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[WARFRAME] Ultimate VOID Relic Farming Guide - EASY Platinum Farm!

91 392 views | 23 Jul. 2020


[WARFRAME] Ultimate VOID Relic Farming Guide - EASY Platinum Farm!


What's good folks?!

I'm here with a simple guide on how to farm Void Relics and what to do with them, to earn easy platinum.



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✰EIDOLON Hunting Guides















Play Warframe



x-x-x-x-x-x-x- MUSIC -x-x-x-x-x-x-x


✰01 Harris Heller - Gone



✰02 Harris Heller - Floating Soul



✰03 Harris Heller - In My Shadow



#warframe #deimos #voidrelics


Recording Software: NVIDIA Share [Shadowplay]

Editing: Premiere Pro CC 2019

Thumbnail: Photoshop CC 2018

aris xondros

I've been playing for 5 years, still watched for some reason

[BF] DanteTV

"Ultiamte" VOID Relic Farming Guide xD

John Mivule- Novabow

Only EARLY SQUAD knows that there was a spelling error

Definitely Not

Watching this made me realize how much I want a shield and spear weapon

duke momoja

The best guide ever for farming relics, thanks man.


Love ur vid. keep up

Azuriah Reyes

Thanks for this it wasn't confusing got straight to the point unlike litteraly everyone else

Chaos Infernoid

Can you also make a video about disruption? Best frames for that and stuff. Also how to get gauss easily in that.


Thatd be good Unfortunately the 202O build of warframe is RIGGED ( the relics system is broken ) ➡️➡️➡️➡️those of us who wasted hundreds of relics for ATLAS and IVARA and TITs in the squads know this is a new bullshit relic update

Paritosh Rana

Been waiting for this guide for quite some time now ✌ thanks bro ?

SCP Foundation

Side note to anyone who didnt know, you can fail 3 and save 1 node on apollo lua after the 3rd cycle


Hey Knightmare Could you do a Jat Kusar Vid ? ^^

RubyTGM TheGameMaster

I, A Tenno, Have Been Summoned
What is your order knightmare


pain and suffering.

so i farmed lith T4 for titania prime something i forgot, i think it was the systems or chassis (its a rare drop btw) and i kept farming and farming and farming with radiant relics and got like nothing wtf rng.

Bob Moukhtar El-Haj

Great video ??????


Nova with Exodia Contagion to be sure?

DAMADA Tattoo & Body Art Tattooshop Heerhugowaard

How do you get that dark Sith like menus?

Isaiah St

Lol ik all this but thanks i play pc switch and ps4 im a Mr 29 on one if u wanna hangout


I unfortunately need to get my hands on odonata prime wings but idk what relic it dropped from it's been awhile.

Justin Sheffer

Thanks weeaboo frame.

Lego Pachycephalosaurus

Wait so if a blueprint is vaulted, and I have a vaulted relic can I still open it and get the blueprint?

faddy abdul


John Mivule- Novabow

Ight will be taking notes, thank you so much


He made this video because people kept asking him on stream, "Best way to farm Relics?"

ShK0 0

Would suggest running razorwing blitz titania for speedrunning captures.

Cristian Oros

Isn't Helene on Saturn easier for meso relic farming? Because you have a way smaller map

Abdelrahamn Hamed

Big kharah was here he knightmareframe I have sum biriani bro pull up

Thanatos Driver

I really feel like a lot of these guides should have a "in case you have yet to unlock mars" section

Jack Fisher

Why dont you just run ESO, you get rad relics with the latest stuff. Crack these relics to get void traces to rad other relics like AXI wich are much toughr to get rad from ESO or to rad the relics that contain stuff you have interest in.. If you cracking relics the chance that people in youir group will have good drops is high.. In beginning it might be best to pick every item you dont have so you get sets. You can always break sets and sell items seperately.Also i sometimes buy relics from syndicates wich speeds up the farming. And remember once you are a true vet you will have tons of the rarest relics in game not even being aware of it.. Vaulted warframes and weapons, and you will have hundreds of each relic.

SCP Foundation

Note, you dont even need to defend 2, one is fine since your going for b rotation

blood Zoney

Knightmare is a goat!

Epic Foxx

Do you farm vaulted relics in the same place?

steve shekri

Why does your voice sounds so different in yt and twitch

Swagnik Roychoudhury

Why is everything red?

TwixNyx Gaming

BTW can I get the vaulted relics on syndicate relic packs?

James Lohry

I thought you only needed to defend one conduit for rounds 4+ for B rewards.

Arhon Anomaly

Frost good frame?


How to change game theme color ?!


So early I can see the spelling mistake in the title


I love to farm meso in disrubtion , olympus (Mars)

Eysa Fares

At this point I am ready to pay someone to open all the relics I have.

Nick Hernandez

I'm wearing some razor headphones and holy crop your voice is bassy


What’s the song at the start?

Gerard Cipriano

hi,can you make a video on duo warframe combos? I always play with a friend and we were wondering about nova and banshee builds that u mentioned for defense missions :3

Kokichi Oma

I'm mr 8 n the road to mr 29 or even 30 is gonna be like hell


getting these guandao prime relics is taking forever ???

Good Hax

What software are you using to monitor frame rates, ms and RAM usage?

In Fractal

Imagine radiating relics when it literally does nothing, still a broken system.


If you're looking for meso relics, such as meso I1 for the inaros part, head over to helene on saturn, rotation A drops the I1, with a good frame you can do 10 rounds in 6-7 minutes, then extract and repeat.

red crits

I made my relic radiant three times and still ended up getting something from the exceptional rank

90's Network Productions

Just an FYI, but the market has been flooded with “El-cheapos,” wanting 100 platinum for frames that have been vaulted for years. Just hang on though, there’s a reason why people say you have to, “farm,” trade chat. Just as I was about to get off, someone offered 500p for a Vauban Prime set, when all I asked for earlier was 250. Sometimes you get lucky ??‍♂️

My existence is not poggers

As always, you go straight to the point great video mate

pej 4hout

Do vaulted relics return?
Because i want mesa prime so badly... I tried to trade 50 plat but it was gifted

iRau RL

Warframe: lith fisure,exterminate, E prime , earth, lvl 6-8, more than 1hr left
Me: ohh yesss, opening timee


Not easy platinum when you have the ps4 trade chat

Seditious Spyke

Take a Capacitance fast cast speedy volt, take a viral-slash shedu, take a gram prime.


Correction on your Axi Apollo runs. Round 4, you do not have to defend 2 conduits in order to earn a B rotation award; defending only 1 also grants B rotation awards.


let me see this melee and mods you used together khora e.e

Joshua Quintanilla

Yo knightmare what’s your lesion build

amr safwet

Why is chroma vaulted


I'm the 1k like


Needed this thanks !

Tushar Pai

Jupiter and sedna disruptions are the worst for neo relics.
better off doing Uranus UR , its infested disruption with mostly neo relics in drop table .
sedna drop table has gauss parts , and jupiter disruption just has a trash drop table with bunch of garbage that no one is interested in.




Why does it say stolen on some of the exi relics that you get in 3:29? is there like an additional way in the mission where you can get it?

Derrick Milne



What's ur build



John Tyler

Is this info still accurate?

Arhon Anomaly

He can live in high level?

Dredgen Plume

I love doing ESO, but it gets boring because no one plays it on Switch

Giorno Giovanna

-96 112 -12


I'm so stupid I don't get the 'forcing' routines but yay love the vids


geez i love your content so fcking much! Keep it up mate!

bsjw w

The best fort io its equibox nuke build

Angel Alcala

what is your weapon that deals red crits?

jefrid231 xd

Thx for the video

Phoenix Pharr

This isnt a very reliable farming strategy unless your looking for a certain relic Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is the best because whenever you rewarded with a relic it is always radiant


If you're doing Apollo on Lua, you always want to get the C rotation if you're farming relics for plat, since the Lua Lens BP sells for upwards of 30+ plat. Good video though.

Yamato Cannon

Only ogs remember when the title was misspelled

Dark PlayZ

What if you... wanted to go to Heaven... but god said... "Hunter, I have temporarily disabled that ability"


Void Hepit : Lith relics
Jupiter IO: Meso relics
Void Ukko: meso and neo relics
Lua/moon Apollo: Axi relics


at this point in wf, having thousands of relics, is making me feel like paying someone to actually crack them open.

Neo farms

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2 430 views | 20 Feb. 2017


Power: 220v/60hz/10 amps

PSI:1400 PSI

Force: 20 tons

Weight: 1100 Lbs

Safety: Motion Curtains

Certifications: CE, UL Listed electrical components

Heating: Dual Adjustable, Highly Accurate Self learning PIDS

Plate: 13×13 inches

Motor: Hydraulic, 10 Gallon Tank


Philip Albares

What was the yield?

The Spastic Mind Of A Stoned Guy

Keep it under 200 people.

Tiger Weedz

I have a Nugsmasher OG 12 ton. Mine is perfect for home but if you want an industrial model this puppy looks perfect.

Neo farms

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HALO Labs (NEO: HALO) CEO Kiran Sidhu

905 views | 20 Nov. 2020

U.S. cannabis extraction

U.S. cannabis extraction firm Halo Labs Inc. (OTCMKTS: AGEEF) announced yesterday that it has acquired Winberry Farms, one of Oregon’s oldest licensed recreational cannabis farms specializing in high-end, organic flower and concentrates.

On paper, the acquisition of Winberry could give the firm 30 percent market share within the state of Oregon. Following the announcement, Halo Labs CEO Kiran Sidhu discussed the implications of the deal and the recent election with The Dales Report.

Craig Reynolds

Hi Shadd - Your interviews are great! Cool lead in video editing too. Quick question....How do you record the video between yourself and the person being interviewed (like Kiran here) Is this just a screen recording in Zoom or something similar? Thanks for any info!