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WHY I QUIT SEPHORA | The Truth About Working at Sephora

3 343 views | 3 Oct. 2020

Hello my loves! I'm

Hello my loves! I'm finally taking about the reasons why I left Sephora, the truth about what it's like working there and answering a bunch of your questions! If you have any questions i didn't answer, please drop them below! Be sure to leave a thumbs up if you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe if you're new to my channel! Thank you so much for watching! xo

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Sherry Holtham

Love you glad your out of their now. Here's to your future and yours and Zach happiness,plus the Furr babies love and best wishes from NZ

Cassy Surrette

Girl I feel you I have been spit on and called names and had people throw things at me

Melissa Lampson

You are very good at doing your cosmetics and you look beautiful in those colors, I wouldn't even know how to do that kind of eye look or be brave enough to do a look like that. It's really unfortunate that Sephora didn't work out because I think you are a great Yutuber and your definitely one of my favorite people on here, it's their loss!

Brandi Melton

I think you have the kind of personality that I respect the most. I watch all your videos and for some reason this one really struck me as how well spoken, intelligent and dedicated you are. You definitely deserve all the success that I am sure is coming your way!

Samantha Ruber

Thanks for the fun premiere chat!!

Shelby Neal

I work at Victoria Secrets for 6 years and agreed with most of what you said. It’s amazing how corporate does not care but wants you to make things amazing for them. Love that eye looks

Heather Charette

You’re makeup looks GORGEOUS??? I worked for my previous employer for over 10 years. Over that time I worked my way up to a management role, and I can tell you that I experienced a lot of the same things you did. I also suffer from anxiety, and all the stress from the job really took a toll on me mentally. I learned quickly that you work your ass off for people that don’t give a shit about you! I’m really sorry that you had to go through all that! Sending love from Washington state?


Thanks for sharing!! I feel you in can't be fake either I'm a chill person! I enjoyed this video and subscribed!! ??

Tiffany Nicole

Sorry this happened to you and you deserve better, it’s definitely their lose. Also your makeup is beautiful as always, love the eye look ?

tiffani lacasse

I love your eyeshadow!! I think we need a tutorial on it ??

chrissy Harper

Sexism! The fact you got overlooked by three men that’s not right! Your too good for them hun, you will go far here on YouTube, they will regret the choice, karma’s a bitch ?✌️


gurl i feel your pain, 2 of my retail jobs screwed me over but in the end it was a blessing...found out that they regretted not letting me run the route and 3 yrs later and 8+ reps later they are still looking for a replacement...in my experience no matter where you work its like high school all over again...i think everyone should work retail at least once in their life, preferably around the holidays and see what its like on the other side...the customer is NOT always right and im that jack ass manager that will let you know that...small fish or not, you are still one of my favorites and again personal preference, im glad you dont come on all happy bouncy and overly sugary coated sweet...hope you have a good one

Jill Wilson

I do enjoy your content ? keep the videos coming. Love ya

Kelly G.

Thank you for being so honest!

chrissy Harper

They were jealous because you wouldn’t use your platform to further them, not their business what you do after work hours! I LOVE THAT YOU ARE NOT FAKE! ????
You have the best skin I have ever seen! I am 38 never had acne growing up now I get painful cystic acne, any advice?

morgan griggs

Love your eyelook!


I work retail and people suck. It's just a fact. I probably interact with just as many crappy people in a day as nice people. It's a sobering reality as to what a lot of our world is like, sadly. I would NEVER treat people the way some people treat me and I know my kids would never treat people like that either. It's just an ongoing issue of people doing crappy parenting and generation after generation not teaching their kids to be respectful and respectable. I am so nice to everyone who comes in our store and it's not my nature to snap back or be rude to people, but sometimes it's very hard. The other thing is the creepy guys who come in and say the creepiest stuff. How do people think it's ok to say stuff like that to people?! So, that makes me really uncomfortable and I have a few creepers who my co-workers are aware of and come to my rescue whenever they come in. You are so right about corporate not giving a crap about you. We get paid terrible (my job is super close to home and I get the hours I want, so it makes it tolerable for me) and when all the covid stuff was really in full swing, I got a whole extra $1 and hour of pay to be exposed to it constantly and deal with the people. If people sucked before...they double suck since all of this virus stuff started. Then, they were telling us we had to enforce mask wearing in the store. Um, when people were getting shot over trying to enforce mask wearing in different stores in our state, we all decided there wasn't a chance in this world that we were going to put ourselves at risk by doing it. I love my store manager and right now I really like all but one employee we have at our store, but the crappy pay gives us a crazy turnover rate, so I never get real used to anyone before they leave. Our particular store opened in mid December 2018 and I started at the beginning of January 2019. The store manager and I are the only ones who have been there the whole time. Oh, we have a lot of stories to tell about different people who have come through in that time. LOL I think retail is kind of a rough type of work because you aren't respected and realistically, no one cares if you continue working there or not. For me, the pros of my job outweigh the cons...but if I ever started feeling miserable there, I'd leave in a heartbeat. I'm just another number and some other sucker who's willing to come in and work for next to nothing would quickly take my place. Sad, but true. I'm so happy for you that you are out of there and am excited for you about your house and the changes that have been happening for you. I would LOVE to see your channel really take off, because I think you're awesome!

Donna Yim

Is Sephora owned by the same corporation that owns Louis Vuitton?

Erika C

This was so relatable in what I've experienced in retail.

Mabel Sheen

How fast u talk ??☺️


Keep being true to yourself bc that's what your subscribers love about you. You're genuine and have a good heart. Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you all the best ❤️

Mom 2 Two

I love how relatable you are! One word of caution though, I would be careful about calling people "fake". Some people are genuinely happy and energetic a majority of the time. Being friendly and happy does not make a person any less genuine than somebody who is more serious. Just saying...

Jenny Jenn

LOL as a life long New Yorker and this is just me but I prefer when I;m left alone in stores to look and will ask if I need help. I know my friends and sister are this way too. I did hear it was a bad experience from others though about working here. Love your makeup BTW!❤️

Kailey Hallett

Amazing eye makeup. Looks like a beautiful sunset ? I want to try to replicate this.

Lisa Burton

Having worked with Amie when she worked at Macy's Clinique in PA and I was at Estee Lauder I can 100% tell you that she was a joy to work with and a damn good employee who busted her ass. To hear that she was passed over for a promotion for the reason she gives is infuriating. Retail is a hard job. The hours suck, standing for 8+ hours on a concrete floor is backbreaking, you lose your holiday season working long, weird hours, etc. This is Sephora's loss, our gain and let's watch all her videos (especially the UNDERWEAR ones ???) and get her name out there!

Queen Ro

Wow giiiirl ! Im currently an employee at Sephora and they just laid off 200 Managers ! (T-Bombs) Smh... its A LOT SIS!! Thank you for sharing ! God bless

Danni Yao

Girl, I feel you because I used to work at Sephora before. I know how it goes.

Kimberly Enid

You’re makeup looks amazing ?

Sarah Ethier

Your makeup looks amazing girly! This is one of my favorite looks on you! Retail is pretty horrible to work in. I’m so glad you’re happier now and doing YouTube full time! Thanks for this video, it was really interesting.

JCindy Aguayo

Hi beautiful ??‍♀️,thank you for sharing ,your makeup looks beautiful

Megan Scicli

This video had to be so hard to make. I worked at Ulta for eight years four of those were me being a manager. When I tell you that the way you were treated and the way that you felt I completely understand I was treated the exact same way. And it really sucked because my love for make up is so real and that’s why I started a YouTube channel. I may only have 74 subscribers but those 74 subscribers mean the world to me so thank you again for sharing.

Janee Lytch

Thank you for sharing , always wanted to know how it is .
You look beautiful .

Kayla Cervantes

Thanks so much for telling us ur story ur makeup looks so beautiful cant wait for ur next video ??

Elena NY

Hi Amie. Working with people not only retail , it’s very difficult. You can not please everyone. I work in medical field, it’s the same, numbers and money . You are so kind person, I wish you the best.

Jessica Byars

Girl I feel ya!! I worked retail for a decade but have been in dentistry for a decade now?. That’s is why I got out of retail!! I love working for a private practice. They care about you as an individual so that’s always a plus!!
Btw, love the eye look!!

Kim Arnold

I’ve was hoping you would say something about why you left! Thank you for sharing ❤️❤️

Shannon Belone

I was always told it's not what I know it's who u know. Sucks but it's a huge part of retail and retail management. It's like that where I am now.

grinspoongirl 31

This sultry eyeshadow look with the dark background is amazing. ? Definitely giving me Halloween vibes! ?❤️
My boyfriend had a managerial position dangled in front of him with that horrible back-and-forthing and no result (also working as a manager and not getting paid for it ?) before he just stepped down and said 'no thanks.' Personally I think it's criminal.

Sierra Meyer

I’m so glad you are able to do YouTube full time ❤️


Whew ?? but the best coworkers when I was there.

Aundrea Lauzon

You left with your head held high and I'm so proud of you!

Delilah Gutierrez

Thank you so much for sharing...
I love your videos... they have helped me so much ... I love your makeup ❤

Britney Wiseman

Awwwwee your such a sweet person in every video!! I love love the make-up it's so beauty-ful!!❤❤


Eyelook is gorgeous ?
Who ever invented that customer is always right was surely not on the floor dealing w/ one ??
Happy for u & that u're in a better place living your dream out ?

Cindy Lu F

Retail was the worst job I ever had. Lol ?
Definitely not for me.
You look beautiful. Loving your eye look and hair!

Shannon Plamondon

Amie! That was fun, and it also really sucks that you were treated like that☹️ (I work in an office, but it's a "boys club" too, no women ever move up in the company despite hard work)

Cristal Ruth

I use to work retail and everyone was so scared of the district managers! Super nice but also super scary ahh


There was a cashwrap coordinator (I wont name her), I called her mother because she really help me within Sephora when I started in cashwrap. I think this is how she felt, From our last conversation I remember her saying that they wouldnt give her the position she wanted bc she wouldn’t be full time (no Saturdays for religious reasons) and she would stay the same position and never move up. I felt so sad to lose my work mother but I rather her be happy.
Ive seen a lot of good people leave, it makes me sad but I understand it.
My location hasnt rehired anyone atm, im still waiting.

Sara Lavoie

Is there a reason why you wouldn’t want a makeover done at Sephora? I noticed when asked about perks you get as an employee you said that you wouldn’t want a free one even if it was an option. Is it the products that are used either because of quality or sanitary reasons or did it have to do with the person who would provide the service or something else ? And btw I only subscribe to 3 other channels besides yours so I am very picky about who I watch and the reason I love watching you is because you don’t come on acting fake and acting like some shitty palette works AMAZING just for PR. So thank you for being you . Love ya girl ???

Yesenia Ramon

You’re never gonna get watched you’re white!!!

Ashley Anderson

Omg it’s so true that if you go in to sephora not dressed up they look at you with disgust that’s why I never go in there anymore I shouldn’t have to be super dressed to shop, I am so glad your on YouTube full time now ! I’m loving all the new uploads you deserve all the success !

Jodi Lynn

Commenting for engagement, I can only tip by watching your adds... for some reason the adds didn’t play at all in this video.

Diana Barclay

Thanks for sharing experience. I have always felt look down on when I went into a Sephora. You’d make is stunning as always. ???

Bridget Johnson

Girl your amazing!!! Dont let anyone or anybody tell you any different!! You seem very comfident and real about everything yountold us. I knew that alot of employee's got treated like shit!!! Because your so right that retail is a bitch to work for!!! Keep makeing great video's and I'll keep supporting!!! Good day.


Love Your Makeup ????

Rachelle Bañuelos

Today is my last day there. I’m over it. I’m out. Like I’ve had enough 3 years and I’m over it

Sandra Metcalfe

Thank you for sharing your story.
What happened to you happens all the time in all companies. Managers always hire their friends. This often backfires on them because they are not always the best person for the job.


Retail is hard. I’ve done it.

Madison G

I really appreciate your honesty with your career. Thank you ?

Stephanie O

Thank you for sharing your story!
Also your eye look is beautiful ?

Cassy Surrette

I hate working retail, but it's what I have to do to get myself through school unfortunately.

Carrie Leduc

I wish you luck !

Karen Upton

Honest & hard working people are most respected, I wish they were the most successful too. You are amazing talented and god damn beautiful ❤️??????

Heather Hernandez

That’s horrible no wonder your gone from there!!

Amanda Bellew

Thanks for sharing your story with us!! I love your eye shadow it's so freaking pretty!! ????


I know what you mean. I can't stand fake ass people . It's so lame

Kimberly Anne

Ive never been a fan of sephora. Idk why maybe the one time I went in the employees were so rude, it left me thinking why would I shop a place that employes the most horrible people. You will be so much better off doing your channel. I love watching ad I'm working. You should 100% have more engagement amie! Your super sweet, relatable and your makeup is always gorgeous. :)

emily blakey

Glad you are doing YouTube full time now

chrissy Harper

Omg I can’t believe you were there when a shooting took place! ? we are not used to that here in Canada I guess I am so so glad your ok ??

Christina Spikloser

Thank you for sharing. I think how hard a retail job is. I didn’t realize how competitive it was to get promoted.


I was there for a year and a half actively asking to move up - I was pretty much ignored. It was an extremely disappointing experience.

deana Cantrell

Your makeup is stunning ??? love it! Thanks for sharing about your experience. This is a different style of video, but I really liked it.

Honey Coughlin

Thank you for sharing this. Let me share my Sephora experience. So I went in just with mascara any light eyeshadow right away someone came an talked and suggested products. Second time I went I was in my dark let's call it slight goth. Not one service person came to me but watched me like a hawk when I asked about a product the service person said oh that wouldn't be for you and tried very hard to get me to buy something else I asked again about the product I was holding the service person basically grabbed it from my hand and tried to nudge me to what she thought I should buy. That was it I told her forget it you didn't even ask just assumed it was for me it wasn't but goodbye and I have never gone back

Susan Reinholz

I could not take my eyes off of your eyeshadow makeup look it was so pretty. Very interesting working at Sephora I bet. I would love to work with all that makeup and play with it but I guess you're right retail is retail.

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Acquisition Reform - Prototyping, Sustainment, PEO Digita...

724 views | 18 Sep. 2018

The 2018 Air & Space

The 2018 Air & Space Conference: Acquisition Reform - Prototyping, Sustainment, PEO Digital, and the Future of Acquisition panel.


Nugg jobs

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July Nugg Club Unboxing/Review with add-ons

4 955 views | 8 Jul. 2020

This video was almost

This video was almost entirely derailed by hitting my vape too hard, but I think it turned out close enough to coherent. This month's cannabis subscription might be my biggest haul yet.

Important message below,

This month's Nugg Club flyer included a little information about racial justice organizations Nugg Club has chosen to support, including: Campaign Zero, Critical Resistance, and the Transgender District in SF.

Since this isn't a very serious project, I've been struggling with how to respectfully address the racist and otherwise problematic realities of the cannabis industry. I'm gonna try my best here, but I understand the limits of my knowledge and experience in this area. Bottom line is: The only reason I feel safe making these videos and showing my face is I'm a white guy who lives in California, if that weren't the case my job and my freedom would be actively at risk.

An unacceptable number of people in the United States remain incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses related to cannabis, and the majority of them are Black or Hispanic. Some members of my generation are founding cannabis companies and building one of the most gender equal (in terms of leadership positions held) industries in America, but others are facing decades behind bars for the exact same act - selling cannabis.

Consider donating to https://www.naacpldf.org/ or https://www.aclu.org/issues/smart-justice to finance their advocacy and litigation against racial discrimination and unjust incarceration

Over the longer-term, I'm personally donating the Marijuana Policy Project at www.mpp.org and Campaign Zero at https://www.joincampaignzero.org/

I encourage you to support your local legalization organizations and initiatives. Nobody knows your community better than you, so remember to act locally to show that Black Lives Matter and fight racist attitudes and policies.


Thank you for reading this far; If you're interested in signing up for your own Nugg Club box you can save $20 with my referral link: https://www.nuggclub.com/inv/uvykbj

I chose flower/vapes/prerolls and received two top-shelf eighths (7g total), three 1g pre-rolls, 1 can THC/CBD seltzer, two 0.5g extract/concentrate cartridges and a 510 thread battery for $100 + tax (~130)


Timestamp shortcuts and full product list:

+ Preroll by Lavastix x The Peakz co https://nuggclub.com/product/preroll/the-peakz-co/lava-stix-indica-preroll-indica

+ Prerolls by Grizzly Peak https://www.grizzlypeak.com/product-line

+ Headbanger https://www.leafly.com/strains/headbanger by Dropout https://www.dropoutcannabis.com/

+ Sour Cherrymore by Arcanna https://www.arcannami.com/

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+ Besito Pen https://besito.la/products

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(you can also click the start of a given section on the progress bar to skip there)

0:00 "Start"

0:25 Penguins, Intro, Happy Pride, BLM

What's in the Box

1:54 Open box full contents shot

2:42 Lighter & rolling papers


4:26 1g Indica Lava Stix joint by The Peakz Co.

4:53 Grateful Dave (13% THC) & Sativa Bone (15.3% THC) 1g each by Grizzly Peak

Flower/Bud/It's weed bro

5:36 3.5g Headbanger (sativa, 25.420% THC) by Dropout

6:23 3.5g Sour Cherrymore (hybrid 25% THC) by Arcanna

Edibles and Vapes

7:30 Blood orange cardamom seltzer (2mg THC, 4mg CBD) by Cann

8:29 Louis XII 510 ceramic cart (90% THC) by Pure One

9:25 Cobra Extracts FOB battery

10:16 'switchblade' action and cart protection design

11:38 Blueberry Haze (Sativa Hybrid, 87.5%THC) 510 cartridge by Cobra Extracts

12:13 30 second full box contents SUMMARY


13:40 2.5mg peppermints by Loudpack

14:22 Besito Blackberry review

15:10 A closer look at the Besito disposable pen

16:28 Uno battery by Chemistry

17:08 Forbidden Fruit (80% cannabinoids) full spectrum Uno pod by Chemistry

18:22 more to watch

no penguins were harmed in the making of this film

michael scott

Wow what a waste of an item with that can
Why even send it to you if you dint preference edibles ?

Gates Dubois

Do you know if they ship to Canada I would love to get one


Was waiting for the angelic trance background music lol

Shhn Li

Peakz is a social equity brand based out of Oakland. They have some really good flower. It’s hard to find because its a local brand with small batches but worth it if you can find it

RaeAnne Trujillo

Can’t wait for nugg club to expand to Denver Colorado

Jason Nazario

A gay weed box ?

Maia Alazzawi

not me finding you attractive pleaseee

Nicole Slade

So with prerolls you HAVE to smoke it all in one sitting? ???

Miranda S

I don't even smoke I'm just here cause you're cute ??