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Teeter FitSpine X1 Inversion Table - Product Feature

15 544 views | 28 Jan. 2019

Introduce your back to

Introduce your back to relaxation and relief with the Teeter FitSpine X1 Inversion Table.

A trademark of the Teeter FitSpine-series is the innovative FlexTech Bed is supported by an 8-point floating suspension system, which flexes as you move and enables the best decompressive stretch. Its unique track design accommodates the included Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes for targeted traction and pressure-point relief. As with all Teeter Inversion Tables, patented wrap-around Ergo-Embrace Supports reduce pressure on the ankles and the Ankle Comfort Dial lets you easily customize your fit.

Teeter offers the only inversion tables both independently certified by UL and registered with the FDA as a 510(k) medical device. The Teeter is indicated for the relief of back pain, muscle tension and spasm, herniated disc, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, spinal degenerative joint disease, spinal stenosis, spinal curvature due to tight muscles and facet syndrome.

TRUST TEETER: UL 3rd-Party Safety Certification; Heavy-gauge steel parts with patented security features; 5-Year Full Warranty; Frustration-Free Assembly with Getting Started DVD; Free TeeterLink App; 37-Year Legacy; 300 lb, 4 ft 8 in- 6 ft 6 in user capacity.

FDA REGISTERED: Teeter Inversion Tables are the ONLY registered with the FDA as a 510(k) medical device. The Teeter is indicated for back pain, muscle tension, and spasm, herniated disc, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spinal curvature due to tight muscles and facet syndrome.

Get the Teeter TV offer: https://bit.ly/2JXHKnt

With Teeter, you can FEEL it to BELIEVE it in just 30 days or less – so you can get back to being you and start enjoying life again. Listen to real Teeter users who experienced natural relief without relying on pills and appointments to get through the day. And learn how you can join the over 3 MILLION PEOPLE like you who have put their trust in Teeter.

Connect with Teeter online:





how do you lock in position in full inversion I got the fitspine X3


Why are some people using Teeter Gravity Boots on the X1? Can you do inverted squats and full range sit ups on the X1 without the gravity boots?

Dj À4

Is there a traction handle on this one?

Greg Farnham

I just bought the fitspine X1, how do I set the acupuncture points. How long should I hang down for. I feel comfortable at 60 degrees

hassan anaxugho

I have a hernia in the neck and back can I use this inversion table

Teeter price

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Must Know This for Best Results Using Inversion Table for Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

255 146 views | 9 Dec. 2019

Must Know This for Best

Must Know This for Best Results Using Inversion Table for Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

Bob and Brad discuss and demonstrate how an inversion table may help with back or sciatica pain relief.

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Oscar Garcia

I really wanna look at this video cause I wanna buy one to try the inversion method with for hair thickening/regrow trial but they are just so. Damn. Boring. Lmao. Monotone speaking and they don’t even look like they want to but they have to

Tony Lozano

As a golfer I'm always using a golf cart, I realized years ago that the cart creates compression on my spinal cord and was a cause of several back pain. The Inversion table was the answer, for me.

Tom Hora

Bob should wipe his schnoz off camera.

John A

I heard you mention increased pressure in the eyes. Should one of these tables be used if you have had surgery for angle closure glaucoma? I don't have acg but was at risk for it and had laser surgery to prevent it.


Ordered one, looking forward to try it.

Keith Popko

Gravity boots was the only thing gave brought relief to me when I hurt my back in 1982. I had chiropractic work done that didn't help at all, but the gravity boots did. When inversion boards came out I got one of them and I love it, and was so much easier to use than gravity boots.

Several years ago I bought a used bottom-line Total Gym (which I absolutely love) that has an adjustable inclined board. My favorite thing is to stretch my back by laying down with my feet elevated while secured to the attachment piece, so I get the same benefit as I do with my inversion table.


Love my Teeter


Tiger King ? loves this


I think I am dealing with Sciatica for the past 2 months. The pain upon awakening is pretty strong in the butt and runs to the upper calf on my left side (occasionally). I can barely walk after getting out of bed sometimes but it slowly subsides as I regain motion. I have been able to run with no pain when the morning pain subsides. Is it OK to continue running when the pain is managed although pain returns after sitting or awakening?. I experience NO run stopping sciatica related pains while running 2-6 miles. I am looking for an inversion table to assist with getting this under control. What is your feeling on running while "managing" Sciatica? Thank you for the excellent videos.

Mark Gibbs

This may be my first comment. Been enjoying your videos for several years. Brad mentioned Spondylolisthesis therapy and I would like to know more. Can you direct me to any videos on that. I'm a firm believer that PT can cure almost any pain. Got through a torn rotator cuff with it several years ago.

Leah Escarlette

I had migrain tonite. Guess what. I hang less then 3 minutes, my headache go away :)

Good investment ?❤️

Bruce Dickson

Yes, terrific thoro instructions. For the other part, "fluffing up" your discs between each vertebrae using 2 to 3 grams of B5 (calcium pantothenate) at night, here's what I wrote on it and related remineralizing topics. Increase Your Bone Density: Water-soluble Calcium-Magnesium in Holistic Health and Self-healing (Best Practices in Energy Medicine Book 35)

Recommended source of B5: BulkSupplements.com or PureBulk.com get 250grams as it goes quickly. Take in liquids. If you have capsules-tablets, put them in the blender and use them up. Powder much better. Why? See booklet.


The Old Guard

Who went here because of Wil Dasovich's vlog? Hahaha


This study used 3min × 3 repetitions 4 days a week for 8 weeks. 60 degree angle had best results. Avoid going full vertical to avoid risks.

Robert J Hopkins

ALERT: If you have had detached retina laser surgery done before then make sure you check with your eye doctor and GP before getting one of these tables. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5392039/#:~:text=therapy%20is%20imperative.-,Conclusions,the%20use%20of%20inversion%20tables.

Hamid Jalal

Does inversion baord help to increase height? I heared from a doctor that it does.

Ozark Hogfarmer

C'mon, let the guy give the brief and quit interrupting...


I just bought a Teeter X-3. I got it today.
I don't know if you 2 are pd sponsors of Teeter, but they are EXTREMELY easy to assemble. I used mine for about 2 min. at about 60 degrees And I will do this a.m. and p.m. each day. I will increase time and angle but slowly.
You should go for about 5 to 7 days before changing to a new angles and time

Terri Lanigan

Good information guys. Thanks.

Therese Miller

Follow their advice about increasing inversion angles slowly. I have one and foolishly decided to invert without doing this. Overstretched the ligaments in my hip. Took months to heal. Otherwise it is a great tool.

Cruiser Bro

If your 5 10 how tall is bob??????


thanks guys. glad to find a video like this. the only mention of how long to use it for in my instruction manual was "no longer than 30 minutes" but that was for the heating pad it came with. I didn't know at the time and I did 25 minutes my first day. glad I didn't hurt myself although my ankles were starting to hurt a little.


My poor 8.5 month pregnant wife. She was my spotter for the first time, I’m 6’3 210 lbs going help! Help! Not much she could do

Rebecca Archer

I bought an inversion table for my husband without doing any research-which is so unlike me! He is excitedly assembling it now. I had no idea that sciatica pain was one of the reasons people got these! He needs this and I’m wondering what took me so long. Thank you for the great info!

Joanne Dorme

So you healed your spondylolisthesis with this table? Because my surgeon says it cannot be healed without surgery. And I cannot have surgery. I have numbness down both of my legs when I stand for a long time or walk. I don’t know if it was Bob or Brad but the guy on the table said he healed his spondylolisthesis. That’s great news if it’s true

Ted Spencer Sr.

What IDIOTS all they like is hearing themselves talk!!! Get off Youtube!!!


I've tried an inversion table but feel like laying on a large exercise ball facing the ceiling/back on the ball is more effective.


Herniated L5/S1 here back in 2004, no surgery. I began using a home inversion table in 2009, still am today. After years of experimentation, I've discovered a couple of safety considerations (at least for me). When coming back UP, reloading those vertebrae with weight, I come up very slowly, and keep my back and neck as straight and aligned as possible while my body is coming back upright again. I've learned the hard way, turning your head when coming back up can cause injury. Other than those considerations, an inversion table has been life-changing.

You Find What You Look For

I also use it face forward

Betty Miller

I've been using an inversion table for years... I'd be crippled without it.
My Teeter has (I feel) a more secure foot lock.
I do go almost full inversion... if I feel too much pulling I stop.
Yes it does get in the way... but I just have to have it!


Straight up and down is the way!

Karen Couture

I have a smaller version of the full size Teeter totter. I purchased it from the Relax the Back store. It does almost everything the full sized one does. I have had the regular one in the past and sold it. The smaller one from Relax the Back store is big enough for women or small to average anyone. You can't hang vertically but doctors say a 20 degree recline is just as effective. Mine also can be used at the horizontal position for a work bench and doing the Thomas stretch to relax the hip flexors. It's the perfect height. KEC

Star Glismann

Thank you so much...just got my Teeter Table set up today. Been in so much pain and am so excited to use this! You helped me figure it out with this video. It can look complicated in the beginning. lol
Muchlove and I enjoy & trust you two.?????


I am absolutely CONVINCED that along with the heavy things we carry, STEROIDS war against spinal discs, and I have seen a chiropractors' video where he discussed this and listed BIBLIOGRAPHY to back it up. I have been allergic to many airborne allergens that run all across the calendar, resulting in bronchitis (antidote: ACV in water x 3 tablespoons, twice daily, especially with antibiotics), and usually requiring steroids to be able to breathe. These steroids will NAIL the spinal discs. 
RE the allergies: treated with NAET ... which works!
Regards Covid: The amino acid, L-Lysine, especially taken with zinc, will prevent ALL viruses from replicating. Been using it since the '70s, and it works.
Regards clogged hearteries: LECITHIN will clean out your arteries! IT WORKS!
lynncapehartwellness.com Blogs 59 & 6
Regards Foraminal Stenosis: Glory-B TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IA6I8i6KLQ&t=349s
I just bought one of these Teeter Tables (is that his real name? Teeter-totter?) and cannot wait to get it put together and try it out!!!!
Regards salvation: Only JESUS has the keys to Heaven and Hell. Choose LIFE. Choose Jesus, now. Time is running out.
God bless.

Ly Xuong

Damn how tall is Bob when Brad is 5 foot 10 ?

Don K. Johnson

I have an older one of these and I think I over did it and it made my back feel worse and then the pain went into my left hip like being hit with lightning. I've not been back on it for over 5 months now. My do nothing doctor is finally sending me to a surgeon. 5 months to get him to get me x-rays and send me to someone!!!


I got one and now 3 months later it hurting my lower back sciatica


Can I just use my couch to hang upside down. Also does this promote hair growth?

Jon Quick

"Most famous physical therapists"...To be honest, first time watching these guys, I feel more discomfort in my back just listening to this crap.


I love full inversion, but I agree with you it's a preferance and one does not need to go full to get results. I mainly like doing it because I love doing situps and you need to be fully inverted to do that.

Al Valrod

Shut! I bought this shit for my wife,,,excuse my language and spend 2 hrs + putting it together and i tried and let me tell you,,i,feel dizzy and my back still hurts! im sure once my wife tries this shit.....oh boy!

Mino Lizcano

I love my Teeter

The Bee

Will this work for hip pain? Im in agony right now. I feel like I just need my right leg pulled really hard, as it hurts in the ball and socket area, and it hurts to sleep on that side.

Ivonne Herrera

I got a teeter, after watching your video, and after having 4 really bad sciatica episodes last year, (last one in November). 2 month in, and I am so happy. twice a day, 3 minutes at 60 degrees.

Joann Stevens

Is there a max weight limit on it?

Digital Electric Money

The intro ?


When’s the best time of the day to use it? Morning, afternoon, or night?

vasudeva holla

good demonstration about the table and how it used , the benifit etc.

Eddie brevet

Ten years of herniated disc, over it by prolonged, light, traction. Came back five years later, neglected stretching! So back to decompression, results, much better. These guys tilt too radical, not long enough.

derek alexander

My back feels better while on my table but my calf, foot pain is worse due to the ankles and feet being compressed by table pads.

Ben 22

blah blah blah just get to the point, explain what it is, how it works, what it does, the end.

Warwick Scram

Give it to me straight fellow back pain people... do these things help?

Tom Caron

I have an Innova table from Walmart and it works great. I do 20 minutes of yoga before table. SI joint and lower back pain.
Using the table 15 minutes a day at 70 degree mark. Was really in pain for about two week after each use but that is going away.
I feel like the stretching before the table has been a big help all pain is 95% gone.


Yes, I've used my teeter for several years and it is very easy to get used to inversion at the 45-degree angle position. I live with 5 herniated lumbar disks and spinal stenosis and I would recommend this machine to anyone seeking pain relief.

John A

I saw a decompression device online. A harness that you strap around your chest that attaches to a doorway chin up bar. Is this a good alternative to the inversion table?

Moni Chippewa

Great review I was on fence with it. Now I'm not

kevin Jhonson

I just bought this it will be arriving this Tuesday. I hope it works for my l5-s1 bulge. It has been so bad I’m on month 4 of not being able to go to work. I drive. 90,000km per year as a field tech. I have done everything short of surgery I pray this works.

angrymonkey Kubset

uniwersity of united kingdom??? WTF do he mean? Hogward?

Rex Foster

You two are simply the Best!! Thank you!

bruce gillies

Got an inversion table given to me back in 1978 it came from Sweden very high-quality it was the kind that I am 6 ft 2 and when I hang upside down my hands did not touch the floor so it was complete conversion I started slow built up it was great move to an apartment where it would not work it would not invert all the way so I gave it away six months later regretted it

Kelli V

Can you expect your spins to self adjust (pop) while using? And if so, is that a positive adjustment or a potentially problematic one? I have scoliosis in my lower spine (Not sure how I’d get my hips even with that plastic piece for lower back traction). Also DDD lower spine. Also Tarlov Cysts (TCD) bilaterally at S2 in sacrum. My doctors are not educated about TCD and spinal fluid pressure and can’t advise. Help?

Mel Hardee

Would this help a 77 year old who has scoliosis?


Will the inversion table help with uneven hips?doctor told me my right leg is shorter than my left , been having lower back pain

Marshall Collins

Never thought about the high blood pressure issue. Thanks.


I have an anterior pelvic tilt and pretty bad lower back pain. The first time I used it I felt great but when I got up I was in pain. I learned to go into proper neutral spine and maintain in while on the table. Make sure to get off without putting strain on your back. Completely worth the investment.

CatherineRN 7

Does it help with posture?

Steven Manthei

Thanks gents, love your vids this one in particular seems to be working really well. I had a sciatic incident three days ago and after pushing through some initial pain with my inversion table feel much better.

Louise Irving

I have a table but it seems to pull at my knees when I lean back. Could it be bad to hang with pressure pulling the knee joint?

Sandy Freschi

My husband just ordered one. I sent him to your channel to watch this. I really enjoy your videos. They're so valuable.

Tanya Parks Westergaard

Just found you today

jessica smith

“5’10” LMAOOO???

Tim G

I have seen a few of your YouTube videos. Please change that little song in the beginning. It is soooooo annoying.....


Appreciate the video guys! I have been having lower back pain for years from multiple military injuries. I realize this isn't an advertisement, but I saw the Teeter X3 for sale and bought it. I've started seriously exercising lower back / core, supplements and sleeping different but I think traction is my next target and nice to hear it's well-built (although I know the X3 isn't the x9 or whatever). God bless.


I got one -- i believe its more about using it multiple times a week for the rest of your life (like if your where to do yoga or stretches) and maybe it'll eventually help or at least prevent future discomforts. I have lower back pain, occasional siatica pain on either leg. And recently new pain going up my spine up to my neck. Never been in a car crash, never had a sport injury... i thinks its all caused by sitting too much in front of a computer for so many years and no being an active person.

Hello World!

5'10 yeah right! ?

Victory in Christ

I started having lower back challenges since 44, am now 48, the chiro has Never advised me nor physical therapist.. An LPN friend advised me..I had piriformis pain A LOT, This table, drinking lots of water and major resistance training had helped GREATLY!!
MY question though, have you ever heard of people totally healing after using this from their disks degenerating??

Suzanne Ralph

I have Leuki rods in my back...is it okay to use an inversion table. I have degenerative disc disease in lumbar facet joints on the right side. The rods were put in for my scoliosis in 1985...I was 28.

Up the Ante

If you have a bilateral spondylolisthesis is it safe to use an inversion table?

Suzanne Ralph

Why is Biden supposed to do something about the violence going on NOW in tRump America...it's tRump's job. See...tRump always passes the buck...tRump is a POS.

John McGovern

I love you guys. As soon as I started listening to your team of two, it put a smile on my face and I enjoyed your company. Please do not worry to much and please do not say "so you don't have to listen to you anymore" Everybody wants to listen to you! Talk about all of the fun features of the table first and then go into limiting conditions. Is it a carnival ride?

Korova Milk Bar

Grampa Munster APPROVES of this message

Kenny Wills

make sure you use lower lumbar kit it help keep your back with the right poster

Lili Tincher

I got the table because of your program and I pray. it works. I just haven't gotten brave enough to go beyond the 30 or so degrees. Maybe I'll try it next week.:)

Jason Melton

There is no such word as "highth," there is only "hight." Look it up!


Better than the new version.


6 minutes of intro stuff that’s already on teeter videos. Couple of anecdotes.


What to do if you have a disc bulging in front and back of your spine?

Julia Helland

Thanks for the review. I have degenerative disc disease and herniated disc in low back. I have been thinking about buying this.

La Will

?????? I was watching an assembly vid and forgot to take the speed back to normal......slower speed made these guys sound REALLY intoxicated. ??????
I’ve changed back to normal.


I've watched so many of your videos, I'll be honest. You need to edit your stuff. The shtick is old.

Jim Vick

I'm 6'6" 430lbs... I start at 30 then work my way up to 80, and hold it there 2 in... I get different crazy releases and different places every time... The first time I got to 80, I had 2 releases that sounded like breaking 2x4's, it was awesome. Its funny, sometimes the releases don't come right away; and I will be inverted in my inversion table gyrating up and down with spasms... if that happens and I don't get a release in 2 minutes inverted... I got back up for 2 min, then come back down and it releases that second time every time, and I stop gyrating.


I didn't think of the blood pressure in the eyes part , I guess type 2 diabetes sufferers might have a problem with this damaging their eyes sooner than later.


Does hanging from a bar, by your hands, give the same result as using this machine?

Cecile Conner

I am 4 feet and 11 inches. Will this work for me??Have vertigo as well

Cleveland Glenn

Would these be good for someone who has lymphedema?

S c

I’m prone to vertigo (BPV) so I’m worried about trying this (spending the money & then finding it causes vertigo).

Gi Karadi

Hi.does this also help for knee decompression??

John Yu

Hi Bob and Brad. Love your videos. I'm a young contortionist of sorts and something I've tried recently is while I'm on the inversion table I do a lateral side bend to the left and right. Wondering if it's dangerous or not?


I was limping with pain on my right knee for a long time due to skiing accident. I tried the table at the state fair and there was a lot of pain on the lower back during the flip. I was walking like normal person on the next day and I went and bought one and it has completely changed my life and that was 12 years ago.

Keith Lewis

Will this help lumbar arthritis

Teeter price

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How to Target Low Back Pain & Sciatica

279 902 views | 10 Jan. 2019

In this video, Teeter CEO

In this video, Teeter CEO Rylie Teeter shares how you can target low back pain, specifically if you have sciatica, on a Teeter Inversion Table.

Sciatica is most often the result of a nerve that has become pinched. This is usually the sciatic nerve, which is the longest single nerve in your body, running down each side of your lower spine, through the buttocks, leg, and feet.

The sciatic nerve is responsible for connecting the spinal cord with your leg and foot muscles, controlling your motor and sensory functions in your lower extremities. This is why when the nerve becomes pinched or damaged, the pain is felt mostly through the lower extremities.

Teeter Inversion Tables have been shown to help relieve sciatica and the muscular or skeletal issues causing pain. Inversion therapy allows your back, hip and leg muscles (as well as your whole body) to relax, stretch and lengthen. When your muscles are relaxed and stretched, your spine is able to decompress and lengthen.

Spinal decompression helps herniated and slipped discs to heal naturally, decreasing pressure on the nerves. The spine is encouraged to return to proper alignment, which when well-aligned, provides ample space between each vertebra for the nerves to pass through.

Get the Teeter Inversion Table TV offer: https://bit.ly/2Dke568

Pain relief is possible with Teeter FitSpine!

0:00 Introduction

0:15 Lumbar Bridge adds Lower Back decompression

1:35 Traction Handles add manual decompression

2:06 Add rotational stretches to your inversion table routine

2:37 Invert to full inversion to target the lower back

With the Teeter FitSpine Inversion Table, you can FEEL it to BELIEVE it in just 30 days or less – so you can get back to being you and start enjoying life again. Listen to real Teeter users who experienced natural relief without relying on pills and appointments to get through the day. And learn how you can join the over 3 MILLION PEOPLE like you who have put their trust in Teeter, the ONLY FDA-Cleared Inversion Table indicated for back pain, sciatica, herniated disc and more!

Connect with Teeter online:



https://www.twitter.com/teeterfitness #teeter #health #fitness

I Hate Living in Apartments

when I do full inversion on this model the ankle support bar like sort of rattles back and forth is that normal?

Marc Bloch

My back feels already better just by watching this cute instructor


May i ask which version of the product you are using and may recommend ?

Product Weight heavy ? Net 25 to 30 kg ?
It is better to let the shoulders toward the floor .. ?

Or better to have shoulders cushions ..

Teeter has no shoulder cushions version ?

Like this one with shoulders support or cushion

George Srabian

I just set up my LX9 a few days ago , I'll admit I wasn't sure about total inversion but I love it , so far I've just stretched but after watching Rylie's video, now I get how to use the whole machine. In two days my back is better than its been in quite some time. I got the Easy Step too it also gives a good no impact cardio workout or just a good stretch.

Walter John James

Hi Teeter, is this table also advised for cervical spine decompression?

Carter Banks

If I get an inversion table like this do I have to have someone there with me my sister said I shouldnt get one because I could get stuck upside down and die because noone can get me upright or out of the mahine.

Theresa Colopy

Got a teeter for Christmas! Sometime I get dizzy after being on the teeter. Any suggestions! Thanks

Junior 90

Can this help spondylolithesis? L4 L5?

Madhu Angadi

Is it helpful to treat a person with slip disc of L4 , L5 and S1

Bedford Guy

This inversion table helps me a lot can anyone advise me how to avoid nausea feelings after?

Andrew Paulson

I just got mine today, worked right away,just thinking of all the money I spent on cyp


Im curious, i recently purchased this table and if i do perform self traction even slightly i get this feeling / pain in my lumbar like it needs to crack(best feeling i can use to describe). but it is very uncomfortable to say the least. more so my lumbar has hurt for 2 days (not bad but.. their?) since i did it. NOW with that being said i have had every xray / mri known to man and to best imagining available i have no issue. NOW NOW :P with that being said i did hairline fracture my spine 14 years ago and have always struggled with back pain since. is it possible this pain im feeling is actually GOOD for me? as in things have stretched and moved that haven't for a long time? im not asking thinking your doctors or surgeons. but have you your selves heard of this? or had any feedback from users with similiar? either way this table is fantastic the acupressure nodes have done more for my trigger points then any physical therapy has done in a decade


thank you for your service to the world ! Do you have or know of any inversion tables for children ? trying to reduce an umbilical hernia so the 6yr old child will not have to have surgery . thanx for any input.

Emiliano Zapata

I have a Aortic Valve Replacement (mechanical) is the Teeter safe to use for me?

kirk lefevre Jr.

Who painted that painting in the background that is awesome

Tommy Boy

Great video!!!


Very informative video and sexual marketing free . Quite often sex is used to compliment the advertisement of a product and a product involving the human body is one that is almost always given a sexual marketing application . Rylie Teeter clearly has admirable principles and knowledge and her conduct is to be applauded . Sexual marketing pollutes our culture and it constantly portrays women as sexual objects and it is demeaning of real human sexuality which ideally is something mutually shared and enjoyed by a consenting couple rather than something served up as a product and commodity . Madonna the singer has done so much to degenerate human sexuality . She has based her entire brand the commodification of women's bodies . I do not believe anyone in history has done more to commodify women's bodies than Madonna all while claiming to represent and free women sexually . Madonna made the mass and intense commodification of women's bodies socially acceptable and has made millions while doing it . Women following the 1960s became incredibly sexually free while not commodifying their bodies . They regarded their bodies and sex are being perfectly natural ( something which is accurate ) . Nakedness was promoted . Sex was something that was shared and experienced by people . Their bodies were not gift wrapped as commodities for the market . Of course , such a blunt and honest expression of human sexuality wasn't good for the lingerie , fashion and clothing industries for these industries were not required in the pursuit and experience of human sexuality . Things had to change in order to for marketers to make money off of women's bodies and human sexuality .... and change they did . When Madonna arrived on the scene the commodification of women's bodies and sexuality exposed on a scale never before witnessed in human history . Prior to Madonna the industrial marketing of women's bodies and human sexuality was primarily done by men in the advertising industry which was dominated but men . Madonna taught generations of young women has to market their bodies by themselves . The 1960s was the golden age of honest and open human sexual experience ..... free of commerce . I am not opposed to commerce ..... I just believe that our interests are better served by marketing products other than human beings .

Joe Davila

Thanks hope this helps,,I got one but a little older version

Arjun Nathan

very useful vedio


Wow you’re so good to do it. I was so scared i felt my face stretch out ?

mark Jackson

Ok. Are you ready for the skinny ?? Chiropractor seem to help me short term but last visit he really hurt me. I’m calling to cancel him because truthfully the only thing that seems to be helping me is teeter I don’t play around when I get on it. I go full inversion for 10-11 minutes and come up every few minutes for a break and get your ankles sitted comfortable. I mean. I did it twice yesterday. My pain is so so so much less The catch ????? Don’t even think it’s easy to go full inversion on this thing. It hurts your ankles and you get a head rush. But as soon as I’m through my 10 minute I come off and all that is gone with hours and hours of glorious pain relief. I used this table 5 years ago with a previous injury with similar long term results. I think this is much more than a short term fix but a long term approach to spinal decompression and long lasting healing


Only in the US ? Can't find it in France


Kerkoj nje si kjo ju lutem pergjigjjen ma ktheni

Maria Elena Marino

I have, osteoporosis, and vertigo, on top of sciatica and herniated disc, will this make the vertigo worse, and/or cause issues with my osteoporosis?

Will Robinson

You should call it " The Teeter Totter"

v a

Best looking Ceo around!

Joe Op-Z

I have used you teeter gravity boots for decades now, how do I perform your exercises in your video with those? (trying to get rid of my sciatica)


Is it as good as it seems? I want to buy it on Christmas for my mother.

Michael Hawkins

When I first got mine she wasn’t doing the videos het dad was she does a much better job.

joël Watschinger

very good , yes real , i work the two hernias crushes, I was blocked, I can no longer stand up, very badly, I work a lot training the bench, every day therefore three times a day, for three months, I am cured, never stops continuous work for life, thank you

Brion McManus

Great machine, on my second week. Thanks

Kimberly C

Thank you. This helps I have really been enjoying my teeter but this will help!

Belinda Khan

I have a question. I just got my first Tetter, the X2. I was recently diagnosed with a bulging disc and am seeking chiropractic care. In excrutiating pain all the time. The inversion feels amazing! But for the disc issue, would the lumbar bridge be harmful? It said in the instructions not to use if you have a known injury. I do feel like I could use the lower back support when I'm inverted because it causes a bit of strain on that area.

Bunk Man

Wallets cause more Sciatica pain than just about any other cause and most people don't ever realize it.


2 weeks in with the x3. So far, no lower back pain relief. Will continue to use it and give it time. Hope it works

Pt Bot

I have tight lower back that sometime siezed resulting in me walking crooked until i get the muscle to relax (often with injection). It has gotten slightly better with doing pilates. I have the teeter as well but i dont think i use it right because after using it, my back would feel weak and feel more susceptible to the muscle siezing up again. What sort of position or exercise should i do on the table?

Bethlehem Negussie

???thank you, finally l find someone that explains how & for what purpose to use inversion table.???


Can you tell me where you place the lumbar support arch? You say to set it low to help square the hips and aid alignment, but I’m not able to see where you place the support, specifically. I may have mine set a bit high. I need to work on squaring my hips as I’m definitely out of alignment. Thank for you help, and your instructional videos.

Let Go


Dizy Tizy

I can not push with enough sustainable pressure to make a difference. My back feels like it's being crushed even when lying down.


Just got an EP560 table about a week ago, what an incredible machine! Very well built in terms of quality and the benefits of using it are immediate.

In the last few days I've been feeling some tightness in my lower left back near my hips, very spasm-like in nature as if it's coming from nearby muscles. I've been using the Teeter which helped but not until I saw this video and moved the lumbar bridge down that I noticed a significant difference in the pain. If YOU are having a similar issue--try adjusting the lumbar bridge!

Gary Satosky

I have a Teeter fitspine X3, I had 2 back operations, constantly back pain for years and for the first time after 2 weeks my pain is about 95 percent better. I paid 400 dollars and worth every penny. I do it 3 times a day for 5 minutes and really feel great.

Ega Sathyanarayana

How much price

justin tyrone

she pretty


Let me know the time limit for 60°and full inversion

Husein Beganovic

I suffer from a complicated spinal injury, this helps a lot, just do not be disheartened after the first 1-2 weeks once the upper spinal cord begins to realign its self, some slight pain on the upper ribcage radiating to the upper back as the spine begins to realign its self, this is to be expected with people who used a wrong standing, walking sitting posture in a prolonged period

BoBo SaTee

This video is a horrible, terrible lie. I used an inversion table consistently, and it did NOTHING for my herniated disc/sciatica. Think about it... When inverted, your discs to stretch a little bit, but as soon as you stand up, gravity makes everything go back to the way it was!

Inversion is a huge scam. Dont believe the hype!

Bjo Hasha

Great instructions!!

Noneya Noneyurbiz

Ever since I started working out I’ve had KILLER back pain... like it needs to pop and stretch vertically but won’t. I tried to go completely upside down but I can never feel fully relaxed. I feel like my body weight will break my spine but it feels like it needs to pop, any advice?

Roey Peretz

The pressure nodes, are they soft (like compressed sponge or massage balls) or just hard plastic?

Is the lumbar bridge effective in high angles/full inversion it seems to me that the obtuse the angle becomes the less effective the bridge thats because the back has less force on it. So the bridge is ideal for 90° (flat) which is not ideal for inversion. Again that's only my assumption.


Kliment Kitan

Where can I buy this table?

Focal Point Images

I love my EP-970, and that Lumbar Bridge is awesome.

David Bauer

Does it help with lower back arthritis?

Prince Therapist Ceragem Tanda

What's the price???

Clyde V

Great lesson Rylie and under 5 minutes. Much appreciated.

Quez Visions

For some reason my teeter won’t stay locked inverted
I hang on to the arms
But watching this looks soothing
How can I get my table to lock?

Philip L. McAlary

Thank you for the tutorial.


Recently purchased the LX9 and I got to say, after 2 weeks I haven't had any sciatic pain. First time, I felt 6 pops/ cracks and instantly felt better. Great investment for anyone who wants to avoid the high costs of a chiropractor.

Ryan N

I had sciatica so bad in my early 30's, I'd have to crawl to the bathroom some mornings...first time on an inversion table, I felt my back muscles fighting/quivering for a few moments , because of muscle memory I guess, then finally they relaxed and i felt an actual electric shock shoot thru me...took about a month for the atrophied muscles in the lower back to get back to strength ( I had no idea how weak they had become due to the sciatica, until it was gone) but never a moment of sciatica pain since (11 years now).


I need this one pleas replay to me were can i buy or were plz replay

Pilates With Me / S.Dickens

A week ago I bought X3 to decompress my laterally slipped disc on lower back , I felt relief and decompressed my discs , I’ve been diagnosed with a slipped disc only two weeks ago but already I feel much better and pain free , I’m inverting only 45 degree or 75 degree it worked great for me

Debra Garrett

I feel this is helping my back, and as a bonus my knee. I have been Teetering for about 2 weeks, most days, for a few minutes each session. After 4 days my calves felt like I had been doing serious hill work, but this has subsided. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, lumbar deterioration and a disc that has shifted a bit. My left knee has also been hurting to the point for months that I avoid steps, and if I do take steps, it is one at a time. I had been doing some yoga on stairs as part of a set of exercises given to me from my pain management doctor. This Teeter has helped so much, and the yoga is even easier. I do recommend asking your doctor re using a Teeter. My doctor recommended it, and I used HSA funds to pay for it. Also, if possible, I would try one for several days before buying. I bought mine at auction, and it had hardly been used if at all. Their loss was my gain.


Does inversion excerise to helps recover of left paracentral disc herniation with localized annular tear?

Ronald Runtenelli

Hello Rylie.
What is your background. Physical therapist, chiropractic?
Thank you


I bought my unused FitSpine2 secondhand. It came with the bridge which won’t physically bend enough to go into the slots. It’s hard, hard plastic. Is it supposed to be more flexible??


Ty so much for this tutorial

Kristoffer Pence

Question- what if it hurts to push and add extra decompression ?


super secret instant back pain relief method:
0- don't forget to breathe throughout this process
1- go to full inversion.
2- slowly turn to one side grabbing the back handle of inversion table with opposite hand (reach for right side with left hand). should get some good pops here. repeat on other side.
3- slowly turn to one side and twist your body, grabbing both back handles of table with both hands. amazing pops here. repeat on other side
4- go back to center position and reach for the corners of the rear of the A-frame. this will open up your upper back and shoulders
5- remain in center position still at full inversion for about 30 seconds - 1 minute longer, breathing along the way and feeling gravity pull down on your head for a full decompression effect now that our bodies are "unlocked"

Miss K

I need this ???

Ed & Nicky Moore


Denis Dougherty

I have daily lower back pain, not horrible but present. I did three 2 minute rounds fully inverted today and afterward, not immediately but after walking around, bending going upstairs/ downstairs noticed that the usual pain wasn’t really there... I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my only regret was not doing this sooner...

fr i

Hi Rylie where's the shoping this set in Iran ? or nearst country To me ?

billy bob

if you're watching this video and debating on whether to buy an inversion table trust a random stranger and buy an inversion table.


I’m healed thank you?

Aiden Hb

That looks like fun

Dan Whiting

Just purchased my 1st Teeter and I can’t wait to try this ?☺️?

prophet Ray

I saw one at the pawn shop, should have bought it ?

Tague Relyea

I smashed my lower back / hip doctor did no mri put me through physical therapy no pain prescription, then did radio frequency ablation, wich somehow after the ablation my pain became uncontrollable painful to a level I can not stand they don’t listen to me I just bought this table I’m desperate I used to be active I’m only 39 and am terrified as I’m in pain so bad I can’t do anything including sleep. I hope this works not sure how to get best results

Jorge Nunez

I just bought one used at the flee market. Best thing I have bought at the flee market. I am a Lyft driver. I drive 12 hours a day my back get killed , I just used this machine and I feel like a new person. Excellent machine.


At 3min30 WE dont sée the foot s movement

xilion P

which model of this table is the best?

Sylvia Smith

Not only does it help your back, it rejuvenates your skin, ever since I started using the teeter I have noticed my face appears more youthful, it may be from blood flow

saptarshi bhowmil

Does this make you taller?