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NIO SIGNED and Partnered with THIS company! ?| NIO analysis | HIGH GROWTH STOCK | NIO STOCK

5 251 views | 9 Feb. 2021



Today we're going over the stock NIO.

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NIO Stock Buy Rating

Should I buy NIO Stock?

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NIO JUST CHANGED The GAME - Why NIO Will EXPLODE - MASSIVE NEWS And NIO Stock Price Prediction. NIO stock is one of the best stocks to buy now for the long run and the NIO stock should be considered for 2021 portfolios. The NIO stock news on the NIO earnings has been very positive lately with no complaints here. I can see great things for the future of the NIO stock price as we move into 2021. nio stock,nio stock price,nio stock news,nio,nio stock today,nio stock prediction,is nio stock a buy,nio stock predictions,nio earnings,nio stock review,nio news,stock moe,nio stock price predictions,nio stock price prediction,best stock to buy now,is nio a good stock to buy,growth stock,Moe,Stock market update,stock market,market update,stimulus,third stimulus check,stimulus check,SBE stock price,sbe stock,sbe,sbe stock price prediction

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Livermore Nolan

From my experience, Crypto market is a good investment for those who enjoy putting their money to work and allowing expert financial analyst help them invest. I like crypto / forex trade because there are many ways to earn despite not investing and a 100% money guarantee.

The Passionate

Im first! Whats up financial revolutionaries


Been waiting for u to post!!!!!!!

BigDog Max

I love NIO! ???? wasn’t this stock shorted at a high percentage? I would not be surprised to see $100-120 before 2022.

Your local meme officer

Any amc thoughts?

Le Nguyen


Grow to Attain

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Great review. How about a topic on a short squeeze for FUBO (over 70% short interest!!!!!). Could it be the next GME?


How about that squeeze from yesterday ?

The Other Guy

CNBC = liars and against people Elon = awsome and for the people I know I hit the trippy stick a few times but did I go into the matrix? Wtf
https://www.reddit.com/r/WallStreetbetsELITE/comments/lfnu58/i_know_i_hit_the_trippy_stick_a_few_times_but_did/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share THIS IS CNBC SHOWING AMC STOCK PRICE AT 16, UP BY 9 DALLARS ON THE DAY OF

ja White

Macalline was just boosted by Alibaba too


Any news on AMC?

John Fuller

We should be careful about money usage, if you're not spending to recover, Then stop spending..

æwà zhere

Earned yourself a sub! Loving the content, keep up the good work! My (long term) pick for the YT channel portfolio -
Taiwan Semiconductors (TSM)

Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

1:16 undenkbar

James Poe

Thanks for this as I'm a small investor in this company and like it's business model. I definitely agree this is a long term investment

The Other Guy

CNBC = liars and against people Elon = awsome and for the people I know I hit the trippy stick a few times but did I go into the matrix? Wtf
https://www.reddit.com/r/WallStreetbetsELITE/comments/lfnu58/i_know_i_hit_the_trippy_stick_a_few_times_but_did/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share THIS IS CNBC SHOWING AMC STOCK PRICE AT 16, UP BY 9 DALLARS ON THE DAY OF

Neo stock price

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Nio Stock Analysis and Predictions [January] - Nio Stock Price Prediction 2/1/2021 - 2/5/2021

12 883 views | 31 Jan. 2021

Get More Nio Stock News

Get More Nio Stock News here

? https://bit.ly/2Zjqz8S ?

Nio Stock Analysis and Predictions [January] - Nio Stock Price Prediction 2/1/2021 - 2/5/2021. Nio Stock Today. Nio Stock Analysis Today. This is a nio stock analysis on the latest nio stock news. This video will give you nio stock predictions on the nio stock price and will tell you if is nio stock a buy. Most of the nio stock prediction you receive from this video are from expert who have nio stock today.

You will receive a nio stock update every day on how the nio stock 2020 is doing. Because nio is a new stock on the market may wonder should i buy nio stock or is nio stock a buy. The answer is yes, you should buy nio stock. According to nio stock chart technical analysis there is a large demand for nio stock buy or sell questions.

The nio stock analysis today shows that nio is one of the highest ev stocks. Nio analysis in these video have been based upon nio stock chart analysis and stock market investing. Many have been trying to compare nio vs tesla within the stock market. Then they see that according to tesla stock chart analysis that nio q2 earnings are right in tack with tesla earnings.

Nio baas and $nio stock are some of the best ev stock on the market. According to some analyst the best ev stocks to get involved in is nio stock. In these videos you will get nio earnings, nio stock options, the best ev stocks to buy, how nio stock earnings are doing on a whole, and what happened to nio stock today.

Nio stock now are on the up and up and there will be no nio stock crash any time soon. In these video you will know if nio a buy, the nio stock price analysis, nio shares, should you buy nio stock, and the nio stock predictions 2020. For nio stock enthusiast there is a nio day where the customers receive nio deliveries just like those who own wkhs stock.

According to the nio stock review and nio stock forecast many wonder nio stocks and is nio the next tesla. Nio stock vs Tesla stock has gone on from since the first nio day in 2019. Investing in nio stock will be the best decision ever. So is nio undervalued? Is nio a good stock to buy?

What is nio stock valuation? You will get the latest nio news here as well as what is the best electric vehicle stocks to buy. Many wonder if the stock nio is undervalued, investing in nio with nikola stock analysis will show that nio inc is doing just fine amongst the over ev's.

The reason why nio stock is so popular is because of the nio battery as a service. Other electric car stocks do not do nio battery swapping. Which make nio stock stocks to buy now or the best stocks to buy today. Searching nio stock you will that it is the best stocks to buy now amongst the stocks to buy between nio tesla nio stock is the top stocks to buy.

So in this video you will learn about nio battery swap, why nio stock is the best stocks to buy. Nio ev battery swap will help nio china and nio cars to go above an beyond the customers needs. Nio power within nio cars will be the best investment in electric vehicles. $nio stock will produce some of the best ev cars on the market today. So are you ready to learn how to buy stocks from nio ev? Buy now.

Anhar Relativity

Thanks man

Juan Motorsports

The market last week falling and nio holding on like it did. Uh pure strength. This “tech” EV company is on an entire different level.

yolo L

So you saying buy in at 55-56 and sell at 62-63. Easy money right? Ok all in!

Financial Health

Get More Nio Stock News here
? https://bit.ly/2Zjqz8S ?


Yeah lets go NIO! I believe in yooou!!



Jonis Hatia



Go Nio!


$74 coming end of week nothing more I can say ENJOY!!

JR Brown

That was a lot of price targets lol

Mir G

Im 806 in @ $56.40..... Lets Goooo!!!

Ng lame duck Slot channel

NIO ???

Priyanka Burela

why nio is going down?

john rizz

SUPERB VIDEO.. thanks so much.....load the boat monday asap

RidgeKidHype 13

Let’s gooooo!!!!!!

susan garcia stock

Despite the economic crisis around the world, this is still the best time to invest in stock...

Logically Offensive


J- Blaze

To the Moon!

Neo stock price

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NIO Stock Price Prediction | Buy after NIO Day?

50 748 views | 12 Jan. 2021

NIO Stock Price

NIO Stock Price Prediction | Buy after NIO Day?

Webull free stocks signup: https://www.webull.com/activity?inviteCode=26PibNVj2Sen&source=invite_gw&inviteSource=wb_oversea

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► Discord - https://discord.gg/tdQZBp7RZK

Intro: 0:00 - 1:20

News: 1:20 - 2:17

What Happened NIo Day: 2:17 - 3:00

What Did Nio do to Tesla?: 3:00 - 3:25

For Investors: 3:25 - 5:00

Analysis: 5:00 - 10:30

Competition: 10:30 - 13:05

Nomi: 13:05 - 13:30

Wrap Up: 13:30 - 14:27

Conclusion: 14:27 - 15:48

Legal Disclosure: I’m not a financial advisor. The information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Before investing, please consult a licensed professional. Any stock purchases I show on video should not be considered “investment recommendations”. I shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur for investing and trading in the stock market in an attempt to mirror what I do. Unless investments are FDIC insured, they may decline in value and/or disappear entirely. Please be careful!

Mahalo Aloha

HOLY $hit bro ! Very impressive resume. Subscribed !
And Yes, I bought NIO at $35 Annnnnnnnndddd..... holding ;)

Pusong Pinoy

I have 80 stocks of nio lol

Robert m

the solid state battery does not exist. the NVIDIA FSD technology has absolutely no data compared to TESLA. I was actually let down massively by this announcement. It showed me how far behind NIO is. FYI I am invested in NIO.

Shane Seddon

George Perez impersonator LOL

Will Griesmer

i love this complete clickbait video picture


I wish I knew your channel 5 months ago. :( I subscribed today. Also a Nio investor.

Richard Henderson

Nio to the moon!! Hopefully they comply with audits in 2 years

Francis schenk

I invested in both stocks and crypto but crypto have been doing more better ?


They have atleast 40 000 orders on the et7!
Ps I have 60 shares in nio

Mazz Goldie

When Is the next catalyst for nio?

Betty Linda

Stocks are good but I swapped and invested in forex and bitcoin, I've been making good profits

Comeon Useyourbrainagain

Nio is the Nikola of China. They used the NEDC to cover up their lack of range. For 100km more range they need a 150kWh battery. That's really bad. Nio will not be able to implement the most important Innovation in ev technology. A structural battery is not possible with a swapping system. The swapping system however will get obsolete once we have very high speed charging which will come with the 4680 batteries. Nio neither develops nor manufacturer batteries. They buy them from catl just like everybody else. In other words they have nothing and not should go back to Morgan Stanley because not have no fucking clue about evs.


Thus, Tesla dropped their tesla vehicles multiple times to compete against NIO and other Chinese EV's. Tesla's days in the Chinese market are numbered. Elon Musk must be quaking in his boots.

Dr George Melden

I invested in both stocks and Crypto currency but I see Cryptos is doing more better and profitable ?

Hello World

Tesla looks like a Ford Taurus lmao

iZakky Brave

LOL watching this today is funny. Bad day for Nio

Axel Brandt

I am delighted to watch this video, thanks ? ? I strongly believe this year will be great when it comes to digital investment and it's a very good time to get into the market. For over 2 months now the leading crypto asset bitcoin is still trading strongly in a bullish pattern and will ever trigger more energy now that Biden has been successfully inaugurated as US president. No doubt bitcoin is very much in a positive pace and getting involved in day trading still remain the best alternative to grow the little we hold. For me success has been on my side for over 6 months ever since i got in touch with a pro trader known as Jayson Brian. His accurate daily signals and strategy is top notch and have been able to record massive success by growing the little BTC i hold. You can get to Jayson Brian on whátsapp: (+18053034263) and Telgram @jayson_trade7* for programs on profítable systems

hapac money loader

I think what Bin meant was,they're not competitors... they just co-exists.
Their competitors would be ICE vehicles.
Yes, I think he hates to be called 'The Tesla of China' simply because they want their own identity.
I cringe whenever I hear Youtubers say that.

Simon's Food Therapy

Hells yea, keep pumping this stock. NIO to $1000 eventually.

RidgeKidHype 13

Wooo ?

Joshua Nickon Gochangco

Thankful for your videos and the value you share to us! Keep it up! ??

Hardkor Style

$FRSX to $500 after Tesla cybertruck deal confirmed!

Artem Vitols

I bought 111 NIO stocks and gonna buy more today to hold them. It's my first investment I ever had :) Also I got some tesla stock, but I believe I get more money from NIO

patriqc newman

You are full of sh...

Eddie D

Nio sucks. Lucid


I have come here to give thanks, for your nndm video, I have held, for a while and today was rewarded greatly. Much love.


Don't compare NIO's battery to Apple's Iphone battery. Apple's battery are built to hold charge for 2 years and force you to buy new Iphone. NIO's battery will last forever... and the battery industry will continue to advance in technology.


electricity car are shit tho but can make money off it

Zip Gio

Sold my position in Nio and bought Xpeng. Going to be the leader in the EV market in the future. Do your research please.



David Xavier

Will this stock drop lower than 60? Or shall I buy now as it’s already a bit low


NIO to $100 by end of January

Richard Johnson

Communist China I would never help them by buying there stock.


Can you do a pt2 on FCEL?

Andrea Ferrando

Interesting video, thanks for sharing. I believe it's a very good company in long term, even if probably is a bit overevaluated on the market now? I made a short video where I talk about the company and go into details of what they offer, if interested: https://youtu.be/LSrAwSSUy-4


NIO is at its all time high. Should i buy?

makan 156

Henry I will stick with my Let's get stooped wealthy :) See you soon !

Baxter Crewz


What’re your thoughts on $PLUG? Is FOMO driving up this undustainable price?


350$ my azz!! Ur full of sh!t!!

ally 1705

Nio battery best in the world.
I would not believe any claims coming out of china. Nio for next 5 years NiO chance,to make a quick gains yes.
I want to see all the luckin prompting youtubers now


If battery technology is getting so much better for cars how come we have had phone batteries for ages now and they still run out in a day, why don’t mobile phone companies don’t know this technology. Something doesn’t add up.

Luboter Liu

What do you think about the WSCRF, North American Nickels Co stock? CATL Battery Co ‘s supplier and also owned 23% of them. CATL supply batteries to TESLA and NIO many EV companies right now.

Joshua Whittle

What's a good buy in price to target for NIO

that man with the rump

another advert for nio, free advertising by frauds.

G Moran

So, where's the actual analysis? Was expecting some sort of DCF calculation or something based on 2025 or 2030 numbers? Disappointed.

god isgood

more clickbait thumbnail ...just puts $350 ............. the next video will have $450 ..... uses same old tactic ....didn't watch it ...just posting idiots ...

Cris Williams

Hi Henry,

I really enjoy listening to what you have to say.
I watched one of your podcasts where you talked about a class you teach. Can you please tell me how to join.

Manny Luis

Holding my $55 call that expires 01/21/2022!!


Get in on NAKD


Define long term

A day with Mil

I know everyone is bullish for NIO but I don’t see this going $350 anytime soon maybe 5 years later

Maxi Smretschnig

my neighbour has an i3 and its the biggest shit car ever. cant go anywhere far and even if youd drive it to work (about 150km a day) youd still need to charge it every night to be sure. not really an ev more an ev like toy car. and audi has the same problem. they can go further but nothing like a tesla or nio.

miky choi

thanks ?

New Zealanders

Any ideas CCIV rumors Bloomberg source that its merging with LUCID Motor they already have factory running in Arizona and starting with there first sales in spring this year looks like solid deal if goes through
They have better battery pack with sexy looking cars there target is premium sedan its like buying tesla 8 yr ago but promising


i dont see tesla holding value with non removable batteries

Mauro Beca

Where is the best platform to buy NIO stocks?

achraf bin said

Do you think i will make 20 k with my 1500 euro investment


Nio and cciv are my fave stocks atm

Dr Ried Ustin

Most newbies fail simply because they don't understand how the market works in general, or in particular how the market relates to the stock or currency pair they entering. If a retail trades doesn't grasp what the market makers are doing and when they are doing it, the greatest strategy in the world will fall. For new traders the markets are like entering an F1 race before you've passed your drivers licence test. I am a beginner i never believed i made $30,000 in just 1 weeks from trading and with the market. An expert financial analyst and he made me learn to read and understand the language of price action. He guides me with the exact time frame to trade and now I just received my first withdrawals of $30k in my bank account today I'm very happy, my advice contact him and thank me later. I guess this is a good way to show my heartfelt appreciation for literally breaking the chain of my financial debt when I needed it the most.

( [email protected] .com)

Matt G

Let’s go NIO make me rich



Parker Mudge

100$ call on Jan 2023


What are we drinking tonight boys?!

kotha priyanka

price went down unexpectedly


and now its at 55 this is where you take advantage and get a good position

Jimmy Shunnarah

I enjoyed your video, I am actually tired of worrying about stocks and stuffs… its driving me nuts these days, I think crypto investment is far better than stocks

Shondrella Avery

The simplest advice I can take ATM is to keep investing, but invest smartly. I've been going a bit more aggressive for a few months now and my 1 year old portfolio has smashed $450k in value from an initial allocation of $180k. Learn to diversify and DIY or get a professional help. However investing has no one way to it.



Ke Ce

Nio gonna be 670$


Hello guys I am 17 years old and new to the market i have around 500$ to invest and i thought and read alot about NIO
But Im i too late or should i get on ride now?


When you say long term what do you mean by that? How long?

Sybrand Alberda

"mgt capital investments" is a very good buy atm!!!

Ira Avni

Watching the growth of stock and financial assets In few years. Everyone should start investing pronto

It’s Me Kiara Tee

Not to be funny but I just subscribed because of your credentials!!! You can tell me anything now, I’m all ears ?

Rachida Onddam

Stupid rich????

ClashWith Miller

Hello Henry hope you are well.
Whats your opinion on Crsp stock does it have a good potential? or is there a better Genomics stock to buy?
I would like to thank you all your picks have been very helpful you are truly an expert investor.

Web Surfer

Battery Swapping....LOL. There's a reason why Tesla did not do this.

Lep Ho Wong

Any latest figures on Q4 hedge funds holder?


Liked the smash button as always!! ??


Tesla is not in competition because Nio and Tesla are going against ICEs not each other, EV market is way too big, maybe when more companies flood the market Nio and Tesla will become rivals because they will be the 2 dominant companies. Great video I’m holding Nio for my kids lol not even thinking about selling ?


what about the $1.3 billion in convertible notes?

mohannad qaddoumi

I think the their Masse production plan for an affordable Vehicle with gac will be more interesting and competitive , we would like to now what do you think about that

hong choon yee

Great buy ... amazing Nio

David Berenyi

Would you mind to do a video on Live Ventures? The company has crazy financials and the market cap is only about 20 million. Latest earnings per basic share is $6.4. With the $22 share price that gives us around a 3.5 p/e ratio. It is extremely cheap. Probably nothing fancy they are doing, that’s why noone invests in this stock. The price should be much higher, I believe.


NIO vehicles are designed by German engineers. NIO is one up on TESLA because most of their sales are by word of mouth instead of advertisement unlike TSLA. I saw a vid of comparing quality of TSLA 3 to NIO, and TSLA loses NIO quality is higher. The battery upgrade wouldn't be out until the end of the year as well as the sedan. In US there will be serious competition from GM and Lucid Motors in CA composed of former top level executives from Musk TESLA division. Lucid Motors is coming out with their car by the end of the year. GM has a number of cars starting with Challiac car in first Q of 2022, Hummer this fall, of course their are the VOLT type EV out at anytime. I have bushels of NIO, XPEV, and LI stock adding GM and probably Lucid Motors don't care about Workhorse or Ride. Going to get Stupid Green.......


What you think of NGA soon to be LEV, it's a Canadian EV truck/bus manufacturer, they are putting a plant in US.

dobo dallar 77

henry what do you think of bitcoin mining stock?

John Koslo

Can't you see it my friends? It's the perfect Cup and Handle pattern! Massive breakout expected coming week!

Mohammed Iqbal Hussain

Hey, I watched your video on NIO last week and I made some decent gains. Thanks! Could you please cover CloudCommerce (CLWD)?? It has been rising a lot recently.


I am driving BMW i3,only get 60 miles per charge. The dealer told me if I want a new battery, it will cost as much as buying a new car. I am so looking forward to buy a Nio once Nio comes to U.S. the battery swap is a huge advantage. Not to mention Nio will occupy most EV second hand car market due to the battery swap. Once you have a new battery, you have a new EV car.

patriqc newman

You are never going to the moon


I SAW THE i 3 AT A WALMART .....the owner looked ..damn pissed.........lol

master of disaster

I have 232 Nio shares and bought in the 50s, hoping for a tidy return in 10 years time. What will the price be in the year 2030 ?

v vash de leon

Why did they change the design of their sedan the old design is so much better

Stacy Roberts

Despite the stock market crashing this is still a good time to invest in cryptocurrency ?

mohannad qaddoumi

The market didn’t React well enough towards the Announcements

yan xian

Am new to this channel, but I gotta say..... a lot hyping and retelling the news, not as much actual analysis

Anjil Shrestha

Can you please recommend stocks for long term investment?

Mr el

Forget this, rolls Royce just started work on nuclear travel...

Not Affiliated

If we break above Monday high I would be happy enough