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RailsConf 2016 - Pragmatic Lessons of Rails & Ruby in the Enterprise by Nathan Beyer

1 424 views | 28 May. 2016

Pragmatic Lessons of

Pragmatic Lessons of Rails & Ruby in the Enterprise by Nathan Beyer

Adopting Rails and Ruby for use within a large development organization was and continues to be an adventure. Rails and Ruby have been in use at Cerner for 7 years and over that time, their use has gone from niche technology used by a handful of people to a core platform used by hundreds. Along this adventure, we have learned many lessons and gained lots of experience. In this talk, we’ll share the interesting up and downs of this adventure in an effort to share our experiences and knowledge.

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About See Your Chart – Your Electronic Florida Cancer Specialists Medical Record

9 052 views | 31 Jul. 2014

See Your Chart offers

See Your Chart offers simple and convenient online access to your personal Florida Cancer Specialists health record at any time from any location with Internet access. See Your Chart is especially helpful for keeping extended family members informed about your treatment – plus, you can log in from any computer or mobile device 24/7. With this online tool, connecting to your personal health information is now easier than ever. To learn more, visit http://flcancer.com/seeyourchart.aspx.

Carmencita La Unica

I had tried to make this work since I became a patient close to a year. I have to call over and over to get a new user name and register over and over again. After I do all that it works once and then it stop working the next time I try to get in....please help us...we are all patients and families with serious health issues and and have to deal with this problem.

Allison Chua

Cannot get in again!!!! My mother is a patient and I cannot see it when I try all the time.

Deborah Tozzi

I have set it up with a password but the next time I tried to go in, it would not let me in....just says call the office for information how to sign up. Very frustrating.

Kathy Barker

i have had nothing but trouble trying to see my chart.  Sometimes it works, and 50% it doesn't.  Must be improved.  Is this a cheap web site?


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Log data with a DHT22 temp sensor & a Pi to Google Spreadsheet

1 984 views | 16 May. 2020


Hey there!

In this video I’ll connect a DHT 22 sensor to a Raspberry Pi. We’ll read the temperature & humidity out of it, write the data to a Google Spreadsheet and display it in a nice look line chart.


All you need is a Raspberry Pi and the DHT 22 sensor I used in the video. You’ll find for around 5 Euro/Dollar at your favorite dealer. With these little preassembled sensor boards you are ready to go. If you only buy the sensor it self you may need some resistor to get it working.


We’re using the Adafruit DHT lib. In the meantime it’s declared deprecated. This means the vendor doesn’t actively support it. I created an unmodified fork of it so that you can still use it in the future like in this video.

AdafruitDHT lib: https://github.com/datort/Adafruit_Python_DHT

Temperature Chart lib: https://github.com/datort/raspi-temperature-chart

Google Developer Console: https://console.developers.google.com/project

Google Docs: https://docs.google.com

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for watching!

etobi Grow

great video. thank you!

Vishwanath A sardeshpande

Sir can you help me how to configure moisture sensor to raspberry Pi

William Burlingame

When I ran "sudo pip install gspread oauth2client", I got the error message "google-auth 1.19.2 has requirement rsa<4.1; python_version < "3", but you'll have rsa 4.5 which is incompatible." Now what should I do to recover?


whats the exact model of the DHT22 sensor that you used?

Svavar Jakobsson

Excellent tutorial, worked like a charm thank you!
Do you know how to edit the script so that I can take readings from 2 DHT22 sensors?

joan ser

Thank you for the video. I have a problem i cannot solve.
(this is my first codding with python so im a begginer).
When I lauch "./google_spreadsheet.py"
I have:
ImportError: No module named gspread.
I have tried to install Gspread, but it's apparently already installed.
As i understand, on my Pi, there is Python 2 and 3. On google i found that the problem could come from the version of Python where Gspread is installed.
i tried "pip install gspread"
"pip3 install gspread"
but it's apparently installed in both.
i would need some help.

Electrical Coder

GOOD and cool job DATORT.???..liked it too.....as we share the same intrests and channel
content... i will encourage and suppourt you as much as i can....and i SUBSCRIBED yours tooo. IAM YOUR 54TH SUBSCRIBER...anyways...let this be
good begiining and All the very best from Electrical coder.?


don't have the code?

E2E Solutions

Nice work Dear ? All the very best from #E2Esolutions .


Whats this error I recd when installing google auth.. "google-auth 1.18.0 has requirement rsa<4.1; python_version < "3", but you'll have rsa 4.5 which is incompatible."

Lee zr

When I tried running the program, there was an error :ImportError: cannot import name Beaglebone_Black_Driver. Can anyone help me?


What about a history tab? That'd all I'm looking for... Looked for hoouuuurs

Cynthia Waigwa

having the issue ~/Adafruit_Python_DHT/examples $ sudo ./AdafruitDHT.py 2302 4
Failed to get reading. Try again!