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The Node.js Master Class By Codesfunnel.com

18 977 views | 31 May. 2020

The Node.js Master Class

The Node.js Master Class is NOT just another online course, this program is designed to help you to learn to develop real-world application and to start your online coding business.

Whilst most other online-course providers just give you a bunch of videos to watch, we will build large projects that helps you synthesize the chapter materials into one body of knowledge.

Starting your online coding business with large projects is possible now.

With Our Master Class You Will

- Learn what Node.js is and how it works.

​- Build apps with no framework, no NPM and no dependencies.

​- Get a step-by-step blueprint for massive success on Node.js.

​- Build a RESTful API from scratch.

​- Build a web app graphic user interface (GUI).

​- Build a command line interface.

​​- And so much more



Prakhar jain

great ....!!!


Thanks For this! you will make a difference!! Stay Connected Xd


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The Node.js Master Class - No Frameworks, No NPM

5 093 601 views | 19 Apr. 2018

Enroll today:

Enroll today: https://pirple.thinkific.com/courses/the-nodejs-master-class

Mahmoud Ragab

Awesome ad , thanks .. let me like it

jayalakshmi s

Can we join course now I mean pay now and start after feb or is there any schedule to be followed

Ajay Reddy

very motivating ad i have ever seen. now this my morning play when I start my day to make sure that I spend my time on uncommon skills


After you enroll in the course, don't forget to join our Student Discussion Forum on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1282717078530848/

Aditya Ishan

Bro, I am in.

Dawood Morris Kaundama

I just signed up :)

selva kumar

Most motivating video for developers to learn Node.js. Bro you keep rocking courses like these. I am in for it :)

Przem Wierzbicki

I'm sold.

Varaprasadh Alajangi

i never seen this kind of ad before, awesome

Warsiman Syumanjaya

i'am verry interesting guys with your program, how to pay with paypal? i want to starting learn with you

Victor Ajani

Amazing, its the next big course I'm taking. Sounds hard, but worth it!

Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer



I regret to buy courses in udemy when i saw and discovered these course... This is the course that im looking for, learn to program without any dependencies.


length of the course?

Sarin Suriyakoon

Holy shit! I am in!

Ramgopal Varma

This is the best ad I have ever seen

abdul ahad

Impressive intro! Loving it.

Muneeb Zubair

I am sold

Remi Adebayo

great stuff. so captivating

Matthew McCarthy

wonderful ad

Hashim Warren

Love the ad. It's not my topic right now, but i subscribed to your youtube channel to keep up to date if you teach something else.

Prafulla Raichurkar

Great narration !

Hasan Syed

Wonderful !!


I hugely appreciate your location-based pricing. So rare seen in the wild, but so important and needed!
This proves you're not just a professional, but a great personality too :)



Razin Rahman

Really appreciate the location based pricing, a lifetime customer for sure and waiting for your future projects, love from Dhaka Bangladesh!

vishnu vardhanreddy

Hi like the way teach..I want to know price and how to join NodeJs Master classes

AnnoyingOnion Visuals

Finally, a good argument for developers who wants to make everything from scratch for self improvement

Furkan Ünsal

most motivating ad that I have ever seen. I'M IN!

Sean Clancy



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The NODE Micro Server (Prototype)

23 143 views | 14 Nov. 2018


Sooty Grunter

This is exactly what we were looking for. Good work. We will be using it.


it would be really cool if you did a detailed video on some use cases for these servers

Justin Womack


Thomas Maier

You had me proper scared the last 5 months. Your new content is great, and refreshing as well.

Thomas Maier

Any update would be fine, I know it's hard having to push out new content. Just tell us what goes through your mind, we are also here for you as a person, not just your creations. What's up?


What would you use this for?

K o r b y

Ok so I just found your channel about 15 min ago and I wanted to say I really like what I've seen so far :)


This channel is pretty, pretty good. I only subscribe to good channels so you have one follower more now ;)

SAIF Sheraz

How can one contact you?

Conner Aldrich

This is awesome, but could you do something with USBC that works with like docks and other USBC things? Cause that would be awesome

Vojtěch V.

Do you have list of edtors

Nub Zur

I am glad you are here with us. If it gets scary I'll remember you.


What do you use for your graphics?


It should have poe


I wish there were more channels like this!

Sm03le Br00t

Hey, is there like a N-O-D-E api?


2TB microSD + 8TB flash drive

Juan Jose Zermeño

I have a few years following your channel. you have great ideas

dev deque

It doesn't need a fan. Get yourself a smaller flash drive and a heat sink.

Craig Hissett

I love this, and all of your server prototypes!
I'd love to see what you could do with a Compute module; you could have a custom PCB with an m.2 or sata drive to have something a little bigger than a 2.5" drive.



Roosevelt Jones

Why did you remove the ribbon connectors and AV jack? It doesn't seem like you gained any useful space except to add a screw hole. Why not just move the screw to a recessed hole on the button and use one of the mounting points already built into the board?


which software do you recommend for server os?


What is the name of the art u use?


That looks beuatifull! Any way we can get the STL file of the casing, the model of the fan and the board that you used and steps in soldering and putting together? Thanks in advance!

Nikolai Schauer

i suggest you decrease the z offset between your nozzle and the bed of your 3d printer, that way you'll get a nicer finish and better bedadhesion.

Rowley Jefferson




Gabriele Fumagalli

where have u been ._.


Rip gone too soon :(

The Smetxy

Nice! We need more channels like this


What do you want to see more of?

Shivam Bulsara

Hey Brother ! I've watched your channel for about a month now and like your ideas and videos very much, keep making them!
I can't find your Github, please give a link.

lewis mills



Love every aspect of your videos. Design, colours, diagrams. Really great work!

Robin Hilton

Have you considered using other Pi style boards? Ie the Orange Pi Zero (quad core, 512mb ram, 44x46mm footprint, 100M ethernet with POE, single usb, wifi) that only costs $11 usd

Max Ashton

Cool design. Like it.

Shubham Arora

Is there a reddit channel where we get into discussions related to this channel? I wasn't able to find any.

Jake The Punk

yo whats up


I like the idea of an internal USB port.

Here are some of my thoughts for additions:
Maybe add the option on all the servers to have an I/O Cover so it's just one sealed box meaning Wireless dongles etc can be hidden inside, and it'd be cool if we could add our own HATS within this, for example, the PoE Hat allowing a remote device to only need a single wire.

Glass Memory

You still there?

Sm03le Br00t

Hey do you still want like a platform for NODE projects, shop, ... for mobile and co? I would like to make this as a open source cc project

Name Nameson

love your work.

Jannie Kirsten

This one is probably my favourite! Using a USB drive for storage is much simpler than having to connect and power an HDD or SSD.

Mario Zwiers

Nice video, as always! A tip: Make the distance between the heatbed and nozzle a little smaller, then you have more beautiful surfaces after printing! greetings