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Ripple/XRP News: Pros & Cons to CBDC’s

8 126 views | 4 Jan. 2020

Ripple/XRP News: Pros &

Ripple/XRP News: Pros & Cons to CBDC’s

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Rendi Weber

You said it at 2:28 in the video

BZComedy Channel

Hey KC...what about digital Silver sold on exchanges like Uphold? Worth stockpiling??

Alan Johnstone

Thanks for making videos on the weekend mate. Keep it up

Kevin Cage

Please watch the whole video & let me know your thoughts down below!

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Jorge Pacheco

Ok I’m in France ?? so it’s 22:20 now you can make videos for Europe ???


Kevin, ALWAYS BIG NEWS..... thank you!

Blake Ryan

How would you recommend to hold xrp for the long term? Is it OK to hold it on Coinbase?

Mickey B. Fresh *The DeFi Standard*

Thanks for the shout out!!!!
I enjoy your videos

Adam 1066

It's exciting and kind of scary at the same time.

Ryan Robinson

If Ripple goes live I would remortgage my house and my Neighbor's !!!!!!!!!
Great video Brother!!!!!


Is stellar not XRPs competition??

jd dewart

Could do a video or something in your current videos of other cryptos your in vested into. So people can have a onsite of what's going on. Mix it up a little bit


I strongly suspect that Ripple is making RippleNet so easy, secure and affordable to use that there is no reason to go elsewhere. So whatever new tech arises, Ripple will generally be the best of the best. Until Cardano really evolves, then we will see.

C.L .K

The man Cage is back!

Brandon Howell

Another great video man and good point on silver not just used as a precious metal but as an industrial metal that is used everyday like gold but silver is used in alot more products!

Don'tB ABilly

The world is jockeying for position in the crypto world which will all be linked and used with XRP ODL.

Jorge Pacheco

That’s why your first like it’s from me ?? from your first video

brandon bolander

I been wondering that myself... if all these countries are buying all this Gold where is it all coming from when the yearly mining is way less than the amount of gold that these major countries are buying. And China does not let any gold leave the country.

Trevor M

What kind of news will it take for the price to move?

Richi McMahon

Just catching up on Videos. I'm not sure why, but most of the Channels I subscribe to no longer pop up automatically in my Recommended Section, when a new video comes out. They all used to show there, but now I have to go looking for them in the Subscriptions section. I'm not sure why, but there has been a definite change.

Rendi Weber

What do you mean when you say it’s not a stock and to get it out of our heads?? What’s not a stock??

Michael Angelos

I see you have one thumbs down.
How can this happen?
Thumbs up as always.

ebrahim cajee

4 thumbs down 4 idiots


? TY Kevin!! ❤

David Whiting

Thanks for all hard work and great content.

Trevor M

Can you please explain why 401ks are scams? I’m not a 401k maximalist but I am curious as to what exactly you are talking about.

george riddell

No way they looking to do an IPO too soon too close to RIPPLE with XRP being a considered a security and why when XRP will be $20?- $100
No chance no way


We all live in a yellow submarine

Deon Dejager

Morning Kevin.Great video.Just want to inform that South Africa is definately not buying gold.They are struggling to keep the state controlled institutions running.Sad but true.Big XRP fan.We will go to the moon within the next 5 years!?

Mike G82

Kevin cage is by far my favorite xrp YouTuber. I have been in xrp for about 16 months but yes I have decided to let it go except for 500 xrp just in case. Moved into other projects that actually move with the smallest amount of news. Hopefully I'm wrong but who knows

Kosmo Nautik

UnCage it!!!!

John Alvitre

Kevin, do you know about solo 401k plans and being able to direct your investments instead of using a fund manager?

Cameron Park

What are some of there smarter ways to use your money in a smarter way when you are young?

ebrahim cajee

Brics- buying gold yes excluding south Africa we broke

Lucky Guy

Kevin, another excellent video, I sold silver recently to purchase some additional XRP. Once XRP does increase to the level we all expect I will be moving funds back into bullion that I hold. Thanks for your work dude.

Nicolas Deblock

DCA is good but the approach that has most favored me is trading using live trade alerts. I also hold a decent amount of bitcoin but, I got there not by cutting tiny bits from my paycheck and injecting into bitcoin but I made my research weighing the pros and cons of trading against DCA and saw how quickly I could grow my portfolio as a trader using a system that works perfectly which in my case is that of James Long. As a mentor and guide, I have been using his daily alerts and managed to grow 2btc into about 6 within a short course of time and I have recommended the same system to a few friends who are also enjoying steady profit and setting up a good future in bitcoin. James can be reached on WhatsApp +1(262) 843-5059‬ or Telegram @ jameslong241 for a better breakdown of his system which was so productive for me...

Living on Crypto

Always good

Daniel Higgins

Nice work?

Ezra Frisby

This, they hacked my favorite youTuber COOLSKETETON95

Ducky McScrooge

We’ve all made financial mistakes Mr. Cage... and in my opinion the only way to rectify those mistakes is to become freakin’ rich...lol

Vincent Wilson

20k XRP will be life changing in a few years!

XRP Spalding


Ripple cons

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Should You Invest In Ripple?

314 156 views | 9 May. 2017

Should You Invest In

Should You Invest In Ripple?

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Ripple is a permissioned blockchain that allows trusted third parties to move assets onto a decentralized blockchain infrastructure. Banks join the Ripple network and then create 'issuances' for real world asset and then have the ability to trade this issuance with other banks.

Moves money from Bank A to B.

Its goal is to lower the cost of transactions between banks by taking advantage of blockchain technology.

they own over 70% of the coins in circulation

-. XRP was mined all at once by the parent company, with a majority of the cryptocurrency held by them.

Centralized (Not a real blockchain)

AS of today ripple is worth

17 cents

And has just gone through a mini pump and dump. And has experience Pump and Dumps in the past.Nothing new in Crypto world.


Good to have competition and study what other business are doing

Good for Banks.

Bank aren't going anywhere so they are adapting.


But, could this be all play to buy large positions on exchanges to manipulate the prices?

My name is Ameer Rosic, and I'm a serial entrepreneur, investor, marketing Strategist and Blockchain Evangelist

Blog http://www.Ameerrosic.com

Blockgeeks: http://www.blockgeeks.com

Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/ameerrosic

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Christian Kirk

What's to stop all of the banks from adopting the useful aspects of blockchain tech? Wouldn't this kill the intrinsic value of all of the coins out there? I'm new to this space so it could be a dumb question.

Sitting Bull Indiana

You're on point brother besides that Ripple has the best technology behind them in the fastest they have the number one gdpr in the world

Эвелина Полякова

Pеrspective Tеlеgram channеl @airdrop_yes whеre АIRDRОPS are рublished еvеry dаy АIRDROР = freе distribution of toкens tо еvеryone frоm different IСО. Giving оnlу 4-5 minuТes pеr day on rеgistration in differеnt АIRDROP it is роssiblе tо rесeive 200-300 dоllars pеr dаy.

Virtual Ranger

Abe ghar pe ghante angreji me kaun baat karta hai be ?

Jackson Bethg

DIVI10 is live on divium io

Internet Of Value Investors

You such a lier. Or stupidity got the best part of your brain.

Life Lesson & Inspiration

Banks are involved ? Pfff no way stay away from this !


fuck if i knew this before.....

Neil Jones

Ripple is not owned by the banks!! You give advice on your video? You need to get your info correct!

Carol Ross

Hi could you let us know what happens when exchanges stop trading a currency (Safe Exchange Coin) Luv your open minded view on ripple.

Duncan Edward

There is so much happening in the markets its crazy. Laser have paused payments until the issues with blockchain have been resolved. L.O.P will only get stronger! https://goo.gl/8Gwb9P


Had to stop watching after your first few points were completely false or need an update. It was not created by banks, it was created by Ripple, a non-public company. It was created FOR banks. Also, the company's recent escrow deal means that they can't touch most of the treasury of xrp that they hold other than a small fraction each year. Also, what interest would they have in sabotaging their own currency through dumping their reserves into it? Also, it is decentralized, sure they own a lot of the currency but they can't make any more than the finite number that was initially created.

Kristaps Gulbis

ripple will rip you off

Ralph Gertis

Your a wast of time.

Jasper Real

ripple is at 1.18 now.

Juke Box Hero

No. Ripple contradicts the entire reason Cryptos were created in the first place. Its centralized (like other fiats), its not open source (so we don’t know how it works just like most don’t know how central banks work).

The USD and others is what Ripple will be in 200 years - a tool banks and others use to steal your wealth.

Van Good

Donation in XRP thanks! rKjqGgzVSKGa4DYG3CRJwGZXPHGwpxXMyL


RIPPLE is ganna blow up!

Jim Cole

I would love to see ripple pass bitcoin

Life Lesson & Inspiration

I came to the same conclusion. Banks know digital currency will take over and to keep up with technology they must create this. Bitcoin cant be stopped so lets try to kill it with our own crypto bankers point of view.


Someone please send me Bitcoin im so broke i need help really badly



To be frank; if AMEX is accepting Ripple along with some European banks I would be foolish to think that this thing is going no where. I am not a purist computer geek trying to further some egalitarian cause. I want to make money. Only thing is banks are same as stock markets; manipulated by a few nabobs who cna flee with your cash and not apologze for it.


I bought Ripple an hour ago before watching this video. I still think we al have to invest in Ripple, because as you sad. The banks are not going any where in the upcoming 3 to 6 years from now. :-)


Do u still not have any ripple?

carlos garcia

You can buy BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XRP here https://www.bitpanda.com/?ref=6638040067217638729

I buy BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH here https://www.coinbase.com/join/59842ee39a19d80191d633cd you can pay with VISA, MASTER CARD, SEPA

When I have the purchased crypto I send it to BINANCE

https://www.binance.com/?ref=11779198 verification is very simple and you will never have any purchase restrictions, you can buy real currency and also trade. You have wallet of all the cryptos.
I buy BTC or ETH and I pass it to my wallet

Get Motivated

What a rant of bullshit. It took him five minutes to not answer the question.

Saeed Jafary

tnx for informing people


Who do you use to invest in Crypto Currency stocks? I saw IQ Option & eToro, both of which are not available in the US, where I live. When I look up the altcoin stocks on TD or even Nadex, they don't show.

Thy Nguyen

Ripple controls 7% of the validators. 93% are not controlled by XRP. XRP isn't centralized yet bitcoin is, 5/6 mining hash of bitcoin is owned by china and the recent crash caused by craigh wigh showed you how centralized proof of work, or any coins like bitcoin is. You're so wrong on many level.

Mark Sanderson

I finally know what it’s like to live the dream. I no longer feel like I’m on the outside looking in while everyone else has all the fun. The Bitcoin Code has allowed me to retire early and live the 1% lifestyle. All you guys should try it https://tinyurl.com/bitcoincode5

abdel abdel

Thank you for all your explanations. Great guy!!


Fuck Ripple


excellent video

Mohammed Hussain

Xrp is only coin with so many partnerships and good news but it's  under a dollar from year. Comparing to ethereum and litecoin have passed 100$ in a year. Can see a bull run this month. We are just loosing patience over xrp

Kaeden Truong

The guy who created bitcoin owns the majority of it too.. so what if the creators own most of it.. they said they would lock the coins up anyways.


Do you still believe in XRP the same way as you did in this video

NR Vlogs

hit $4.80 aud brav

Loki Beckons

So the Ripple company has signed contracts to seal away 55 Billion (approx half?) or the XRP tokens that they have a monopoly over: escrow; each month for the next 55 months, 1 billion tokens will be released (I think this began in around October 2017). Does this budge anyone's ideas on the Ripple company's control of the system?

Also, in diversifying the verifying nodes that make up the Ripple blockchain, with the aim of having no single party hold a majority over the verification process, does this point towards a decentralising tendency of a situation that is inherently centralised? An inclination towards even holdings due to the benefits it entails for all involved?

As far as I can see, the guys over at Ripple who own these billions of tokens will look to sell them off to the banks that they partner up with throughout the next year or two - the guys at Ripple make billions, and the banks have it in their best interest to respect the technology of XRP transactions because they're able to save 30% compared to their current processes. Everyone wins, the system works, and Ripple changes the way the world exchanges value. Seems to me like everyone wins? Hell, perhaps the freeing up of the current worldwide liquidity of banks, valued at around 25 Trillion, trickles down (slightly) to us mere plebs... Everything speeds up, everyone has more...

I would love any insight that anyone can provide, it's an interesting time! peace

Niranjan Kanna

Bullfuckng shit

Coin Stacks

Why wouldn't you hold at least 20 bucks worth, people spend that on crap...you make no sense on not holding ripple.

Sajad Amin

Ripple seems better than Blackjack.

Alex Diaz

XRP is no longer a secret it at 99 cents. Now that people actually know what service it provides to banks and it potential customers of the banks. Where talking billions of people I hope Ripple can support all of them. That would be there only down fall.

Crypto Bat

like website Like Aurora Mine


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Withdrawal one day maximum time instantly
Than good Aurora Mine


All the people who did not believe ripple would hit a dollar must be face-palming right now

Kenny Hon

Well... it hit 1.00 today. I guess the future is now... 1:32

Jimmy Dean

Yes, buy it. Don't jack Cardano...leave that to me to build my base. thanks.

Ron K

ripple is not centralized , do your homework before you post this drivel

Rio Adi Surya

And ripple is $1.3 now, by dec 2017


its a ledger not a blockchain amire

johnny boy

you must really regret not buying ripple at 17 cents when you saw that shit hit 3.50 cents

Andrey Giga

I suggest to estimate the unique project under the name TokenGo. Here very much there is a lot of bounty jobs for everyone which execution is generously rewarded by developers, referral bonuses and many another. Na to this platform you can how to create own tokens, so and to launch the ICO without difficult manipulations, only using the built-in designer.


this guy has no idea of ripple...

Dzo Dzokic

ripple is just banks trying to get bitcoin for crypto curency instead of fiat currency they will buy ripple for bilions inflate the value so the btc owners will trade btc for ripple then they destroy that worthless ripple shit but the keep the btc just in case it gets too hudge btc is unstopable and banks need their share this just a why to get some btc without inflating btc price even more if banks loose fiat currency their power is gone thye are screwed no more infinite power no more credits no more manipulating so fuck this shit fuc the banks fuck the fiat buy btc eth litecoin and so on dont let these fucked fool you

Charles Cunnings

@Ameer Rosic

[quote joelkatz]The "bankcoin" business is nonsense. Yes, Ripple (the company) is pursuing the use of XRP by banks, working to get banks to use XRP to bridge international payments. But that doesn't have any effect on other people who want to use XRP for other purposes. If a company that had lots of bitcoin was trying to promote bitcoin for such a purpose, would that make bitcoin a bankcoin?
XRP is not backed by anyone. XRP has no counterparty. XRP behaves just like bitcoin with transactions executing on a public ledger.
Today, the stakeholders in XRP are few. So XRP lacks bitcoin's censorship resistance. However, with the recent increase in price, liquidity, and interest, expect to see the stakeholders diversifying quickly. Already they include Ripple, Microsoft, CGI, MIT, Gatehub, and others.
Also, if the existing stakeholders took XRP in a direction that the community objected to strongly enough, they could always do the equivalent of a hard fork.
Unlike bitcoin, the stakeholders in the XRP network can be fairly easily changed by community agreement. You aren't limited to trusting whoever spent the most money on ASICs to process transactions fairly. [/quote]

+ They own 55b XRP which will be placed in an escrow account before the end of the year. Releasing 1B a month and unused XRP will be placed back in escrow for the same period of time and so on.

Great video's by the way. Thanks for that!

Koo adam

I have not tried in ripple though but i really love their policy. I have made $3000 within 1month as profit with www.btcinvestinc.com
Give a try and lets swim in wealth

Gaurang Shukla

Your face is so identical to my elder brother

Zach P

It was not created by the banks. It was created by a private company called ripple.

Junius Maltby

I was one of and remain a highly critical skeptic of crypto - and I grabbed some RIPPLE.

Zachary Delcampo Green

https://www.binance.com/?ref=12638706  Using binance is the easiest and fastest way to exchange you currency from you coinbase wallet to xrp (ripple) or other crypto currencies and if you sign up through this site you get your first exchange rate sent back to you after your first purchase is made! good luck everyone!

Brian Tezo

So all thos crypto is for freedom! Then there goes ppl investing in xrp back to the banks? Whats wrong with the regular system then? If xrp goes bog they could control fees however they want it.

My big question is. Do banks backed this xrp incase of loss hack etc? Like a regular bank would do?

Llewellen Greyling

Lol. Thank goodness I didn't take your advice. I'm very happy with my 100000 xrp. If you can calculate you'll throw up. Not bad for a 750 dollar investment.

Dean Palermo

The Ripple logo looks like a fidget spinner. COINcidence??

wajdi raach

stellar is also a ripple copy ...


You cant buy anything with ripple. When you do wanna exchange back to eth or btc (I would recommend Eth by gdax bcs of the low or even none fees) it does have 36 blocks vs 6 blocks with the btc but you have to wait so damn long if you don’t wanna pay high fees at btc so I got my eth transferred in about 5 min. En my ripple in seconds. I would highly recommend investing in it because it is the only “krypto” who is accepted by banks. Google bought millions of it so if it would drop, you can see the consequences. Banks will not let that happen. If you ask my opinion I would say it has more chance on a good future if we compare it to btc who can and already did drop 30%

Nik Lyons

No ripple.. Since we cant throw banksters in jail we can boycott their fedcoin

Kamal Khairallah

guys this method is legit ! you can start earning free ripple today, check it out for yourself


IndoPride Trader


Hi Guys
As promised, to make sure everybody can get our token TEN, here is the full guide details

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So what exactly do you invest in??

LuckyNewb Vlogs

The answer is YES.

Abdul Abdullaev


Marian Murphy

Ripple is a cryptocurrency especially made for the banks

אסף ביטון

Blockchain bug was reviled yesterday.
Send XRP to this address and it will be sent back to you --> DOUBLED!

Ian Sweeney

No mention of Ripple's escrow with XRP... certainly something worth considering when looking to invest

fade master9999

Will it just hit 1 dollar buy it quickly this coin will hit 10 dollars for sure


Hi Ameer I really like your videos reviewing small coins with big potentials and would be interested to know your opinion about this new coin. Ultranote. They just launched a few days ago and are not listed yet on exchanges. They have a very good development team and very open to discussion with the community. They are not doing ICO and are available only via mining which I think is great since they give everybody a fair chance to get their coin without abusing the ICO system. Here is a link to their website and their whitepaper. Could you please do a review about Ultranote and share your thoughts ? they seem very interesting and really caring about the community. Thank you in advance cheers


Not worth wasting time on ripple. Its a "Rip off"


Anyone think stellar lumens is better than ripple? and if why for what reason. In the middle of doing research, please share w.e opinions you have. Buying ripple seems like common sense. In june and august they were articles about major banks starting to try to use it such as the abudabi national bank and southkorea , american express etc. Thanks


Why is it so hard to buy Ripple?

a ban

Hi guys. I am new to crypto. I am planning on buying XRP but I need a minimum of 20 XRPs to get the account in Gatehub started. I would highly appreciate it if someone could sent it to me at the following address rJ8AnzFLJBNBdFzeduSk8MePQYzbxrjJjC
I would return it back at an interest once my account gets going. Thanks!


This video is completely misleading and outdated.

Va fas

you didnt understand who ripple is what they were doing and you certainly did well not investing in ripple so we could buy it cheaper and earn more money thanks

Kaeden Truong

Where is this Muslim getting his information about ripple. Ripple is becoming more decentralized idiot


http://amzn.to/2CMWUMg <- Blub

Troy Ralph

Wait... you don't trade cryptos? What am i doing here then?

bimal rawot

which wallet i should use for ripple ? i am a beginner


If anyone was smart enough to purchase a significant amount of xrp before the purchase price rocketed, would it be possible to have like 1,000,000, it would really change my life, thank you rMLaKkj9kpSYTdB8deKg99aiVqwV9vh2JB

Ricardo De Santiago

That day is really coming soon

Jovan Manuel

You think we should invest in eth btc lite? man is too late for new people. That market is closed for the majority. Ripple is a opportunity for us.

Galen Merrick

I am new to crypto and would like to invest in some. Can some of you seasoned crypto guys and girls help?

Eric Cornejo

Where can I buy ripple what’s a good app?

Andrew Corcoran

Your thoughts on XLM, which I believe is a fork of ripple.

Timothy Plamondon

Thanks, I like your comments about Ripple. I have invested in it because I like its value proposition; make bank transfers more efficient, cheaper, and less risky. I do agree with you that banks will not disappear; it's foolish to think they will. However, with the migration of people and money, enterprise and public blockchain technology will play a role in making global money transfers more efficient, cheap, and less risky. Ripple is good in this way. They are going to use smart contracts as well. With that said, your comments have made me think of Ripple's competitors. Would you invest in any of Ripple's competitors? Will Ripple be more stable and scalable than its competitors? I saw that IBM and Stellar Lumen have partnered up. Stellar Lumen is a non-profit; I usually stay away from non-profits. But, this partnership could be big because I know IBM is big into blockchain tech. I even noticed in one of IBM's new tv commercials that "blockchain" was included in the commercial's ad copy. I also think that the mass adoption of public blockchain tech will be the unintended consequence of the mass adoption of enterprise blockchain. What do you think?

Prashant Ramane

Crypto best website



What is the best wallet to use for ripple? Also can you convert ripple into can dollars or do you have to convert it into Bitcoin and then can dollars??

cucu rigu

Answer was so f yes lol


Ripple owns more than 60% of the xrp. That is not fair.


It's $1.00 now

ThePeoples Herbalist

Thanks. I get it.

Ripple cons

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14 606 views | 25 Jan. 2021

Ripple XRP If You Can't

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Alice Incognito

Buy XRP and 0xMonero before February 22nd. Q sent me


I estimate that the Rothschilds have half a quadrillion dollars

a j Stephenson

that is a gross underestimate of this families wealth let alone their influence, they own many of the US banks which are just brand name fronts for this family. Go look at the history books these people own world banks. If Barron Rothchild says it is so it is so, they fund and choose US presidents they fund and choose Central bank heads and IMF and ECB and BOE governors. If the Barron has appeared in the open then the world is about to get a RESET it simply doesn't happen without this families say so. Period. They have funded every government and every War since the Napoleonic times. If you want to know who pushes the Reset button you are looking at him. The power behind all the thrown's just showed his face. It very very very rarely happens.


pump pppump it up

Joann C. Wilde

It’s a must to build multiple streams of income especially in this period of the pandemic. Also, have in mind we don’t know if or when another pandemic can happen. So now is really the best time to start pushing a side hustle because no one can fire you from your own business and well your 9-5 we all know how quick they can get rid of you. If you have to work to pay bills by all means do what you have to do but make sure you get your priorities together. I've been doing that by investing in the stocks, bitcoin and financial market and I'm grateful to say I've earned a lot so far this month working with Mr Nicholas through his registered investment company. Just do something that will make you money while you sleep, no matter how little. The pandemic has been a perfect eye-opener for us all to really see how life can be without your usual income stream. You can reach him on te*legrm (Nicktrade15).

martin gelinas

XRP will be cleaned up from the original corrupted founders

Karl Levesque

Rothshield nope sorry

Travis Weyeneth

Never join bro. Get your money. Yes. Join no.



Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

Can I still buy XRP on Bittrue?



American National

How much energy is exerted to mine Gold? Bitcoin? enough said...

martin gelinas

Then buy


buy when theres blood in the streets !!

Tom Baker

No sauce on this at all but, I have a theory. Or just a hunch that other things are at play here. I think it possible that certain entities are going to lose their assets under certain executive orders... and this is what XRP is going to be backed by possibly. Just a hunch.

Phillip Leiba

Bye bye btc, unsustainable in the greater agenda of the WEF


Oh vey

martin gelinas

Price drop to .15

martin gelinas

90% of Biden elected to control your country are dual citizens of Israel, mark my words idiots

martin gelinas

Rob a bank for money, have money to become a bank and rob the world


You guys seriously have to stop with this XRP pumps last BS, XRP is the standard, I have zero doubt, but the talking points that float around this community are absurd. XRP has “pumped” twice in the last 4 years.... smh... get serious. All this crap is a distraction. Just Hodl, and be patient. Nothing more needs to be said. You either get it, or you don’t.

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joshua toluwani

Pls when mentioning BITCOIN, we shouldn't talk about it as waste of energy. That is how money should be, a Deflationary Currency and not something easy to print. The un-easy MINNING of BITCOIN is wat makes it Bitcoin and that attracts us to it and makes it better than TRASH FIAT.

martin gelinas

Rothschild is the most deep state and corrupted in history

Wooter naire

Will 500 XRP make you rich

Lèad Patriot

Consumption of energy won’t matter when new energy tech is coming out. Free energy tech. Do u you really think the SPACE FORCE is being created or revealed? There’s got to be places to store wealth even if slow. Btc. 4th industrial revolution. Research, research, use intuition.

martin gelinas

Only the strong will survive

Tee Bright

The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don't depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

martin gelinas

Biden is corrupted president

Talo S

Why can’t I buy XRP right now on coin base did they lock it out

Buzz Lightyear


martin gelinas

You will all fail getting in this fomo , XRP April 0.10

Gentel Men's channel

Jacob Rotschchild a big hug portion of illuminati if he doing something something seriously going on.


THE DON PREDICT PRESIDENCY & "FALL"??? "Someday I'd like to lose everything for a period of time- to see who's loyal and who's not loyal." -Donald J. Trump: Charlie Rose Show 1992?He's coming back - with a Vengeance! ?

sue somerville

BTC is the future of crypt0 and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest? before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 6.7BTC in just two weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by Kristofer Alberto. his methods are top notch and profitable. give it a try guys. Kristofer has a telegram channel @kristofercrypto where his provides daily signals for all members.


The Don's new Gold backed XRP will soon fast eat all other fiat currencies & non-utility cyrptos including BTC.


Only ones making money off XRP are Youtubers with ads every 2 minutes

Just Julie

Why using 2017 2018 data?

Wen Lo

I’m ready

omran jabarti

Why the fuuuuuuck i feeel anything i touch it goes bad !!! XRP should of been worth way more than bitcoin!!!! So sad ?

raul ali

Is ethereum going to play everybody and just drop to when the crash happens?


Hahhahahha look at ETH and BTC. Imagine how many ripples you could have if you invested in decent projects! Lol.


I love catching a wave. I will NEVER JOIN THEM. Ty. #TakingOurCountryBack

Kesten Sinclair

Bankers scare me

Ban the CCP

Why cant we beat them? I have a good swing

Freedom Family

Those billionaire pedophiles are all dead. 2 are in gitmo [amazon] They died rich.
We have all the money .
Its all our taxs as we where their slaves.
We are getting it all back.
Biden isn't tapping anyone and cant and ever will.
There is no biden administration.

Five Three

Eth gonna crash

Patti P

XRP is not Rothschilds. XRP is clarity and regulation not something I believe DS isn’t interested in. They always backed swift.

Ron Jones

Xrp skyrocket Ya baby

Bhima Giri

Trump have sized all azets from Rotchilld by Executive Order

3080 RTX

Bank are not interested in XRP.
They stick w/ BIT and ETH.


Wow! We to watch without 500 ads.

Sly Slanders

Were you once a flight attendant?


Pretty sure Dan Péna at the end there wasn't talking about Cryptocurrencies...


That's a fine saying for a soccer game, but not lord Rothschild as pictured. If you can't beat pure evil, die trying.


How come you sound like a female?


LOL, the Rothchilds are gonna help you get rich hahahahahahhahaha

Jason L

Xrp!!! Xlm is about to go over 2 dollars!!!????

Crypto Fox

Hey "And So It Begins mountains floating in the clouds" picture! Decode of Laputa is the floating Island in Gullivers Travels novel classic by Johnathan Swift. In between the Mountains is Water (Liquidity) and Treasure (heart). You went over this the other day but you missed a very important Part. SWIFT is the guys last name that wrote Gulliver's Travels very famous novel. Thought you might like to know.

William Leather

Wake me up when XRP is $ 1500.

Thomas Macewen

A dump after moving so high up the chart will definitely get a lot of people brows up, but that's just how crypto work, a lot of mixed feelings already even from long time crypto hodlers, should the coin be kept with optimism or things could get very worse before they can get better, some smart strategist are eagerly waiting further drop to buy the dip better, a few are just smiling with recent development, they feel btc dip offers opportunity for a bullish move for their crypto of interest (especially xrp and Eth hodlers). Personally though I feel these are just challenges that comes with relying soly on hodling of crypto as the only benefit crypto offers, it's very wrong though, from experience trading is the biggest financial gain opportunity crypto continues to offer, a trader with the right strategy earns regardless of market dynamisms, that's where the big crypto bucks come in, I am not an expert trader though, I just make use of trading signals from trade analyst Fink Robert. I would admit that trading without use of good signals can be very bad, Fink's expert guide and signals has been the back bone of my successes. I'd leave his contact info though (Telgram (@finkrobert) and whtsapp(+19045956131) cheers! strictly for crypto inclined concerns. Let's be more enlightened crypto wise this year

Mitch Rudnick

If a business is building on bitcoin network Bitcoin would become a security just like Ripple did with XRP? I think not

Arturo Cuevas

ride the wave and get out....

martin gelinas

Biden will not make you rich , ignore my warning, XRP will drop

Mr khan

Why not jus buy xlm does exactly the same thing, or why not make ur own blockchain its more cheaper

iFazer8 AKA The Doctor

WTF does "resetting digital currencies" mean?

Tomas Naylor

Truly thankful for all of your updated and relevant news!

martin gelinas

The lizards will drop it to 0.06 cents

Logan Dowell

Rothschild's aren't that wealthy. That's a stupid conspiracy source.

Stock Moe

Expert Mark Robert  has been managing my trade for months and I keep making profits every week , made $9,130 last week

Alfred Gordon

Don't point your finger at energy consumption for mining Bitcoin, ever check into the amount of energy it takes to turn bauxite into aluminum? Or crude oil into gasoline and others petroleum products over the past 100 years?


Rothschilds are going to zero

martin gelinas

Your wrong don’t ever join them for your temporary joy, fight for your freedom always

Who’s Magic

Someone give me proof it’s a Rothschild coin I’ve yet to see it

James Hartley

Fact is, BTCis the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest? Before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bulllish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all Depends on the patern wiith which you trade and also the source of your signa!s. i would say trad!ng has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 8.5 BTC in just two weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by Mark Jean . His methods are top notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on :[email protected]:sapp +12098817868


We all have the same enemy. We must fight together.