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Masthead, Anchor, & All-Around Navigation Lights by Five Oceans

1 199 views | 6 Feb. 2020

Choose from all-around

Choose from all-around lights, bi-color lights, masthead lights, stern lights & tri-color lights. Five Oceans is the source for all your boat lighting. We carry a massive inventory of spotlights, deck lights, underwater lights, navigation, and LED technology. Yes, if you need a replacement bulb, we have you covered.

All Round LED Navigation Anchor Light 360 w/ Base, White 24" FO-1883


Masthead Tri-color Anchor All Round Navigation Boat Light FO-2071


Mast Mount All-Round Anchor Light FO-2072


Marine All-Round Anchor Light Fold Down, 9 1/2" FO-2091


LED Masthead Navigation Light FO-2307


LED Navigation Stern Light FO-2309


Marine Boat All Round Anchor 360 Degree LED Navigation Light, White FO-2312


White Transom Navigation Light FO-2415


Marine All Round Anchor 360 Degree LED Navigation Light, White 4" FO-2874


Marine LED All-Round Anchor Light Fold Down, White 9" FO-2878


All Round Anchor 360 Degree LED Daylight White Navigation Light, 12V FO-3838


Five Oceans Brand

In 2000, we founded Five Oceans with a simple mission: design products to withstand extreme challenges. Whether by land or by sea every terrain poses its own harsh conditions, meaning every product had to be specifically engineered to meet your needs, crafted to deliver and of the highest quality. This is why unlike other brands that overdesign and overcharge; we created a product for the everyday adventure-seeking, passion-driven navigator. We thrive in Enjoying our Passion!

Our Page: https://www.five-oceans.com/


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How To Fit A MASTHEAD AMPLIFIER & Power Supply Unit

40 206 views | 22 Apr. 2018

This video shows you how

This video shows you how to install a TV aerial masthead amplifier and power supply unit. With this type of amplifier the power supplied via the coaxial cable itself which usually plugs in by a TV. This makes it perfect for installing amplifiers in positions where there is otherwise no electrical power point to plug a traditional aerial amplifier in, like in lofts, outside or on the aerial mast itself.

In the video demonstration, A wolsey 4 way 0-10dB masthead amplifier and Wolsey 12V power supply unit have been installed onto a Optima log periodic wideband aerial.

Tools you will need:

1x Stanley Blade or Utility Knife

1x Side cutters

Parts you will need:

1x Masthead amplifier

1x 12V Power supply unit

F connectors

Insulating tape for securing cable to mast

Step by step guide:

Masthead amplifier

1) Cut the existing aerial cable where you intend to install the masthead amplifier.

2) Install F connectors on both ends of the cable.

3) Install a third F connector (If you're using a multiple output masthead amplifier) onto a new coaxial cable which will be fed into a new room, repeat this process for as many extra cables you will be installing.

4) Insert the aerial input cable into the input of the masthead amplifier.

5) Install all the remaining output cables and screw into position.

6) Tighten all F connectors with a 11mm spanner or pliers to maintain the integrity of the cable screen and to minimize RF leakage.

7) Secure the amplifier in position.

Power Supply Unit

8) Cut the aerial cable where you intend to install the power supply unit.

9) Install F connectors on both ends of the cable.

10) Screw the aerial side cable into the input of the power supply unit, often marked aerial or 12V.

11) Screw the TV side cable into the output of the power supply unit, often marked TV or output.

12) Plug power supply unit into mains point.

For more information on how to install a F connector please watch this video.


If you need to install a separate splitter for extra TV point, please watch this video.


For more information on how to install a masthead amplifier, please read our blog.



A bit drawn out but a good video that explains exactly what I needed to know. Thanks! :-)


Having read a few articles on installing these I still had no clue, but watching this really made it easy to understand, thanks! I'll get the same gear ordered and give it a go myself.

We're in a new build and the developer had pre installed the cabling to two rooms, would I be best to take each cable to the amp or just use the signal cable to the split as it is now?

Thanks again. ??

Steve Filson

Is Optima any good or do you prefer another make?

Bob Scot

Have just checked the PSU and it’s a 200 mA , the only ones I can find locally are 100mA, will it make a big difference or will it not work at all?

Bob Scot

Hi Tom, thanks for your help, I phoned the manufacturer and they said a 100mA one should work. Went to Screwfix, got one for 12.99, plugged it in and retuned the tv, hey presto, it’s all working again.

Julia Ailuj

Great video! I am wanting to remove my masthead amplifier as it's no longer required so do I basically just do the reverse of what you did? I have a power supply inside the house behind the tv so I can skip that part but just hoping I can connect up the two cables with joiners and everything will work...

Andy MC

Helpfull Video

Neil Wilson

I need to fit a four way splitter and power supply like you have in your video. If the aerial coax goes into the IN connector on your splitter then the coax which goes to the power supply connects from one of the splitter OUT connectors and to the IN 12v connector on the power supply, hasn’t my 4 way splitter now become a 3 way because one of the outputs has been taken up by the splitter to power. Hope this makes sense. It does to me. The video really useful and much appreciated. ?

Bill Bell

Hi Tom, Excellent video, thank you. I have a question as I'm about to install a similar amp & PSU (Labgear LMA415VR 4-way amp with a Labgear PSUFC power supply). So the lead from the aeriel gets connected to the Amp UHF input and "output 1" gets connected to the PSU, then the output of the PSU gets connected to the TV. Does this mean that I have to provide a separate PSU for each of the other three outputs from the 4-way amp, or does the PSU that is connected to o/p 1 provide power to each of the other three amplifier outputs? Thanks again, Bill.


Terrific presentation, Tommy. Thank you.

Byron Mallon

Hello, I've just installed a aerial in my loft with a 3 way splitter. I've got some channels but some seem to be jumpy. Will this help me boost my signal? I sadly do not have a power source in my loft.

P James

Would you need one with a 8-Way Distribution Amplifier? Thanks

Leigh Carroll

Hi could I connect the masthead power supply between my tv and wall socket or would it have to be connected directly from the aerial splitter?

And your video has been very helpful and informing. Thankyou

Just to add, I live in a 3 bed house and want to use a 4 way split; research has told me I need a very high gain aerial (which I have purchased). In your opinion do you believe I would benefit from an amplifier?

Nick Davison

I fitted a LabGear LMA415V unit in the loft, powered by a small unit in the same manner as yours (up the coax). Believe it or not, every time I powered it up, my broadband signal fell through the floor. Took me a while to connect the loss of Internet to this, but is reproducible, so it's definitely the culprit. Any ideas? I don't want to buy another unit in case there's some problem with cables running near each other causing interference, and further expenditure being a waste of money. Come across this before?

Laaardy Bloke

Brilliant, exactly what I needed! What make and model is the mast head amplifier and power supply you're using there?

Ryan Ritchings

I put one of these on and lost my signal totally

Abdol Akbarpour

Hi, thank you for your illustration. One question, is the Power Supply providing power down the same coax cable that is going to the amplifier? In other words are both signal and power going down the same cable?

glyn whittington

Hi so on my booster box I have one cable coming down into my front room with a 12v psu I wish to put a 2nd lead to a bedroom. On the box on the arial there are 2 outputs will I need a 2nd psu from the aerial to my 2nd TV or can I just run a cable from arial to the TV thanks

Bob Scot

Had a power cut and tv shows no signal when power restored. PSU led does not light, fuse in plug ok, is it likely that PSU has failed?

Mark Fenwick

Random question, if I'm in the loft, can't I put the aerial feed into the power supply input, then the TV> to the input of the 4 way splitter (which is the opposite way to what you have)

Dava C

I want to bring it down from my ariel in the attic to a wall plate. Ill put the 1st 1 way booster on my ariel. Should I put the 2nd booster(the one with the power supply) one straight after the wall plate or a bit further on. As the tv isn't near to the wall plate? Tv is about 7 meters in wire away from the wall plate. Does that make sense ?

Chaan Botha

Good detailed video..

Liam O'Riordan

Hi fella, just moved into block of flats, I'm on the top floor but our signal comes from a communal aerial.
I have exact same equipment as in your vid..
If I came from the face plate to the splitter, then put one of those power supplies on each leg, one each to kids room, and my room, and then run the coax from near the front room face plate to my desired rooms... Should that work.....
I have already done it, but had the booster on the line first, then into the splitter, and then to the 3 rooms, but I got nothing... Could that be coz I did it the other way around to what you did...
Some advice or help would be great.. Thanks alot


It's a really good video. Well done sir

Wendy Tully

appropriate F! Connectors....rofwl!

Lyle Long

Having problems with Freeview HD the signal seems to be a bit weak. SD perfect. Any ideas how to improve HD?

Mick Kenny

I live on Ireland. Terrestrial TV here is gone digital. I have a 2 triax free to air combi boxes. Tsc 114. Our terrestrial channels would not work very well. I got an LTE WFAV 25 today. Will this serve only 1 TV? Does the power supply unit have to go next to the tv. Could it go in the hot press where all my cables are ran to? Thanks. Mick


Nice detailed video on how to install it! I have a strange problem with mine though - it's sending the +12V from the power supply straight down one of the output legs instead of the signal! Any idea why?

Alejandro Moncada Alexander

Thank you good video, how can you check if the amplifier is gone, I do not have a signal any more

Lawrence Pennycook

my new Ariel is not picking up some channels Dave poor signal tv says excellent reception i have a Labgear
8 Way Diglink Amplifier would a Masthead amplifier make any difference

Gareth Mairs

Hi thanks for the video. I'm wanting to install some extra TV points, what's the difference in this system as apposed to a regular booster box in an attic supplying multiple TV outlets

Louis Williams

This video should be renamed to how to get a tv signal in other rooms! Great video as usual. I can see why most installers use these. Easy access should anything fail!

shaun wainwright

Well I was comparing the difference from a six way booster amp asa splitter and the masthead amp. Wasn’t sure how a masthead worked but this has cleared everything up. Been in electrical mechanical installs 30 yrs but never done aerial install. Very informative and makes sense to fit this close to the source . Great video thanks

Gemma C

Please help, I have an aeriel on my wall outside, then in my loft I have a black box that looks simial to what you have here. In my bedroom I have 6 cables, labeled, dining room, bedroom1, 2, 3 etc... Where do I plug these into? Getting a real headache


Hi, I have several aerial points throughout my house that all have cables from them that lead to my attic. I have one cable coming from my external aerial into my attic, I would like to have all the points working so I assume I would need a booster, but there’s no power in my attic. How would I do this? Thanks.

Byron Mallon

I have an aerial in my loft and I've used a splitter to feed 3 different rooms. However the signal is very jumpy, if I purchase one of these, will it help ?

Steve Wilkinson

Nice one mate. I just got quoted £260 to supply and fit all that stuff - I’ll now go out and spend around £70 buying the gear and doing it myself.


Hi can you help I have all this done in my House but the optima 12 v unit at the telly is fault can I get a replacement or would I need to get the whole lot again?

george stronach

Hi there i have 7 tvs to supply cable to for freeview in my new house. How would i do this ? Thanks


I've had an amp fitted in the wall behind the TV. For some reason when the electrician wired the house, he ran all the cables from the aerial sockets to a point behind the TV, instead of to a cupboard or somewhere out the way. When the aeriel man came out to fit the aeriel, he fitted what i assume is the mast amp in the wall, behind the TV, where the aerial cables stuck through before.

The power supply unit was fitted in the bedroom, just plugged into a usual plug socket and a short cable into the aerial socket. I unplugged the power supply unit in the bedroom this morning, as I was having a carpet fitted, and now I've plugged it back in, I've got no signal on the TV, retune doesn't pick up any channels, not sure whats gone wrong.

Any suggestions?


Ray Geary

Hi my power unit overheated and took out the mast amp just let every one know need to change the power unit and the mast unit both

Michael aquarium

if I put my my aerial in the loft would the amplifier work in the loft I'm from East Anglia area


Top Job Tom!

Alan Forster

Hi Tom great vids.

Hope you can help. I have just purchased a property which has tv sockets in 4 rooms. I've had to put the ariel in the loft. I purchased a 6 way splitter but no picture. I've put the coax from the ariel straight to a tv which worked a treat. I have been told I need a booster? Can you recommend a good booster I need and point me in the right direction of one of your how to install vids.
Thanks bud Al

Matt Coulson

Hi, thank you for your video, it was very informative. I recently moved into a house where my tv did not work as the previous owners had cable tv and had cut the aerial cable. I had a professional in to rewire the canal and he said the signal was too weak to get many channels. He then installed a booster 4-way splitter and a power supply in my loft. He said if that did not work, then the next stage would be a mast head amp but it would cost me quite a bit to add. He led me to believe that he could add it in between the aerial and the booster 4-way splitter, utilising the power supply added to the loft for the booster. Does this sound correct? Thanks you for your time and help.

Andrew Smith

In the 1980s and early-1990s we received our TV signal from Crystal Palace (London) even though we were roughly around 50 miles outside the recognised recieving area. We had (I think) a 23 or 24 element criss cross aerial with a masthead amplifier in the loft. The signal was 100% with no hiss at all. Do you think in the same location with the same recieving equipment it would work for Freeview today? There's two extra TV channels on Freeview in London. Great YouTube channel by the way. ?

Lewis Corbett

Hi there i really enjoy the videos they come in really handy. I hope you can help. I have a mobile home in the country. I have a high gain aerial to a indoor 4 way booster box. Im looking to receive feed from a main freeview transmitter. Would i be best adding a masthead amp. And if so should i continue splitting the signal from the booster box or do i split the signal at the masthead and run separate boosters. Many thanks

Louis Williams

Do you recommend turning the gain to full when installing a tv aerial to 4 rooms?

aaron spillane

how do i make my outdoor dab aerial get a better signal

Alan Forster

Hi Tom thanks for the reply. Yes there are power cables in the loft which I could run a spur off.
Cheers Alan

John Smith

Great video, thank you! One thing I don't understand is the 1m minimum distance for the amp from the aerial. Does it cause interference if it's too close?


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ARTG 125 – Creating a Magazine Masthead

699 views | 22 Oct. 2018