Philippines standard

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126 713 views | 8 Dec. 2019



Philippines standard

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5 944 views | 14 Apr. 2020

And you... do you have a

And you... do you have a beauty standard? A lot of women want what the other side of the world has... it's so sad!


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d1wP4n1Fxc&list=WL&index=3&t=0s

Caesar Alpuerto

I think filipino beauty are exotic,

HUMSS 2A: Camilon

Actually here in the Philippines you will look more prettier if you're white.

Michel Etienne Sartre

There are 3 beauty standards in the Philippines.
Mestiza: filipino with caucasian features.
Morena: olive skin with southeast asian fetures.
Chinita: east asian features.

Mhadz 0418


Scorpio Seven

The Philippines is diverse. They don’t necessarily want to be white like a corpse. They look at the body, talent and face overall.

Gwen Tabada

Please do also a reaction to "We Smile as One" it is a tribute to Filipino Frontliners ?????

Gucci Smile

I prefer tanned skin and natural beauty, its just a matter of being who you are, dont need to set a standard for yourself just for people to approve, be yourself

Spy Ware

It's mostly an Asian thing: the desire to be white. Hence, all the skin products that have skin - whitening chemicals - which have been proven toxic, btw.

Max & Sujy Reacts

And you... do you have a beauty standard? A lot of women want what the other side of the world has... it's so sad!


Hello! Please react to this video where a korean ask Filipinos howboften they speak English
Link: https://youtu.be/FZculEaEEmg


Sujy please don't have plastic surgery. You are a beautiful woman and have an oozing appeal. You look like sara geronimo if she doesnt wear make-up

Mr. Pain

Well, people would want something they don't have and they want to become someone who they see on TV and movies


Happy to view your video.

Lorena Bagos

Let's be contended with what God had given us?

Randhel Soriano

It's really a girl to girl prob

Emmanuel Galanza

Natural is beautiful.

cindy mananzala martinez

it's human nature to want what you don't have. People who wanted to have lighter skin should not be judged or be demonized for having the desire to be fairer, especially in Asia where colorism is prevalent and darker skinned Asians are getting discriminated by lighter skinned Asians. Tanned people wanting to be fairer is no different from white people wanting to tan themselves. At the end of the day, it's all about respecting each other's personal preference.

มาแรง แซงทางโค้ง[สายปาด-ตาล]

It is based on a personal attitude. An experience or an environment that has cultivated them in For example, there is a knot in the skin or teeth or the face structure or the height that is being wheeled down by the insult, everything is right and wrong, It's a personal matter, what would you like? Some people earn money from white skin. Some people earn money from their black skin. Some people make money from short, etc.
Example of Thai people Attitudes change from the past to the 80's. that the man or women have india's face It is called handsome or beautiful Because of the influence of the media with some Indian movies and some elite groups in Thailand with a style that looks like India And the 90s up to the present,
Influenced of Japanese, Chinese, Korean media .This made Thais start to think that if they have white skin or face out of China, Korea, Japan, they can be beautiful, handsome, and look rich.
Also a group of Thai people whose basic language is Taikadai It is a root language from people from southern China. More over, the people who play a role in the economy and politics today are people of Chinese descent. And has influence, power, looks, has a price, makes the attitude of people in the country think that at least white people do not get scorned that they have no money because money is important for life, including social acceptance. Because all human beings are in society When the social trend makes it think to believe that way Most people follow it.

In a nutshell, in the real world, money and power are the mostest beautiful things, because It can always makes you beautiful or handsome or good or poor.

Joan Cristine Lomibao

Please react to the world's largest indoor arena, which is the Philippine Arena.

Aljon Quising

A lot of Filipinos are obsessed to Korean products

Ring Ring Lorico

Sarah Geronimo is now pregnant?.

Robin Waga

Pls react to the peoples of the Philippines????

Katsumi Saito

In South Korea
If you're from US or Europe, you would be treated very nicely. On the contrary, people who are from Southeast Asia may be not treated really well because of their tan brown dark skin
They don't like South East Asian country because of the skin color, uneducated and poor. Not all but most of them
That's what i hear about.

romel torres

Here in the Phillipines most of people want to be white .. but for me to be have a brown skin is not problem because .. i dont afraid to swim in the beach to sun bating because theres alot of beaches here in phillipines because phillipines island country enjoy life because life is too short?? its more fun to be true to your self..


I love how you show appreciation to your wife and make her feel beautiful all the time.


For me i contented my colour am morena means tan i contented That God gave me...thanks for sharing the video

Marlyn Quijano

I'm 24 years old and I'm just 5'1 too short

Julie rødsjøsether

the puffiness under the eyes is eyebags...and i totally agree about kim kardashian. Skin color doesnt define beauty. nice reaction

Restie Van Tana

Pls do a reaction to "How often Filipino speak in English" by oncub ph . Thank you


Max! When was the last time you had short hair? I reckon you would look so dapper with a classic side part mid length haircut


The pilpino guy, their like white skin.

nic ricaflanca

pls react to morisette "akin ka na lang"

Cheng ציריליןFilipina

For me i want to gain weight ,i dont need surgery im contented to my beauty im fairskin so it doesnt matter for me my color , my height its seems good becoz im 5'3 ,my body shape is hourglass ,, so one thing i want is to gain weight ??? so bad its hard for me to gain weighy???

Jellsa Squad276

Filipinos are actually kayumanggi XD

bad genius

I like sujy reaction ??


Don't go with plastic surgery, it has long term effects, it would be ugly when you get old.

Rover Lights

sprry to break ittp you but sarah already had plastic surgery she had a nose lift

Ma Elena Obille

???love you guys???

kurara itsibana

Please react to Thailand vs Philippine tourism commercial. https://youtu.be/sbWS5blvuZo

Quenn duran

Filipina have a real beauty and clever, talented, clean,net ,friendly,genuine etc??

Margielyn Leyros

Sujy is very funny!!? couple conflict ? so sweet.

Ezekiel Capus

Hi max and sujy.

Cioco Macchiatto

Asian people dont want white skin, the white skin of white people. They want white skin like the Chinese, korean. Whitepeople tend to be pink under the sun while asian white like looks porcelain. But Filipinos value Morena/moreno skin now and for us it is our uniqueness. Also tan skin has sex appeal and it defines more our facial structures.

Jayson Nagayo

I really love watching you two??????❤️❤️❤️



Svetlana Natasha

If you have tan complexion your skin tone rare and beautiful

x_ TTy

It only depends on what your type is?? its the same. But I'm more likely to marry a filipina, tanned skin?? filipina is just so gorgeous??? plus I can talk to them in filipino, I won't have nose bleed for speaking english daily???

Deb Syh

Me i am pure pilipina but a lot of people telling me i am india becouse of my eyes???

Margie Heyeosa

Me I like tan/morina color skin... Specially my color.. I don't like with color since birth hehhehe. Joke.??? its true I like my color coz its much advantage the the white skin... If u want to go u where u can carry the sunlight he he u not scared to be burn coz ur burn na already... Hehhehe but the true is tan or morina is a power beauty over all.. Coz u can see beaut into a black beauty.. Really if the black beauty its turn to white skin she become a beautiful.... Than the person have already white turn to burn skin ? hmmmm.... Hehhehe u think what's the result.. That's y I love my color coz anywhere I can go.. Bring it on black beauty

Albert Padilla

hi max & sujy...new sub ??????????

Denniel Cutie

People from the Cold Climate want to have a tanned skin; People from the hot Climate want to have a fair skin. What if they change they place? HAHAHAHA

Philippines standard

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84 419 views | 19 Apr. 2020

So they hit the streets

So they hit the streets of Manila, Philippines to find out what Filipinas consider beautiful...

Keep in mind that the opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of Happy Reactions or the general Filipino population.

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Silver Barceta

5'2 in girl is higly standard for applying job. Thats why i understand some girl wsn tto have a 5'4 heigt. And additional in the boys. Is 5'2 in heights.

Che Guevara

Ang totoong kulay ng pilipino ay brown

Rita Sumaya

Actually we are beautiful no exemption...but human we don't have a contentment that was why many beauty products invented.. That is feel us insecurity.. Instead we embrace our beauty we have we just rejected it coz we like to have that beauty what others have..
I love you guys.. '' happyreactions''
More power to..
Go for brown complexion skin...

mha yhangZ

But most Filipinos.. maybe 90% of filipinos are dreaming of being white skinned and yes whitenning products in the PH is a good business.. lol??

Lhiecette Rosete

React to Kathryn Bernardo beauty

E! Chad TV

Thanks for always featuring Filipino Culture, SALAMAT po...??

Tinenen Tv

Me too im 28 and im 5’4”

otaku gaming

For girls in the philippines most are tan
But when in comes to boys who play mobile legends they are mostly tan-so

Carolyn Cadungog

I think natural beauty is beautiful weather your morena or white complexion

chicken nuggets bitch.

I always say to my friends that i have mixed blood of chinese/spanish/korean/japanese but they wont believe me cause my eyes is not the same thing as chinese and korean,my skin color is white but its not the same as spanish my nose is flat like all filipinos think,then i would have really light brown hair


filipinos are the most open minded when it comes to skin color and beauty. we dont discriminate, we just appreciate.

singleladies _1927

Yes. The ideal height is 5'3 mostly. And not too dark. We called it morena. But nowadays the new it thing is fair skin. And most likely they like boobsie girls. The reason why mostly celebrities are with fair skin and with mestiza/mestizo type. Thats the standard of pinoys here.

Jeric Ursal

I'm a Filipino and having a dark skin in the Philippines isn't easy, because people around you will bully and discriminate you. Some people called me tree 'cause the color of tree is dark brown that's why?


can't wait to see u chowking halo halo commercial,,godbless both of you,,my happy pill????

Nager Amil

I love you guy's ???☺☺☺


Not all filipinos are short???

george gelilanf

I'm filipino. I'm only 15 years old and my height is 171cm. I don't know why I am tall because my parents are short?. I prefer about 155cm to 160cm for my ideal girl??
And also I have brown skin and i'm a little bit jealous to those who have white skin, but this video reminds me that all skins are equal
And now i'm loving my skin so much. I hope you will do shout outs to your next video HIHI?

Chelle Convicto

It's good to know that Filipino embrace their Morena skin. They dont need whitening beauty products. I'm glad that they change their perspective about the skin.

Welson Delima

Hi, I am a new subscriber from Philippines.
I would like you to watch this video, it is a documentary about jewish refugee. It is too long so it depends on you whether you post your reactions in your channel. This documentary is not taught during my high school day and even in college or maybe I was sleeping during this lesson. Please watch this to know more about my country Philippines, the Land of Generosity/Hospitality.


Tope Murillo

i dont need to comment an impressive one just to caught ur attention, i just want u to know that we, filipino love u both ?

Allaine Punzalan

Hi Happiness Crossing! Accidentally came accross your channel, saw that most contents are Philippines-related w/c I’m very proud to be from and it made me watch your videos and I honestly found it very interesting and got hooked! Pls know that I really appreciate that you appreciate Philippines! More power to your channel! Stay safe, love birds! ❤️

Jay Luna

Hello! I hope u react to Elaine Duran Into the unknown.. New rising star from the Philippines ?? https://youtu.be/dHMkRyQhFC0

Kenneth James Juat

The way she said “I am half a filipino by heart” is just WOW! ? salute to you guys for making a good content about the Philippines! Good luck & God bless for more!!!!

iSound Vlog

I just red the title.... then my reaction ... “maputi”..

Edmund Duterte Jr.

awwww that's really lovely of you saying you're half Filipino.. lots of love from the Philippines and the Filipinos for you❤️❤️❤️❤️


It's been a long time , i want to know what is the title of the song in your introo??, Plsss

Marjorie Villaroman

Tan skin color looks gorgeous , healthy, attractive.

Delia Ruiz

Iam so happy guys that you loved our country..yes you now that you've heard bad things happened in our country but I think all countries in the has also bad side of it. But all of that we Filipinos are very kind,respectful and very happy specially when you can Jamm with us..thank you guys for having fun here in the philipines I actually love your Chanel..


Kaya gusto nila ang maputi kasi may daya yun e hahahaha pag panget ka kase may pag asa kang gumanda pag maputi ka. Pero pag kayumangi ka tas maganda ka na myghad your perfect gurl you don't need enhancement.

Angelica pogenio

Watching a Philippine TV tittle is good news in Gma ... how the Filipino have a good heart to others ... ??? sorry for my English heheheehey....
Shout out my name cute couple ?


This Reaction video is great, I really love watching and that true morena is the New Beautiful., Watching from Dinagat Islands Philippines! Salamat po sa inyong dalawa!?

Jullie Anne Gaoat

Binge watching these beautiful couple for 3 days now.. iloveyou both

Popoy Tv

from philippine here?❤️loveyou guys wanna meet u sumday here??


Thank you hahaha im watching always its good to know you love phillipines so much hahaha

Mark Edillor

actually coca cola body is kinda of ideal to some filipino

Fujo Danshi

Try to react a video about a aeta people, they are the first people who discovered and the first people in the philippines.
Please ?

Bahemis Adán

That is because of the influences of western culture, and KPOP culture. We need to embrace the natural skin color of Filipinos.

baby mhey11

I'm 22 yr old, 5'4 height , 49-50 wieght, morena (slightly fair skin) not so sure coz sum1 will always says i am i have white skin. i love MORENA❤️?

bernardo jr. Sumatra

My daughter is only 3 year last 21 of September 96 cm. Or 3.1 ¹½ skin good white.... she from my grandfather 6.2 and grandmother is white same skin of Spanish....

Patrick Garcia

Liked your video reactions.
Hey, pls react to our national fist, boxing senator manny pacquiao.


Anthony Adrian Allarey

Coca Cola shape? Coke in can!

samantha dg

Asian Boss is the Best! ?

Arsi Wow

in Europe Tanned skin is more attractive.


we called it kayumanggi(brown skin) or morena.

Irene Vlogs

I also dreamt having Coca cola body ?? but I ended being Coca cola in CAN ??????

ella mae

Great vid as always guys. I have watched you enjoy every aspect of the vids you were reacting to and I love you guys for it. So I'd like to request for a vid for my talented girls. Have you heard of SBNewGen Girls? They are a girl group here in the Phils. Very talented but underrated. I would like to hear your thoughts about them. Here is their new single Shake. Please have a look. Thank you. Have a good day!! ? https://youtu.be/CoLCR1wG0GM

Michelle Segovia

Proud tanned skin bisaya here??

Choi Rebustes

Happy to watch you guys always,from philippines

Barok Tarzan

Two beautiful people inside out.. Luv your reaction. Stay safe and Godbless..

Vil Cruz

Love this couple so much.. God bless you po.

Cassandra Sanchez

I dont use whitening products, if i want to look white i only used camera filters???

Patricia C.

I can't get enough from you guys! you raise our race and it is so amazing. thank you to both of you. I'm watching and its almost 1am haha ❤❤❤

Kriztille Cahilig

I’m just 15 years old but I’m already 162 cm. Everyone’s telling me that I’m so lucky for being tall? proud morena skin hereand and I’m half spanish?❤️

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Judy & mel

Please react this video Bella Santiago in Rumania x factor??

femar Munez

I followed you already in IG, and subscribed already here and i have to recommend y’all to watch MISS UNIVERSE 2018 CATRIONA GRAY FULL PERFORMANCE i promised you will shocked???


i have to flex my coca cola body?❤️

Its Me Merilyn

Proud Filipina and proud morena here ??

Irah Asendiente

Here in the Philippines it's always like that, when you're white you're beautiful hahhahahahaha

Kids TV

I like dark skin

Jade Starrr

i love the intro you make me smile??

Dax Aq

Hi guys! I have been watching your content and this is my first time ever to send a request to any YouTuber. I just think this one is interesting.
"100 years of beauty - Philippines"
"Research and Behind the scenes"

This 2 related videos talk about how beauty standards have changed throughout the century in the Philippines.
Anyways, more power and God bless you both!
Stay safe.

Enai Jee

More Filipino content more pinoy views More money ??? lol

Mary Grace In Bayugan

Love you guys

Silver Barceta

Happy reaction if you want to see brazillian filipino. Daniel matsunaga is a sample.one of Pinoy big brother winner

Claude Alvarado

Shout out Idol ???I always watch you every day
##happy talaga


Filipino-Spanish is a beautiful mixture

Betty Erispe

Vanessa is good in pronouncing the filipino names???love you both God bless!

Paulo Marquez

I love it again.??

Jett Manjares

I love it that Vanessa claim she’s half German and half Filipino.. ??

Keanna Dela Cruz

Yeah, the beauty standards are really changing, but back then so many years in Asia, in the Philippines, Asian beauty standard is white and also half White & half Asian people including Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Liza Soberano, Anne Curtis (which the other half you've mentioned) Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, are the examples about it, etc., same as your Western beauty standard, back then, white is beautiful too but after so many years passing by, your idea of beauty is tan or brown & black cause white skin really look like you have anemic, you're sick or like a vampire. Asian beauty standards are slowly becoming just like your Western culture

Jason Quebal

Aeta.. Indo and Malay

Cristina May

Thanks for making Filipino/Philippines more beautiful regarding the culture and the values ? I want to share another good vibes 5 years ago hope you watch it too https://www.facebook.com/katrinavelarde/videos/1032547346777193/?

Houzaifah Madja

I'm so lucky that I found a youtuber like you two, you always made my day thank you so much? more videos to come I hope? hope you'll earn more subscribers because you always makes people's day?

Stanley Carl

hi guys i'm a fun from Philippines,eating some pancit cantoon and watching your video reactions gave me good vibes,,i'm always watching your video reactions,and i'm so happy that our Filipino culture gave you lot of interest,, btw God bless guys always keep safe and more fun videos MABUHAY KAYU,love love a lots

Lisa Jardio

please do a reaction to zephanie disney medley songs?

k e

Filipinos are some of the most beautiful people on earth. It saddens me the amount of self hatred that so many of them have.

Laki and Liit Vlogs

filipino also admires black beauty??

Ramel Amamangpang

I love you and i always "abang" with your new videos?

Jasmin Dizon

Hello there I'm 5'2 hahaha I wish I could be 5'5. I have a boybestfriend who is 6'3 height he's half Filipino and German.

kamote Love

new sub here????Plz norice me hehe no need to hug cause I'm just a happy viewer .. i dont have a guts to do a video haha anyway God Bless Guys.and do some reaction about the crazy things of pilipino ??



Kristin Estrada

Yeah good idea all the foreigners that Loves Jollibee should be in one commercial, i think its fun. Hahahhaa!!!

John Kevin Royo

In your intro the beach looks like bonbon beach in the Philippines or is it really the bonbon beach?

Olga Tayao

I prefer morena beauties,this is a standout especially in international competition,it exudes magnetic charisma,which is natural

Jayven Delasan

Coca cola shape is a very old saying to us Filipino referring to a sexy body..hehe...

PH. tv

hi lovely couple! please do a reaction video to NU PEP SQUAD UAAP CDC PERFORMANCES you can choose any of these 3

2016 performance

2018 performance

2019 performance


S Ahn

Speaking of german filipinos, i know two brothers IRL and wow they really are attractive, they got beautiful brown eyes, a high-bridge nose and with fair skin. You can see the mix of their ethnicity in their faces, it's amazing and I'm jealous ?

Saksax Sinagol vlogs

When it comes of skin color,morena is the best,

AngelGrace V.

Hi! Hello!? Greetings from capiz Philippines ?? Everytime I watch your reaction video I just keep smiling till the end?. God bless you couple ?❣️

Mark Edillor

somebody you know what song is in the intro?

Gek Nares

Anne Curtis ❤️

Irene Vlogs

What's your tiktok Vanessa? I'll check it out.....

mary ann legaspino

It depends on the weather because 50% below middle class and most of our time tin to go outside and we're exposed to the sun, I think most Filipinos love outdoors

Leonie Francisco

i just want you both consider as our kababayan ❤️❤️

Erwin Catolico

HR what is the title of your intro song? TIA !

ᜇ᜔ᜌᜓᜀᜈ ᜇ᜔ᜌᜓᜌ᜔ ᜈᜏᜒ ᜀᜊᜓᜈᜎ᜔ᜌ

Try to react to Filipino teacher abroad.


Ray Gumabao

Love it when vanessa says shes half filipino half german by heart♥️ salamat guys??????

get a life !!!

More than the media influence, filipinos favoring fairer skin was embeded socially. Filipinos were colonized by "whites" or westerners (spain, america, japan) thus we see people with fairer skin as superior. Having fairer skin has become a status symbol because when you have darker skin, youre presumed to belong in the working class. Farmers. Lborers. Fishermen. People who work under the sun. While when you have fairer skin, you beling to the upper class of society.

Jedi Ninja

There are plenty of japanese Brazilian and they look beautiful