Save from sin

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What is the Unforgivable Sin? | Explained in 5 Minutes

340 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Many people wonder, what

Many people wonder, what is the unforgivable sin in the Bible? It is also known as the 'unpardonable sin' or 'blasphemy against the Holy Spirit'. Should you be worried?

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All Praise You Lord Jesus Christ.. The One And Only True God!!! Thank You Holy Spirit for Convicting my heart during this video! I Love You???????

Lucifer Morningstar

1:30 the clock disappeared ?????

Tarzan Toes

Thankyou so much.This can be hard to explain and I know several who would benefit from this,myself included.In the moment I have a hard time making things make sense

Lucifer Morningstar


Tanya Chewning

Thank you for sharing Amen

Lakshan Fernando

God bless !!

Isaí Jethro Guerra Morales

How do you know you are not misinterpreting that verse? Are you sure that speaking against the Holy Spirit can be forgiven?

Answer me please, blessings.

Naol Erena

Can you do a video explaining Romans 13?


Thank you bro for sharing this with us. God bless❤?

Note: i do have 3 social media platforms TikTok, YouTube and Instagram and i want to use these platforms to preach the gospel to the world. But how do i preach God's word in a correct way to our brothers and sisters who wants to hear the message?

Lien the blesser

After still watching this I'm still struggling. Already prayed for forgiveness for that. And for a while it feld good. But later I felt like.. Did he really forgive me?.
How do I know he forgive me? How can I see that? How do I know?

And yeah I think I commited unforgivable sin but I don't know
I didn't mean it..
It was exactly explaining someone the truth...
I told someone one time about a pastor that he didn't had the Holy Spirit and had a fake holy spirit.
that devil wants to imitate God.
Because he was a false prophet.

Did I commited the unforgivable sin?...

I'm not sure if I did. I guess not. because I didn't ment to "against" the spirit. It was against the pastor that I was speaking about...
I feel really bad.. I hope I didn't say someting wrong because it was not against holy spirit..

I'm btw Christian for a very long time and I really love God with my whole heart :( I still hope he isn't mad at me...

what's your opinion?

Isaí Jethro Guerra Morales

Help me please!
I thought some negative things against the Holy Spirit, can i be forgiven? How do i know that God actually forgave me

EstebanLoves God


Save from sin

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Whom did Jesus come to save from sin and when does forgiveness of sin occur?

111 views | 11 Jan. 2021

The following discussion

The following discussion is an excerpt from the Sunday Service weekly program hosted by the Church of the Eternally Secure (CES) streamed live on January 10th, 2020.


"Did Jesus come into the world to save the world (to take away the sins of the world) i.e. John 1:29 or do you believe that Jesus came into the world to save His own, i.e. Romans 8:29? Also, my sins were already forgiven at Calvary although I was not yet saved? Or did it require for me to fully recognize and repent of my sins before believing in Jesus and then receive the forgiveness once saved?"

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Judith Houska

Love and Prayers

Renee Roland

BEN I liked how you cut the questions into smaller videos...good stuff! Great graphics too! Thank you

sull yar

You guys are a blessing. May God bless you guys!

Save from sin

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How to STOP SINNING over and over again? | BE FREE FROM SIN

345 436 views | 4 Jan. 2020

In this video, I answer

In this video, I answer one of your questions: How can I stop sinning over and over again? Is it possible to overcome sin? You might feel trapped, but the bible gives us a clear answer on how to overcome sin and live a holy life for God.








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In this video, we look at how a Christian can overcome sin. The Bible tells us to live holy because God is holy, but we are not perfect...So how can we stop sinning over and over again? We have to turn to God's word to see what the bible says about how we can overcome sin.

There are many Christians who struggle to overcome sin. Their sinful habits are strong because they do not know how to walk in the Spirit.

If we try to overcome sin by acting through our fleshly nature, we will fail. We will continue to sin over and over again in the same sin. We have to learn how to think and act through our new spiritual nature and then we will not continue to sin.

Temptation is all around us, it will not stop, so focus your thoughts on God and to grow spiritually every day. The more you focus on God, the less you will sin. But watch the full video where I explain this in more detail

If you watched the whole video and liked it, then


Joshua Lilly

I've sinned so much I feel completely disconnected from God. I want to confess but I feel ashamed and I fear of being judged by people. I feel scared to do things and to open up about things because I don't wanna be judged by others. I want to get closer to my lord. Please pray for me?


Without the holy spirit we fight sin in our own strength. We must make sure we are born-again and spirit filled to overcome


I recently commitd a sin I had worked on for so long to over come. I had not committed the sin for a while but when I did i felt disgusted. Please pray to God to lift the sins that stray you further and further from god l. Please Pray to God to lift the curse, Weight , And guilt of sin. Go to God whenever you feel tempted to sin again keep on doing this, I promise you it will work

The Complete Sinner's Guide

Do you struggle with sin? Anyone who is born again by the Holy Spirit struggles becoming like Christ! Join us on our weekly podcast "The Complete Sinner's Guide right here on YouTube to engage in thought provoking conversation that helps YOU better understand sin and also learn what you can achieve with the help of God's ALMIGHTY Holy Spirit guiding your way!

liliana piffary

You may also read the" Present with Religion", a book for free on the Global Truth Project.The book is about the truth of life and it shows the full picture of life for the first time so that you may stop being deceived by the world and be able to follow the steps of Jesus and other prophets.The book explains what Jesus and other prophets of the past were really saying and the core message is for us to repent now of all our sins and conform to the nature of Jesus 100%. Only then will God be able to save us! If you just believe in Jesus but you dont live by His law 100%, you are deceived and will not be saved!We have to be committed 100% to God and stay on this narrow path to the end.

Andrea Gomez oficial

and i think fasting may help...??


Im 10 and proud to say Daniel helped me be saved! :)

Lolo Yo

Come to Islam.Islam has only one holy book but your religion has 4 copy of one book.My religion is Islam.If you do not convert to my religion you will burn eternally in the hell.start by reading the Quran.Quran says: "If there were therein Gods beside Allah, then verily both (the heavens and the earth) had been disordered. Glorified be Allah, the Lord of the Throne, from all that they ascribe (unto Him)."Enbiya,22

Tim Bonstell

I am Truly Grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ setting me from a severe heroin and alcohol addiction as well as giving me the strength to stop lookin at porn and so many other things! I know 4 a fact that i can not do anything without The Holy Spirit helping me each new day! Praise God

Simply Comfy

this was really helpful now I know cause I have been having troubles cause I would say a bad word in my head and that the main sin I have been doing


This really helped thank you jesus


Lord remove my hatred and give me a soft nature please Jesus Christ.thank you lord Jesus Christ.amen

Jeremy Lim


Lilac Liz

he's been fighting me with two sins, addiction to nicotine and looking for love in men rather than God (romantic, not sexual, but it doesn't come from God so it will end in lust). The devil has been tempting me everynight, giving me dreams to tempt me.

Chrishawn James

I just did, thank you GOD

Eddie Hill

The “dual nature” pagan philosophy is as old as the hills and dates back before the first century.
The gospel teaches you die to the old nature, and you are born again into a new nature, Christ’s nature. No one can serve two masters.
This is only accomplished by the work of the Holy Spirit. What’s the purpose of Jesus sending us his Holy Spirit? To make us Holy.

Jjj Hhh

I want to pray at night but I don't know what to say and I want to be saved and not sinn everyday


Im trued of sinning:( even if im a christhan

Amalanto Varghese

JESUS truly lives in holy eucharist both Spritually and physically ???please please I beg everyone to read and search about it....
Because satan masks the truth from us???

Emmy Smith

Watching this now...exactly what I need right now

shadow gaming

I'm not Christian but I believe In jesus

Manphong Konyak2


DoshieG Beans

Can someone pls help me? I'm scared. I love God and Jesus and I wanna be with them throughout my life and same with my lover ones. I'm just a kid who just wants to be a good man in life and walk with the holy spirit. Pls someone pray for me.

Lisa Whitten

I have just recently found the spirit of God. Now im eager to have spiritual growth. I have lots of questions. I would love to ask you questions. If you have the time to reach out i would appreciate it. Like for instance judgment day is it one day? Or does everyone have there judgement day when you pass? That's just one of many.

Melissa Jones

Thank you for this word

Aloha Kingkamon

Amen! Thank you so much!
May God bless everyone who is watching this video.

Vinod Jhon

Tips to overcome lust
1 read bible everyday
2 read atleast 8 chapters per day
3 repent
5 don't stay alone
6 don't feel sad he is loves u
7 the most important thing understand the god
8 never angry stay calm and cool


Plz pray for me ?? I literally overcome a lot of sins thanks to God but I can’t stop doing one sin and thats lust ? i always come back to it ? I don’t wanna do it no more, i wanna stop disappointing God ? plz pray for me brother and sisters

Grace Hill, Colorado

Ramly Doringo
10 months ago
Why are most of the people in the comment section feel so guilty?
All of your sins are forgiven already.. All that you did and all that you will ever do
YOU CANNOT STOP SINNING. We are dust and we are still humans.
Get it? Get GRACE.

princy star

Daniel your videos are very inspiring and great....... I will always pray for uuu Brother.

Marie Savannah

God say by lack of knowledge my people perish, the more we know who we are in Christ the more we spend time at the cross meditate on what Jesus had to go through for our sins the more we will turn away from sin

Ryuujin1990 Reyes

I want to stop smoking tobacco. Deep inside me it is a sin, but it is very very very hard. Pray for me brothers and sisters on Christ, that I do not lose my way anymore.

Hyeonjun Kim

1:06 when an unholy thought enters my mind

Moon Lol

How do I know if my mind is in the flesh?

Manohar Nadar

Thank you sir for this message now I believe that I can overcome my sins

Gian C

Love Jesus

John Hyujin Caro Emo-dgy 2020

It's hard for me to escape lust

Lucy Morningstar

I feel so powerful becouse I have been baptised but I keep sinning so I clicked ok this to stop disappointing my Lord for he has experienced the shame on that Cross for my sins

Jarion Jackson

Thanks I needed this message I just started watching your videos and I’m dealing with pornography or sexual desires and it’s a struggle for me I keep going back and back and I’m trying to stop and focus on God. I’m trying to leave everything that was behind and focus on my future with God because I’m not trying to go to hell so I’m gonna continue praying to God until I give my all to him


Ty for this vid brother <3

Victoria Hutchful

Am sooo proud of myself I have over come the spirit of fornication ????!! MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT help each and everyone of us to be strong in our salvation ?!! Stay blessed alway

Hoko Le


Markus Werner Carter

Thanks man. This really helped. God bless you


God bless you daniel


The only way out of sin is life in the spirit. This teaching is true. Allow your sins to get you closer to God.

Esther Ade

Thank you I needed this God bless our and lift you up in Jesus name ?❤️


How do I know if I have the holy spirit

Dagiwee Eewdagi

Bless u a thousend times

Senko- San

How to stop committing sin for a 14 years old? My family does not go to church but I kinda believe in Jesus.

ryan joned


Ivailo Monov

I just want to say THANK YOU for every video you make. I watched your videos and you are helping me to be a real christian.

Pedram Bn

i hope whoever watching this video overcome their sins and reborn as a perfect followers of jesus christ amen

tino gotonero

Can I consider myself a Christian even i am not baptized in water?

Fun Maxx

Please pray for me

Yeet Boi

I keep on sinning over and over again I try not to but I seem to do over and over again Sin always seems to come around to me please pray for me

Kathye Sargent


Grace Hill, Colorado

There will never be a Human Being who dies with out sin. The SPIRIT is made perfect - through Christ -
but other then that - there is no 'GOOD" man or woman. If you want to be perfect - Live in Grace for Christ - Because that's as "perfect" on this planet - as your goin to get. SIN? I never worry about sin.............Because I live in Grace and Freedom...................If one keeps looking at his sins? he is severed from Christ....Look at Grace - Not sin.

Ildi Confederat

I am crishten to


God bless you Daniel ?

ac quintela

I keep doing sins help mee

mz ann


Isabel Cullins

Wow thanks I need this today ???
Thanks, you have a new subscriber ?

K Mitty

What if the Bible means EXACTLY what it says?

If you still SIN, you have NEVER seen HIM NEVER known HIM!

(1 John 3:6)
Whosoever ABIDETH in HIM SINNETH NOT: whosoever SINNETH hath NOT SEEN HIM, neither KNOWN HIM.

If you committ SIN, then you ARE of the devil!

(1 John 3:8)
He that COMMITTETH SIN is of the devil; for the devil SINNETH from the beginning. For this purpose the SON of GOD was manifested, that HE might DESTROY the WORKS of the devil.

If you committ SIN, then you ARE a SERVANT of SIN!

(John 8:34)
JESUS answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever COMMITTETH SIN is the SERVANT of SIN.

If you ABIDE in HIM you DO NOT SIN!
(1 John 3:6)

JESUS destroyed SIN as SIN "IS" the "WORKS" of the devil!
(1 John 3:8)

True Believers CANNOT COMMITT SIN because they ARE BORN of GOD!

(1 John 3:9)
Whosoever is BORN of GOD doth NOT COMMIT SIN; for HIS seed remaineth in him: and he CANNOT SIN, because he is BORN of GOD.

You MUST be found in HIM and be found having HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS by FAITH. If you live under the LAW then and continue in trying to keep it then you still SIN and are found to be in your own righteousness, which GOD HIMSELF calls filthy rags.

(Philippians 3:9)
And be found in HIM, NOT having MINE OWN righteousness, which is of the LAW, but that which is through the FAITH of CHRIST, the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is of GOD by FAITH:

(Isaiah 64:6)
But we are all as an unclean thing, and ALL OUR righteousnesses ARE as FILTHY RAGS; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

If you still SIN, you ARE a SINNER and GOD does NOT hear you!

(John 9:31)
Now WE KNOW that GOD HEARETH NOT SINNERS: but if any man be a worshipper of GOD, and DOETH HIS WILL, him HE HEARETH.

If you TRULY want to KNOW the TRUTH, Watch this video in full and be CONVERTED!

(Psalm 51:13)
Then will I teach TRANSGRESSORS THY WAYS; and SINNERS shall be CONVERTED unto thee.

Grace Hill, Colorado

EVERYONE! Pls stop trying to be PERFECT - Let Christ be PERFECT for you. No one in this earthly body - is expected to be Perfect and sinless. (FAR FROM IT) - This is why we follow the Gospel of Grace.

Edwin Karani

Amen brother.

Miniminaz !

Yes I am tired of sinning

Lori Rebong

Are you a Pastor?

Toney Am

This is the best video I have heard on fighting sin because it's really as simple as you focusing on God's word and keeping your mind on the scriptures that you mentioned in this video I believe will give you the power to make it through every battle with the power of the holy Spirit, today is the beginning of a new day to God be the glory


Guys pls pray me to overcome my sin pls pray me cause I keep sinning pls pray me to overcome my sin

Zmshh Fuzzs

Eva made the sin :<

Daphne Rodriguez

Repentance is also extremely important

Crishanne Llerysh Garcia


codzy dee

read your Bible an pray get close to God the Holy Spirit whom God gave to us will spiritually guide an direct us in our walk in life Lord showed me one day if Jesus didnt come to earth an die for our sins......we,d all be going to hell each an every one of us on this planet earth........praise God im soooo grateful God sent him to us i love my Lord an Saviour an Jesus for dying for me id die for him no problems be grateful to our Heavenly Father the Lord showed me to Accept Respect an Appreciate him an his Holy Word so ppls lets be obedient unto him Jesus said I am the way truth an life amen an amen to that dont let other ppls tell u how to serve God find it for yourselves u can ask older christians for advice but dont idolise them so lets all pray for each other God bless everybody xox

Ivailo Monov

Who will dislike this?!?

David White

My bothers and sisters pray for me I’m battling my sins god bless??

Joshua Benny hinn

I love God bro

Esther Mighty

God help us

Marjorie Rushie

Thank you for sharing. Please pray for me.

Hana Claire Tamonan

How about my thoughts?
My mind is so sinful and sometimes a very bad thoughts would pop into my mind and I'm afraid I've unknowingly thinking the unforgivable sin.
My thoughts are really unpleasant to God.
You think he would forgive me? I mean I cannot control my mind even if I try.


he had a whole year and sinned all year

Indira Gaddam

I changed my life thank you

Aaa Aaa

How sweet to the soul the grace of forgiveness.


Happy to be live and I want more people to care for one and I wish this hit God heart and be greatfull for what I have

child of grace

Thank u so much....this could go a long way in the life of many Christians

Fight Star

Sin is a label put on you by other people. Stop the violence. Get your life. NAW

Moon Lol

Pray for me to be filled in the spirit ❤️

Micheal vlogs diary

So good of you brother pray for me to overcome my sins and for my family for good health and change my lifestyle and turn into god bless pray for me brother of sister of christ I need all your help?

Emanuel Medrano

Jesus Christ he died for you he loves you


19 This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence: 20 If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. 21 Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God 22 and receive from him anything we ask, because we keep his commands and do what pleases him. 23 And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us. (‭1 John‬ ‭3‬:‭19-23‬ NIV)

Kyro Ken

Pray for me brother I want to love god forever and everlasting I want to turn away to my sins

Mark cenabre

This channel deserve to have a million subscribers and a million views God bless You Daniel I'm from Philippines

Volt Racer 999

Can you guys please pray for me. I'm starting to get doubts and going down the wrong track. Thanks.

Grace Hill, Colorado

Jews follow rules - Christians follow Christ.
HUGE Difference.


thx needed this alot


Jesus Ate And Drank Then Took The Blame And condemnation. let God take the blame on the cross And Let These Men Stop Sinning .. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN

Katie Matson

Thank you I am 11 and I really want to stop sin this helped me


Someone please pray for me I have been addicted to pornography ?? I admit it but I wish sometimes I can have that breakthrough ?? amen

Travis Wurdeman

My life is a sin lol

Just kidding btw

ᒍᗴKOY TᗩKᗩᕼᗩՏI

I am tire I always pray on god for forgiveness then i sin again its so hard I feel disgusted with my self

Tarantula Man

I have problems with sinning I wish I could just sinning forever and go to heaven but it's hard