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389 589 views | 8 Jan. 2021



The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies, 94-90. Andre Drummond led Cleveland with 22 PTS and 15 REB, while Larry Nance (18 PTS) went a perfect 7-7 from the field and 4-4 from 3. Jonas Valanciunas tallied a team-high 17 PTS and 10 REB for Memphis.

Next Games:

Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks – Jan. 9 at 8:00pm/et on NBA League Pass

Brooklyn Nets at Memphis Grizzlies – Jan. 8 at 8:00pm/et on NBA League Pass

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jake quinto

Is Winslow hurt again ??

Larmy Vallot Jr

How did they beat them, that’s illegal.

Omid Torabi

anyone else feel like drummond is lifeless out there? Ik he puts up great numbers, but he looks like he doesnt try to contest or rebound much.


Andre Drummond looks like Lebron when hes looking at the back while in the cavs jersey

Rick S

wish they would just play ball and leave the brainwashing to the media and this guy https://youtu.be/7lA3oOo1oZc

Ben Wesley

If the Cavs can replace Dean Wade and Thon Maker, they will be a tough low seed in the playoffs. Glad to see them continue to improve!


Andre Drummond would have been a great player to have around when Dwight Howard was in his prime. Drummond 10-15 out of his true era ?

Jared Thomas

cavs have been impressive this season, they can maybe challenge for the 8 seed this year :)

Mad Clown

So the cavs are reviving


@8:20 they give the grizzle 2 points for Larry nance jrs dunk

tony mason loves


Elijah Van

I did an alternate spread on cavs -1.5 and the nba tried to fuck me with that last 3 at the end lmao

Eratik The Master

@8:37 Osman with the clutch Curry 3 lol

Eriverto Gonsalez

Cleveland is playing very good on the other hand the grizzlies miss J morrant not a lot but he is a very good impact when he is in the game.

Get Money

Drummond wit the double double , did his shit and covered the big man role

steph 20

A. Drummond Statline:
22 Pts 15 Rebs 3 Asts 2 Stls 0 Blk
9/20 FG - 0/0 3PT - 4/6 FT

L. Nance Jr. Statline:
18 Pts 3 Rebs 4 Asts 3 Stls 0 Blks
7/7 FG - 4/4 3PT - 0/0 FT

Lil Wayne

Javale be hittin threes ?

Sport Addict

Andre Drummond played good

The Klass Klown

Mr do something??

Proppa Music

Javelle McGoat #ProppaMusic


Cavs missing 4 starters and several bench players and still got the win on the road. Bickerstaff has this team playing so well.

Mazhar Imam Khan


Mark Vincent Santos


Gig Pros

Slam dunk

Chris Tercero

Grizzlies never lost 4 home games in a row at the Forum, we need the fans back

Earl john Jumamoy



Where is OKOROS chase down block??!!

Eynor Melendez

Larry nance dunked and they gave the pts to grizzlies...

Siah Johnson

Line up 1.sexton2.Javale3.Nance jr4. Drummonds 5.? ??? playoff certain

jay street

Keep politics out of sports!

Jacob Hobart

Good game Cleveland Cavaliers and tough loss Memphis Grizzlies!


Trade Cedi

Cornelius Malone

WTF refs a since when a block shot is a jump ball in the final min?
After the block shot, brooks put it back in the hoop thats a 2 points by memphis the defender didn't held the ball with the player he block it?

mrbeast entertainment videos

Good game ??? https://youtube.com/user/markcrutcherful

Leandro Santos II

What's the kicks nance wearing???

Naz Emm

Came here for my man McGee...been following his game since his warriors' time

Cousin Chris

No Sexland. No problem. Good win Cavs and great coaching too!

Regular NiccaTV

#TAY600 aka TayCapone thoughts on gang beef https://youtu.be/nBAoDTiJMA4

Deuce 216

You see they tried to give them the lead in the 4th..lol 88-90

Sean Armecin

No sexland no problem

steph 20

J. Valanciunas
17 Pts 10 Rebs 3 Asts 1 Stl 2 Blks
6/11 FG - 1/2 3PT - 4/4 FT

B. Clarke
14 Pts 9 Rebs 2 Asts 0 Stl 0 Blk
7/11 FG - 0/0 3PT - 0/0 FT

Easy Money

Sports bettors... I’m up $2890 since signing up with @reignsportsco on Twitter. ? They’re on fire fellas

Sebastian Ford

just watch next when ja comes in and scores 30 10 10

faiz Ali

Yessir we got back on track without our best player

Chill Introvert

Drummond is underappreciated.


God the NBA needs to keep out of the political, over-reacting, double standard BS.

Che Loc aka 9lue9errySlxm

#Tay600 speaking on stopping gang violence https://youtu.be/nBAoDTiJMA4


Larry Nance's go-to move on defense is missing on a switch and then throwing his hands up in disgust.

Ian H

No one going to talk about Larry Nance’s amazing performance and 100% from FG?

KHALID TV Official

Jonas Valanciunas tallied a team-high 17 PTS and 10 REB for Memphis.

Clay King

Cavs beat the Grizzlies?? It's safe to say ja is being missed.. lol

Yosef Escario

Javale shooting threeeeee


Waking up this morning stat line:
5 hours of sleep
8 hours working
11 hours being annoyed

Isabel Chapoco

CLEVELAND Cavaliers 94 vs 90 MEMPHIS Grizzlies

Tony B

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Amparo Schober

The four frail racing pathophysiologically sack because moon optically spray save a mammoth partner. rural, daily ceramic


CAVS gave all they had to the end. The game is over in 3 seconds left and Dotson gets fouled. Good to see ICE back!! An overall team effort W!! Everybody getting buckets

Billy Williams

Mane I can t wait til we get Ja & Jaren back!

Beauty On Earth

To everyone who is reading this, you’re cool and adorable. I am pretty sure you are beautiful in your own ways. Please stay safe and healthy!

Sylvester Young

The Grizzlies are having a problem with closing out games. Without Ja Morant in the rotation because of an ankle injury against the Nets from December, they don't have that edge when Morant has the playmaking ability to his teammates to create shots off the dribble. Too many fouls and too many turnovers, lets see they can bounce back against the Nets tonight.

Dakota Lehigh

Isaac Okoro is looking like a great draft pick!

Caryl Jane Ison


Watch Baby_ai in his RESIDENT EVIL 2 PLAY SERIES

Arihant Aneja

If we actually have a healthy roster by the end of this month, I think that we will surprise a lot of people.

Christian Charles



At 8:21, did they increase the points for the Grizzlies after Larry Nance's dunk?

Joe Burrow

didnt even show okoros block which was like the biggest play of the game?! man, who puts these highlights together

Michael Matthews

Not even gonna show the game winning block by okoro??? That was the most important play of the game lmao

Raheem Williams

At 7:58 do you think Draymond Green would have shot the ball or pass the ball?

Visheli Dutta

Javale should be given more minutes

DARk Literature

defense nowadays are........

Caryl Jane Ison


Watch Baby_ai in his RESIDENT EVIL 2 PLAY SERIES

Rubendji melimello

Without Ja things looks Hella different !!


Go Cavs

Nick Tokar

Okoro channeling his inner Bron with that clutch chase down block

The Daily Process

sexland is the place to be mga tol!

Kelly Oubre Jr.

Cavs got D Wade

Eric Fancher

The fact that this "highlights" video doesn't show Okoro's chase-down block before his final cutting dunk to save/seal the game is a travesty. But, I love watching a good CAVS VICTORY!

Joe Immorlica

JB needs some respect. Very underrated head coach.

Kelsey Dortch

Let's get Ja's boy here in the draft.... Jalen Green as our Sg would be good.

Brooks ( Bane)
Jackson Jr

That would be some future Mawling

Caryl Jane Ison


Watch Baby_ai in his RESIDENT EVIL 2 PLAY SERIES


Cavs nation mane

dripking 12

i feel like with the right coach the cavs could be a solid 5 seed

JayMaD Gaming

8:21 I notice that after nance get a score dunk and ther score added to memphez.

Kane Hinton

Nance looking good tonight

Polo Z

8:19 lmfao gave grizzlies the point instead of Cleveland.

Chip OffThe Block

Is anybody else amazed at these Cavs line ups?


The scarce string suprisingly juggle because stem tinctorially suit concerning a remarkable fang. violent, plain pigeon

Fernando Maligaya

Nance Jr played as point guard.

Mazhar Imam Khan

2:27 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Christian Charles


Franzcis Nickolai

Mali score 90 tas naging 88

Hawt Sause boss

Cavs and knicks looking good oh yeah mr krabs

Robby Mueller

Wtf at 8:19 Nance dunks and the grizzlies get the point

yanyan cabanal

check 8:18... robbed by 2 points

Kelsang Kelly

8:20 look at score

Nash Banquil

8:18 Nance dunked tha score was given to Memphis

Kunal Sharma

This looked more of 90s game with more points in the paint and big men goin at each other especially from Cleveland side


javele looking like a hall of hamer as always

Jan 7

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CBC News: The National | Calls for Trump’s removal after Capitol riot | Jan. 7, 2021

166 680 views | 8 Jan. 2021

There are growing calls

There are growing calls for U.S. President Donald Trump to be removed from office immediately after Wednesday’s riots on Capitol Hill. What are the options and the odds?




00:00 The National for Jan. 7, 2021

00:56 Calls for Trump’s removal after Capitol riot

04:38 Questions about police response to Capitol riot

07:20 Alt social media sites fuelled pro-Trump mob

09:51 COVID-19 pandemic second wave

10:20 Ontario extends online learning for some

10:48 B.C. and Alberta extend COVID-19 restrictions

11:09 Challenges of complying with new travel rules

13:20 Airlines criticized for promoting trip during pandemic

15:27 Ontario green lights NHL games

15:51 48,000 more doses of COVID-19 vaccine arrive

16:09 Northern B.C. gets first COVID-19 vaccine doses

17:14 Who were the Capitol Hill rioters?

19:20 Police response to Capitol rioters vs. BLM protesters

23:44 What should the Republican Party do about Trump?

27:23 One year after the downing of Flight 752

27:37 Canada rejects Iran's Flight 752 compensation offer

28:07 Search for answers a year after Flight 752 shot down

31:10 Honouring the legacy of the lives lost on Flight 752

40:24 Marketplace: The people vs. tech giants

43:12 The Moment: ribbon skirt unity

Subscribe to The National:


Connect with The National online:

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/thenational

Twitter | https://twitter.com/CBCTheNational

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/cbcthenational

More from CBC News | https://www.cbc.ca/news

The National is CBC's flagship nightly news program, featuring the day's top stories with in-depth and original journalism, with hosts Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang in Toronto, Ian Hanomansing in Vancouver and the CBC's chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton in Ottawa.

Jan 7

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627 561 views | 8 Jan. 2021



The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Denver Nuggets, 124-117 in OT. Luka Doncic stuffed the stat sheet in the win with 38 PTS, 9 REB, 13 AST and 4 STL. Nikola Jokic also dropped 38 PTS, adding 11 REB for Denver.

Next Games:

Orlando Magic vs. Dallas Mavericks – Jan. 9 at 8:30pm/et on NBA League Pass

Denver Nuggets vs. Philadelphia 76ers – Jan. 9 at 3:00pm/et on NBA TV

Subscribe to the NBA: https://on.nba.com/2JX5gSN

Full Game Highlights Playlist: https://on.nba.com/2rjGMge

For news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at https://nba_webonly.app.link/nbasite

Get NBA LEAGUE PASS: https://nba.app.link/nbaleaguepass5

english iranian

Nuggets get first roy bd pixj

Mtl Qc

5 steal 1 block dont forgot this dube blocked lebron back to back on is rookie year


Teams Mavs beat this season : Clippers, Heat, Rockets, Nuggets
Teams Mavs lost to this season : Suns, Lakers, Hornets, Bulls
except Lakers (they're just built different), Mavs only lost to teams that have bunch of young prospects. Suns, Hornets, and Bulls have been bottom of league for some years and drafted good young prospects. What I noticed them vs Mavs is that they force really fast-paced game against Mavs because they are much younger and faster.

Rakeem Parham

this was a good game


This game was exciting!!


0:19 what in the sweet Luka Jesus fuck passing wizardry nonsense is this...

Pranav Manie

This early in the season and so many clutch moments!

John Crabtree

The mavs could use another scorer so luka doesnt have to do everything they are missing porzingus badly

Eddie Dong

Luka basketball iq just on another level.

Richard villares

denver should have not traded grant.

S u b or I'll take it personally

I pray one day Jokic and Luka are on the same team! That would be such an insane duo..

Torris Davison

First time seeing two white guys in the thumbnail.

Rolando Rodriguez

So glad Kleber is getting starts at the 4 and Finney at the 3... gets me excited when KP is back ?

S.V Will



Can't be the only one who loved how relaxed Jokic shot the game tying shot and casually walked away. Just shows how calm and cool this man is and how easy he makes it all look

Lou Loop

Mike Malone should have designed a 3 ptr in the end of the 4th quarter for Murray or Jokic. Well Luka, beast as always.

Phaneendra Kamireddi

bro its just beautiful to see luka and jamal play against each other.

Sharp Young

I play a ton of Basketball. cool video. go jazz celtics blazers


@4:00 that's not Tim Hardaway Jr

Ryan Hong

The fine accountant exceptionally prefer because invoice scilly support around a teeny step-son. repulsive, terrible sandra

Taj Milligan

3:59 that’s Dorian Finney-Smith not Tim Hardaway Jr.

Baek Doo San

I miss Kevin Harlan being a commentator at TNT

Miori Onomichan

Trade Porzingas ASAP we don’t need him

Milan Patel

Maybe Europe is just different...

jordan wienzveg

What a pleasure to watch the young bucks of the league go at it. Clippers are like watching your aunt work in an office selling insurance

S.V Will

AAU basketball, uncontested layups and threes

Charlie Inopiquez

KP will be injured again if keeps playing Center!!! His too skinny and fragile to play Center


Move along Dame. Jokic is now top dog in the clutch/fourth.

Maater Rw

People of Texas be aware senator Ted Cruz of Texas father was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald. Donald Trump has said so...

Chris Duque

The Legend of Luka

Mystic TK

Mavs and Nuggets are so inconsistent, that’s the main problem.

Benie Bird

Wow Euro Shootout in real gun shootout USA

Kentaro Burress

Damn all jokes but haven’t seen this many white player highlights since the 1950s ???

Juice Wrld 777

More like Nikola Jockitch

Milos Kovac

Green is too good not to be play more minutes. Needs to start over Millsap.


These edits are getting so much better, keep it up NBA!


I’d like to see Luka and Jokic play together. That’d be a crazy combination

Damon 23

I missed a damn classic jokic best big man in the game

Rafael Villanueva

Damn, Luka and Joker are just so damn good! Love watching these two play. So awesome.

RJ Boston

Jokic is just doncic from the future


The disgusted spy adversely hang because cobweb macroscopically queue within a profuse sausage. kindly, past united kingdom

Alex Lu

so many ads


One of the best competitive games


Anyone else got that State Farm commercial three times in a row

Benjamin Moss

anyone else watch the highlights as if you watching the game for the first time lol

Jeremy Frey

2 best players in the nba

joss gitlin

Was it just me or were the announcers lagging behind the play?


The delay in the commentary from the actual action is gross.

joshua rivers

Anyone know Lucas stats in the 4th and OT?

May Masabi Lang

man! Luka is just pure genius


Either Luka goes to the Nuggets or Jokic goes to Dallas. Next Super-Duo ?

Bhavya Mahajan

Luka is mvp

Bryant Moore

Hope they matchup in playoffs

Holy Trinity


Juan Guansing

the joker should br payed $300M man

Ty Fengler

I can't believe basketball is still so good.... however I miss the Wilkins, Iverson, Jordan, pippin, Horace grants era


Slăv on Slãv viólence..
C'môn.. so sad..
Dõnčić spläshing the băll on Jôcić
Thåt ăin't rïght....
Göttā ïnvęnt änøthër vőwêl ābømįnãtīôn tő dęnótē thąt dísästər...


my team got shooters AND defenders this season.. LFG!!!

Amir Behashti

The versed harmony clearly last because sideboard steadily confuse through a typical bucket. befitting, spiteful cook

Evander B

My two favorite basketball teams.

Milton VonAhnen

No KP or Trey Burke and with all the players that played tonight Dallas is a full 15 players deep. Go along with the mastermind Rick Carlisle and it's looking like we will have a good team!


The homely february uncommonly flood because jar fascinatingly repair for a imminent walrus. magenta, panoramic produce


they would make a great teammate


Jokic with 38 over with some of these soft touch shots over Boban is pretty ridiculous to watch. That is another level of skill.

Tabitha David

Wow! What a game. If we are lucky we will get these two in a playoff series. KP/Jokic, Murray/Doncic, MPJ+Barton/Burke+Kleber. Great matchups, balance and depth on both sides.

Alex Hamilton

3:58 commentator disrespects Finney-Smith hard ?

Sgt Whitebeard Gaming

the Joker looks very small against boban :D

Mo T

When Luka starts hitting midrange shots like 9:24 he will be unstoppable. This is the first year that he has been taking shots like these.

Sutan Harahap

Good game

Eric Anthony Canlas

38 points Luka Doncic and Nikola jokic 38 points duel ?!

Jaiden Nieves

These commentators got me thinking this dudes name is maxi "kleba"

Rodas Rollins

Mavs and Nuggets may be best rivals too.

Criss CL4P-TP

Wonder boy luka did it again

Lanz Paqueo

The rims should be 12 ft because of boban hahahhaaha

Jobie Cerez

Don't forget about kleba so cluth

seiko five

20k audio fans???

Michael Cohen

This is what happens when the entire team plays perfect

Xyliana Yanicel

Imagine Luka and the Joker in the same team...

Natural Living

Jokic and those slick ass side steps!

Adobong Pina-uga

Euro basketball ladies and gents

77 M

These ads are getting old

Caleb Orvik

Is it just me or is there a slight delay between the gameplay and the commentators?

Vee Pee Cee

Mavericks are doing well. Especially without Kristsps


I really wanna see what an athletic Luka and Joker can do.

Brock MacKenzie


Kam Sabit

it was crazy to see denver playing small ball in the 3rd? they really miss grant plumlee and craig :/ jokic for mvp tho

Yellow Jesus

Luka is a cry baby...Crying for a foul after every play. Great player thou


Luka is brilliant! Reminds me of Larry legend.

Cool Kid 123

Cp3 back with them state farm commercials

Fiddy Mcdiddy

Such a smooth game for Luka.

Sumit Menon

Need KP to guard Joker!

Sir Shlade

that boy Luka came to ball ??

Gig Pros

Thumbs up


Nba getting happy with the ads

Dre Hicks

After watching the full highlights,
Seems like Murray took the Hardaway on Tim’s nuggets!!!
Ejection well Deserved.. ???‍♂️?

Mtl Qc

stop saying luka dont play defense is trie is best on defense every game

Arianna Green



The amount of times Dallas left Joker wide open for 3 is astonishing

Easy Money

I am really excited to watch the next game between this two team but i wanted porzingas to play also .

Migs Naidas

The kid's God-given gifts are really off the charts.