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R. Kelly - The Storm Is Over Now

47 220 319 views | 25 Oct. 2009

R. Kelly's official music

R. Kelly's official music video for 'The Storm Is Now Over'. Click to listen to R. Kelly on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/RKSpot?IQid=RKSON

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I was in a tunnel

And couldn't see the light

And whenever I'd look up

I couldn't see the sky

Sometimes when I'm standin'

It seems like I done walked for miles

And my heart could be cryin'

Dead in the middle of a smile

But then I climbed the hills

And saw the mountains

I hollered help 'cause I was lost

Then I felt the strong wind

Heard a small voice sayin'

The storm is over

(The storm is over now)

And I can see the sunshine

(Somewhere beyond the clouds)

I feel Heaven, yeah

(Heaven is over me)

Come on and set me free, whoa

Tyron Anderson

50 street billionaire dimension signs 187 world long w wood

Solonzo Tv

I weep for you Legend


Welcome to our motherland home country Kenya this 2021.R Kelly you are blessed brother.

femi samson

The storm is over now

Clive Smith

Love lifts us up

Saint Nazzy

The storm is indeed over ooo ???, conquered Corona and still pushing forward

Rodney Webb

02/09/2021 ??????

Michael Moyo

not fair only 182 k likes ?????????? WTF

Oumou Keita

Jecoute ce sons encore en 2021 trop top ???

Dawn Mills

My family going through our sorrows, our very own storm, but the storm will end, rest well cuz, we are broken but God will comfort us all you rest now. ??????

Tsietsi S. Tlake

I thought by this time i would've crossed the finish line but eish, kunzima..the storm is not over yet.

Davidson Guillaume

Waitting until the storm is over, hopefully soon...??✌?

Katy Barata

My grandmas storm is over now. She fought hard but now she can finally be at peace

thee HONEST_son_

STORM IS OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....❤❤❤❤????this song always making me get goosebumps till even 2021......

Bennister Phiri

love this song

Abeiku Quainoo

please F B I set him free because he said it already

Jaden Richards

This man sing reality songs they are so touching

Charles Rhodes

Cosby apologize ✌️

Trishana Cassells

I just love this man ❤️❤️❤️?

Lillian Louisy

I still see the light kelly I need help

Uche Ogbormeh

Bro R Kelly god will see you through your dark time. The storm will surely be over for you amen.

mosabi peter

Surely ,strongly believe one day the storm is going to be over .let us keep on fighting .

Johnnie Henderson

Rip Mama tomorrow will be the last day I see you God has you in a better place you want to hurt nomore

Roelien Klazen

Because of this song so many people gave their lives to God. I am sure he will change and be saved.

Ruby Wilson

Free R kelly.?

Toure Yacoubou

Self predicting of self destruction songs

Eve Murugi

God in heaven will set you free soon and very soon it's only a passing cloud ?? we miss your voice R Kelly

Tyron Anderson

Bvy ugh u. Bbrcyy gvy y vf6g TV tub dimension

Nordette William's kept smell

This song hits different when ur going thru things. #2021

Lineo Sejake

Try to hate him but this man's music is unmatched

Fortunate Casian

No matter what they say your music will live forever and u are the best singer of yr time and no one can take that away from you R Kelly.

Valarie C

I’m still here 2021...I still love you♥️ and your music?because we all make mistakes no one is perfect,brighter days will come????

Clotilda yandi

I Will sing this song the day Corona Virus Will vanish hug and meet every one again ?❤

Tyron Anderson

Cir billionaire war win

saara nangombe

Never give up. The storm is over now

Isa Guilherme

Come to Africa R Kelly

Rosenette Paddio

The storm is over now 2021

crazy cat

I just love him. 2021 I'm here

Frances Qualls

I made to 2021 the storm is over AMEN FOR EVERYONE WHO MADE IT TO SEE 2021

Thuli Dlamini

#The storm is over for sure,, l love you R.Kelly no matter what???no one is perfect my brother may God protect you wherever you are ???

Phemo Mogonono

Will always love this guy no matter what??

Lungelo Mkhwanazi

I fell inlove with dat part where white choir joins in btwn

Toto Sylvain

Storm is over in February 2021 ?

Joyce Richard

May The God of Jacob rescue and restore you back to live in his mighty merciful hands R Kelly ? ???

Shameeka Williams

Can’t take this man talent from him

Sharllote Ngomane

Wow master piece ???

Jeffrey Kwame

Inspirational song
8/2/21. Jeffrey Amponsah


we will never have someone of his kind, such a genius

Yolanda Couch

Whenever I'm feeling down,, I'm lifted right here ??? 5th Feb 2021... 18:25pm

Tyron Anderson

187 mafia msx13 billionaire bank b3 billionaire billionaire case blue book Wcw rip billionaire billionaire war Devon. Son take war we not. Brother war wd rcb

Nelson Sema

We live in a complex world. Color, faith, culture and identity determine if you are right or wrong. Wish him all the best. Let the politics of the world not drain your energy R Kelly! It shall be well!

michael pocklington

very relevant work from RK. love it. thanks

Thapelo Pheto

I'm here 2021 January.. ??

Ejoke Lilian Ukeni

The storm is over in 2021, Amen


I love this song , I hope the strom will be over for you soon mr.kelly.only god knows what really happened

Virginia Badie

This is lovely song my R.KELLY

Sharllote Ngomane

No one should judge you cause God almighty knows it all

Charles Rhodes

I thought Abe was cool ?

ms-pearl zim

2021 I'm here


storm is over nw

Maive Wanjiku

2021 February

Mercy wambui

In 2021 the storm is over now no more corona in Jesus name

Abeiku Quainoo

my favorit ever relase him after all we live to leave legacy

Jim Kafuti

I wish this is different from Bill Cosby

Thia Gorgeous

I can see all the world jamming to this when Corona finally leaves ?

Wavell Francis

This goes to show there is good in everyone. I believe everyone one cant turn away from their sins. One day you will come bck

Kevin Ng'ang'a

God is with you Kelly, the storm will be over

Wells Dreamer

The bible says we all fall short and that's when God steps in God hand is mightily on Mr Kelly he is being purged out in his heart from that world to serve God in His Kingdom R. KELLY will be responsible for drawing millions and millions to Christ let's keep in prayer and watch Our God move in his situation 2 chronicles 7:14 Cry out to God daily for Kelly and watch the results

Tyron Anderson

World king honk av. G EC oj gf yyy guy i.

Wema Sumari

Who with me here in 2021 wooh I enjoy good music alive

Daniel Odeh

The greatest artist ever. Trump is the greatest politicians/ business man who loves his country and family greatly. Who agree

Syl Davis


NFS international

On accuse ntr artistes à tort mais Dieu jugera

LYRICit Studios Company

People may take away your money, fame, respect and dump you like they never met you. But there's a GOD in Heaven who will love you with unconditional love, and He will not take away the talent/gift that He gave you.

vernice Turnquest

R Kelly you have written this song to encourage others, but NOW I say this song is for YOU. Please lean on JESUS and YOU WILL SEE THE LIGHT, BECAUSE THE STORM IS OVER ONCE YOU COME TO HIM

Kayemba Bashir

Here out when heaven is willing to call out, the brother is in hard times now,God is God

Sarpong Dennis Amfo

Believe in Him and he will set you free where ever you are.???

Nompulelelo Keswa

Twenty twenty-one

Faye Berbyck

I like this song ?

Thabang Molefe

This song touches me so much as i was a drug addict but really wanted to quit but it wasn't easy till i prayed to God about it and I was saved and the storm was over

Wells Dreamer

God will deliver R Kelly in His time let us pray for God to give R Kelly the strength to endure to the end

Zanele Ngiba

He is my hero indeed in the music industry. I may not approve what Robert Kelly did bt I still admire R Kelly the artist. His music soothes my soul, may he find peace and may the good Lord give him the second chance to bless us again . I still pray for him.

Alphanso Brown

There are things that men and women has done in life that are over and above normal.... the making of this song is one such thing.

Sadra Marthurin


mindola schmitt

Where has this song been my whole life

Richard okwudili-chukwu

Man, sorry for your recent troubles.
But, you're one of my finest artists.
This song has always lifted me from early twenties.
You are awesome. With focus and strength inside you, if you still have good associates, you can shake off all the dirt and fly again.
I believe in you, R. Kelly!

Rosenette Paddio


Ivery Mathias

The closing credits of "Hardball" lead me here.

Drexell Major

Stay strong kelly..... this too shall pass !

Dela Banla

My storm is over

Tiara A Blades

Love Song ??❤️??2021

Tyron Anderson

Tacoma Washington took one bibug y8 hog

Inam Bulana

2021 February ?

Kabré Stéphane

Storm is other. Thank you Jesus

Samuel Musonda

2021 still here the storm is over CORONAL will be history ...light at the end of the tunnel

Festus Igharo

Please forgive R Kelly and release him from prison. I thought Donald would pardon him !!

Zack Mouanji

PADRÉ AND GOAT OF R&B for me....2021 February


i can see the sun shine

Tyron Anderson

My key word Kansas Moore 6x6 36 m

R and n market

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Raj kargwal

Bhai sirf wholesale video banaya kro

Ramakant Pandey

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Bikash Nath

Nice video ???

R and n market

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