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The Breakdown Podcast Ep4 - James Moore on Antidepressant Withdrawals

820 views | 20 Mar. 2020

James Moore is a

James Moore is a campaigner for the provision of tapering strips through the NHS to help users who want to stop taking prescription drugs for anxiety & depression (antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and opioids).

James lives in South Wales in the UK, he was taking an antidepressant called Mirtazapine for 6 years. In this podcast we discuss the effects of withdrawal from antidepressants that he experienced.

He is the host of the Let’s Talk Withdrawal podcast which was created to share both expert views and the lived experience of those who have taken and withdrawn from a range of psychiatric medications.

Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/provide-tapering-strips-to-help-people-withdraw-from-antidepressant-and-antipsychotic-drugs

Find out more about James Moore here:

Website: http://www.letstalkwithdrawal.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jf_moore

Mad in America https://www.madinamerica.com

If you're interested in appearing on one of these video podcasts with me then drop me an email at [email protected] and we'll see what we can arrange.

If you'd like to offer more support to Anxiety United, you can become a patron here - https://www.patreon.com/anxietyunited

If anyone has a problem with my views in this one then please feel free to email me and we'll talk it through like normal human beings.

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Anxiety United

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If you'd like to get in touch regarding anything youtube, anxiety, panic attack or mental health related, send an email to [email protected]

Remember, you're not alone when it comes to suffering with anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks, don't ever be afraid to seek help. Mental Health issues are not a sign of weakness.

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Andrew Murton

I'm coming off Fluanxol (flupentixol). My doctor told me the same shit. "These drugs don't have withdrawal symptoms. These are your anxiety symptoms returning" Total lie. As soon as I took the pill again within a couple of hours my symptoms went away. This happened again the second time I tried. I went to a different doctor and she said I should try a different drug. I stayed firm with her that what I wanted was a programme to help me come off which she eventually reluctantly gave me. The drugs never took my anxiety away. There was no point in taking them but coming off them caused me to experience some of the worst depression and anxiety I'd ever experienced.

James Brannick

The real truth here is that the relationship between psychiatry, general medicine and big pharma is far too close and cosy. The whole system is in dire need of an overhaul and the profit margins taken out of the equation completely. Only then will this insidious cancer of big pharma be left out in the cold where I truly believe it ought to be in the treatment of mental health. Lies, exaggerated claims, chemical imbalances, doctored trials, wining and dining clients, funded studies, omissions made in trials all so that you might feel slightly better than a sugar pill? All costing NHS billions a year. Isn’t it time we woke up and realised that it’s one big joke.

Heidi Baltom

I have not been able to find anything on withdrawal from Mirtazapine. Ive been on Fluoxetine, Citalopram and Sertraline before this snd had no problems coming off them. Its done me good and now not sure if i need to take it so coming off very slowly. Thankyou its nice to know there are other people like me who have had this.

MyEnglishTutorandI Michelle

Thank you SO much for this video and interview.
I would like to share my story ....
I am also on the 3rd attempt of my withdrawal stage of taking Mirtazapine ( Started in October 2015) and was never told about withdrawal and my 1st attempt fail my Dr said it was relapse but it was withdrawal. My 2nd attempt was successful for 3 months BUT I did not understand my diet and lifestyle choices. BUT, this time I am ready and prepared to come off of this medication. Originally from London, UK, I have been "stuck" in Greece during the lockdown and was so panicked about my medication running out and then found pharmacies run differently here.
I have used the time to really self-work by counselling, diet changes and found a nutritionist and PT who has helped me really understand my actual capabilities from taking supplements such as 5 Htp and Magnesium, omega 3, both in support of counselling and a curated meal plan and workout schedule. Today is day 9 and I am now going increase my 5htp to 3x per day and add Tyrosine and Chromium as my anxiety of relapse is worrying me (hence why I am here watching this video). The above has been prescribed to me and I do not recommend anything except research on supplements, counselling ( I use www.relationshiphero.com) and a certified nutritionist and PT who specialises in mental health.
I hope the above can help you like it helps me :D


Drug companies also control the regulator!

Buddha of Blackpool

I'm so very pleased that the myth of 'chemical imbalance' has been mentioned. It was used by BigPharma in order to sell drugs of course. It needs eradicating from the lexicon. So many of my own clients have also used the phrase.

Eileen Doherty

I’m on. Mirtazapine and lunesta at bedtime stuck on them ?


when you consider how long people have been taking these drugs for and consider we are still only talking about the obvious harms and some changes are being made is staggering - the power of drug companies and others through self interest to suppress all if this is terrifying.

Mark baa

Omg guys this is so bang on with all my experience with anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. Although I'm going through a tough time at mo this vid/podcast has made me feel better about my own struggles. Cheers guys, I've followed you both. ???

ciaran perry

Psychiatrists are dire, the entire field has been wrong about almost everything for 70 years. I saw one once and within a single hour of meeting me was trying to ship me off on 200mg zoloft and 50 mg seroquel.... you should also look into the battles claire weekes had with the field, they called her a populist and said she was wrong, they just want you on the drugs which can't even cure anything. The fact any psychiatrist would dare cite the chemical imbalance theory which was proven wrong a year after it came about in the 60s should tell you all you need to know. You're also overestimating the gp knowledge, most know precisely fuck all about anything specialist, they just know the general consensus in the training.

Juliette Peters

Nice interview/chat. Great. The only thing I will say - & I am not, as such, getting at people like James Moore & other Campaigners re these types of issues, but more just analysing - I wish these people would stop being so nice, & so understanding, about the roles that the likes of Wendy Burn & her College, & such 'professionals' as GPs, etc, have, & continue to play, in the devastating negative impacts on the lives of patients of Psychiatric drugs in general (including antidepressants of course). Just stop making excuses for these 'professionals'. Time to get real. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating Viciousness let alone, heaven-forbid, verbal or physical Violence, but high time for some blunt [true] feelings & long-overdue expectations to come to the fore re these issues, unashamedly, including legitimate feelings of frustration & anger, & Bugger-them if they don't like it. There is simple no excuse, & never has been, surrounding the extraordinary Arrogance & Ignorance of these [so-called] 'professionals' re patient first-hand experiences of antidepressants, & of psychiatric drugs in general, & particularly as pertaining to withdrawal off these drugs. In this day & age, in particular, with access to pretty much anything at the press of a few keys on one's keyboard, one can inform oneself, & stay informed, with ease. If Laypeople can do this, professionals can. Additionally, whatever happened to 'professionals' ever [truly] listening to patients, & fine-tuning one's professional Instincts in so doing. Just Zero excuses for their Arrogant Ignorance.

Mark baa

Hi, hope your well?have you stopped doing these casts on youtube?.

Eileen Doherty

Thank you Ijust got a script for pristque took first one last night was a living nightmare not for me ?and even paid for them out of pocket $300

The breakdown podcast

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Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown || Episode 1: Comedy from Home Beats Anxiety with Grace Helbig

99 286 views | 12 Jan. 2021

Mayim & Grace Helbig break

Mayim & Grace Helbig break down anxiety - why we have it and how it impacts many of us.

Grace takes us on a journey through her childhood as a young comedian and why she chose to become a "comedian from home." Grace also shares hilarious anecdotes about how she has managed her anxiety, her dating life, difficult conversations, and a flourishing career. Grace reveals her inspiration for pursuing a graduate degree in Depth psychology and puts on her doctor hat to offer Mayim and Jonathan some needed advice..

Ask Mayim Anything: https://www.bialikbreakdown.com/

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6TgOe2poCdpZtQwKetQmU1

Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mayim-bialiks-breakdown/id1546456269

Sign up for Mayim Bialik's Breakdown Newsletter: https://www.bialikbreakdown.com/

Find Mayim Bialik:




Find Grace Helbig:





Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.

#MayimBialik #GraceHelbig #Anxiety


I knew it was going to be awesome, when Mayim, would be hosting it!

Emily Spitznagel

?‍♀️1 out of 5.


"Conversations are not communication." In my experience, far too general. A REAL conversation is when you are vulnerable and put yourself out there honestly. I detest "cowboy conversation" where everything is lawyered and the conversation goes nowhere and misunderstandings abound. I am OK with joyful silliness, but I can skip it without remorse. Gossip? Entertainment and sometimes carries information; it's a sort of glue in a small community.

Nicole Moylan

Hi from Australia ?? I’m so glad you started this web site...love all your work from tv to just having a chat...I’m a nervous girl and found this episode really helpful and funny...thank god your around...Looking forward to more wonderful guests. ?


Obviously by my username you can tell I related to this...thank you for casting light on these darker topics and helping those struggling feel they're not alone.


Mayim and Grace together whaaaaaaa


I used to have panic attacks. I was put on ativan, which I refused to take for a long time till I realized 1mg helped me sleep. I decided to stop taking it, I hate medication for good reason, but the next few days I realized yes indeed, I do still have anxiety. I saw a new PCP this week and she seemed to focus on anxiety and I didn't know why. Maybe my finger nails bitten to the quick and well, PTSD IS an anxiety disorder which we tend to forget. Thanks for the show. I'm late to finding you but glad I have. It would be hard for you to say "I win" if I were there but I'd letcha. ?

Peach Plastic

36:26 this is my bookmark

Carol Poole

Oh, thank you thank you thank you...you are addressing in this podcast my whole life. My mother was a worrier extreme! Beer bottle label picker here. Anxiety bathroom goer (still happens before I leave the house). Toe tapper, fingernail drummer...all of it. It isn't so much worrying or fear as it comes with excitement and enthusiasm. This talk is just so much help and reaches me deep down!

Cheeky Rambler

I loved this. I'd love to see a podcast about ASD and ADHD from a neuroscientist perspective

Josie Vaccaro

You are sensational! Thank you for giving such insight and with such professionalism.. You're giving so much and thank you! ❤️

Amy Levine-Klaus

thank you soooo much for this!!!! your delivery calms me and I so appreciate that. still just listening to beginning but so excited about it!

Isabel Explains

Amazing information! Thank you for this! We're both on the same mission of educating the masses and helping them make healthy choices. I will get to the level you're at one day. ?We need more people like you in these platforms! ?


Me: I've woken up from panic attacks so severe the anxiety made me quit my job only FOUR weeks before thousands of dollars of stock fully vested.

Wonderful World Of Wendy

Thank you for making this series. It's very interesting. I'm looking forward to an episode on ADHD. Growing up in the 70's.. I was just being me.. but as an adult looking back and how I am now.. I am 99% sure that is my brain! :). And.. I've managed 55-years on the planet without being on any drugs :)


Mayim is a beautiful name!

Karolina Urbanczyk

i can say the same as polish. the enitre generations of polish are so anxious. when i was little, my grandparents tell those stoires from the war, that somone was killed or raped, or inslaved, not with details luckily, but from what i get from that i think is a feeling of fear, constantly be aware that everything might go wrong. it's a differetn times now but anxiety is definately pass thru generations.

Betty Glick

Love your podcast and your insights!

Valerie Barber

I needed this episode. I hope you touch more on the subject in the future. As you were using grace for therapy I was using you and it really helped. Thank you

Colleen Sachs

Why aren’t the desks facing or angled toward each other so she doesn’t have to turn around all the time?

Reba Comer

I have anxiety, rapid/mixed cycling bipolar & I believe I have PTSD from being in mentally & physiological abusing relationships for over 20 years... I am a 50+ woman & don’t know how much longer I can deal with this! I am not employed, do not have health insurance & no means of $$$’s
I love you Mayim & have been a huge fan since your Blossom days! ????


So.. anxiety attack vs panic attack: After calling my anxiety attacks panic attacks for a long while, I finally figured out that they were anxiety attacks. The reason I bring this up here is that at one point in the video you said that a 'difference' between anxiety and panic attacks was the fear that you would have another one. Meaning, that meant it was a panic attack, not an anxiety attack. So here's another point of view. My anxiety attacks are very visceral and debilitating, and when they're happening they can last days. Functioning or thinking becomes difficult. Focusing becomes difficult. Yes, my thoughts become cyclical, I think of the same worries over and over, I pace, etc, etc. If I can resolve the anxiety, then the anxiety attack becomes less. I've developed high blood pressure because of this. I've developed PTSD. (Which is really good at also triggering more anxiety attacks.) And yes. I am constantly afraid that because of my recurring anxiety attacks, I will lose the ability to support myself (work is a major trigger), my life will fall apart, I will no longer be able to function around other people. So I'm just saying, anxiety over it happening again, and again, and again, doesn't necessarily mean it's a panic attack. Just wanted to be clear on that. Yeah, there might be other stuff causing some of that fear, like ASD, but still, not a panic attack. Other than that bit, I really enjoyed your content. Thank you for putting that out there.

Christina Waldvogel

I can relate to SO much of this: anxiety, depression, relationships. I am so a part of this tribe! ? thank you for allowing me to feel so NOT alone and remember to laugh about it all

Sarah Powell

I just recently found this and I am so glad I did!! You are so relatable and informative. I love to hear that others have the same experiences!!


Thank you so much for sharing your stories with anxiety! I related to so much of what you were saying. The people pleasing (because I was that shy, middle kid that got overlooked); the always caring too much about what others think of me and always assuming they see me in negative terms. Not to mention the symptoms of anxiety attacks, that I never really knew that was the cause for these times where my body just freaked out from overstimulation.
So many things just fell into place for me listening to this. The more I learn about anxiety and it's actual symptoms, the more I realize how bad I've had it. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in my mid 20's. But anxiety was always this abstract thing. I am a chronic nervous worrier, and that's pretty much all I had attributed to my anxiety until the last year or 2. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 25. So most of those physical symptoms of anxiety I had attributed to that or my arthritis.
Now in my mid 30's, I'm finally realizing what I've been dealing with actually has a name... and it's one I already knew about. Why is it that I have to figure this all out on my own a decade after I got my diagnosis? I've seen 3 psychiatrists, 3 therapist, and countless doctors. Not one of them explained that some of these symptoms that I struggle with are from anxiety. (though in my current therapist's defense, I have only been seeing her for 2 months. And I had already started to figure some of this out by then)

Angela Trumbauer

Wonderful! I’m a Naturopath and so,happy that you touched on many ways to help anxiety, but also I believe that many times we need a bridge medication, so that we can get to the point of managing anxiety and some types of depression in a natural way. I’m a firm believer in the mind-body-spirit connection. It helped me reverse my M.S. symptoms which could have killed me by age 40 according to one of the neurologists who I saw. I think you’re great. Thanks for doing this podcast, I know many people who can use these conversations to help them.... including me! Anxiety this past year has been extremely high, even for someone who trained to specifically lower anxiety and stress.

Joel Cavaleri

I agree with a lot of this, but just wanted to praise that baseball figure on the desk being so supportive, just nodding during the whole conversation. Such a nice guy :)


I could listem to them talk for hours ... thanks for this awesome podcast and your insights ?

Simply Soda

I idle on anxious. Always in flight or fight mode. It's deafening.

Tania Reyes

I pee a lot and nightmares

Alexander Locke

I yawn a lot, like a dog when my anxiety is bad. Mayim, you're beautiful, but your shoulders! OMG, so SMEXY! ;) I do keep wanting to see you tear off the sleeves and rock the muscle shirt. I'm a nervous twitcher myself. You should incorporate some of your nervous tics in the show. I have recurring anxiety dreams of being fired or failing a test and being loudly shamed for it.

Kristy Daubney

Mayim I absolutely adore you..and as someone who survives with anxiety, depression and PTSD, listening to you explain the brain connection made me feel so much better...

Lisa D

I was totally listening to this podcast then had to pause to come check out the shoulders ?? great episode! P.S. I’m the nervous stomach kind...since I was a kid. I’m usually pretty courageous but I just can’t shake that “gotta go” feeling

Nai Nai Makes

My 17 year old daughter uses baking to drive her anxiety through its course. We all win! Cookies and brownies for all!
I also crochet weighted blankets for friends, it’s the perfect comforter ?

Amy Klotz

I'm not a big podcast person, but this was really, really good. So informative, so relatable. Entertaining, too. Love you Mayim!

Mary Young

Nerve pain from past injuries
Lupus and
Fibromyalgia and anxiety
Stress of finances constant ????

Meg H

I feel like I might get anxiety watching this ?? I am going to listen to it on my run.

Gabriel Sansar

fun with flags has nothing on fun with anxiety

Kevin Nelson

I have anxiety when it comes to crossing streets to the point where I'm using a cane or walker to keep from collapsing. Been dealing with this for several years. I was hit by a car in 2002 and almost got hit again in 2016.

Marie Garcia

Thank you so such for this. I needed it. I appreciate all you do.

Wild Owl Metaphysical Svs

I get and have always gotten tightness in my stomach. I vomited a lot from anxiety when I was a kid.

Valorie Fischer

I never thought of all of my body reactions as anxiety. I suffer PTSD, severe nightmares (that require not going back to sleep until I can reset my brain and emotional state), sleep just doesn't happen well for me. Thank you so much for what you are doing!

Mark Farley

Chelsea Handler would be a good guest for you. Or Amanda Palmer.

matt murdock

If you're really doing a breakdown, cut to the chase!

How old was he when he started to trans.

Why not come out instead of fooling the masses?

There's no hiding it, you're man, why continue trying to hide it?!?

Michelle Bustos

Thank you so much for this Mayim, Jonathon and Grace. What Mayim said about her parents being super critical really really resonates with me. I have been incredibly anxious since becoming pregnant and having my little boy and think it’s affecting my marriage. I do think I need to speak with someone but not sure where to start here in the U.K.


Have you noticed that people expect you to get over or past your anxiety or depression because you have the knowledge and vocabulary to explain it?

A. Brice

Can you do an episode on BFRBs? My daughter is autistic and she also deals with trichotillomania. Would love to hear your insights on this topic.

3 ativity

non-stop leg bouncing?

Katelyn Breadmore

Thank you so much for this! I know that mental health education and public output is more available today than before but, with so much information and influencers being “trendy” it’s hard to find a safe place! With that said this is definitely a safe place! I feel like you understand me and yet you have no idea I exist, thank you for giving me the gift of knowledge! Your touching people’s lives without even knowing!

Gina Badeaux

i love your show and loved big bang so much.i am 61 now but as a kid i had fearful panic attacks ,it felt like a scary spell was put in my brain .in the 70s there was no help.at 19 i had my 1st manic episode had many more .im better now have not been hospitalized for 10 years .its no fun.im an artist on low income housing .hope all who need it get help

Tammy Schieber

Watched them all and your my first experience with podcasts. Love them.


This Jewish standing-rocking desk sounds like the MOST amazing thing for the neurodiverse crowd! As someone who is autistic and has ADHD (anxiety too!) this sounds like the greatest thing ever! I think we need to borrow this idea and get them in schools and offices everywhere. That would be amazing for ND folks!

Pam Taylor

I’m sorry but most people are not doing improve. Can’t relate to that.

Mary Case

Thank you! My grandson is severely autistic and this helped me understand some of his anxiety issues! You guys Rock!!?????????

Woden 4545

Great show !!

Michael Tinsley

It took me two walks to get through this podcast. I was worried that Grace birdwalked a bit in the middle but the episode was REALLY helpful. I can identify with many of these characteristics. I wanted to get through the entire podcast to really share with my students. I teach HS Psych and US history and MANY of my students suffer from the generational anxiety Mayim talks about. I look forward to continuing this podcast. I have never really been a podcast guy but this is down to earth and solid info. Thanks to all three of the speakers. I have already shared this podcast with one class but all of them are going to get the plug!

Jennifer Breaux

The theme soooooong!!!! Excited for this podcast!!

Tallulah P

Very interesting. I am a hair twirler from childhood. In the last few years my anxiety has become more noticeable. Thank you for opening dialogue about this. Have subscribed.

Jenny Roof

Love your new podcast. You are my people! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a real way.

Tam Stone

I really needed to this at this point in my life. I have anxiety and am well aware of it. I also have a weighted blanket it's the best I love it. I sleep with it. Thank you for your podcast I love listening to what you have to say.

CJ’s House of Comedy and Freestyle


Antonia Hurley

The part ( 1:17) about putting your childhood self in the back seat, acknowledging she's there but move her out of the drivers seat. That is an awesome technique, thanks so much.

Joshua Moore

The "if you have" statements got me thinking and I'd like to add a few more:
And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too,
I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Patricia Gospodarek

Thank you for this podcast!!!

Emily Spitznagel

I love that top

Roberta Crowley

Well done good and faithful servants! Wow such incredible content. Sharing right now.


LOL... the moment Mayim quotes the words from Prince of Belair: "...Chilling out maxing out, relax and all cool."

Daily Dao

12:00 Dreams are our unconscious minds trying to make sense of irrational fears and vested beliefs that contradict what we perceive.

Debra Cadovius

IBS + anxiety = recipe for disaster ??‍♀️?

Marie-Claire Delongchamp

Thank you Mayim, Jonathan & Grace! I really needed to hear this...very comforting! I love this new approach on your channel!
You are loved ?


Thank you for doing this! It’s amazing and so informative! Can’t wait to watch them all! ?

Donna Posillo

Love the show! Love it, dont change a thing

shannon welsh



Panic attacks, can you feel like you are going to pass out? I was robbed years ago and was diagnosed having PTSD. After being robbed I kept feeling like I was going to pass out.

Peach Plastic

The joke about the pointed finger was very enlightening. ?

Fab life of an NP

Absolutely love this channel!


This was fantastic! I really needed to see this today. Thank you.


Mayim and Grace are both so open about anxiety, grace with OCD and other stuff too


My mum went to boarding school in England as a young child as that's how parents dealt with them. Mine don't talk about feelings and couldn't deal when I told them I was being bullied in school. They didn't stand up for me.

LLjean 2857

For a woman who is so smart in a very complicated field of science, how do you manage to describe such complicated subjects in such simple language so that the "average" person can understand it!?!? Your way of describing things is enjoyable and entertaining and informative! Your children are very blessed to have you for their Mom! I think this podcast is a good outlet for your anxiety and all the knowledge crammed into your head! Have a blessed and stress free day!

Christina Waldvogel

My question is...you talked a lot about movement for anxiety. I only do that while in full anxiety attack. Does anyone actually do the opposite like me? I sleep to cope. I actually move less. Or is that more my depression?

Jordan Coots

I am so glad I decided to watch this. I know that I have anxiety and my doctor offered me drug therapy to deal with it. This past year has made it so much worse, but I’ve been able to manage my symptoms through meditation, and aromatherapy. I still have major sleep disturbances, and in the winter I get SADD and my motivation goes to about zero. Just listening to the conversation helped me to not feel quite so alone here in isolation and I thank you for this!

Tiny Tot Prop Shop

My 7 year old son is very anxious. He literally CANNOT sit still and he also sucks on his shirts. My mom gut tells me something is not right in his poor brain, but no one will listen to me. I keep being told "he's just a boy, he'll outgrow it" for 4 years now!

Kimber E

I suffer with anxiety and I would say the difference between nervousness and anxiety. Nervousness is situational and anxiety is symptomatic and ongoing

Tallulah P

Oh, loved your theme tune by Ed Robertson, a fellow Canadian and one of my favourite BNLs.


i watched less than 7 minutes of it. it was too triggering for me. with anxiety and depression doesn't make it relatable. I don't know why but Rammstein - Du Hast lowers my pulse while for others it increases. the deep breathing and holding your breath for 10 seconds and slowly exhale saying relax about 5 times helps.

Kevin Nelson

Nice shoulders, Mayim.

Avery Bell

It may be because Depression is my old 'friend' but anxiety is way worse than depression for me.

Debbie Lamoureux

This was fantastic! It touched on so many relatable aspects for me and for my children! I have already sent the link to 5 people. Please keep doing this!

christina birtwell

Thank you for doing this podcast. I suffer from PTSD , Depression , and Anxieties I feel so uncomfortable around almost everyone . I wish i was more stronger then I am but most times I just feel like hiding and not coping I loved your show Blossom . Thanks for your podcast . i understand if you donot see this and good luck with your show I take Bisoprolol and lorazapan

Carolyn Grayston

.....being human is the perfect explanation. I don't believe that their is anyone who goes through their life without anxiety at some point. Its the degree to which each person is affected. All of your tips and tricks (advice) work. My mom has always had anxiety, she taught all of us how to deal with nightmares, (turn the pillow over and start the dream again to change the ending - which apparently lucid dreaming), breathing exercises for me from the age of 10 (I'm 64 - mom's 85), when homework was becoming overwhelming - go out and play. ....and your explanation for experiencing an eczema outbreak has just explained mine (started near end of Mar. and still with me-itchy, itchy itchy) I'm really enjoying your podcasts. Thank you!


I loved this podcast.. going to watch the rest now. Very good conversation! I hope they continue on.

Celeste Spain

Love this!

Ruta Grigaliuniene

"Dont put on ne your expectations"!!! Loved this one i couldn't agree more with everything what was said during this podcast!!!

Margo Kincaid

I suffer from GAD and Panic Disorder. A painful way to live. How ever I am medicated. A few time I pulled off my artifical nails. I am a total mess. I twilight sleep because of the anxiety. And yes it affects my life. To me most things are a worst case-for example I cannot be in a place I cannot leave because something will happen


That explains why I feel I have to poo right before an exam

Abigail Goodman

Mayim, i'm your people! ❤


Hey Jonathon- great show! ( from ??) I've always loved your channel Mayim! Glad to see this series. It is never more needed then right now!

Kanha Shrivastav

It's great! But, I think the videos are bit too long.

Meg H

If anyone else out there stops breathing when they get really anxious, like me, I can highly recommend yoga with Adriene‘s January Yoga Journey “Breath.” It’s helping me so much!!!!! Take care, everyone! ❤️

The breakdown podcast

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Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown || Episode 3: Hurts To Be Awesome: Mind Body Syndrome with Iliza Shlesinger

54 008 views | 26 Jan. 2021

Mayim breaks down how our

Mayim breaks down how our overall stress can have real physical impacts and Iliza Shlesinger discusses being a female among men in her profession, how we as a society struggle to communicate, and how her hectic work life caught up with her in the form of debilitating nerve pain. This plus lots of jokes on Episode 3 of the show.

Ask Mayim Anything: https://www.bialikbreakdown.com/#ask-mayim

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6TgOe2poCdpZtQwKetQmU1

Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mayim-bialiks-breakdown/id1546456269

Sign up for Mayim Bialik's Breakdown Newsletter: https://www.bialikbreakdown.com

Find Mayim Bialik:




Find Iliza Shlesinger:





Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.

#MayimBialik​ #IlizaShlesinger #MindBodySyndrome


Make sure you give her women's sage. And some Sweetgrass.

LuvLeighAn Clark

what is the name of the book?

Aleks Ristovski

Mayim you're absolutely the best. The amount of insights I get from you, it's unbelievable. I'm very grateful. You're excelling at what you do.


"Eat the stars." LMAO

Melinda Morgan

Mayim, I’m really enjoying your series of podcasts. This latest one is particularly pertinent to my back pain suffered over the last 50 years since a car accident in my twenties. I wanted to know which of Dr Sarno’s book you recommend to help me get the basic overview of his ideas. Also, the McKenzie exercises have been very helpful in dealing with my rods and screws in my lower back.
Keep the podcasts coming.

Seneca Collins

This is the first podcast from you I've watched and the way you're filming the remote guests is perfect! I love everything about this! Thank you!

Taylor Matson

You almost lost me in the beginning with the 17 minute intro, but I'm glad I stuck around because I really enjoyed this episode.

Auntie Em

You NEED to watch Sarah Millican! Please!!! Search YouTube for her videos and also her reading her autobiography. Enjoying your podcasts. Thank you!


Made me subscribe! I loved the whole thing but Louise Haye made me wanna stay. (I'm sure you know about living with CRPS - caused by 3rd laminectomy. Yup body over-sensitivity.) I'll look up Sarno! Thanks. And unlearning pain.

What Angie Reads

I have chiari Malformation, and have to have surgery in March for it. What do you know about it? I'd like your 'advice'

Osage Saint

I think even Jews have to believe in Jesus in Dallas?


The notion of holding two opinions is so rare these days thank you !

Animegirl's channel

Thank you, Mayim, Jonathan, and Iliza!


I loved you in Big Bang but this is like listening to PBS

Brian Curry

What a great vlog-- learned a lot - I have constant chronic pain -- am going to watch this several times -- just to breathe in the joy and health

Olivia Corbett

Thank you so much for sharing this! It's so reassuring hearing things I already know from two amazing women who I deeply admire. I struggle with holding onto my stress and anxiety (thanks PTSD!), and it's such a life changer to know how some of my physical symptoms are related to holding onto that stress. I love how connected our bodies and mind are to each other, even though it's frustrating sometimes!

Patricia Gallant

25 years of fibromyalgia here. I have chronic everything.

Denise S

I am learning SO much. Thank you for these Mayim! Please keep these going. ?❤️

rocio rocio

she´s so right


i loved when she said "you cant do it in real time because you need perspective but you can't really do that until you're fully removed from it."
I needed to hear that in this moment


Mayim, I love how you make medical stuff relatable and understandable. Thank you for podcasting.

carolyn woodfield

I enjoyed this podcast so much. So informative.

Ernesto Chavez

Dear Mayim Bialic,
My name is Ernesto and ive never played an instrument other than my conga drum. I dont know how to read music or anything. All i know about music is what i hear and love. I beg you to please show me how to be good enough to play "Salieri's march of welcome" and Mozart Sonata no11. Im a huge fan of your work since beaches and just saw a video that showed you playing music with your son. I absolutely love it. Can you please teach me to develop this wonderful talent

Michaelia Evans

I am ecstatic to have stumbled across this podcast today! @Mayim Bialik, you are fabulous! (And "Badass"). And the round, jelly candy with the hole in the middle is a Lifesaver Gummy (in the event no one else mentioned it in the comments). I miss those.

Subscribing now :)


First of all, how did I not know you started a podcast?! Secondly, I love your new show! And thirdly, to me you exude confidence! I wish I was more like you! I’m so happy to have more content from you! ?? Thank you!

LuvLeighAn Clark

I just had surgery on my lower back and need the same on my neck. and it is basically the stuff from between the bones do not exist or is damage and the bones are damage and the nerve is pinched.

and sometime some of what i feel is that my body is leaking blood through the skin, and that is just one of the many things i feel because of the nerves being pinched

Olivia Donnelly

Mayim, thank you. I have non epileptic seizures caused by clenching which was triggered by a whiplash injury when I fell off a horse. After 4 years of multiple varying specialist doctors....the only person to get me out of a wheelchair was a chiropractor who focuses on this level of healing. This episode episode has given me such a relief xx thank you for these videos xx


For me the big star is Mayim, she is complementing Iliza about her confidence. But I always think the person who still does the things which makes the person scared or anxious that shows his/her strength and I call that confidence

Ingrid Beentjes

A real and interesting discussion between you and iIliza ! Thank you ?


jonathan: i just wanted the eye roll
mayim: you got it!❤️

id be so happy if Mayim will notice this comment. i so love your podcast. thank you❤️

Hinata H

Very interesting, Mayim. Thank you! ❤

Charles Miller

Mayim, You're your own worst enemy. You beat yourself up too much! Sad for such an intelligent and humorous lady. Love you!

Michelle Bustos

I can see why you stalked her. I think I’m a little bit in love with her too. ??


Compliments can often come off as condescending, and, ironically, it seems to get more condescending the more respect you try and show. And I think Iliza is just an amazing person. So, hopefully not to be condescending, I'll just say that I respect who she is and when and if I ever have a daughter, Iliza would be one of a few women that I don't personally who I would happily encourage my own little girl to learn from and be a role model for. The obvious is, well, obvious. Shes great at her career, attractive etc. However, what I respect is her road maps. Listening to her speak in a few different settings now, whatever her conclusions are, whether we agree or not, her process and thought patterns that she uses to draw conclusions is admirable. I would love to explain exactly what it is that I notice and respect. But I cant. Cause I dont even know where to begin to articulate my thoughts. This comment would have to be 10,000 words for me to work out what I think about how Iliza appears to me. But I suppose I'll leave it as an ambiguous statement that I just hear what she says as being different in a way that I am really drawn into and feel like we could have a conversation like I have with my brother, where ideas flow, topics change but nothing is forced. Sure, I'm assuming all this about what I believe Iliza to be and I certainly could be wrong. But I will say, I'm confident im not wrong. There are just a few idiosyncratic things people do or say that someone faking intelligence and compassion simply wont do, cause they only happen without conscious thoughts. auto pilot.


I love Mayim, and this must be a Podvast, nut on uoutube, it feels too long, like as long as a movie. I want to but I cannot.


This is becoming my new favourite podcast !

Joanne Williams

Another amazing episode and I can relate as I had a bulging disc around 12 years ago and it STILL gives me pain when I am stressed. It’s my body telling me to look after me ?? am buying that book! Thank you all ❤️❤️❤️xxx

The Giant Empath

Really enjoyed watching this video xx

Marlene Rees

Mayim, I love that you have at least 1 full-on PhD, and you just can't remember what a Lifesaver candy is called.


Iliza I am suffering from the same thing. I was bullied by a surgeon for a cervical fusion for C4 and C5, it is a complete disaster 10 months in and I am deteriorating each month and worse. All the doctor keeps saying is its long recovery and I don't think he understands like you said the pain. Thanks Mayim for this podcast it helped me greatly

Daniel Gay

Thank you Mayim. Didn't know you had a podcast, I just found this video and I couldn't get away. I appreciate the honesty you've spoken here. I love your big brain. I cannot illustrate how filled with joy I have gotten from hearing you and Iliza(your amazing too!). I couldn't click the subscribe button fast enough. Been a fan far too long and will continue, keep it up.

April Johnson

This is one of those to bookmark and listen to/watch over and over. Thank you so much for having Iliza on your show; this was my first introduction to her. I also went and subscribed to her podcast.


Loving the podcast Mayim ?

Elena Stefanova

amazing episode! so fascinating to listen to your conversation, with just the right amount of humour to make me laugh out loud

Bennett F

I promise this is a complement, have you considered a radio show? You have a great voice for it.
Or do you have one, and I'm just out of the loop?

Michele Rosner

Im so thankful that this was the first show i watched. This resonates so hard with me , i have the same issues at T11,T12 due to scoliosis and i teach dance. I have had success with epidural shots thankfully. Im going to get this book tonight and read it! Im a huge mayim fan and i love iliza as well. Chronic pain does suck, but we carry on.

LuvLeighAn Clark

guys will have sex with anyone, but they will not take us in public. I lost count how many guys that told me they like my fatness (use to be much heavier) but they could not be seen in public with me because it does not fit the actors or models image that they have to hold up.

so know i ask a guy is it just sex or if i should expect more form them. so i know how much to invest in the time.

A Noccetti

Hi, I messaged Eliza when this happened, I have the same issue. I had surgery on Florida. Gave me my life back

Haley Reeves

I love you and Iliza so much. Thank you for having her on the podcast. You both have so much wisdom to give to women!


Weird, I have had BOTH being paralyzed from the waist down with pain (thankfully was healed in one chiro session) AND frozen shoulder type pain for a year. I think I need to get that book. Also: I think it is funny when females online say that women need to support each other whilst simultaneously tearing another female down. They are unaware of the irony, apparently. I am also not a fan of the term "slut-shaming". Hey, here's a thought: How about we just don't call females 'sluts' to begin with? Do females and males sometimes engage in slutty behavior? Sure, but it is not one's identity. Nice thought provoking pod-cast!

Araceli Miramontes

Keep them coming. These podcasts are Great!

Amalia Guardia

This is great!! I mean like really great!! I'll share it in my IG, I hope more people see it

Rochelle Miller

You are in my tribe. Singing bowl, sage, palo santo wood. ??? Namaste

Tamara Šagodić Chappell

This was great! Have her again!

Amanda Shipley

I read Dr. Sarno's book many years ago. One of my coworkers told me about this book and it really helped me too. I read the book about 10 years ago, I think. The other author I love is Louise Hay.

Helen M.

Maybe I need to get that book, too. I've been suffering on and off from disc bulge, and nerve pain in my leg/toes. Ugh. Stress for sure makes it erupt. I'm so glad I got the chance to listen to this podcast. Thank you!

Ginger in the Desert Creations

It might not be as real but it would be more accessible if there was less swearing. I'd like to be able to share this with my community but they don't tolerate the swearing so it becomes a missed opportunity.

Nikhil Wadhwa


Carlyne Sainphor

The truth she is speaking more people need to hear. The lack of self control for the sake of being mean is crazy.

Skyler MG

Does anyone here knows what or where to start if I one to open my private trauma-informed school????? I do not like how public schools approach challenging behavior in children who suffer from developmental trauma.

Beth Holahan Race

I could listen to you all day Mayim! Love this & Call Me Kat! Can’t get enough! ????


I delayed listening to this episode because I was worried it would be triggering given how much pain I'm currently in (and frankly have been since I was a kid, it's just gotten so much worse during this pandemic) but I'm so glad I did. I'm getting Sarno's audiobook and looking into all the things you mentioned as a fellow chronic-pain personality. Thank you so much, and I look forward to more episodes about this subject!

Rick Killian

Hi Mayim, I really love your podcast. I think its very informative. Great job Mayim


I find MRIs, Gallium scans, etc. to be entertaining.

Agenda In Mind

Women who suffer from a verbally abusive husband almost always have back problems.


I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome through a human bite to the hand in 2004[now in all limbs & across bridge of face]. I know my spine can have buildup of toxins that need to be removed by stretching [from what I'm told]. My pain levels range hourly, I remove nightshade vegetables, take turmeric for inflammation, etc.

Brian Bohn

Great info. And I LOVED that Fresh Prince reference!


I always appreciated how insightful Iliza Shlesinger was. She is one of my favorite comedians. Great talk.


I want to thank you so much for your breakdown podcasts. You are giving a wealth of information and please continue. I will continue to listen. You are so easy to listen to. I am learning so much through your podcasts. I watch you on YouTube. Again, thank you for being you and extending your knowledge to us!

Sophie Hart

Love your u tube videos.

Miranda Spruyt

I discovered your podcast and love it! I'm so excited when I see a new episode posted. Keep em coming!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FAT4Vn5K8k PUKIN BANDIDOS

LuvLeighAn Clark

is he on the computer or in the corner of her room?
trying to figure out why she keeps looking at the corner of the room

Charisma Hornum-Fries

I’m getting surgery for 4 collapsed discs in my neck. It’s the final treatment available and I’m freaked out scared but I know I’m going to get better. I’m doing my thesis simultaneously. It’s such a pressure.

Josh Taylor

Why can't doctors cure nerve damage pain?
Stretching doesn't work here.

Steven Lerner

i love you mayim, love your show kat and ignore any criticism. its well written and produced and i love the talking to the audience. you are amazing and i cant wait for next episode, and next season. hopefully makes it to season 5

Dita Ezerniece

As a truly big fan of both of you, this was so enjoyable. It is lovely to have insight in your great friendship and thanks for sharing your experiences!

Robin Siciliano

Great person!! I love her and will be looking all her shows on Netflix up. Great conversation and I’m getting that book by Dr Sarno (sp?) the whole idea behind that book is something I had thought about years ago and didn’t know it had a name or a concept like this and noticed that my body pain and overthinking about aches and pains reduced significantly. I had no clue this was an actual thing!!!! I’m excited to read this.

I totally burn sage and Palo Santo in my house!

JMisses Blac

Tell Iliza to go see Dr. Alex Tubio!!

Mayim Bialik

She’s funny, intelligent, and I absolutely adore her!! I mean... I did stalk her??? And it worked! Cause here we are. (Kidding... well, kinda) ? Iliza Shlesinger joins Jonathan and I on a new episode of #BialikBreakdown to talk about everyone’s least favorite thing in the world - stress, and how it can cause physical impact. Or in other words, mind-body syndrome. We discuss more of that in the episode! If I wasn’t laughing then I was probably trying NOT to laugh while recording this podcast. Seriously!! ILIZA IS HILARIOUS. ?? Such a fun and important conversation.

Listen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2KbC1PC
Listen on Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/38O09Qp
For more, visit https://www.bialikbreakdown.com

Ms B

Loved this video, big fan of you and Iliza, same I saw her show on Netflix and I thought she’s funny but has a f*cking point, no one should want to be a mermaid haha.
I have a question, because you are a neuroscientist, when you go into a surgery is it comforting or a little more fearful because you know the pros and cons and also the extent of the “damage” to the body. When I’m hurt I enjoy knowing how the body will be affect and the recovery.
Thanks! Keep doing what you are doing!


This was really good. I love both Mayim and Iliza and the “science-y” stuff Is awesome.
Which is why I would love Mayim’s take on the science in this TedX about unconscious bias.

Sober Like Me

Both ladies exude confidence!

Mitchel Evans

Iliza is a Queen. She one of the absolute best standups Ever. Right up there at George Carlin level. She writes her routines(not just jokes), and she is whip smart. Thank you for bringing her on. Love love love this superbly funny woman.


Yes, I do want to hear about somebody else’s pain—-for future reference when it’s my turn or somebody else’s turn I am close to.

Deb Jones loyal

Ive had a double disc replacement c5 to c7 worst decision ive made. I have severe cervical kyphosis and lumbar lordosis. I was 22 when i was diagnosed i never had an accident but i was beaten by my father from 6 to 16 so that may have caused it. I say what ever you do avoid surgery at all costs.


Laughs, tears.
I have chronic pain (including fibromyalgia, arthritis and more) and deal with things that my doctors don't understand. So hearing someone else's story of trying to find that answer to what is causing this pain... it felt so familiar. I have dealt with sciatica to the point not being able to stand up straight. I was right there with Iliza, knowing how that feels to be in tears because of intense pain, and not able to sleep. And the toll that takes on you. (My depression and anxiety are greatly effected by my chronic. And some of my darkest mental/emotional times have been from physical pain that felt so out of my control)
I normally don't watch videos this long on YouTube, because I'm in a different mindset than when I'm listening to podcasts on Overcast. But this one, I have watched all the way through. Because I've been there. (I'm also moving more towards holistic/hippy ways of managing my health, not just popping pills to knock the rough edges off a couple symptoms. So hearing about some of these new to me ideas has been enlightening... Though at times my overly analytical mind cuts me off, wondering how it all works)
Thank you for sharing this! ?

Diana McMahon

I went to better health immediately after you mentioned it. Truly, just the thought of trying to find a therapist is so daunting and so overwhelming. Finding someone that your insurance accepts, finding one that's accepting new patients, finding one that has the right speciality, finding one that's local to you, and (most importantly) finding someone that you connect with. It's enough to make most people avoid the process entirely.

Jaimie Lloyd-Anderson

Just finished listening on Spotify and had to find your youtube channel to leave a comment. Please keep on making these podcasts! So interesting and informative while entertaining and great guests so far. Looking forward to the next one (if i could make a suggestion for a topic, I work with school kids and can see them having problems dealing with the pandemic, how can we help them deal with their stress levels and promote good mental health) keep up the good work! X

Pat O'Daly

I am so glad to hear how nice Iliza is. I discovered her on Netflix also during a difficult time and she had me laughing out loud. I have fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis so I can empathize with pain and also the emotional content. Iliza helps. And Mayim you are great! Just subscribed to your podcast?

Andrew Canning

The secret is that if you are nice to us we truly don't care about your flaws.
So make your peace with mothering and sistering us a little.

Carol Gerke

That was really good I enjoyed listening and watching the two of you talk I will share this with my girlfriends keep up the great work


What's the name of the book and the author they mention towards the end of the podcast about back pain? I was hoping it would be in the description of the video.

Susan the Dreamer

I have fibromyalgia and I tense up all the time. I was even tensing up during this episode but didn't realize it until you mentioned it. And I'm an A personality type! It's interesting to learn that one thing has to do with the other. I look forward to your next episode, so I can figure out what else is going on with me! Lol! Thanks! ?

Teresa Henson

Hearing Mayim laugh so hard during this podcast made my day!

trunk monkey

Two very beautiful funny women!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FAT4Vn5K8k PUKIN BANDIDOS

Laura Damon

Thank you so much for this! Please do a follow up! Love you so much!

Marilyn Klerx

Mayim, I have also been struggling (since I was 9 and I am almost 75! Many things have helped me, and I am constantly increasing in wisdom (and then IMMEDIATELY losing it on account of the next anxiety!) However, some wisdom sticks. What helps me is: CONSCIOUSLY bending my inner self-criticisms into :THIS is THE challenge for now. I can really feel the difference in anxiety levels. I could go on forever, but I would rather watch your next episode!

Kaila Cramer

Ha, I thought I recognized the voice and style of your theme song...It is soooo Bare Naked Ladies! Such a fan. Nicely done, Ed Robertson!