U tube car race

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651 107 views | 1 May. 2020

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Jorge Garcia

Mine is all the Lamborghini

herp derp


Beastboy1m gaming

There's a fuking svj hotwheels

Cristian Moreno-Lopez


Emaan Farrukh

I meen bugatti

study with vishwam

Plz give me all i will give u 1 dollar plz

Eryn George

Does he have the Lamborghini Gallardo lp-570-4 superleggera

iconic boy

I love that Lamborghini sesto

Geoff Liddle


Roberto Puerta Auilera

bru the black and red bugatti it was the veryon at 5:48

Tommy Good

I like the Aventador

Kollyn Brown

That Mclarene senna I have but just in white

David Wilson

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Elena Ruiz


Shahzaib mirza

FerrariLaFerrari is my favorite

Michael Angelo

Great fun is there any advantage in which lane a car has?

Tech deck channel for starters

I have 10 hot weels but I’m getting more on Christmas

Dison Ranawaka

I like your cars they are awesome


I absolutely love the McLaren p1 even tho I don't have it I just want it so bad
Probably gonna peg hunt in sometime


Do those hot wheels have different speed?

Annsely Keju

OMG I am the winner because I have the blue Lamborghini. :)

Fredrik Mikkelsen

This makes me feel like a kid again! Amazing.

Manuel Escojido

Speedtail because I just bought one

Aby Qotib Agustian

Kakel dd

King A

5:58 yeah thats a nice VEYRON not CHIRON


Peak Time Racing: "The Red Bugatti Chiron"
Me: "No, it's the red Bugatti Veyron"

Marv Forson

How do get these lots of cars I'm asking this because you have like 1 million cars


Hey i have the porsche (idk how to spell it)911 gtr rs

Ricardo Ivanovas Filho



my favorite car of all time is corvette ZR1. btw im on my moms computer

remy burckbuchler


eliyas ertebo

lamboregini fast car

K Goto


Muhammad Yaqoob The Great


Abel Jacob

my favorite is the huracan perfromante

abdul hadi

lamborghini sesto elimento is my favorate

Your Agent

When he calls a veyron a chiron

Rajyeswar Sinha

The second bugatti is veyron not chiron

Jackson Jones

I’m fucking 14 and just found this shit on my recommended, not bad YouTube not bad

Classy Clown Gaming


EC time

5:50 it's bugatti veyron not chiron

Burcu Şahin


Aarav’s Movie Clips and More

Plz do the same thing but with 1 64 scale nascar diecasts

Emaan Farrukh

I subscribed your video


I have a purple mac 720s

Logan Dorrance

McLaren P1

the skyrings


Nadmir Kullafi

The place when man become boys again



Dialo Stewart

Let’s be honest you searched for this

aboobacker Koodathil

I have the sesto

Julian Ayala

Bruh the purple mclaren was going to win then it got off the lane

Marcfarel Jean

He is so cool

TheMacaroni Bear

McLaren 720s is the coolest car in existence

Hussein Hammoud


jojo john

That sesto in blue looks so cool

Michelle Fisher

I have 14 of the 36


5:58 that black and red is the buggati veyron

Mike king

That red and black buggati is a veyron not a chiron there is a light difference

Savage gamer Spams

I’m getting so jealous

Emaan Farrukh

My favorite was bugati

Joey Amaro

I have lambo sesto elemento and lambo centanario roadster

reef armer


Ky'lens Life

So many I love ?

Abdulbasit Nicvdbahria

Red and black Bugatti is called the Bugatti Veyron not Chiron

Eden Sin

Some of the cars are tomicas

Solen Joseph

Its called a veryon not chiron

ultra instinct

Bugatti veyron

Hans Campbell

How long is this track?

Sami Khan

Guys believe me in the final race I bet on Lamborghini sesto elemento because u can see the distance difference between the lambo and the others 2:48 that clarifies that lambo is fast and it also proved in the fair final round 7:24


blue sv is my fav iv been looking for it

cusinsvlogs the vloger

5:56 that ain't no chiron

Izaiyah Rivera

My cousin loves cars

Phumzile Khumalo-Tom

My favorite was the Lamborghini aventador jvc



Pauline Stott

It's veron


I’m a teen and I still love hot wheels! It was my childhood! Cars are a big thing in my family!

Jackson Campbell

I love this channel he puts so much effort in to it

Erik McNulty

I have that purple macleran and that blue bugatti chiron and that white astin martin

eliyas ertebo

bugatii i like car

Antonija Gadža

How open dorr mercedes hot wheels How?!

sonia Cifuentes

Ola soi Pablo de Guatemala yo tengo el mclaren

Larry Michna

its the veraron

Abel Jacob


albert lopez


the Canadian lover

The vulcan is so nice i want it

Tech deck channel for starters




Jay K

I have the hot wheels veyron. Also got a Jesko

Aura Aayan Jaiswal

Was the lamborghini aventador s roadster hotwheels or tomica

Marco Leppers

The black Porsche

Drema Hernandez

i like the purple mclaren my brother likes the blue mclaren

the skyrings

Mine's the speed tail lol?️??

Harry Richard Cheese

Scamming kids

1985 VW T3

Did call a veyron a chiron

SavQuEen - RobLoxX

ngl the fourth car looked like it won that last race

reef armer

The Lmborghini Aventador SVJ

Daniela Iaccarino


Beautiful Daughter

Your dodo

Ruhel chowdhury gaming

I don't think they are hot wheels car because the are kind big

U tube car race

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - Full Race - Auto Club 400

838 844 views | 28 Mar. 2016

Watch the complete race

Watch the complete race from Fontana on March 20, 2016.

For more NASCAR news, check out: http://www.NASCAR.com


If only Lightning McQueen was there to join

oh mellow

wow i sure doi love nas Car I like watching the car on some lazy sundays but i sure wishj that tthe ccar ref wasn't blcxk like could he atleast a eurpian nmiggas arte not aloow inm THE CAR Bitch ass nigga dont steal it from me like ui9oi havbe a gun that i8s liusded and i can and wuill kill you have a veryu soeical sdet of skills i can kikll you amnuy wherre any tim,e i coould juast liuke that snapo ,my fingers and my guards can stork my room anm dhtey will set out on a mission to kill you donjt ever try to temp me from, amy wjerte opm this earth i could kill yiou yoiu knmoiw nlike im a stroonmg guy domt mess with m,e or thje wife sahe is also preety stornmg fdont worry ahbout


El Ahaha

??????????? i love race cars

sohel iqbal

Hi to everyone who came in


Dzoni Setac

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Daniel Smith


john wong

i mean jeff gordon he is number one the best


I went to that race close to turn 1 were Danica Patrick spraped the wall

CL productions

You are awesome Kyle Busch

Vanderlei Pereira

1. 78: Martin Truex Jr.
2. 19: Carl Edwards
3. 24: Chase Elliott
4. 4: Kevin Harvick
5. 11: Denny Hamlin
6. 48: Jimmie Johnson
7. 22: Joey Logano
8. 88: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
9. 17: Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
10. 47: A.J. Allmedinger
11. 1: Jamie McMurray
12. 2: Brad Keselowski
13. 18: Kyle Busch
14. 3: Austin Dillon
15. 31: Ryan Newman
16. 20: Matt Kenseth
17. 21: Ryan Blaney
18. 43: Aric Almirola
19. 5: Kasey Kahne
20. 41: Kurt Busch
21. 14: Brian Vickers
22. 7: Regan Smith
23. 23: David Ragan
24. 13: Casey Mears
25. 95: Michael McDowell
26. 44: Brian Scott
27. 27: Paul Menard
28. 6: Trevor Bayne
29. 15: Clint Bowyer
30. 30: Josh Wise
31. 98: Cole Whitt
32: 46: Michael Annett
33. 32: Jeffrey Earnhardt
34. 38: Landon Cassil
35. 34: Chris Buescher
36. 83: Matt DiBenedetto
DNF 16: Greg Biffle
DNF 10: Danica Patrick
DNF 42: Kyle Larson

百合 / Yuri

Dpes the announcer is the same guy in cars

Kimberly Nicole

lightning mqueen wya?

Sonitrol 315

SUPERMAN WINS, aka Jimmie Johnson! XD

Ash Ketchum

The God bless America song made me feel like America was my country too ?



Boogaloos was Here


Vladimir Putin

boogity boogity boogity

Damario Hylton

Imma drive a NASCAR when I grow up

El Ahaha

I’m going to be an female race car driver when I’m older

Ramon Salvador

I'm so pray to all members, sports cars always guide to GOD in figthing spirit,to God lord Jesus,guide run way, safety,and no accedent,as a follow us all cars,sport runway?

Funtime Freddy

That harvick is soooo fast like lighting mcqeen

carlos quiroz

Tooks 200 laps

kamil ottayil


alioune thiam

Hate following the car fluo and black and I don't watch Nascar at all.


Cars 3

TMP Playz

No 12:35

Vanderlei Pereira

1. 4: Kevin Harvick
2. 78: Martin Truex Jr.
3. 19: Carl Edwards
4. 22: Joey Logano
5. 20: Matt Kenseth
6. 48: Jimmie Johnson
7. 2: Brad Keselowski
8. 3: Austin Dillon
9. 47: A.J. Allmedinger
10. 27: Paul Menard
11. 43: Aric Almirola
12. 18: Kyle Busch
13. 24: Chase Elliott
14. 17: Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
15. 6: Trevor Bayne
16. 31: Ryan Newman
17. 1: Jamie McMurray
18. 21: Ryan Blaney
19. 13: Casey Mears
20. 11: Denny Hamlin
21. 16: Greg Biffle
22. 88: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
23. 10: Danica Patrick
24. 83: Matt DiBenedetto
25. 44: Brian Scott
26. 15: Clint Bowyer
27. 95: Michael McDowell
28. 7: Regan Smith
29. 23: David Ragan
30. 38: Landon Cassil
31. 5: Kasey Kahne
32. 41: Kurt Busch
33. 14: Brian Vickers
34. 30: Josh Wise
35. 32: Jeffrey Earnhardt
36. 34: Chris Buescher
37. 98: Cole Whit
38. 46: Michael Annett
DNF 42: Kyle Larson

felix crab

love this track, those bumps are so nuts!

Nicky D

kasney clearly toke danica out surprised nascar didn't park his ass for that

Cʟᴀʀᴇɴᴄᴇ Tʜᴇ Mᴏɴᴛᴀɢᴇʀ

In cars the movie "Lightyear" but in real life is Goodyear...



Vanderlei Pereira

Greg Biffle is shown is ''Off'' due to right rear tire blows out, hits the wall, making a barrell roll.

Marck Joross Boc

noooooooooo danica is spun noooooooooooooo

Tweek Tweek

Cool ?


I was on the frount staditaway


The amount of ad-breaks is beyond the joke, can’t they realize we want to watch the fking race and not just focussing on one car in silence every 8 minutes or so

Will Simmonds

i was at this race it was awsome

Immanuel's reaction and gaming

great job johnson

Propaganda University

NASCAR is one big COMMERCIAL. Is this what Americans call good racing?

Rafel García

Am I the only one not having 1080 @60?


Cars live action

وسيم انس

?*00212645752301* *Whatapps*?
شــبــاب?‍♂️ لاحـظـت كـثـيـر كـومـنـتـات عـن تـكـبـيـر الـقـضـيـب وضــعــف الانــتــصــاب وســرعــة الــقــذف
ولا يـهـمـك? تـواصـلـو مـع الـدكـتـور?‍⚕️ الـلـي نــصــحــنــي بــوصــفــة اســتــعــمــلــتــهــا كـم أســبــوع وحـصـلـت عــلــى نــتــايــج مــذهــلــة??
الـلـي عـايـز الـدكـتـور?‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مــعــه الـواتـسـاب *00212645752301*?

Therock James23


Will Simmonds

this whole thing is very awesome NASCAR you guys rock tell dale, Jeff, Jimmie, chase, Kasey, William Byron and the rest of the team I'm still praying for them i still support NASCAR no matter what

Luis Reyes

I Watch That Race On RACEVIEWMOBILE On My IPad.


1:34 ?Oh my god so sweet!!!?

Jordyn Ashenden

Me too it’s my dream

Sam Haron

My dream is race but I can't to start because I'm poor man I have no money how to start.

Toshi Makoto

Where is the lightning mcqueen?? LOL

Jenydelmay Fitri


Johnny Aldana

John Carter slow for me now

Commu Nist

Peet stop

Rolando Arreola

13:29 Batman vs Superman

Daniel Smith

U gotta be kitten me 3 HOURS WTF

Stefan Clifford

I like dale eard jr

Rwbar Vlog

I love how it drives and looks cool

Narda Roberts-Bhulai

Yeah totally Lightning McQueen's race

TMP Playz

NASCAR let Johnson win. That's why I don't fucking watch nascar that much anymore

Sanjay Raval


sivapragasam sivapragasam

I love America a lot

caden gaming

hay nascar can you make a mini nascar for kids but make a race track in Utah and make me and my frend 18 48 car

Nextage -_-


Rwbar Vlog

I love the tires being beautiful

Bundesagentur Deutschland

Why did they copy cars?

Ezra Ayala

I was there again.

nathan reeb

love the vibe with jeff on the broadcast!!

sahir nawaz bugti offical


john wong

jefet is number one he is that best

Damar Fadlan


Johnny Aldana

call me maybe when your going back old lady

Rwbar Vlog

I love the tires being beautiful


That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Romans 10:9 KJV

Yulva Lobo

Is like the MC Queen for the race!!

Vanderlei Pereira

Kyle Larson is bowed up.

FlowTv Comedy

fuking good race. This package she be permanently here

Elizabeth Farrell

I really liked it. <3

mango & Overcastbaton97


Isaac McDougal, The Freezing Alchemist



太慢了 没有我小摩托开的快

Dawson Parker

48's the best NASCAR driver in the world

Thomas Selbe

The last race I went to at Auto Club Speedway before I left for the Special Olympics World Games in Austria a year later!

john wong

i love nascar is my favoret


With about 40-30 laps to go the racing was phenomenal




Superman kicked Batman's butt. Lol Jimmie.


okay this is actually boring to watch.
i tried

Random Person

I'm a stupd and por hillbilly tht likes 2 drive str8 and turn 2 the left somtims


lol in the end it said while Jimmie was leading 1.Hamlin 2.Harvick Harvick was second 3.Johnson Jimmie was first

Mindy Battles


Purwanti Allan


Janaka Rathnayaka


Jennifer Wakefield Flagg

i am going to be a race car driver when i'm 18 years old

Racer’s Music Review

C’mon kyle

تسنس إس سظ

very very good


I was there ?



Notice Me Please


Alan Mussoi

Thanks NASCAR!

U tube car race

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Born To Race (Full Movie) Action l Sport l Drama

985 021 views | 22 Feb. 2020

Danny, a talented

Danny, a talented 18-year-old street racer with a professional drag racing sponsorship, takes a dramatic turn when he accepts a dare at a street race from an old rival and collides into a police car. The accident strips him of his sponsorship, and his mother and stepfather, tired of his reckless ways, send him to live with his estranged father who Danny hasn't seen in 7 years.

Directed by: Alex Ranarivelo


Starring: Joseph Cross, John Pyper-Ferguson, Brando Eaton

Edited for YouTube ad standards

MORE Popcornflix MOVIES, FREE on YouTube!

 Action: https://bit.ly/2XC8pvv

 Romance: https://bit.ly/2NVnIQ2

 Horror: https://bit.ly/2LeNNaK

 Crime: https://bit.ly/2NK201z

 Drama: https://bit.ly/2G6Uasy

 Comedy: https://bit.ly/2LPCNQD

 Western: https://bit.ly/2S7FRc4

 Popcornflix Channel page: https://bit.ly/2Saak9p

Watch more free movies and TV series at Popcornflix.com, or on the Popcornflix app available on Roku, Amazon FireTV, iOS, Android, Chromecast, and AppleTV.

#Popcornflix, Full length free movies and TV series.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Popcornflix

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Popcornflix is owned/operated by Screen Media Ventures

Elmer Sanchez

This movie definitely made me cringe ?

Tyler Wesley

Can you do baby driver please??

Old Smokey

the most bullshit part of this film is him pulling a fully stickered, painted and gauged NOS bottle out of the box. The bottles don't come like that they have to be dressed. Also pretty sure with this being an 05 Subaru it wouldn't be a GT-40 manifold

Pro17 280

Bro I love this movie


I wish there was eroubet

loner Wolf

Ur telling me it took 3 people 15 secs to get in a mustang ?

Jasmine Smith

This is like fast and furious

Elijah Ferguson

The last race of the movie its ? sad


The details of the video says he hasn't seen his father in 7 years but he said 5

Hot Boy

howard stern

non useful

Yall think think that's this better than f&f movies because I do


I bet in the first race flat foot shifting would have helped him a lot but he didn't know how to do that properly so I dont blame him

Dylan Bollinger

John Pyper Ferguson is underrated actor.

Dario Carrasco

Anyone know of similar movies? I saw the sequel and it was alright

Brandon Sing

Got rice lol

Arley Rivas

The sound is booboo, but beggars can't be choosers


Fastest in the county with a stock shit box mustang...riiiight??

Nigel Johnson

This movie giving me big Tokyo drift vibes

Bryan Lammer

My biggest question is why didn't Danny just race his dads Buick instead of it selling it and building the Subaru. Frank won his first trophy with it so it would've been better if Danny won with it too

christopher Anderson

I have a twin turbo bmw and was hoping to get a big single Turbo upgrade soon ...but my daddy don't own a parts store ... LMAO

Gary Raymo

Dam good movie,thanks.
This movie originally came out in 2011


Dare I say it better than fast and furious


The typical product rahilly treat because jelly excitingly bruise within a minor shame. obscene, cut colt


This is the best free movie on YouTube ...wouldn’t mind seeing a second one


How tf did he gap that gtr

Jose Mendoza

This movie was actually good I liked how it actually focuses on the racing

slab of meat

Offbrand tokyo drift


Illegal street race, cop car crash, $100K car. Dude lands a drag racing sponsorship. Loses it all being typical teenager to set up the plot.

Ej8 Manu

I remember this movie I’ve watched it so many times before


STi makes 10 second 1/4 mile times, yet it’s still on a stock intercooler

Toad Tube

The adds are so Confusing I have an add and then 10 minutes later another and then 50 minutes and another one like wtf

Enrique Hernandez


Elvis Car Reviews

As a mustang owner, i love this movie

John Z

Totally predictable but hey,, has there ever been a car racing movie that ends any different? Yep, of 5 stars we give it 3.5,, worth the watch

denver PURGE

now that, is a racing movie.

ethan daniel

This movie made me love the blob eye STi. Plus the STi in this was beautiful.

pew pew-_-

i actually enjoyed this movie


Anyone else confused why ppl are arguing over a movie ? No hate btw

Dennis Williams

Shop teacher looks like Bobby Brown. Dennis Williams LA Cal.

Yung Sparky

Must be a fool to bring a sponsored race car to a street race that shit was fuckin clean

Bob Cruz

Great movie

Kevin Nunez

This movie is kinda bad if you really pay attention to everything


I've turned the volume up 3 times and still can't hear parts of it. Sorry, this one unwatchable.

Stephen Martin

anyone else notice that the mustang that was in the crash scene at the end was a 3v not an 11? lol
I didn't notice it the first time I saw this

Adrian Delatorre

hb lets make a part 2 sequel?????

Nigel Johnson

That gtr not pulling on that other car in the first scene is so fake

Uncle Ruckus

Yo what’s jake from state farm doing here????

Will Jenkins

This is actually a pretty good movie

Robert Keeton

I can't lie that this movie makes me miss being a kid and being in school.

ray rc'

Gd. Drift to start corners +

Bullet IS350

Check my channel out for roll racing ! But great movie tbh ! They kept it with real cars..

Antonio Perez

Is the main actor the son of dale doback from step brothers ????

christopher medonca

Rich people problems i wouldnt understand

Abdishakur Mohamed

I love this movie I watched more than I can’t count on

Ty bowman

Deff need another

Vinnie Mitchell

At 57:08 kinda you can see someone is in the backseat of the mustang then the next part no one is there ???

lil pattee

seen this movie wayyy back when it came out. its corny as hell but its still pretty good


Kindve upset that that first race when Danny shifted into 2nd it sounded like a Honda cmon now

Alec Fleming

Am I film critic or an ass? There is no way the civic would of had the drop of the line... The physics isn't there... Firstly, front drive vs rear, and the number of pistons offsets torque displacement, meaning that even if the civic had more power, the mustangs design alone makes to react differently... Just saying, that's a film director slip. Gotta see the way things actually move, because otherwise it distracts the viewers focus. As seen in this comment.

Connor Gomez

The dude in the beginning pulls up with an evo with an exhaust, a turbo, and a radiator and somehow gaps an r35 gtr??

magnificent gamer

Im inspired finally


You can’t lie this is a better movie than any fast and the furious that has came out this pass years


Okay so we not gonna talk about how the audio is bad?


What is the piano song at 11:35?

Flying GatoMan

Ngl it was a pretty good movie and a lot of racing fsure!

sickass foo

Yo I thought this was fast and furious I'm mad but I fw the movie it goes hard

Arley Rivas

Here for the buick

Vinnie Mitchell

At least this movie when they are about to take off they put the car in gear ...fast an the furious ...flagger drops hands they put the car in gear smh lol an they shift 12 times in one race an always have there foot half way down in a race untill they need to pass someone an thats when they shift one more time an flat foot it lmao wtf

Jayy Kd

This is the off brand Tokyo drift



FlickZy -60fps

This movie was amazing

Ti Leader

Tokyo Drift with bad acting

comrade duck

me: mom can we get fast and furious mom: no honey we have fast and furious at home the fast and furious at home:

LS S-10

are their no cops in this town???????

Chayce Wiskirchen

47:20 I love how he starts it without pressing in the clutch lmao



Diego Madrid

They won with jake said you are going down


1:41:37 that looks mean as hell

Daniel Ryan

Welp better get a 4 banger now.

Yahir Rangel

45:45 when they start making out anyone know the song name

AbuzzAnt _

Tech n9ne


so u turn on manual cars without pressing the clutch in ?

M Ke

These are all the people that where back ups in the fast and furious movies

Toad Tube

Fast and Furious with import and teens lol

christpher hill


Aleck Sanz

I love the movie


Base ass wannabe si


Moral of the story; Subarus are safe this dude crashed it 2-3 times 8’ the movie and still worked as for the mustang one impact and boom she’s gone?
And yes Ik it was an engine failure ?


kruegers got a pointy nose!!

Matthew Hough

I'd stopped watching when he ran from the fight.

Mikel Bogner

Very cheesy movie but has a very good message

Daniel Yeetmorea

Ok that mustang is on low profile tiers it should not win against anything with drag slicks

Nick Macik

I expected this movie to be corny but damn it was actually really good and the STI being the main car got me hyped since i’m about to finish building mine

Fire Tribal

Yaknow some shorter gears. And that mustang would be flying. Notice how the subaru shifts faster than the mustang.


Got rice?

Arley Rivas

When does Born 3 Race come out??


not gunna lie this is a pretty good movie who agrees?

Rick Sanchez

Disrespectful Gump lookin wannabe,needs a job,fuel ain't cheap.

Thecrazycrew12 ii

Dis nobody notice when his dad fixed the car and said sgart the danm thing he just turned the key like its a automatic

Mod List

I had a kid argue with me in high school on how Subaru’s always heat mustangs because of this movie ? I would be like anything is fast once you put money into it and he was like nah Subaru’s always win haven’t you see the movie? ?