Supply and demand stocks

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How To Identify Supply And Demand Zones

25 407 views | 9 Feb. 2019

Identifying Supply And

Identifying Supply And Demand Zones might be hard at first but all we are looking for is 2 patterns. For Supply, (RBD) rally base drop (DBD) drop base drop. And same pattern reversed for demand (DBR) drop base rally (RBR) rally base rally. keep in mind supply is always above current price and to the left. and demand is below current price and to the left. this kind of trading is found on all markets/charts, the trick is how to identify where the institutions have their ordering sitting.

Free Mini Supply Demand Course: https://www.moneyballtrading.com/

Tips Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0MdOl_F3l0Lg9eLo9nvjzfFY2etp5nVZ

Please note this is for educational purpose only.

If you have any questions on how to draw and supply and demand zones or suggest any pairs to trade forex/stocks/futures..any market i can create a video and highlight any daily or swing zones.

Thanks for watching =)!

Cheers- Austin


Twitter: @MoneyballAustin

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Short, clear and precise, Austin. Thank you.

Azeem Altaf

Are you an OTA grad?

Zulu Crypto Kings

@moneybal Austin thank you for the knowledgeable ?? do you have a pdf to read on supply and demand?

Dennis Justine

Moneyball Austin is the best

Mateo Mejía

Valuable information
, thanks

Muhammed Omar

Hi Austin.

Thanks for the video. Please can you assist with the following question?

I now know the different types of supply and demand imbalances, however , do you know what forms these zones from an understanding point of view, like for example, in an extreme demand zone (drop, base, rally) at the bottom of a trend, is it caused by the institutions buying creating a new trend? Also what happens above then when zones such as rally, base, rally and other drop base rally are formed on its way up, do you know the reason behind that?

Thanking you in advance


Hi Austin,
I got a doubt with the move away from the zone. The minimum move needed is 2:1 to qualify it as zone if I am not wrong and here comes my doubt. Does that move away define the legout candle from the zone or distance traveled by a number of candles? Hope you understood my question. Thank you.

Scizo Phrenic

simple, direct, and easy to see on any chart. ty for the quick video.


Got a doubt..in rally base rally how to find the base if it is also a black candle??

James Powell

Good vid young man. Two questions. First we know the bars (candles) on a chart are a recording of some data-what precisely is that data? Second as it applies to trading and charts what exactly is supply and demand? Thanks.

Yonela Gaba

Thank you this made things easier for me.you are a star?


in some of examples you showed there is no base! just a rally and then drop!? i thought there need to be a small consolidation to be considered as base!
thank you for videos

Conrado Figari Vechio

You have great videos about Supply and Demand! Very similar to the book Trade like pro, but you show a lot of examples and it's really great. Thanks a lot and keep this way with the channel :)


holy sh!!!! thx bro

Spark Success

I like it stort and clear.be blessings

Arup Rakshit

I'll try this learning tomorrow's market.. I am trying to get a good grasp on this supply and demand based trading. It is easy to understand, but still I fear when I am in live market. I am novice trader btw. Thanks for teaching us!


Do you have a Telegram account / channel Austin !?!

Our Health, LLC

i cant thank you enough for this video it is now easier to S.E.T. on my trade

Larry W

Good video. Very clearly explained. Thanks. But why do you assume and how much will the candle retrace. Does it typically retrace to what percentage?

NerdTrader Fx

Thank you Austin.

Leon Chux

You said supply zone is always above but you identified a supply zone below. How is this conflict resolved?

forex lovers


Nasir Mason

How do you determine the height of the zones?

Supply and demand stocks

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How to trade stocks using supply and demand imbalances

4 452 views | 22 May. 2019

On this short video you

On this short video you will see learn a few things on how to trade stocks using supply and demand imbalances. We do not need any lagging indicator to make a trading decision using supply and demand imbalances. These imbalances are created on every asset, on stocks and equities, commodities, Forex, ETFs, etc.

This technical analysis video has no intention to tell you where to buy or sell on this stock, it's giving you some hints on what kind of price action and impulses you need to be looking for in order to locate potential supply and demand imbalances.

One of the most important features of an imbalance is the strength of the impulse originated at the origin of the move. You will be able to distinguish how strong an impulse is by reading price action and candlesticks. Look for several consecutive and very wide candlestick bodies, it will probably be an imbalance. Compare previous price action with current price action, put those candlesticks against each other and calculate how much time price took to rally and how much it took to drop. Time is very important when trading these levels as explained in this video.

As you can see on Las Vengas Sands #LVS stock, there is a very strong monthly bearish impulse around $70 per share, this is the kind of strength we should be looking at when trading supply and demand imbalances. Price is falling short of retracing to that monthly supply level and dropping sharply creating supply levels on lower timeframes.

Trading supply and demand imbalances is ideal for beginners and those with a full or half time job, you won't need to stay in front of the computer all day long trying to move price action with your mind.

As supply and demand traders, we do not need to pay attention to the news, fundamentals or any earnings reports. Once a big timeframe imbalance has gained control, earnings do just the opposite and reacts strongly to those imbalances. Why is it that you see positive earnings and then the underlying stock drops like a rock, or a negative earnings announcement and the stock rallies like a rocket out of control? You are probably missing the fact that there are big imbalances gaining control.

Unless you are doing very short term trading and scalping, you should not worry about fundamentals or earnings announcements.

For more information on how to trade Forex and stocks using supply and demand imbalances visit https://www.set-and-forget.com/

Sathya Yuvaraj

does this work for forex?

Brazza Du Biff

Hi Alfonso what are your criteria to fi d stocks with good imbalances plz


Hi Alfonso, do you use a stock screener for finding stocks with good imbalances? Or do you just go over their charts one by one? Sure would be more efficient to screen them with software

Supply and demand stocks

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Supply And Demand In Stocks

4 327 views | 29 May. 2017

This video gives a general

This video gives a general overview of how a winning trader thinks in order to win in the stock market, and why 99% of traders fail. This is an introduction into using supply & demand in trading, and the strategies that I have used to transform my lack of success of over 10 years, into instant results in my own trading.

Visit my website for more information on how we build and hire successful traders.

WEBSITE: http://TradeWithMrX.com

TWITTER: @TradeWithMrX

INSTAGRAM: Trade With Mr X


this is some really solid info. Will there be a fee with the website? I'm interested.

John Simons

You talked alot about piggybacking on the big institutional buyers/sellers but you never mentioned how to go about doing this? Otherwise, very informative video and thanks for posting.


In the next video I expect that you'll show some trades where you lost, not only 400% winning moves...

Jasmine Tan

Hi Mr. X, your videos caught my eyes and i believe they can make a difference in my financials. Is there a sequence you would recommend me, a beginner to learn and pick up your skills? :)

Al Pi

Good video! If you want to gain ground with the Nerds you have to say N---vidia and not NE-vidia will maken people stop listening :)