Ontology roadmap

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1190: Ontology: The Blockchain On A Steady Rise To The Top

466 views | 1 May. 2020

On today's episode of Tech

On today's episode of Tech Talks Daily, I learn more about Ontology, a high-performance enterprise blockchain that is consistently reaching targets on its steady rise to the top. Powered by the Ontology Coin (ONT), the distributed collaboration platform allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of smart contracts and tokenization while retaining control of their sensitive data.

Having launched its mainnet in June 2018, Ontology enables mainstream blockchain adoption by providing enterprises dipping their toes into DLT waters with an ecosystem that supports choice. With a primary focus on delivering a robust, speedy, easy to use platform, Ontology affords businesses the flexibility to design a blockchain that best suits their needs.

Its features include ONT ID, a mobile digital ID application, as well as DDXF, a decentralized data exchange, and a collaboration framework to solve issues related to identity security and data integrity. Together these applications work to transfer data ownership into the hands of the user.

Erick Pinos, Ecosystem Lead of Ontology's Americas Operations, graduated from MIT, where he was President of the MIT Bitcoin Club and a researcher at the MIT Digital Currency Initiative. Erick joins me on the podcast to talk about the Ontology story so far and its future plans. We also discuss why Ontology's bespoke technology is an industry game-changer for developers, enterprises, and end-users.

Anaz SA

Amazing podcast . Really enjoyed this.


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Ontology roadmap

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SmashingBloke Talks Ontology Cryptocurrency

8 422 views | 28 Oct. 2018

SmashingBloke reviews

SmashingBloke reviews Ontology cryptocurrency which is a high performance public Multi-chain and Distributed Trust Collaboration platform.

This is not Financial Advice

Want to get straight into the SmashingBloke Ontology review? Skip the intro and go to 01:46

Ontology Website: https://ont.io/

Ontology Whitepaper: https://ont.io/wp/Ontology-Introductory-White-Paper-EN.pdf

Love Crypto, Love SmashingBloke

Twitter: @SmashingBloke

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smashingbloke/

Email: [email protected] #smashingbloke #ontology #cryptocurrency


Ontology is one of the coins that we are very interested in. Nice work!

Ontology roadmap

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Ontology | Distributed ID and Interoperability

269 views | 12 Feb. 2020


#blockchain #cryptocurrency $ONT $ONG

"Ontology is a high performance public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform.

Ontology enables a decentralized network environment that solves key issues of identity security and data integrity. Data sharing and productive collaboration is maximized by assuring that users can trust one another."

Ontology is a platform built on trust and cooperation. This public blockchain has the ability to build an ecosystem of technical, financial and business products for any industry in any country. With the support of a decentralized community and token ecosystem the blockchain, although public, remains very secure while providing the transparency that blockchain technology is based on.

00:00 - Intro

01:15 - What is Ontology?

05:00 - Ontology the platform and partnerships

08:35 - Chainlink's Oracles solving Data problems on Ontology

12:20 - Ontology today and the Roadmap

12:55 - The future of Ontology



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Thank you TI, I like this project.

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HeyTI, great video on ONT!! I had just started to look for this information 2 days ago.