Quantum computer bitcoin

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Can Quantum Computers Break Bitcoin?

235 views | 20 May. 2020

Learn in this video what

Learn in this video what quantum computers are, the threat they pose to bitcoin and other technologies, and the benefits they may add to the world if handled correctly.


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ahmed tarek

good video mate

Jed De Los Santos

Thanks for another informative video chase

Quantum computer bitcoin

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Will Quantum Computer KILL Bitcoin?!? Realistically...

1 904 views | 12 Nov. 2019

A lot of people are

A lot of people are concerned about the impacts quantum computing will have on bitcoin. With a super-fast super-cooled computer, the bitcoin blockchain could be hacked, my passwords could be brute-forced, and all my crypto lost, right? In this video I will take a look at the commonly asked question "will quantum computing kill bitcoin" and give you a definitive answer to this burning question! Join me...

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snide 2

"Real" Quantum Computers will NEVER exist..

Dan Lee

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Seen this on my google feed yesterday, quantum pornhub reference was funny

Ruben Luciow

Miami misses you......... You have to come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi may I ask you a question .... do bitcoins have real enemies ?.. or a singular true enemy ?

R James

Good news from France ?? Article overleaf

France Announces It Will Begin Teaching Cryptocurrencies In Highschool


Another video that does not cite sources AT ALL. Only idiots will not second-guess this guy. Do your own research, people


You should do a video on post quantum cryptography. Also on QRL quantum Resistant Ledger


Great point I was just thinking this a few days ago.

paul lunney

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Craig Simpson

Speed of CPU works both ways. Encryption is happening both ways.

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