Spinning top technical analysis

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Spinning Top Candle | Mid-Power Candle | Technical Analysis | Episode 8 | MostlyBearish

104 views | 9 Sep. 2020

Spinning Top Candle |

Spinning Top Candle | Mid-Power Candle | Technical Analysis | Episode 8 | MostlyBearish

Spinning Top candle is a mid level power candle where the buyers or the sellers are in control but could not push the prices much.

Explanation Theoretically and on Charts.

This is video is a part of playlist - Stock Market: Technical Analysis

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rahul parsani

yes, I understand the spinning top and as well all the videos that you have put in last few days and I am your, subscriber I love the concept that you showed but my request is to you at least 2to3 videos in one day. so we could understand more from you. and try to channel grow as much we can do. and next is up to you.

Spinning top technical analysis

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Technical Analysis Candle sticks part-2 (Marubozu & Spinning top)

1 918 views | 7 Jan. 2021

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Soni Soni

Chala baga artam iaeala vivarincharu

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super explanation

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Spinning top technical analysis

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Shooting Star | Spinning Top | Technical Analysis - Basics | Part - 8 & Part 9

131 views | 23 Dec. 2018

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