Rebounding machines

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Backyard Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer on Hoop

11 964 views | 21 Feb. 2020

Installed the Dr. Dish iC3

Installed the Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer on our Spalding NBA 54" Portable Angled Basketball Hoop with Polycarbonate Backboard.

Link to Product: https://amzn.to/35YIIw3 (Amazon)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Comment down below if you need one or for any questions.

Thanks for watching!

Camera: Iphone XS


Hey man. Great videos. Keep up the good work. I'm on the fence about getting this because I have a 54 inch acrylic backboard that's mounted to my garage in my driveway (so there's no pole). My biggest issue right now is the ball bouncing off the rim and going to my neighbors yard, damaging plants, garden gnomes etc. Without the pole, am I going to run into issues? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

Azulejo Farrier

So how did you get your shooters ring on their


Hahaha your kids are awesome man, reminds me of myself and my brother back when we were kids.

Elite Accuracy

Bro I am so interested !!! is the net detachable cuz I wanna dunk on my unsuspecting stepdad?


Just got mine 3 days ago from amazon. We love it! Where do you get the wheels and counter?

luis ivan

The basquetball hoop that you have is the spalding nba 54"?? Great video man

Andres Pigz

Do you need the pole system with a portable hoop like that my hoop just has a straight up pole and it would be way too close for the pole system

Lou Hernandez

interested now, thank you

Jumpman 33 His airness

Let’s go warriors

Mateo T.


Kekek Nsksk

Do you think the backboard of this hoop is too small ? I measured it and it says 48inches. I am thinking about buying the shoot trainier too but in Germany it’s 850$. I would use it a lot but if it wouldn’t fit the money would be kind of wasted. Here is the link of the hoop I am using https://www.exittoys.at/exit-galaxy-versetzbarer-basketballkorb-auf-radernmit-dunkring-grun-schwarz-46-05-11-00

Anyways thanks for the video and your help. ??

Pj S

Hi. Where to buy this? Thanks.

Hichelle Maralit

That is so cool, gonna look into this for my kids!!! Thank you!!! You guys are so cute!!!!


Great video, bro. How much storage space does this take up? When folded up, does it look possible to hang this on a garage wall with hooks?

Shush Shush

Any help on where I can buy this? I don’t know if I can’t find it because your American and I’m from England. Thanks.

Shivam Gandhi

Where can I buy the Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer from?

Idek -

Im thinking about buying this because I have a hoop and it’s very frustrating on off days and my hoop is at the front of the house on the street and I live on a hill so the street is slightly slanted and it’s super annoying when you miss and it rolls all the way down, do you have a link for this? I searched it up but I saw 500 dollar ones and I think I saw somebody get one for cheaper

Kayla Rain

Where did you get the shot tracker

Brent Galey

Thanks for making the video bro ,after spending more time chasing the ball today from when it bounces off the edge of the ball return I looked this up and it looks so worth getting now that I've seen it in action . The boys stole the show with their intermission moves ?.

Robert andrew Rodarte

Thinking about buying one like yours because of your video. Can you tell me how long the poles are that stick out to hold the net ?

Hilton Boys Basketball

where did you find the shot counter

Lucas Nieves

Does the shot counter and wheel come with it? Without additional cost?

Fe Limbo

Always enjoy watching you kids



Fe Recla

Awesome! Good job son... so cool grandsons...l??????


What height does the hoop goe to, like whats the lowest and highest height

Aiden Liang

Polycarbonate gets yellow and brittle after 3-5 years outside

TCBL Toronto Chinese Basketball League

I bought mine because i watched your video! Thanks brother

Khary W.

Where did you get the shot counter from? I can’t find it anywhere.

Rebounding machines

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Robert Gomulka - Rebounding Machine.

1 428 views | 2 Jul. 2014

This video is Robert

This video is Robert Gomulka at one of the attractions in the basketball hall of fame. I think every training facility should have one of the machines.' It is fun and could help a players leaping ability .Remember hard work pays off.

Rebounding machines

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Fitness Rebounder Workout / All Cardio / 45 mins

3 824 views | 2 Jan. 2021

Here is my Rebounding

Here is my Rebounding Fitness Rebounder Workout / All Cardio / 45 mins.

This workout is a fun and challenging 45 min All Cardio Rebounding Workout! We will start with a warm up and bounce our way through this sweaty cardio routine! This workout will leave you feeling energized and accomplished! Please take breaks at any time. Your endurance will improve with practice. Remember to push down into the trampoline, using your lower body strength!

Please let me know what kind of workouts are your favourite! Comment below :)

If you're looking to buy a new bungee rebounder I am affiliated with Jumpsport and Leaps and Rebounds. I have 10 percent discount codes for both companies (USA only).If you live in Canada and want to buy a Jumpsport I am affiliated with a small business in Ontario and I receive a small commission from sales. All the links and codes are HERE: https://linktr.ee/naomijoyfitness

I have the 48 Inch Leaps and Rebounds and the 370 Pro JumpSport

If you're looking for another mini trampoline workout, check this playlist out:


Do enjoy my ART? Then check out - https://www.etsy.com/ca/market/phresha

If you would like to donate to support my video production, you can donate to my Paypal account below. I make these videos all on my own, and at this point, I am currently doing for almost FREE! :) I appreciate donations very much! xoxo


E transfer: [email protected]

Social Media Channels:

INSTAGRAM: naomijoyfitness

Website: naomijoyfitness.com

Facebook: Naomi Joy Gallagher

This video was created by Naomi Joy Gallagher




Jakarta- Artist: Bonsaye

Kokaracha -Artist : Magnofield

Anywhere You Go- Artist: DJ Mason

Anywhere you Go ( (KillRude Remix/ Instrumental) Artist: Loving Caliber

Let's Work It Out Artist: -Andre Aguado

Rainbow Grayscale- Artist: Ceen 1

Like a Ricochet( Deek Cloud Remix Instrumental) -Artist-Loving Caliber

Sweat On Me (Trice Remix Instrumental) Artist:Tape Machines

Call My Name ( Killrude Remix Instrumental ) Artist: Blaeker

Lies ( Killrude Remix Instrumental) Artist: Chris Coral

Blind Love-Artist : Suedo

Fly Fly Fly (Killrude Instrumental Remix) Artist: Ethan Martin

Out Of My Mind (Killrude Instrumental Remix) Artist: Ramin

I'm Not Running Around- Artist: Killrude

Time Traveller- Artist: Sum Wave




I loved this workout! So intense. I love the length of this workout, too. I love ALL of your rebounder workouts, but my favorites are the all cardio ones (both the longer ones like this and the 30 minute workouts) and your interval rebounder workouts that alternate cardio intervals with strength intervals. I love them all but I especially love the ones that I can use heavier dumbbells for the strength work.


love it! thank u !!!! :)

Olivia Lawson

This looks fantastic. And the music is so upbeat

Heather P

45 minutes....I am scared. But I will try it! :P

Burns The Dragon TV

Yay New work out!!!

Asšoera if

I noticed you were bare feet
So is it better then doing with shoes?
I will today do your workout

Edina Pecsi

Woow! This workout is a killer :) Love it. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep it coming please :)

Yoga with Rachel

Hi Naomi! It is so nice to see you back! I hope that you had a lovely holiday!! Is that a living wall behind you? I absolutely love your workouts. You have so much joy and energy! You really know how to keep your participants motivated. Thank you so much!! ??

Kate Campetti

I would love more 45 minute workouts on the rebounder! Cardio only and cardio strength intervals! Please and thank you!


New sub

Its Bao

happy new year Naomi! to more amazing content!!!


Oh my god yes, I’m doing this tomorrow because I’ve already worked out with u today, thank u so so much ❤️❤️❤️

Tom Billford

I am flying high with this content.

Shannon Woods

Nice! ??

Emma Colsey-Nicholls

So fun as always, your energy is great and your channel is really starting to fly. I'm sure you are going to have a pretty incredible 2021

Hard Training Easy Gaining

Let's go my friend, new year but the grind continues. #HardTrainingEasyGaining

Kyle Giffin

Hey I really appreciate the workouts you've been making. I'd like to support your channel & I know other viewers do too. Do you have a way for viewers to send you tips? If not, I made a web app (shekl.io) for fitness YouTubers to collect tips via link or QR code at the end of each video. Would you be interested in trying this?

It uses Stripe + Apple Pay, so viewers literally just point camera at the QR in your video & pay $1 with Apple Pay in 15 seconds. No app required. Fast, safe, ultra secure.

Been working hard on it & would love to see you benefit from it! If comments aren't your thing, feel free to email me at [email protected]berkeley.edu. I'll be around 24/7 so reach out whenever.

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

P.S. info about the platform is at shekl.co & sign up is at shekl.io!

Vitor Hugo

Naomi ♡

Tanwa Stanley

Hitting off 2021 to a great start my friend. This year is definitely gonna be a bang


Great workout video ? we are a fellow fitness channel, your vids are great. We have subscribed to get you closer to your target ? keep up the work ?

Heidi Pets

I agree! This was the best workout ever! Love it and the music too! You are great with your instructions ! When is the next cardio one?? ?

Jody Stigliano

Happy New Year Naomi! Thanks for this awesome longer cardio workout and the continued motivation to jump with you! Your videos are my favorite!

Sue Derstine

Happy New Year Naomi, I can’t wait yo this tomorrow morning. I love your videos, thank you!

Laura Mensi

I love so much all your rebounders workout, every day a practice...BUT unfortunately I'm not able to loose weight.....

Tracy Winter

Another amazing work ? Happy New Year I jumped ?‍♀️for joy every time you have another workout ?This is so much fun gets my heart rate? up gets my half my 10000 steps in amazing for me workout stress ?‍♀️in my life thank you? once again⛄

Edith Pruitt

I will try this! And the music so far that I am reviewing sounds like it may be motivating! Thanks!

Lori Bennett

Naomi, can you work up a yoga style rebounder work out? Possibly including balancing, stretching, strength training and or course Happy Baby!

Lori Bennett

This was your best challenging rebounder workout ever and by far the best out on you tube. This is definitely going to be added to my regular routine. Now you need to top it. :) Happy New Year Naomi!

The Full Energy Channel

I like this one looks like great fun

Marlene Songin

thank you -- just the motivation I need for the new year!

Janice Dunlap

Awesome workout! Thank you so much and happy New Year!!

Rebecca Grace W-B

Yasssss!!! Thankyou Naomi ???

Darlene Winfrey

I LOVED this workout. I had to clean some serious sweat off my rebounder. Thank you for sharing.

Anja Protoschill

New year, new challenge, it's awsome, I love your energy Naomi , thanks a lot for this wonderful workout, and of course: happy new year 2021

Alison Allen

I love this workout!

Emma-louise Hearn

Just wanted to say I really love your rebounder HIIT workouts, thank you so much for making them and for all your enthusiasm and motivation! Please keep them coming, they are helping to keep me sane during lockdown here in the UK! lol! Many Many thanks

Agata Jasińska

Naomi, thank you for your wonderful content! What a wonderful workout, I have now ditched all former workout routines and bounce with you!!! ???

Lisa Gillard



Amazing. I need to order a rebounder so I can do the rebounder videos. Love the music!!!

Karling Dallyn Yoga & Wellness

Loved this one! Thank you!


OMG Naomi! This was so challenging and so much fun at the same time. LOVE it! You always have this super motivating energy during your workouts, it just pushes me through. Rebounding helped me recover from 2 ankle injuries and it keeps me going and fit during lockdown right now. Your workouts are ACE. Feeling so alive and invigorated now. xx

Jane Price

Fantastic workout - I love longer all cardio sessions on the rebounder - thank you

Deb V

Happy New Year! I just previewed this workout, I’m eager to do it once I’m home. We moved before Christmas. My rebounder was on a truck for a week. It took some time to get back in my workout groove and unpack, then a crud bug hit. I’m well now, and we’re visiting family out of state for a break and change of pace. I’ll actually have an opportunity to do this...next week. Cannot wait. Can we just say that 45 minutes on a rebounder is for cardio beasts. Love this, great challenge...I appreciate how you’re changing things up and providing form cues. Thanks for all you do to encourage rebounding love, health and fitness. No wonder you’re a clear favorite.


Amazing! I’m a sweaty mess. Thank you!


Awesome girly im loving this... 2021 is our year of greatest!

Brigitte Armstrong

Happy new year! I was so in the mood for a fun bounce today.. looking forward to doing this on the afternoon. Thank you!

Silke J.

I'm so glad that I found you! Your workouts are so exhausting! I love them! Greetings from Germany!

Arielle Katzman

Excellent. I appreciate the longer and continuous flow.

Andrea Lehmann

This looks intense! Would love to see a bodyweight cardio/strenght with the rebounder and more routines using light hand weights. Your rebounding routines are definetly the most intense on YouTube. I love the 45 cardio abs!!

Leaps and Rebounds


Lisa Cote

This was an awesome workout! Easy enough to follow, but definitely got my heart rate up and a hard workout! Loved it!


Happy new year. We hope 2021 is going to be a great year. We love your workouts. It looks so fun

Aline Santos

Oooooh yeah... AMAZING CARDIO WORKOUT! I'm already tired just for watching ?

Lori Solomon

Amazing workout! I wasn't sure I could do it but you were very motivating. Love your workouts! I have been working out for ages and you are one of my favorite instructors. Thank you.

Lubuulwa Chris Fitness

The Trampoline is underrated, Joy
It looks easy from a far but quite challenging.

Edith Pruitt

Please do more all cardio like this. Maybe do some 80’s music? I know sounds old to some but o love classic rock 80’s. Maybe some sound a likes if copy writing is issue? Thank you!!

Paola Perez

Love it ? it kick my butt after not exercising for while . You are my first workout of the year !! Happy New Years :)

Chris Pecsi

Wow Great Workout and Instructions! Subscribed ?? Looking forward to your videos

Yoga with Tovah Fenske

Really great instructions, very clear and informative for a rebounding beginner (like myself). Thanks, I will be back.


Oh my gif girl you just totally kicked my butt, I layed on my trampoline after and couldn’t move ?? thank u for another amazing workout ???

Katharina Schlüter

Great workout. Perfekt start in this year ?

namaste nadine

Hi sweetheart! Happy new year! What’s the name of the first song? I love it!!! And as always great energy in your new workout! Sending lots of love from Spain!!!

Tanwa Stanley

The Stripes on your pant got me thinking you were doing mini bands Lollz

Edith Pruitt

Is there a difference in the feel of the bounce between the jump sport and the leaps and rebounds? I have keeps and rebounds and love it so far but wondering do I need jumpsport to do fast cardio? I have not tried this workout yet so I am not sure about how o will do on thisjj NK one. I just hear that their is a difference in how fast I can’t bounce according to the rebounder used. And so you have both? U can tell me your opinion?