Stocks with unusual volume

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Using Unusual Trading Volume to Find a Profitable Gap and Go and PullBack Trade

18 408 views | 20 Dec. 2019

In this video learn how

In this video learn how our equities trading desk uses unusual trading volume to find a profitable Gap and Go and PullBack Trade. Two proprietary traders from our firm show how they use a powerful trading signal to find profitable trades right on the trading open. http://smbu.com/mike to register for our free intensive trading webinar

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*SMB Disclosures* https://www.smbtraining.com/blog/smb-disclosures

razzy p

Ride those whales!

Daniel Westereng

Thank you all greatly!
I appreciate your work!
LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMB Capital

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What’s SMB Capital’s definition of RVOL? For example, when RVOL is 5.89 at 9:34 AM, does the RVOL value represent the ratio of the volume being traded at minute 9:34 compared to the average volume at that exact minute over the last 30 trading days? Or is it the ratio of the volume that has traded up until that point today (in this case up until 9:34 AM) compared to the average volume up until that exact point in time over the last 30 trading days? Which is it? And does it take into consideration the premarket volume?

NewAlma Mater

I’m so appreciative of your excellent content. Thank you! You guys produce really good stuff for newbies like me to learn from! Thank you thank you thank you!

Mathew Coatney

Wait for the pullback, entry is on tape change of the pullback.

Andrea Lorenzini

i d like to ask you if you ever use bookmap. if yes maybe a video about that would be great for the community. :)

Uchendu Korieocha

Hi Mike, is there opening for traders at your firm, I would like to apply and see if I can trade for you guys remotely. thank you

James Rowland

At @11:11 it's mentioned that institutional ownership was at 83% - Can you please explain how you are able to know what that % is vs retail trading %? Thank you.

Ohad T

Thank you very much, can you please explain Rvol? Do you compare 1 minute volume bar at a certain time to the average of how many days? I'm a bit confused.


I like the opening trading volume explanation, was tracking RAD earnings release this week before going to work and price did follow this criteria very closely, so far a great two day trade, or would have been.

James Rowland

Where can we learn more about cloud quant or is it IP?

Имам-Мухаммад Габбазов

Thank you for your great content! From your vlog ive already learnt a lot! Im from russia and im going to take in house foundation during my trip to usa in summer! Will i be able to talk to other traders like Mike, Steven, Shark and Swang?

Joanna Huc

Thank you for another great video. Can you do one on short squeezes? How to recognize the squeeze vs institutional accumoulation. Also, if it is a squeeze, do you ever trade the aftermath of such squeeze, and how?


Another great video. Unusual volume with catalyst (news or technical). I would prefer pullback trade.

Savalis Adkins

Nice! A signed copy of The Playbook and One Good Trade? Dude that is some real Rock Star $#!T, that would be so awesome to get a signed copy. Great video.


The other day I was trading a stock that had news catalyst. After getting stopped out twice, I remembered you Mike talking about RVOL being key in determining whether a stock is in play or not. I looked at RVOL, and guess what, the stock was not in play. I stopped trading it right away, and took another profitable trade in a stock that was in fact in play. The first stock kept chopping all day non-directionally. Thanks a million SMB. Great videos and amazing learning material.


Im still learning and this kind of coded and programmed trading makes me question whether one can be a successful daytrader without them??

Chris Kerr

In the trade idea its mentioned 3% is ideally the gap up move you are looking for. My question is how is the stocks ATR taken into consideration with this? Using ROKU and NFLX as examples. $137 stock vs $337 stock with the same ATR. Would ROKU at 3% move be more in play as it has more ATR to go?

Shrikant Deshpande

I would like to see pull back with low volume to enter a trade.

Greg Garneau

Mike -

Thank you for sharing these trader reviews - it has been extremely helpful as I review my trades (this one in particular). I wanted to ask what data source you are using (or recommend) to get a real time RVOL ratio? I have access to both Factset and TOS, but neither have a real-time RVOL ratio (that I'm aware of). Thank you

Bryant Nelson

Thanks for the great video guys! Can someone share the script for the Anchored VWAP used for this trade?

Sava Georgiev

Hi Mike. I'm using a premade RVOL indicator that uses the last 14 periods to calculate the RVOL, but im not sure thats the right way. Shouldn't it look for the periods from previous days?

James Rowland

Seriously, you guys keep providing exactly what I'm looking for. How are you deciding what to make videos about? Great work as always, much appreciated!

Foto Guy

I will use Unusual Volume to make a Pull-back trade only if other factors Lend to a PULL-Back

Xerh Gush

I’m glad TD ameritrade is closing. ? also I’m watching this video while I’m sitting at the restroom. Just FYI


Bull all day everyday

Gregory Jules

Thanks for the video! Was able to catch WBA short swing from tips and tricks I learned from you! 35% gain from ITM puts. Very similar to the FDX post-earnings trade

Bit Coin

Mike, when are you opening your crypto desk?


Happy Holidays SMB Capital! Thanks for another great vid!


Volume... Volume... Volume..... Either back side or front side volume is everything for intraday stock trading. Thanks SMB capital for genuinely sharing your knowledge. Thanks again.


Thanks Bella. I think there may be a small bug in the logic of is_symbol_qualified. It says atr>1000,000 and vol > .8. Values may be interchanged.


Thank you once again Mike & co for a great learning video. Watching your videos actually helps me become a wiser trader. Winning this week since I’m being taught the right way! Spent 2 much watching amateurs. Glad I found u guys!! To answer ur ques: I trade high vol early day after reading news for confirmation.
PS Hoping for a clip on how to buy & sell put options when i have a smaller acct. TY TY SMB.


Thank you for this valuable video. When you say RVOL on the day was at 5. When was this measured? After the end of that trading day (i.e. after the fact)? Right at market open based on the premarket volume? When exactly?


Mike, I forgot to mention. I like how you coach the traders on the "trade strategies". Especially when there are potentially different plays. Good note for my playbook.

I think you hit it right when you mentioned One Good Trade. I think the folks that read it will understand the meaning.

G Mac

I liked the Part of using the right strategy on Gap and Go, pull Back Trades and opening drive trades, Well Done


Wow Mike. Again, another great video and key learning. I mentioned on the last video about recently trading Fading the Gap moves for quick retracements. There are times I go opposite the strategy when the indicators/news show it is the right move. Sure enough, there is an SMB video out there for me. I mentioned to Seth it would have saved me many hours of research learning a strategy if I just came to SMB first. You have great programs and your traders provide their best techniques and analysis.

Having tripled my trading account in 3 months, I am a huge fan of SMB Capital Thanks for the great information you put out every day and the Foundations Course. I look forward to the advanced courses.

Robert McCarter

It may sound silly, but after I started to pretend Bella was my manager, I began a wicked winning streak. What would he say about my trading today? What advice do I think he would offer?

I just got long PTON yesterday. My thesis is that someone was loading the boat around $30 and I’m sure you noticed the + 1 million share print at the close. See it!!

Xerxes Wadia

When we put 20EMA indicator on the volume indicator chart, we can get a quick & good visual idea of how much volume the scrip traded over the last 20 candles. But is this the similar to RVOL?

Bevis Omondi

The was once SMB announced that they were offering trading classes. How can i be a part of this?


Thanks for sharing this awesome content. Would love to see a video on an example of trading a stock with a Technical catalyst. Thanks in advance


Another great review, however, wonder why you went into discussion on your internal codes? Meaningless to us even if we had coding ability which most of us do not I suggest. Almost made one think that one is just a bit inadequate.......just a thought. Appreciate your work.

Joseph Guaman


Robert German

Can I trade with you? I’m living in Switzerland.

Lewis Gottlieb

SMB makes great videos, definitely appreciated!

My question is, the traders in many of your videos often refer to "meaningful" highs or lows, like "meaningful lower low" or "meaningful lower high on a higher time frame" which is used in this video.

Whether on 1 minute bars during the open, or in trading breakouts or trend following on higher timeframes, the "higher high", "lower low" etc. are relied on heavily to define entries and exits.

If you show your traders a way to identify these that are "meaningful" it sounds like those might be more reliable and that would be very helpful!

I tried Google, Bing search and investopedia with no results. Is this proprietary, or can you share how that term "meaningful" is defined as opposed to, say, a complex pullback?

Thank you in advance.

Beau Hale

Hey Guys... You are talking about VWAP a lot. Are you anchoring that VWAP to the 9:30AM open on intraday trades?

Stocks with unusual volume

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Identifying Market DIRECTION with UNUSUAL Volume and Price  -  S&P 500 Day Trading

89 views | 6 Jan. 2021

Find out how to determine

Find out how to determine the market direction of the trend with unusual volume and price when day trading S&P 500 futures without any technical indicators. ? Get my free weekly stock trading / investing ideas in email: https://hot.wishpondpages.com/ideas/ #DayTrading

? Subscribe & turn on the bell for more free market & stocks analysis: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86FwxKYhAxviqnDhfLPOIw?sub_confirmation=1

Check out the video for a complete walk through of the market analysis of S&P 500 futures (ES) for 6 Jan 2021 trading session. In this video, you will find out the market recap during the last session and a trade review in the three-minutes timeframe (including entry, exit and the rationale behind). Going forward, I will cover the bias, the key levels to pay attention to, my trading plan for the session later.


0:52 Market recap

4:20 Trade review

6:55 Bearish market direction

7:20 Unusual volume

10:20 Compare the unusual volume

12:30 Wyckoff Effort vs results

15:00 Trade entry opportunity

17:45 Current stock market outlook

Watch my market analysis video in the last session if you haven't in order to better relate to the market recap and the trade review.


Bias - neutral (Day trading); bullish (long term)

Key levels - Resistance: 3770, 3720; Support: 3670–3680

Potential setup - Look for potential reversal at the key levels.

Disclaimer: The information in this presentation is solely for educational purpose and should not be taken as investment advice.

Prem Kumar

Great lesson, thanks again Ming.

Ming Jong Tey

Copy this TREND REVERSAL trading strategy (that works) & profit --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZRKJbVURQQ

Stocks with unusual volume

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How to Scan for Stocks With Abnormal Volume

2 938 views | 21 Mar. 2020

Learn how to scan for

Learn how to scan for stocks with abnormal volume using the Scanz platform. This scan can help you find big momentum trades early.

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