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Battle of the Octos - Hurricane vs. Glass

885 views | 13 Oct. 2020

Comparing the difference

Comparing the difference between a glass octotank and a hurricane octotank (also known as sea serpent) in diep.io with two high-scores in the FFA gamemode.


Strengths: Scores fast, gets kills easier, more fun to play

Weaknesses: Less defense, more susceptible to counters like factory, auto gunner, and sometimes fighter


Strengths: Less susceptible to counters (as mentioned above)

Weaknesses: Scores slow, rarely gets kills, somewhat boring

Discord: https://discord.gg/VTj2dCK

Color changing tank script (run through Tampermonkey or F12 console):



5:02 cringe momento

Gray Wing

We all love u mr cheese


I subbed! Great Content!


this is why u get to rap octo

Adfice [AD]

Ggs on 200 subs big YEET


It’s hurricane or nothin’. Also are we not gonna talk about how this is the second time you rammed a smasher without dying?

A D4rK Player

Thas some good content ?



Lord PG3D

Yey a diep yt that actually posts finally

Jerry Luo

hurricane = sea serpent

i am legit



How do you use the Color changing tank script

Diep.ro.PianoYT Youtube





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OCTOS and Alternate Air Sources** WATCH BEFORE YOU DIVE

2 672 views | 23 Mar. 2019

We look at OCTOS and

We look at OCTOS and Alternate Air Sources as they are also known. Must haves for scuba diving and know how to use them: https://www.divers-supply.com/scuba-gear/octopus.html

We look at the most widely used over the counter Octos and the newer Side Breathers along with Octo-Inflates or Air2 units that some folks are using today.

Joe kle

Good video but I will stick to my pony tank and a redundant gas supply.


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Acton NH vs. Bronx OS Yale Octos 2019

4 418 views | 28 Oct. 2019

Before opening the

Before opening the description and viewing the results, I recommend flowing the round yourself and coming up with your own decision.

Acton picks up on a 2-1

If you have any recordings you'd like to give back to the community, please email me at [email protected]

Resolved: The European Union should join the Belt and Road Initiative

Ansh Viswanathan

wow the level of competition really took a hit this year

Will Chasse


Yonis Hashi

who’s pro and con

NIlay G


Sam Goldstone

the godly Yu Zhang was the deciding vote in this round. thankfully he made the right decision

Vivek Aysola

ethan looks kinda cute meanwhile kam looks like a literal ?

Guy Newman

Who won this tournament

Benson Fang

1:05 when you cite bradford as date accessed instead of date written

Its Transparent

Bronx’s second speaker looks like he’s piping a girl for 4 minutes during rebuttal

Nurah Kutty