Reverse head and shoulders

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How To Fix Forward Head Posture - 3 Easy Exercises (From a Chiropractor)

3 672 175 views | 19 Mar. 2018

Grab the PDF of 5

Grab the PDF of 5 exercises to fix your fwd head posture now: https://goo.gl/CscGfh

Dr. Oliver, Chiropractor, will provide you with 3 easy to do forward head posture exercises that you can do from anywhere. Do these exercises everyday to help bring your posture into the right alignment.

Visit our website: https://goo.gl/NCtj8W

Medical Disclaimer:

Nothing posted on this channel is medical advice or a substitute for advice from your physician or healthcare provider. Always contact your physician or other healthcare provider with any questions about a medical condition or your personal health. You may read the full disclaimer here: https://backintelligence.com/youtube-disclaimer/

Dorothy Vanderpool

I am sorry! I clicked thumbs down by mistake. (My eyesight isn’t the best) This is a great video and is most helpful. Thank you for it. Dorothy

Oscar Rodriguez

I went to go audition for the role of Igor before I said anything they said I had the part.


Starting this today. The YWLT is a game changer. I felt so much relief. I will report my back in 3 months.

Allyssa Downs

I have great posture but I did these and could really feel how great of stretch they gave me! Great video.

Jeffrey Kumjian

How can you fix the head s with Ankylosing Spondylitis

Thrupthi Thrupthi

Plz make a video of correcting overall posture.....as I overdid this shoulder blade exercise and is having the uglier posture


Thank you for this! Since having to be home all the time with this pandemic my back has been having issues. I went to PT and they basically said fwd head posture was the problem. But they've been getting covid in their office so at home exercises is what I'll stick to!

Epic Epis

Me looks over to car next to me, man banging out neck tucks


Omgosh bro! this was helpful a lot. Thank you


My neck was cracking doing the first move


i've seen people with this i can't believe its so simple to fix,i know most people live with the pain (back,neck,shoulder ,wrist,etc) which leads to arthritus

Sheila Kirchmann

Looks like the way to go for me

Samson Abraham Raju

Really good exercises❤

gta 5 5

best video about this topic ever keep it up and thanks

Jade Erndt

if you finally see what quarantine had done to you like
me:hunched over for over a year
quarantine:yes its working
Me:finally seeing what online school has done to me
Quartine:they noticed!

Max Arredond

Was doing exercises like this about 3 years ago after my arms and whole body went numb due to my stress on my body and a very weak posture from constant sleeping and forward head in class , back here again basically cause i wasn't committed and it's gotten so bad i feel like passing out and my heart slows down extremely , everyone forward head posture is a bitch and will tear you down till you change it or suffer /: good luck to everyone with bad head posture trying to fix themselves ??


How much time does it takes ?

Thrupthi Thrupthi

Plz share me the link of correcting hunchback


Quarantine made me both hairy & have an elderly posture.

Elnathan Wahlang

It's funny how I'm doing these while looking down at my computer. XDXD

Alkl L

Weird question: will doing chin tucks give you a double chin over time? Will it get rid of your jaw line and hide your chin as if your neck and chin are connected. Genuinely worried and would like to know what exactly this exercise is doing.

Shaquille Roberts

Thank u so much!!

Pornchanok kote-phet

thank you for your explanation. I can use it to educate my patient

Gimp Man

I do YMCA instead of YWLT and it works just as well. Even better with music.

Pranav Balakrishnan

Thank you very much

Sam Bro

Ima be doing this regularly, thank God

Alexandre de Souza

I watched this once and did everything you said and I feel taller.


Gabriel Cordero

These neck exercises are great.

ana rolla

I have had right shoulder ache for 2 years . and stiff back neck . right arm stifness .. all of that i dont know why .. ?


wow this helped soo much! thank you!


Excellent presentation. First stretch was extremely painful, but everything else left me feeling great afterwards. Not fixed yet but I'm gonna keep these up

Steven Hall

Ngl I've bad posture and doing these exercises really does help.... not overnight as he says but it deffo does something

Alvaro Abihassoun

Best video I've seen ever. I watched this video yesterday and i said after it all these videos are trash. And at the night while im playing ps i couldn't approach my shoulder and my head wth. Haha tqu for this video it helped me a lot.

QnIg OpTiQ

Omg! This feels So good. Thx

Dan Chirilov

But if i have cyphose (cifoz) , can i do such exercises? PLEASE, COULD YOU ANSWER?!


Thank you! These are superb—much better than the exercises my PT gave me to correct this isdue. And such great mnemonic devices, also!


Wow my body is messed up lol

Gabriel Luna

I have hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it's bad enough that I can't sleep with a pillow or else my neck will just slip out of place for even years. You don't know how much this video just helped me, I could actually cry. Thank you so, so much.


Do you have any exercises for scoliosis caused by computers? I got scoliosis back when computer monitors were big and I had to put it to the side of my desk. Sitting in front of the computer at that angle changed my spine. Do you have any exercises to realign the spine? Thanks!

Jacklyn St.Julien

I like your video, I have head drop. I have had these surgeries: 1989, L5 rupture (it is fused, okay now); both feet, hammer toe surgeries (big toe fused). In 2015 ? I had my L3-4 rupture, had surgery & a cage was put there. It didn't fully heal, my neuro surgeon said another surgery can be done, but it's not a fix it. Now I do lots of PT. I try to do my home exercises too often. Now I'm doing PT for balance and forward head. I walk with waling poles, always. I already do the head pull back from your video (I was told to make a frown and hold it - good). I am thin, 74 yr old & need to get stronger!! I welcome any help. Thanks. Jackie

Marjorie Mole

Thank you I'm hoping this will help me.

Jeff C

Is the idea to do all three of these, several times per day, every day?

Lethal_Trilogy Royale

I dont feel pain or bumpy noty things like what he said,does this mean I'm ok? I am looking into this stuff to prevent this kind in future

Ronda Rawson

What if your neck was broke and never set right and the doctors didn't catch your neck was broken because your neck was so swollen....so they sent you home ....because you didn't have insurance coverage....so your neck healed this way????? Cant fix that can you???????

Linda DeChow

These are great, thanks. I have been doing Essentrics for 5 years and definitely will add these to my routine. I'll share this on my laptop as well, a perfect stress relief for all the crocheting I do. Thank you for your generous sharing.

Sait Kerem Konar

Thanks dude


Walking “pretty” on a treadmill really helps get the form down, cause you can lean back a bit while grabbing the side supports (NOT the front grips!). This helps open the chest up, like before a hug, and holding 2-3lbs in each hand while walking helps maintain your torso/cage tension (abdomen, and spinal erectors). Just remember to hold the weights as close to your torso as possible, without touching.

This really helped me mobilize my diaphragm, as the constant negative pressure (from holding the weights) allowed me to really “hone-in” mentally on the firing order of specific muscles group during each breathe cycle.

It doesn’t make sense, but if you try it.. it will make perfect sense. Basically walk with weights in your hands, elbows at 90 degree angles, and weights next to your ribs, behind your chest. It’s a very “natural” walking/running style, and requires very little effort to balance.

Lil Babo

Yo you’re back supposed to be sore after the workout right

Jerusha KC

“Most heads on average weigh 10-15 lbs. Picture bowling ball ? ? ? ? ☠️

Kenny Horn

Doing the YWLT makes my fingers tingle a lot. Is that normal?

James Hoey

Thx man

Leslie M

Thank you Doc ?

Moon Bear

This is whats known as the "Alan Alda" posture.
Some of you might be old enough to know what I'm talking about.

Endre Szeghalmi

Thank you and congrats. I teach tango dancers and it will be helpful for me these ideas!


Ok we all took our phones 90°s to our from the beginning

Tyler MacDonald

Maybe this is a perceptual thing but it feels pretty good to move my head back

Aditya vashishth

How much time it take

Kali Ferguson

Thank you so much! I have a lot of bone problems and have been searching for an exercise to help ease the pain. I couldn't sleep because oh how bad my back felt. This was the missing link thanks and thank God!

Petru Ciupercă

Im 20 yrs old and forward head posture has made me unable to swallow comfortably while keeping straight, can you give any advice ?


Dr. Oliver, your exercise format really worked for me. My second month of doing these exercises and my back has straightened up and my head is holding up on its own. Thank you so much!!


This is superb?


Work on jaw muscles too! Bite down when you lift, invest in a mouth-guard to protect your teeth

Je wel Un ic

Why are there that much dislikes? It was a great video!

Jam with Sam

Immediate relief from a 10 year pain

Ro Arthur

Love this Dr he's really good

Mavi Vatan



Been a gamer since I was 6, now I'm also a bit of a weeb and an artist. Now I'm trying to fix the consecuences, hope I'll succeed

Dan Warne

Very well explained, thank you!


Thank you :)

Hurricane Saoirse

i really have a bad eyesight. i have to sit right through 8 hour class and slouched close to my notes. im only 5 foot with a weight of 39 kg. u can only imagine a total potato?

Ashish B

Sir how to fix flat head .
Other person head is round , my head is square shape , is there any method or surgery to fix this .

ritalli Dhillon


Uswa Khan

I've had forward head for like too many years now. Everyone sees me weirdly in school especially and I am so depressed I also cried two to three times but couldn't fix.. Guys help ?☹️


I have been diagnosed with facet joint degeneration and I'm only 30. Is this bad?

teoni halliday

me watching this on my phone doing the vulture neck posture anyway


Thank you!!

Jackie G

Thank you. Love the YWLT and makes it easier to remember when doing the exercise. It helps me lessen the pain now.

Mountain lion

If i sleep on my back on a flat surface will that help?

Bounty the Kid

Ever since the first lockdown, I pretty much completely neglected my workouts.

I realize now how much damage that really did to my posture. Been struggling with Fwd Head Posture for a while, also some other posture-related stuff, and this physical inactivity of mine for the past year really highlighted those problems even more than before...
I definitely need to get back into that rhythm of doing stuff that benefits my health! Amazing video, I'm sure this will help me a lot in the coming months.

Kile Fagner

It’s from looking down at your phone n shit constantly instead of looking up


guess i won't sleep with a pillow anymore

Viktoriya M

Very helpful. Thank you.

Prateek Gupta

PRO TIP: Move your phone up while watching this video.


I feel some strain and pain on neck and shoulders when doing this too


Back in the days everything was behind us. That's why everyone had such great posture then


Aloha,,, Thanks for the info,, very helpful after a rear end car accident,,, Mahalo

Irish Sean

This was great, thanks ever so much for the informative advice.....I will do this every day for a month, love from Ireland ?? ☘️

Thomas Robatsch

Are we supposed to do sets of the YWLT exercise at 7:24 or just once each time we're doing these exercises?

Beverly Wittkop

Thank you for the exercises. The demonstrations and instructions were very good.

Susan Balsamo

I remember doing all of there stretches before we did anything further in gym class in the 70's.
Gym was climbing ropes and crab soccer...❤️


Bonus points for putting the back of your tongue flat on the roof of your mouth while doing the chin tucks!

Casandra Eguia

thank you!!

ponnzel 3

How many time would it take? And how can I know when I finally have a good posture? I think I might be 1,60 but as my posture is horrible I am 1,55 and it worries me cuz I am 14 about to be 15 and I was scared of not growing up, but well I took a mirror to see my profile in front of a bigger mirror, and Instead of seeing my nose I saw my back and then It made sense why I was feeling strech and growing up, but not getting even 1 centimeter bigger. You know many people say: this is because of the phone but tho its one of the reasons, imagine being a teenager and the only thing you know is having clases seated down either on normal clases or online clases, and arriving to home and do homework all afteroon using a computer and your phone, It really hurts to be seated down all day.

Deepa Sekar

This is the best thing I've watched. It worked, I feel so relieved. Thank you

zumhoferpreis s

Gen Z has horrible posture from all the screentime... welp. I'm 17. Yep.

Virginia Lynn

Exercise 1 is around 3:00
2 around 5:45
3 around 7:15


Thank you so much!!!

E. Advincula

the chin tuck, oh did i ever feel that tension. it hurt but wanted it so bad? will keep this routine everyday. Degenerative discs diseases affects so much of my life.

Sanjay Bhavsar

Please frozen shoulder exercise

Moon Lookingforthesun

Thanks I love this

Reverse head and shoulders

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The reverse head and shoulders formation (also known as inverse head and shoulders formation) is one of the most popular and reliable formations used in technical analysis. As the name suggests, it has a shape similar to the head and shoulder. This head and shoulders bottom pattern usually signals a change in price trend. When it occurs the security is likely to move against the previous downtrend. In other words, a completed reverse head and shoulders in gold means that gold is likely to rally.

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