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27 519 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Questions on Protecting

Questions on Protecting Wealth with Gold & Silver?

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Lynette, you are a true american!
Whenever I see your profound sense of freedom, I realize how deluded - as a european - I am. Stay on course! We need thinkers like you..

Life is Short

She like many others are playing to not lose not playing to win.

John R

you have to wonder how much the government is already monitoring everything we are doing now, since we mostly use digital

Chappy's Ktichen

I also don’t get how someone who actually uses there hands making goods earns way less then someone who provides a service will earn a lot more currency.

arctic fox

great advise!!!

Murray Krause

love you

Nelson G

Great Video ??

Gordon Bone

If Volker could see this he would be rolling over in his grave.

BlackBeardGoat Jr

You could make a sperate YT channel called "Financial Prepper"


If your in 401k and can't go to cash. Then what are the alternatives? Taking it out at 55 would be walloped in taxes. Who knows if any self directed 401k are scams companies I've read.

gout from fried okra

old ppl like metals...future is digital

Escape the Matrix

"Insanity" is our "New Normal."


It's impossible to short the SLV, it is infinite. But try to find some actual silver today, it just got shorted.

UPeaches Clyburn

God showed me in a dream money disappearing out of the banks.

Charm Debernard

I rarely comment but I want you to know how much I appreciate you. so Thank you Lynnette and team there at ITM trading.

Gordon Bone

I bought silver last year and it has gained about 47% and it is physically sitting in my....(THAT's a secret.).... Oh I have a bird cage to put the bonds in...They are worth what is going to drop on them!!.

cc ccclark


First Last

Lynette, I own 1 oz of gold. Should I sell it and use that cash to buy silver?

Mike Schafer

If you have a pool of Silver, stay off the high dive board.

Jay Dubau

platinum just broke over 1200. First time since 2015


Joebama and the criminal gang will make the change before the Sheeple sense the collapse. Easiest to keep shearing and slaughtering the sheep if the don't sense danger.

fred flintstone

spot price for metals going down while realprice u pay going up...???????????????

Bethel Nathaniel

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today...

Vapor Trap

Tuesday morning, 8:35. I'll be there.

Turra Firma

Big thumbs up from this silver prepper from down under. Can I hang out with you Lynette when things go belly up? ?????

Jean-Louis Lalonde

Allowing China its entry in the WTO was a BIG mistake. Now time will tell that allowing China to form a joint venture that will eventually compete with SWIFT will be another major error. The US will lose any leverage it had over that country. The Chinese begin by partnering with you, they learn everything they need then they dump you and leave you in the dust.

Created by Divine Design Masfaith3

Silver is Honest Money, real Money Constitutional Money. Those who use real money, Silver are honest people. Not criminals! Criminals go to jail and use fiat, digital are Criminals are men who created produce counterfeit illegal fake money. Think about it! Are you going to be under laws, rule about finances made by criminals. You are an honest person when you have silver coins, gold coins. Don't be a theft. Don't get anything but Silver coins. Be a Christian, an honest person who doesn't break God's laws. Criminals lie and steal break the 10 commandments of God that is Bankers. If you go along with them you become a criminal. Don't do it any longer. God will help you, if you determined to use Silver coins, and not take any other "made up" Counterfeit gold and silver moneys. January 5th, 2021 Millions gather in DC, prayed together around the world. 23 days later we, people around the world did the silver squeeze not just Redditers. Millions of real people around the word buying some ounces of silver. real products, physical, not counterfeit pieces of paper. Pieces of paper are unlimited, unlimitedly fake not real physical. Real physical silver is limited, we did drive the price up! We did hurt the evil counterfeit riggers badly! There is no denying that. This wasn't a fake Rona Bug scare. This was the real thing, it made the bad guys fear millions of the good "honest people" guys. A real fear.. Millions are powerful in unity. riggers are very very, vert few, weak all they have is lie!

grateful angel

They created the covid virus to force people into their homes so they're not able to work and earn and have to depend on the government. I feel this is all because they want to own all assets themselves and create a feudal system where they rule and everyone lives under them and serves them because the public won't own any real assets or precious metals they will have to lease everything from the government. the people will get only what they choose to give us ☔ ( Stimulus) That's their brilliant control strategy because they're dividing all of us with social distancing Classic Divide & Rule strategy which the british used to enslave and rob half of the world and then gradually they will quash free speech and freedom liberty as well Shut the people down, don't let them work and give them crumbs (Stimulus) ♨️❄ thats the plan thank you for sharing this information People need to know the truth before it's too late ☆♤◇♧ Guys we should all spread this info as much as we can so we can bust their plan and stand united against this♡♡♡ Rise up people before it's too late ✊ don't handover your wealth and freedom to the curropt government Remember what history has taught us he who owns the gold sets the rules⭐ Thankyou for sharing this information how the 1% have been transfering the people's wealth to themselves ♤♤♤

Michele Simko

Silver still has not hit $50/ oz I will pay better attention then

Todd K

What's your opinion on Harry dents theory that precious metals will be going down with the market?


Lynette, You are my silver mom.

Walter Wachs

Hedera Hashgraph the future.

Jerry Chandler

SLV is controlled by JP Morgan (the biggest shorter of silver). If you can't buy physical silver, buy PSLV. It is controlled by Sprott (who has an interest in silver being priced fairly).

Don Simon

I really like going to Belgium. Lovely beer, chocolate and cheap tobacco.

Krag Ferris

I just love her!

Clint Koevort

gold will destroy the fed!!!! Q

Rick James

Love you channel you are absolutely fantastic.....just want you to know appreciated I am of your information.

Is there any chance you can do an interview with Greg Mannarino he’s on the same page as you would make for great info.

Thanks again

Rhonda K

Lynette...you are on fire ? sister! Your passion is showing. ? Thank you for trying to educate the masses.?


I still can't get into Ally invest almost two weeks now locked out of my money

John Lowell

The Song Remains the Same" Silver still can't move above thirty and stay there. For all the talk about physical silver, the premium goes to the dealer but when the public sells they get spot price. What a Flim Flam.

Killy Kilroy

So you own the spoon huh?
Try not paying your taxes for a while.
You'll find out who really owns it.
Same with your house. Try not paying your real-estate tax, you will find out who really owns your house.
They own everything.
Keep your welth away from the greedy fingers of the covernment.
Gold and silver can help you there, but only if they do not know about it...
Just saying.

Chuck Belliveau

You’re absolutely right they need to start with what they should do is just start everything at zero and start it all over again but we all know the system just plain simply sucks and it always has

Kimba TheWhiteLion

Spot On

Social Democrat

We are living in a slow motion crash of the America Empire.

Strong Man Silver & Gold

Want to beat JP Morgan at their own game? Take physical delivery of your Silver off the Comex!!!!

alf ray

Silver has always been money for thousands of years, not gold

Michael Tan

It make sense to the central bankers.. They just want you to be broke.


Without the digital currency from China, do we have privacy in the west? How many big price items you purchase do not have record that the government do not know? A house? A car? A big number of Tesla stocks? Yes, you probably have the freedom and privacy to buy a few grams of drugs for your entertainment.

Heather Fogle

Amen. No vaccine for this girl either

Michael Sorrell


Fast Eddy

Your Not allowed to save either ot they will not let you log on to the iNet. Just look at what happened to the president being kicked off twitter.facebook etc...

Social Democrat

The Federal Reserve and both Parties have created this massive Gilded Age we are living in. When this euphoria ends.........Lord HelpUs. Dystopian United corporations of America will finally be dead on arrival. DOA?????

John Alsager

Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo. Classic...

David Coursey

"...a rising bitcoin price is an indication of a failing fiat currency!" Because Au/Ag are paper and regulatorily captured by the printing coven, and cryptos are yet to be so circumscribed, cryptos must be part of a responsible portfolio. 505 days ago, when I retired, I had a even distribution between precious metals and crypto. Since that time my metals portfolio has increased in value +/- 60% and the crypto portfolio has increased in value +/- 600%. Lets be clear, until the financial and economic deck chairs rearrange themselves in some rational order, I do not intend to part with one ounce or one digital asset. I have invested for security outside the fiat carnival.

Eric Weber

I herd John Parker of the Dupont family had a remote viewing session, where he saw three deep blue pyramids that had all of us in this virtual reality/matrix. If he is right we are in a virtual matrix.

Wayne Dalton

No vacc ine ...its a genetic engineering tool ..DO NOR GET TESTED ...NANO PARTICLE INSERT NEAR YOUR BRAIN ..5 G ACTIVATION ..

Stormchasingirl 1

At first I thought Lynette was like a bossy teacher who wanted to tell people how stupid they are. Now she is the first thing I watch. Absolutely LOVE her!



Buster 928

Lynnette gave props to Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer ! ROCK-N-ROLL HOOCHIE COO ! haaàa....nice.

Zachary Hoffenberg

The squeeze is still on. Help us end the ? buy physical silver to destroy the lies and manipulation. Get your assets in your own possession as Lynette says. Cause im not selling for fiat.

Lawton Ziedses des Plantes

I thought the fang corporations can print create money by creating junk bonds and selling them to the fed, boom instant liquidity on tap, how come they are allowed to do that when everybody else that owns a business cannot, not sure but this ponzu scheme is the largest and most jacked up in history. This experiment is coming to an end

John Cramer

if you can't beat them, try again

Youmaybe Right

PM will go down with crash like last spring then back up most likely.

Mark Magner

Lynette you mentioned that gold & silver price increases used to & will still be the canary concerning currency collapse. Yes it will take off when EVERYONE becomes convinced that is what is happening. today's canary is bitcoin BECAUSE EVERYONE WHO REALIZES IT'S COLLAPSING ALSO KNOWS PM'S ARE MANIPULATED. So they are riding bitcoin until they can move to pm's with real value.

Kirstin Strand

You are the Professional, Lynette; I am the amateur who keeps her eyes on the economy inbeween all my other interests. I listen to you because the economy is your LIFE. Maturity and experience speaks volumes. No one knows how decisions will effect our lives, but your knowledge is always in the know!

Joseph Fields

I wonder how many swimming pools of silver we have?

Tim Peters

Who are they Lynette? Well....they......them.....well you know! Jerry fletcher in conspiracy theory movie ?

Colin Dawson

Just if the system is watching yes there is a free lunch your not the creator and it’s not your technology I ate it your tech is you and your well screwed up use that one Liz next time they say it to you.


@goldsilverpros did the analysis and another volume rush like 28th thru 2nd, and WE CAN EMPTY THE VAULTS IN LONDON!

Ronald Miller

Love Seri


Lynette - Wow... The SWIFT system teams up with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). All companies, banks, etc., in China are controlled by them. Great, lovely! We’re totally screwed now.


Lynette you kill me ! BJ dealer..awesome. Love your life stories .

Gordon Bone

The shorts in silver will be taking it in the shorts! Buy the REAL HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND SILVER.

Jason Merlino

Lynette, if you go on reddit the group claims to not have anything to due with silver.. They say its was all media hype and fake news....

Dobie Dad

Jamie Diamond met with Joe Biden, the Illegitimate POTUS today, and you are NOT reporting in this? WHY?

Kirstin Strand

Great analysis, Lynette! Thanks much; important facts!
Investors are clueless because they are simply too trusting. It truly blows my mind...over and over, years after year.

Jaren B

Can you please please please set up a talk with Brent Johnson? I would love to see you guys talk about SDRs, gold, silver, the dollar and BTC's role in this effort the Central Banks are trying to go digital. Personally, I think it's ideological and won't work. They should first do a 1 for 1 digital currency (I.e. 1 USD for 1 Digital dollar. 1 EUR for 1 Digital Euro. 1 Euro dollar for 1 digital Euro dollar) and then once that is stable and functioning, consider an SDR based digital with gold in the basket.

Emma Evans

Most people are very private about their money.

Lacrosse Lewis

So happy to know I’m not the only one refusing to get vaccine!!


Was looking at FRED money printing chart .... $4 trillion reasons to accumulate gold and silver ... the amount of money created in 2020 ... roughly 25% of all dollars in existence!

sliding door

If digital currency replaces fiat, what will metals be worth because what will digital numbers be backed by? Backed by the chip in your right hand or forehead?

Roland Braun

Thank you Lynette! I agree with you about the insanity related to Junk bond yields going down when government bond yields are going up! This is a financialisation catastrophe that screams to every citizen that the financial collapse is imminent especially when the USA has to refinance 13 trillion dollars (65% of its GDP equivalent) this YEAR !!

Isaac greenough

Calvin Zundel

Thank you

Jack Emerson

From a technical point of view, the RSI looks promising in favor
of the bulls, as the daily RSI is at the bullish territory above 50
(after reversing earlier today). At the same time, the Stochastic
RSI oscillator is about to make a bullish crossover at the
oversold area. In case this happens, it might assist the market
in reaching higher highs. Lots of folks will do so well in the next
bull market but you shouldn't be of the mindset to only hodl, can
be very dangerous. As hard as it is trading Crypto, it sure is way
more lucrative and is quite logical if you just learn & pay
attention to what's going on, I'm not a pro tradēr but I was lucky
enough to make 20B TC since late last year following the
instructions and signals from results Claus Smith. He runs
program for Wealthy Elites to how tradıng bitcoin works, helping
them utilize the volatility of the crypto market and also stacking
up more bitcoin. You can easily get to them
ViA Ma'IL [email protected].c...o...m.. /whatasapp((+13615020533).

Mrs Chef Yoda To You

I've heard it said, that the Crash of 29 will be a Sunday Picnic compared to what we will go through this next crash..

Heather Fogle

I dont see the bell and i no longer get notifications. It just says subscribed

john shoultz

free money !!! yeeeey

Quiet Farm

Thank you for all that your doing!


So if there was no such thing as bitcoin, maybe what we are seeing with bitcoin we would be seeing with gold????

Buster 928

MARKETS can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.... Time to play " cover your ass-ets" ...

Mike Easterwood

Take a listen to Sam Zell this morning on CNBC? He is known as the grave dancer... He sold out an office space REIT just before the financial crack up in 2008..... I think many will find this very interesting, in light of what is going on in the market NOW!


If by ready you mean do I have physical precious metals, and no debt; yes my assets are covered.
I'm proud of you not getting the vax. And I thank you for the crash course since Christmas in this important info!

David Roberts

Thank you good advice enjoy your show

Chappy's Ktichen

No idea how the US Fed which isn’t a government organisation get away with this kind of theft and people are happy with it as long as they get there Stimmy cheques.

Bella Krinkle

The Swift System has given the US its' financial edge for Decades. The US is beginning to buckle at their knees. They thought they could maintain their Empire, forever. The US Government laughed at China's Belt Road. Now the U.S. is beginning to negotiate with other Countries? My goodness!
Yes, Lynette, Globalists, not the United States of Corporate America! Leading to Fascism...scares the bejesus out of me!

Luis Felipe H.

Buy Gold Buy Silver i hold it i own it

mike salmon

Some of the viewers questions are so newbie its laughable .

Escape the Matrix

At least at the Black Jack table they have a chance of winning, for a while. lol

Gary Huffman

Got about 160 K in a Physical precious metals LLC IRA, I have the metals, should I start taking out the metals from the IRA and paying the taxes so the government can't get their grubby hands on it or leave it until I have to start taking it out 70 and 1/2. I don't need it and it's actually for my children now, when I'm no longer here!


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Simple Interest Formula - MathHelp.com - Math Help

1 194 244 views | 24 Apr. 2008

For a complete lesson on

For a complete lesson on the simple interest formula, go to https://www.MathHelp.com - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students solve word problems using the "interest" formula, which states: interest = principal x rate x time. For example: How much principal must be invested to earn $471 in 3 years at an interest rate of 10%?

Ernest Bury

if you are watching this in 2020 ---------->

Jennifer Ford

Mr Dennis @dennis_forex09 has helped me and my family abundantly. I really wished I had known him earlier by now I know I would have made more than enough. I invested with him and made $6,000 in a week trade reach him @dennis__forex09 ⭕️n INSTAGRAM to start earning also.

P Patche

I cant believe this vid is 12 years ago

Ariella Woodard

Thankyou and that was the fastest I've learned something

Christian Malik

2020 anyone?


she explained it so simply it’s hard to believe it’s right. also can we admire her handwriting like-


let's be honest none of us understand our math teachers :)


Wow your method worked thank you teacher!

mirabel a

this helped me so much. thank you!

Osondu Eunice

Never show sexy pictures that is bad



Brielle M.

Shes like a robot


i didnt understand anything bro

Mr Rohit Raj

Explain very well ma'am thank you very much .... ??


You can tell that this woman doesn't put out

Honeyteaa notLive

I was absent when we did this and the test is tomorrow and i actually feel prepared! Lol

kudzai Diamond

Download free easy interest and percentage calculator for android


Jayden Patterson

Anybody here 2021??

Bequia Lucas

love it

• Ashes Kept •

This VIDEO is soooo OLD but helpful UwU

Mpumi Davids

This makes so much sense

Mary Johnson

Hello. I am from the future. 2020 is a mess, stay in 2008.
so.. yeah

lyka paragas


Alberto Vaquez

Thanks found that helpful

Sir Chickadee

Put the speed at 1.25, she sounds normal. Ur welcome!

Dancing Girl

I is equal to PRT÷100


2019 ???????

Zandy Man

You made finding the simple interest simple

xx. cam_

main online class shii while smoking a bluny was good

Jeffrey Deitz

LMAO i cant


a whole night of study and no use, i fell asleep during the exam
some advice don't study all night right before the exam bc u wont make it to the exam
at least not conscious. =(

EduRighT with Nikhat Khan

Have a look

Emma Arroyo

What would you do if there were 3 months instead of years?

Ralph Vincent Tero

Internet teacher's are the best!

jehoshaphat okotie

Wow easy pissy

Andig Sagan

Need help with this:

2. Johna purchased a condominium worth ₱3,500,000.00. However, the bank demands a 10% down payment. How much is the mortgaged amount?

3. A motorcycle seller requires Justo ₱5,000 down payment. How much would be the mortgaged amount if the motorcycle is sellable at ₱120,000.00?

Samantha Julia D. Villarante

I learned this faster than my teacher teaching us 1 hour bruh HAHAHAHAHHAHA

Ahnastasia Rose

All these comments talking about how she lacks emotion and how they hate her voice and telling her to smile, meanwhile theres a male teacher on this channel that does the exact same thing and people are commenting about how much they love his monotone and lack of enthusiasm. SMH :(

Christian The Noob

how to find how much in my bank account

rds creation


Henry Mejia

I learn nothing from my primary school teachers

Not Cccany

this video is released on the day I was burned and 12 years later I am using this video for help loo

ahmed alkaabi

stop you like a baby teacher study like a baby girl hahahahahahaha

Jûngłe Kīñg

Ii learn this so fast no capp



chokri mzoughi

This is not the formula they use when you buy house or car ..the real formula is A= p (1+r/n) power nt .. downtown the loam calculator and add all the numbers she posted there and prove her wrong

Jayden Watson

anyone hear in 2021?

Chukwudi Nwafor

Good work

Astro The Astroid

-_- uh explain again please :>


Have a smile

Pam Frease

She did that so fast...a beast

Harrison E

Who else has Finals tomorrow

Stitch Gaming

Wow. I watched a 30 min video and had no clue and now I’m a pro...

Saquib Lalkot

Yes clear doubt

Allie Barlow

I see I’m the only one in 2021

Mika Antonio

Wow!!! ?

Thunder BOOM Pyro

Thanks a lot

Juneau Vlogs

Thank you its my Quarter Exam tommorow

Eleanor Dewfall

We were set this as work so I looked at some other videos before coming across this, and they were so confusing!! Thank you for this you are a lifesaver!!

Zandy Man

I don’t think I could ever fail with a teacher this good

Yvonne Chris

11 years later and this video clarified things for me ??

Sai Kumar

1% for 3,000 is 30 and 9% is 270 is for one year and then for 5 years is 270*5=1350 It's simple....


Thank you I actually understand now

Amy Brown

Why does she remind me of Roz from Monsters Inc? Anyone else? ??


So the answer to one of those factors (time, interest, principal, or rate) can be found if you multiply the other three factors

Prince Cayabyab


ali hamud


Bella Ortiz

I don’t really get my math teacher so this video helps me for this assignment. thank u?


The dislikes are from the teachers that couldn’t teach the kids faster then this vid could

nicki minaj

"cramming the night before final" gang?

The Northern Developer

thx helped a lot

red bean mochi

Got here because of the corona virus causing schools to close down

Brizesh Sharma

please help me to this question what is the compuond interst on rs 2800 for 1.5 years at the rate of 10% p.a.

Robert Gonzalez

i could do better then her with my eyes closed

Ryan K

I fucking hate this bullshit


thank u homie

that ginger

She probably has the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard man

Alberto Vaquez

Thank you for not helpful


i am still in primary school and this is for my homework S. M. H

Charlie Battel

May I go to the bathroom

Carl Gainey

i miss 2008

Domonique Fisher

Thanks, now i wont fail!!!

Maddy Sandiford

She got the answer wrong because 3,000 x 0.9 = 2,700


Pandemic gang?

darn its the vivian

I'm a 6th grader in 8th grade math class and OH LORD AM I STUPID

4007 Ahamed Kabeer

Thank you ..

Ej Garcia

Am I the only one seeing this BC of the online work during corona


Have a smile!
That's gonna make everything clear and easy don't have a serious face
Omg so many likes
Thanks for those many likes everyone!?☺??

Central Hunter

P = $13,000; r = 8 1/2%; t = 4 years it dose not work

Unexisting weeb101

I covered this a year ago but then forgot it completely again. Thank you!!!


Thanks a lot for this video,

this helped me a lot doing my python file!!

like if you agree this video is helpful!! :)


this... this is gold. quick, simple, and easy. just pure gold. you get a like

Jay Moo

How can you check if you’re right

zuber khan

Can someone tell me why we write interest 9% as 0.09 ?

Madam Chloe

Everything is so straight!

Paresh Jailall

Simple and straight to the point
Why dont our teachers do it like this ???


ite bet

Grumpyfish UwU


Herson Lamolli

You are truly good teacher. Thank you always.♥️?

Briana x

Ok ummmmm help. My teacher left a video for the first 3 problems in worksheet but nothing for the other 4.
Do we do the same formula in this problem???
You take out a loan for 4000 at a 4.25% interest rate over 1.5 years. How much total will you be paying on the loan at the end?


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Simple Interest |Simple Interest Tricks | Simple Interest and Compound Interest | Maths Tricks/CI/SI

832 918 views | 20 Jul. 2019

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In this video, we are going to learn Simple Interest concepts and tricks to solve questions easily. This video will help you to learn the concept in a new and easy way. The simple interest was never so simple in the books and now it's our duty to provide you the solution for your maths problems.

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- Profit and Loss Short Trick Playlist:- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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Time and Work Short Trick:- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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-----Thank You for Watching-----

Team “Dear Sir"


I want to grow

Asif Ahammed


Deeksha Rana

I want to grow

jayalakshmi kumaresan

I want to grow

Laxmipriya Mohapatra

I want to grow

Abhijeet Malik

15:32 thirty six hundred multiply with hundred kitna hota hai sir..

Blaster Gaming

I want to grow

Arsh Gupta

I want to Grow

Sushil kumar

I want to grow.

Aruna Devi

I want to grow ?????

sujeet Yadav

Like more from other study video?????

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1,40 funny momwnt

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Any "CARRY MINATI" fan watching this after VARDHAN SONG RELEASE


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देवमणि शुक्ल बबुरा

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Education Tube with Arun Kumar and Team

Sirji 3600×100=360000 hoga n??

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Dear student don't become chutiye like #dearsir ...Naya concept karke upload kr di aur aajate hai maths padhane...

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9:50 was very funny


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R.V dragon gaming

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Gaming World

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Can anyone tell what is the second part of it

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Ram Sharma all-in-one classes

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