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How Rich Is Switzerland

75 644 views | 5 Nov. 2019

How Rich Is Switzerland |

How Rich Is Switzerland | Places

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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:

How Rich Is Switzerland?

How Switzerland got rich?

Is Switzerland expensive?

How many rich people are in Switzerland?

What is the minimum wage in Switzerland?

How can you work in Switzerland?

How is it like living in Switzerland?

What is life in Switzerland like?

What are the best places to visit in Switzerland?

Is Switzerland the best country to live in?

Why is Switzerland so wealthy?

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Steve hunter

Educate the poor how to use money to deal with the gap in Switzerland .

Jan Lüthi

Proud to be Swiss!

James Kveton

We are rich cause we work not like america no offence even if I live america


Ernesto Bertarelli is Italian, not Swiss, he just lives here.

Carlos Rafael

wealth and income inequality can be reduce if the govt dare to implement the tax on saving acct. example : any saving acct that above 1mil (personal) and 12M operating cost (corporate) will be tax at certain rate, and will be increase gradually according to saving amount. The more unused saving acct, the higher the tax rate..

Prae T.

Poud of Switzerland ,i am Suisses have beautiful family here ,Loves Lausanne city??????

ggzh a Argue With Everyone

The flag is a square. The flag in your thumbnail is wrong.

The Expat life

Yes ??????????

Pradeep B.S

tax haven?

Zoughar Yahya

Hello, I hope you are in good health. My brothers my sisters, I am a Moroccan young man and I am the breadwinner for my poor family and a father who is sick with cancer. I was really working to provide medicine for my father, but the company I used to work for went bankrupt .... and eight months without work and my father suffers in front of me every day and tears do not leave my eyes, I have no money to buy him medicine Please give me help because I desperately need it. My father is in pain in front of me day and night. But I have no solution until you please stand with me. Stand by my side, email me Wat Saab 00212603189148

S. N.

I moved away from Switzerland, as it's way to expensive!

Lushe Dedaj


Vicki Diana Coghlan

Love my swiss 90% cacao Lindt chocolate!!!

Laurent Steiner

Die einzige wo ds video ahlueget sind mir schwiizer selber hahah

Aurobindo Ghosh

alux didn't tell about your swiss bank account and other accounts?

Rest in peace Holowka

Switzerland is my favourite country in Europe . I hope my country can copy their system

Tala Let’s play

I am proud to be Swiss . I’m really studying hard to pass the Gymiprüfung . Most of the males wants to be bankers. Most of the females like me wants to be doctors or vets.?☺️

Karthik Shetty

Rolex is UK

mena seven

I like Swiss watches and Swiss banking secrecy.

Gerard J. Meyer

Another error: unlike what you affirm the Swiss Banking Secrecy has been abolished. Yet banks remain prosperous due in part to high professionalism and stable political system


Wär isch alles Schwiizer?

Friesiboy ________



maybe rich by money. but poor by happyness :-)


Hey Aluxers, how would you fix the wage gap?
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How Rich is Monaco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbRiIIK_Ml8

Health Gossip & Beyond

Why is Switzerland so special https://youtu.be/cH_W5nJpKmQ

Dina campos lopes

The equivalent of the misery in the world. They hold dirty money like ... I was going to insult dogs but I won’t. ) these people kept the gold teeth of Jews after they had been melt down to make soap. That’s how rich they are. Trumpets? What about we judge you for a change?

Rifat AL

If you like cold weather, rainy summer, mountains and landscapes, then visit/ live in switzerland. I grew up here and I am sooo happy that i will move to dubai next year. At the end i will not miss anything from switzerland


Allez Xamax!

Thereal Benji

its pretty funny you see Bertarelli a lot in the alps and I drive a lot of ski races against his son :)


Wo sind mini Schwizer??❤️??❤️??

Agung Sutrisna


Andres Nicolas Arce

All those cities atop of the Alps peaks! The Audemars Piguet are so awesome...

Peter Abderhalden

Peace loving Switzerland is actually a major weapon's exporter. In 2014, the country ranked #2 when it comes to weapons exports per capita. Among other things, Swiss manufacturers are exporting assault rifles, sniper ammunition and tanks to countries like Saudia Arabia, Ukraine.


This is my first Youtube comment in years. I usually do not comment anything, but this video was so full of stereotypes that I felt I have to say something.
First of all, the income inequality is way better than in most countries. A waitress earns approximately 50k USD a year. Sure, the costs of life are higher then in Germany for example, but still, at the end of the month there is more money left. That is the reason for tens of thousands of Germans, French, Italians and Austrians crossing the border for work each and every day.
Switzerland is a dream for professionally gifted people. Your university degree will not automatically grant you a higher salary than another career path as for example a mason. (Minimum wage of a mason is 70k USD)
Also, there is no bank secrecy anymore. (for foreigners) Know your "facts".


Do one in Norway


who loves switzerland ! please watch this vedio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfDtCfzRpnI&t=36s


Love u Switzerland feom sri lanka

Mayuresh Gawade

Indian citizens Have the most number of Swiss bank accounts

Richard Minh Le

More and more capitalisms is the answer.

Sumeet Bhoi

voice of the narrator of is beautiful....#CheersAlux

Kenneth Ng

From St Bernard dog to Lindt chocolate, from having hospitality or hotel degree to making watches, this is the best country in the world.

David R Robert

My name is David Robert and am a Stock broker and financial consultant, I have been doing this for 20years. Throughout this years me and the standard group have been helping people invest their money in digital currencies and world trades, which has proven extraordinarily profitable. We help you make good decision in investing your money so as to chase your dream more better. I can proudly say I have helped over 300 people get one step closer to their dream

Infinte Journey

Switzerland festival:

Marcus J

You know they got leftists morons when they bring up “Income inequality “


Coming to Switzerland is always my dream. In my country, visiting one Europe nation is something luxury. I dont know whether I could set foot in Europe in my whole life :))


Anticapitalista ?? ☭

Kat G.

I live in Switzerland and let me tell you don't be fooled by money. If you're planning to move here, don't think it will be the dream. Most people who come from abroad are payed way less than the Swiss which is why Switzerland employs them in the first place - profit. I've experienced it first hand in the french speaking part of Switzerland with the french coming across the boarder. They have a lower salary + every month tax money is taken out of their pay because they're not swiss. As it is the case for other immigrants who don't hold a swiss passport as well. If they live across the boarder it's fine as the cost of life is much lower, but if you're a foreigner and have to live here, you'll go through your money pretty quickly. You work long hours and have overtime (8h/9h-7pm), restaurants are about 30-40chf per meal. The saddest part is that the social life is so dull. Swiss are people who don't exactly know how to enjoy themselves as they're quite stuck up. Conversations usually revolve around work and money, material things. Streets are empty during the evenings because everyone is tired from work. Life is missing in this country. Also they're very racist so if you're a foreigner, don't expect to be met with open arms. There's a price to pay for everything in this world, so think well if you're willing to sacrifice your well-being just to have a bit more money than you do in your own country.

The Legend 27

Än Uhrmacher wo lut Video "Notre Dame" heisst känni nöd???


Switzerland Remains the Wealthiest Country in the World ... Switzerland Remains the Wealthiest Country in the World: Research. This year again, Switzerland heads the global ranking in terms of wealth with an average of US$564,650 per adult, a 144% increase since 2000.

Ashwini kumar Network Marketing pro


Ergo H

I'm from Switzerland and you have to work very hard to get a lot of money

InfaZz Azhar

I was in Obwalden
(central part of Switzerland), i moved with Original Switzerland People who still live in Village, or in Small Town in Terms of Keeping their Unique & Originality with them, i had a chance of working with them, going trip with them, gathering in parties with them, simple & one word i can say They are Happy, Genuine, Hard workers, True, Polite, Helpful, Kind, Good Manners, discipline, etc... Because of it only Allah has Blessed that people & country so much. Masha Allah love from ???????????✌?❤❤❤??☺☺????


Switzerland must turn to islam and interduce sharia law if Switzerland want to be save from hell fire and all the infidels must convert to islam


Who ever been in Switzerland??

Islam Noor Mohammad


exploring life

Switzerland is much richer then where I live

Sweet Swiss

If you are employee, It is good to live in Switzerland. you work high quality job and pay tax. If you are very rich, it is good to live, safe, less tax than other Europe, clean. If you are entrepreneur who want to do your business, Switzerland not perfect place to live. You will burn your money very fast.

Shantelle Kayy

Ok so what city is the best to meet rich single men in Switzerland?

Michael Dexter Lipata

I will do my best someday Alux thank you

checkar peat

Am I the only one who thinks that the narrator has a very annoying voice ?



R Shajahan



very interesting. We are waiting for the next video.


Make a video on #GOBACKINDIA issue in southasia

vus gaming mx


Vladan Pesterac

Yeah sure it's nice but I only experience here in Switzerland "Arbeit, Arbeit and Arbeit!" ???


Hopp schwiiz ??

Heilwyrn Zahkul

10:00 I live in switzerland and i didn't knew them........

Mohamed Mirza Mohamed Uwais

Create lottery system ??? to bridge gap

Ángel Ramírez

What an uninformative video.


I like how the actual question gets addressed half way through the video to stretch it to that 10 minute mark


"There's a big gap between the rich and the poor" - No shit sherlock!

Pippo Papero

Foreigner are not anymore tax by what they spend....and the bank secret it is only for swiss resident, and we are not longer tax haven, and Bertarelli was born in Rome...is not a true swiss ???


Let's not forget about swiss watches:

Daher Musa

Vive la Suisse ?? from Lausanne

Saikiran Vuyyuru

I have been to Switzerland ?? before a water bottle is 10 CAD dollars


It’s not pronounced Nestlay, it’s Nestle, the e is pronounced like the e in egg.

Alexander Lavrov

our ancestors are the knight Templar and since then we keep the money....until today .


Richer than me and that’s a fact

Dona Dorothy

Switzerland, do not forget to check our faces amongst your lifestyle!
Because, It is an order for me to take my family and come to you but I am not able to arrange anything for the ordered journey!!!
This is something crazy of me, I guess!!!÷×+

Lushe Dedaj



watching with 1.25 speed


"The people of Zurich pay the highest average price for coffee in the world according to the world coffee index. Well, that hardly seems fair". Sorry, but this comment only elicited snickers from me. Same with local goods from any other country. Want it cheap? Hire third world people in third world sweat shops.

James Kveton

Switzerland is the best country

Kombucha King



???? we always wonder what the rest of the world is for... ?

Gerard J. Meyer

The main industries are not banking and tourism. Pharma, high tech machinery and watch making come first.

Dylan Winzeler

ich merk erst jetzt wie anderi Lüüt üses Land gsend??

Gerard J. Meyer

The official name of Switzerland is NOT the "Swiss Federation" as you wrongly indicate. The correct name is SWISS CONFEDERATION.

Robert Twardowski

cut out "we bring you"

Deepak Devan

Can you make a video on digital marketing


Cocaïne ✌️

Maximo Ist Startklar

You are Uhr Uhr Watching des sechs DVD sex DVD

mja music switzerland

Money is not the most important ...but our landscape is really great.

Raquel Donaire

Bellísimo pais

lu müller

Grüezi ?? that's swissgerman for hello

Admiral Catherine

Dear Alux.com
I live in Switzerland and this video that you have done is ... not true. It's true that it is beautiful, clean and rich. But you forget how much a person has to work to survive at all. You do not know how expensive everything is in Switzerland. Everyone saves and above all, there is a lot of racist here. Well, you did not think so. That's the reality. Many foreigners who come from England or America are overwhelmed and become cleaning staff. Believe me that even poorer countries are better, but the only great thing in Switzerland what nobody wants to say is the money you get every month. It is almost sick how much people save the money. In the system of Switzerland a hole that will one day collapse.

Liebe Alux.com
Ich lebe in der Schweiz und dieses Video, dass sie gemacht haben, ist ... nicht wahr. Es stimmt schon, dass es schön, sauber und reich ist. Sie vergessen jedoch wie viel eine Person arbeiten muss, um überhaupt überleben zu können. Sie wissen nicht, wie teuer alles in der Schweiz ist. Jeder spart und vor allem gibt es hier viel Rassismus. Tja, haben sie nicht gedacht. Das ist die Realität. Viele Ausländer , die aus England oder Amerika kommen, sind überfordert und werden zu Putzkräfte. Glaubt mir, dass auch ärmere Länder besser sind, doch das einzige tolle in der Schweiz ist, was niemand sagen will, ist das Geld, dass man monatlich bekommt. Es ist fast krank, wie viel Leute sparen. Es im System der Schweiz ein Loch, dass eines Tages zusammenfallen wird.

Jaden Claws.

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Blake Williams

Inequality is a good thing folks!

Enteny luzium

I am an Swiss and to be honest you can get here money but you really have to work hard to get a lot of money that mean’s 8-12hrs of work and that means less free time for you. The Question is now is money more worth then time of your life?

You loos 1$ you can earn it back.
You loos 1 Minute of your live, you will never get it back.

Decide now if you wanna move in this Beautiful Country.

You have just a “good” life if you have a job that pays your for 8h more than 8k.

But for this jobs you have to go there in school for like 3-10 years depends what diploma you wannt.

And not just go to school work on friday evening and saturday to pay the expensive school.

And here we come back less free time to be honest just Sunday.

This country is really not for Starting a new life, this country is only good if you born here and are a Swiss.

(If you are 2 persons that pays everything together and live together and work both for 4000.- , than maybe you will “live” NORMAL in this beautiful country).

Swiss company

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Swiss company

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Swiss Made Quality, for Under $500. The Swiss Watch Company Diver (Full Review)

1 498 views | 22 May. 2020

I really enjoyed the

I really enjoyed the opportunity to pick up the SWC Diver when it was re-stocked last week.

Please check out the Swiss Watch Company YouTube page below.






It's well built, but maaaan that logo and font is ugly.

Njama Jones

I own the blue as well and is constantly on wrist.

Swiss Watch Company

We really appreciate your support and glad you are enjoying it! Thank you for the feedback as well. It helps us a lot with developing improvements going forward.

Ride - Paddle - Repeat

Looks like a lot of watch for the price. Definitely one to consider. Also really cool to see Swiss Watch Company on here in the comments giving feedback. I'd love to see the sports model.