Public opinion polls regarding business ethics are

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Concepts and Theories of Business Ethics

3 335 views | 6 Mar. 2018

This Lecture talks about

This Lecture talks about Concepts and Theories of Business Ethics


Ma'am I just loved your lecture and this is what i was actually waiting for. Thanku so much.

Public opinion polls regarding business ethics are

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Jordan Ellenberg - "No Such Thing As Public Opinion" (C4 Public Lectures)

1 757 views | 18 Feb. 2019

Public opinion polls

Public opinion polls routinely show that large majorities of Americans support cutting spending and oppose raising taxes. But when lists of government programs are presented one by one, cuts in each program face majority opposition. What's going on here? A typical account is that Americans are irrational thinkers who want a free lunch, with low taxes and big government programs for all. The truth is more complicated. In fact, trying to put together the opinions of a heterogeneous population can lead to paradoxical results, even when the individuals involved are perfectly rational. The math that explains the puzzling polling on the budget -- first discovered by Condorcet in the midst of the French Revolution, and culminating in the Nobel-winning work of Kenneth Arrow -- also explains the vexingness of the Bush-Gore-Nader clash in Florida in 2000, and the apparently irrational decisions made by slime molds, primitive brainless creatures who biologists believe to be similar in certain respects to electorates.

Recorded 23 January 2013


Learn more at https://c4.santafe.edu

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Public opinion polls regarding business ethics are

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Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? Episode 01 "THE MORAL SIDE OF MURDER"

13 016 167 views | 4 Sep. 2009

To register for the 2015

To register for the 2015 course, visit https://www.edx.org/course/justice-harvardx-er22-1x-0.


If you had to choose between (1) killing one person to save the lives of five others and (2) doing nothing even though you knew that five people would die right before your eyes if you did nothing—what would you do? What would be the right thing to do? Thats the hypothetical scenario Professor Michael Sandel uses to launch his course on moral reasoning. After the majority of students votes for killing the one person in order to save the lives of five others, Sandel presents three similar moral conundrums—each one artfully designed to make the decision more difficult. As students stand up to defend their conflicting choices, it becomes clear that the assumptions behind our moral reasoning are often contradictory, and the question of what is right and what is wrong is not always black and white.


Sandel introduces the principles of utilitarian philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, with a famous nineteenth century legal case involving a shipwrecked crew of four. After nineteen days lost at sea, the captain decides to kill the weakest amongst them, the young cabin boy, so that the rest can feed on his blood and body to survive. The case sets up a classroom debate about the moral validity of utilitarianism—and its doctrine that the right thing to do is whatever produces "the greatest good for the greatest number."

Musaddiq Billah

The case method is popular for bringing ideas and encountering challenges we face in real life business. Also assessment of our options. I was lucky to participate in one of these classes.


Justice for Ethiopian who are massacred by Dr. Adhinom’s Ethinc divide politics.

Anon Anon

Killing somebody is not about morality but it is always about legality. Giving deemed valid excuses for a crime done is not legal.

francisca kerubo

I am a Kenyan citizen living in Kigali Rwanda as a Roman Catholic Evangelist Volunteer.
Yes I Can.

Alghazali Adam s

He leads us to follow his thoughts


Imagine sitting there in the lecture with all these peoples and an authority figure who are, just like you, there because they are interested in these topic.
Love from germany ☺️

ddk kamb1904

I wouldn't turn turn.
Tragic is exintential but having given the two choices with out saying you have to kill in boath a cation.


I think that all 4 man were equal, rather all live together or they all die together out of respect for one another equally. Killing anyone should not have been even an option. But it would be different if the sick boy said on his own " if I die please do not hesitate to eat me" and then he dies. Even at that point most desent man would not be able to go through with it. Remember the movie " Alive" for the 90s, the plain crash in the mountains, they only ate the dead after they have died with the individual's permission to do so.

And I oop

watching these amazing professors motivates me to pursue my goals to be a professor too

Umbrella Corporation

I have no problem with murdering someone. Humans take other people's lives too seriously. I Wil do what has to be done.

Mohammed Baig


syeda gillani

I want to visit this uni, wish ??????


12:44 that's awesome ?

Daniel Kombou


kumar tale

Noble prize committee need to creat new category. That is NOBEL FOR BEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRATOR OF WORLD. GRETA THUNBERG will be 1st win in this category. Jai Hind.

M. Hassan

یو کراتے ا کلاس تو رلے تھے وورلف

Isa Mendez

There's no justification to kill first able, 2nd if you kill 1 or more,its morally wrong unto the eyes of GOD,because he's a giver of life and all human beings should live the years GOD has established, because in this time,corrupt used the penal of death to accomplish whim the envy witches and monarchies others take advantage of the poor, falsely charged with the purpose to profit taking away the right to live with dignity and respect the years GOD has established rather the law must be established to persecute the scammers,.but this corrupt reiverse twist the law.
It's like the ducks shooting the hunter,..the corrupt and scammers must be persecute, not the innocent and righteous.
This just shows how crazy times we are living, the robbers are highly respected and corrupt, the bible mention the good the wicked will call bad,and the bad good.

Deuante Kelly

Decrease the surplus population lol


These students are some of the smartest humans in the world and yet they are clearly struggling to discern what qualifies as just action. Think about what that implies about the current state of humanity: when it comes to thinking critically about the difference between right and wrong, the vast majority of people on earth are likely on average far less capable than these students. Scary.

Aadhan Boodhan

very Cleverly He is introducing Philosophy to those days Students

francisca kerubo

A Good Lecturer, thank You ? Ressurected JESUS ?? CHRIST BLESS Him Abundantly

anwar mustafa

I felt left out unable to raise my have and participate ???

Judy T.

Use the hand brake.

prithvi shetty

i loved it

Kyle Huggins

International waters. Case closed.

hamdah munir

left my online STEM class to listen to this guy

luis araujo

very good lessons from this teacher. Watching from Brazil??????

FreedomFrom Poverty

Hardcore Absolute Fact: Harvard has the dumbest and easily deceived students in the world! Avoid these freemasonry schools of decay!

Intekhab Alam

UPSC bring me here,,Thanks to Vision IAS

Anything AboutLou

I would never skip classes if my professor would be engaging like this.

Katsubo Katsubo



Super Video

Javad Peirovykhah

Do nothing, silly question! A professor! What a professor do we grow now days.

I am Me

I would lay on the horn first hopefully they all jump out of there

בר ראובן Bar Reuven

3:40 would that be a right thing to slap him?
I hate people who tries to be smart and unique pffff

Javad Peirovykhah

Say nothing and do nothing so that nature take it's place. We don't always need to do what we think is right, because most of our thinking comes from conditioning.

I am Me

Did I miss something what is this genesis have to do with this and if it was me I would go with the first first woman who spoke and I would try to avoid the five if I had to hit the first one but prior to that I would jam on my emergency brakes why am I why my eyes are still on the five workers in the single worker i’d look in my rearview mirror if no one was behind me a gym in reverse if it was somebody behind me after I did the emergency break of course I’ll let go of the gas that that should’ve been hello and I would throw it down to first gear throw in a lower gear while I’m stirring the vehicle to a void the five if possible if you can see the single up ahead to see how you could Swerved onto the side track pride to five if possible

Bethany Trovato

Ask the question you mean. Whose life is most valuable.

Ben Sommer

Me wanting to raise my hand and give my opinion.

Joanna XXX

Years and years of learning English were really worth it, I mean I can now enjoy listening to this. Thank you to those who made it possible, I mean the lecturer and whoever put it on line.

Christopher Smithey

All people within relative proximity of a train track are responsible for their own actions and subject to the risks of their own actions. (if equally competent) they are responsible for their own deaths.

chris lopez

I just had my first HARVARD class. The best part; I didn't have to pay for it!

francisca kerubo

Want to Go Back to Class and Perform Very well, ?.

Wilson Macharia

Where’s the transcendental perspective in those hypothetical moral reasonings????

Bhanavi Shukla

Why can't I jump in front of the trolley, and stop it? In each and every case? even if it doesn't stop? It slows down giving the other the chance to look and run? Same with the organ donor case - Why can't I enroll the help of another doctor and donate my organs?

Jo Poveromo

Suicide isn’t moral.

K A R E N Velasquez

2021. Who's watching this 11 y/o video? ☺☺☺☺

Wendy S. King

Sure would like to see the reading assignments for this course! I could use it!

Lonely bone

They should've just waited for someone to naturally die or another turtle maybe ?
That way no one committed a crime save cannibalism. Which is way better than murder +cannibalism because the victim was already dead

han wu

at the begining the professor gave a very silly case. suppose I am the driver, if I kill 5 persons I got -5score,while if I kill 1 person I got -1score. absolutely I will choose -1score rather than -5score. so, I will steer. when I am an onlooker, I don't push fat man even the 5 died I got 0score, but if I push, I got -1score. so absolutely I don't push,that is what majority people will do. professor make simple questions complex.

Ta Man


francisca kerubo

I Can make it @55?

Wilson Macharia

Where are the moral absolutes in utilitarianism philosophy???

Shafaa Lucinda Farrow

No wonder the world is overpopulated--possibly facing starvation and terminal dehydration sometime in the near future. Thanks, Jeremy Bentham!

Vijitha Kumara

What if the condition all 4 people is similar to parker’s situation. How should be died? I think this question answers the professors question.

francisca kerubo

Good Brain's/ Genius, Digital Natives. Thank you JESUS CHRIST for All this Good Beloved Children of GOD ?.

Zeeshan's Studio

It's a great lecture. Btw Each day hundred thousands of children Starve to death. Morality must need to connect with practicalities. Why the world is getting cruel despite all the technological zenith. The correct faith must need to be restored over the deception of materialism.


나는 대학원생. 평범한 삶에서 멀어진 사람이에요. 나는 학대 받았습니다. 한국에 롯데 신동빈과 같은 신씨이지만 다른 한자를 쓰는 신씨 중에 영문으로 Shin 이라는 사전을 찾으면 정강이 라는 뜻을 가진 사람들이 있습니다. 그들은 정강이라는 뜻의 Shin 을 성으로 사용하는 것을 명예로 압니다.

Boe Castillo

GREAT Session's ,, so make You think ....

George Lim

Over the decades, Harvard has gone far left. Liberal and anti establishment. They think they know everything by scorning the status quo. They embrace Transgender ideology and laxed immigration policy.

Just ordinary

I think I can explain the choice of the majority in all the four cases in the first part. In the trolley car story when we are the driver, the only two choices we have are to either kill 5 people or to kill one person. So obviously the majority chose to kill one person. In the second case, the choices we had were to either witness the death of 5 people without actually killing them or to kill an innocent person to save 5 people. Killing someone is a lot worse than witnessing someone die. So most people would rather witness the death of 5 people.
In the first case of the doctor story, we had the choice to either save one person or to save 5 people. So most people chose to save 5 people. In the second case, we had the choice to either witness 5 people die or kill one person to save 5 people. Again, people chose to witness the death of 5 people. In both the second cases, we are not actually causing the death. They would die anyway. We are just witnessing it. So actually in the second cases, the choices were not 5 vs 1 but actually 0 vs 1.
This is just what I think.....

Mohammed Baig



No wonder why Harvard is the best of the best

wi ka

dear harvard admin youtube, can you give us the silabus about this lecture please ?

Mo Ibrahim

I wish to do my PhD there am an architect,

Mas Fuentes

Very interesting lecture ???, thanks professor...Fuentes T

seng try

Never knew Putin lecturing at Harvard. A bit disappointed he didn’t bring up his typical day of drinking water to surprise his liver and riding a bear to go tiger hunting with bare hands as this lecture example

shams john

If you invade Iraq up to a million innocent Iraqis will lose their lives. If you don't, you might lose control over the oil supply.

Which one would you chose?

Mark Wesley

chidi would be proud


Is like: the boat sinking whose gonna jump to save the whole boat? ... and suddenly, someone jumped and obviously, the boat never sink. Miraculously, the man who jumped became a hero. And everyone asked him for a hero speech. And the man, is so shy and he said " I am a man of a few words. But I have one quick question to ask all of you, Who is the one push me out of the boat because I want to kill him."

francisca kerubo

Oohh JESUS ?? CHRIST Here My Prayer .

Hrishikesh Tule

1:24 is that AOC?

Sunitha Narasimhaiah

Seems like there is no Indian to answer of killing 5 or kill 1 ..

Zeeshan's Studio

In practical, a president or politician's life is saved even if it requires the killing of thousands of common men. That's sad.

Benjamin Gal-Or

\\\\ WAS TIME-INVARIANT, KING-SOLOMON-ORDER-TO-ISRAEL, VIOLATED UNDER DEAR-RECENT-COST? //// אל-תען כסיל כאולתו פן-תשוה-לו \\\\ "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him", PROVERBS, 26:4 \\\\ ALLEGED FOOL CLAIMS? //// "Under international law Israel colonizes and occupies Palestinian homeland" \\\\ THE VERIFIABLE, LEGAL FACT: The sole, time-invariant, International law: Palestine is JEWISH HOMELAND. [MAP-DETAILS of LON-LAW (1922 "UN") [TIME copy at 'in', youtube & 10M Google Citations to our studies.] \\\\ SO WHAT WENT WRONG? //// Israeli media and leaders, and supporters, during recent decades, instead of just quoting the aforementioned, verifiable fact, not only have FOOLED THEMSELVES in "defending" that fact-law, but have also INDUCED many citizens to pay the ultimate cost by "negotiations" and counter-productive ''hasbara'' of returning to their unequivocal homeland \\\\ The 2nd Neglected Duty? //// Following 1840-Famous-LIBEL, jews were murdered in most ME CITIES - a sad proof that no land dispute is is provided by this historical store vis-a-vis 2009 POTUS VISIT, when religious leaders aired that "even if all the land of palestine is returned to us, all jews'til the last one be killed, because they are infidels.
Silver v... World Conflicts/////

Amauri Jr.

I'm Brazilian, I work with carpentry, bricklayer, hydraulics, and I'm a barber I want to leave Brazil, go to the USA, but the visa is difficult, so if I get hired with a work visa, I'm married 49 years old, and very creative, I don't care how I go to work, cleaning, doorman, sealer, anything I do do, thanks and a hug.


whats andrew's @

naya shams

Modern is murder even he says it is okay. God gives life, he takes life. Especially in this case I really have a problem because he was cabin boy, and not rich. Having a family here doesn’t make any different. Life is precious and no one has the right to kill someone .

Christopher Smithey

“Right” and “wrong” are relative.

Lene Clara de Melo dos Santos

First time watching a lecture about philosophy in English and I'm flabbergasted, love it!

Ritika Ritu

Everybody in class: interacting, talking, learning
me at home while getting a grad in Economics: raising hands to why we should kill 1 man instead of 5

Aysooda agh

Yeah, this is how a regular Harvard lecture sounds like and Imagine having these kinds of lectures during your academic life every session! That's a huge big deal!

FreedomFrom Poverty

Hardcore Absolute Fact: I have learned that MOST human beings are not driven by holiness making their moral and ethical compasses extremely depraved! Conclusion: IF a worst case scenario happens; THEN I have learned to keep my life as much a hermit as possible and stay away from most humans beings and away from areas where I could not escape ( tunnels, planes, cults, propaganda events, etc )! Trust ONLY God for humanity is too malleable and easily deceived by The Devil!

Maya Paramita

I feel my brain cells are doing workout while listening to this :D

t hJ

Not sure what the fuss is all about, the question is "whether you know the people that you are about to hit", (ie: your loved ones) as that would determine your action

eleonore poppy

Morality is never reductible to a number.


Even after 11 years it sounds like live.

M. Manifi

Sir, I got an important question: What if you are yourself the fat man, What would you do? Why do we always, in order to save others, we ought to put them in danger? Is that logic in philosophy? Pushing another "fat MAN" to safe 5 people; avoiding your "Fat Body" to stop the track! Why do not we even think of such question? Put yourself in danger to save others even "the Fat Man Himself". LOL!


I like andrew

Nice Person

Utility means usefulness. It's not a basketball game. How many can use something. Basketball requires good sportsmanship and the losing team aren't losers. It's how you played the game. Bentham is the pursuit of happiness in life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness can be the cessation of pain also. The cessation of starvation, disease, homelessness etc are all the cessation of pain or the increase of happiness. Mill tries to say that people will choose the higher pleasures. Not necessarily. They'll choose what is familiar. There are actual people who have no experience with theft for instance. They don't know it exists. The thief causes victims or unhappiness. This is also part of Bentham. Every culture differs in ideas or lack of ideas about morality. Voodoo appears to be popular currently. there are those who think morality is winner and loser. the thief wins and you lose and that is good. It's incredible... Cultures really don't mix due to morality differences. They aren't apparent until there is scarcity.

yordanos abera

Thank u God love everay persen ?and me thank u Dankeschön ?

Emeralds & Mints

Very mentally stimulating kind of video. Thank you for uploading this

nancy miller

What is the Professors name?


Imagine harvard is doing prank video ?


Mr Atish mathur sent you here!?

Tris Dass

TQ for this. However the algorithms suggested it in 2021.

Chris Shen

I was on a break from watching lecture recordings, then Youtube took me here..

xXShadoW DooMXx

People who do LD debate watching like:???

Luis Note

This is why Hardvard students excells in all disciplines. They teach students thinking.

Ta Man