill! Classic XRP fanboys...

Facepalm Jesus

i see nothing have happened

The Crypto Analyst

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