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How This Korean American Built A $40 Million Blockchain Company (ft. Storm) | ASIAN BOSS

129 862 views | 29 Aug. 2018

Special thanks to Simon

Special thanks to Simon for sharing his story.

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#blockchain #company #korea

Bianicman Epic Videos

What is the point of the subtitles?

Francess Patrick

I am so glad to tell you how hackslord,com got me $20,000 via hack transfer


Hello can you contact me please


i like this dude and great video btw. you should do more of these!!


what is it now worth ? $100 ?

Kyle Huang

This is entrepreneurship for real for real for real.

B Rad

Storm current price = $.01 hhhhmmmmmmm


he never really explained his company that well. he was very vague with it. so for people to understand his company, he developed an app where it spams stuff to your phone so you "earn money" while using the app. it's basically one of those businesses where you earn money while you watch a video. sure, you can make money on the side in doing so, but again, you are making them money on burning through advertisement money.
and in order for you to also make money, you would have to spend YOUR money to purchase tokens to benefit from this.

but purchasing token is basically purchasing a cryptocurrency. it's worth nothing, but they make you believe it's gonna work something. in the end, he built a scam company scamming others in the process while making a lot of money in doing so

S Kim

They're speaking English and it's subtitled in ... English... ok.


I can't find the app. I wanted to download it please help.


Trust me, the app developed by his company is shady and I doubt it's worth $40 million. You can find all sorts of apps similar to Storm, it's not a new business idea. Anybody that could manage and operate a small company could launch an app similar to Storm as little as $50,000.

I'm not butthurt, but Storm's app falls into the category of shady app.


Seriously, storm app is just an ad reward app. $40 million for that? r u kidding? You can make it with less than $10K in Korea.

Enlightened Sista

What a friggin inspiration! Hes only in his late 20s!!! Too bad 90% of reviews of Storm say its a scam.

Digital Dynasty Media

Is the app not available for iOS?


Its such an inspiration! What am i doing with my life! Omg i need to get tacos now!

Johnny Dutch

Why subtitles? They are speaking English.


Whats with the subtitles?

Elle P

Such an interesting, inspiring and likeable dude. Love your work Steve / Asian Boss ✨✌?✨


Storm token?? I will pass

Jason Lee

ASIAN BOSS 잘 보고있습니다~
궁금한점이 있어서요...
영어 공부를 하고 있는 사람인데요.
Steve님은 외국에서 태어나셨나요??
목소리도 그렇고 영어를 너무 잘하셔서 궁금해서 댓글올립니다.
만약 공부해서 이렇게 잘하신거라면 어떻게 하셨는지 너무 궁금합니다~~


Dude/Simon, those developers who work for you are giving u their heart, sweat and tears. You need to appreciate them!!!

Cristian Umaniuc

Thank you

Bise Boy

great guy

TV Yukijuki

Has nothing to do with blockchain

Starlise Jun.from.17

?Can we go out

KOD Online

HonorDice is launched online, received 1000 HON token once you register! have some fun and get rewarded!!


Jeremy O

That was amazing! Keep up the energy and the good work! )))))


damn lucky guy


Blah blah blah! That’s all I heard!

Sarah Valley

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Brian Loudermilk

Man what an amazing story


And then the Left would guilt him of his wealth

frankie james

Just watched this, I looked it up and can’t find the app on the iPhone. Is the app on the apple store?

Lee Toh Meng

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roslan asrun

After watching whole video... I subscribed for this one...

Evans Roda

It's Christmas ?????
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Email cellphone


too much Korean drama .

Hardcore Panda

ICO scam. investors got rekt by now lol. he is the only one made profit. guillible fools.

Daddy Peach

I like how he said it all seemed just like a video game. :D


LATE 20's?? HE DID ALL THAT IN HIS 20'S?!? Props man!

Elijah Reinhardt

This guy spilled to coffee on Charles Hoskinson founder of Ethereum and Cardano lol

Sutejo Tan

I literary don't blink even a second. Thanks for your inspiration.

Avinash Poojary

Blockchain is dead ..0

Jun 준 CHE

Thanks for the vid

Josh Woo

So inspiring...

Most Likely


Simopr Dev

is he now Bankrupt?

Chris Rock

Congrats Simon.

Awatif Bentahar

So impressed by this guy, wow!

Imran Awan

he's very good with numbers, ok the end we can all go home now

Farha Nur

Finding jobs through job portals in SG is like finding a pin in a haystack :((


it's starts about 6:00 in when he gets a job at amazon, trades stock options, and starts a food truck with his former amazon manager and a friend. why he got successful the first time - young, smart, motivated, had money, co-founders had money, reinvested. and have a market where there are rich young consumers (seattle) willing to pay a premium price for an average product (tacos). not really a recipe for folks to follow from rust belt midwest.

Wayne Modz

" What is storm? " not sure if the upload is corrupt but it totally skipped the answer


He looks like Gal Gadot


More videos centered on asian-american successful people would be great...

khal bay

Hi man, I live in Germany. Is there anyway I can work for you over here?

Blackleopardblue Jeju

OMG he is talking about my life right now. Doing it all on your own rolling in the deep. ??? Oh it's so hard and now I have a desire to place my store in Westfield. Dear Lord Jesus please send me my husband with this mindset. I'm 31 but he is in his late 20s. The maturity!! You level up and you have more skill set. I'm gonna keep running, even for the Grammys ❤ Dream big and work hard.

Mohit Chhangani

People like him are an inspiration to most of us.

daniel rodney

This is very inspiring, I hope he gets to read this message . Thank you !!

sbs adil

Storm is Very Shitcoin No Hope on It !!


Great video. I was fortunate to meet Simon briefly. Very inspiring and very humble.

George Ramos

Why are there subtitles with a person who speaks English with a completely American accent? He's been here since he was five, which means he would most likely speak like those born in the USA.


Lol.. So Storm is a shitcoin.


STORM just using ERC20, I don't think is inspirational, any script kiddo can use ERC20. It is because so many script kiddo using ERC20 and calling on ICO, the governments around the world are setting up regulation against them. Let me guess, this is a paid video?

nivlek loen

Read facts not listening to videos - Storm was a typical Cryptocurrency start up - Pre sale had a large discount then when listed the whales dumped killing the small investor, as of today this is worthless.
Please read, read, read before investing in such projects.


Downloading storm


he needs to dump the crypto business (fuzzy) and start doing something real again - the food trucks!


Boi drove for uber and lyft at the same time. Snakes in the grass.

Omar E

Racist channel.. if you made videos about Asian food THEN it would make sense.. but for general stuff like this tech startup, what does Asian have to do with it?? you're racist..what if someone started a channel called White Boss?!

Charles Patterson



having jobs is for losers. Asian parents in Spain always encourage you to start your own business


DAMNN! I swear, this is really inspirational. I'll work harder, man. Thank you!

Anupam Bajracharya

Respect Brother! What a story

Tanbir Sohail

He is so genuine! Really inspirational!

The Lifestyle

Time will change to where Asians like us who doesn't want to live the Asian typical stereo lifestyle will live the life we want and not under our parents permission. Since when did we have permission to live the way we want to live? How is a new business created? Was it because of their parents ? No . Not everything comes from parents pushing their children to go open up a business they want you to work for someone and get up to the career. The generation is changing. The older generation is showing signs of unwanted change. The thing is, when you decide to come to America for opportunities it really means anything.


Such an incredible story...such grit and determination. Started his business with $100. Simply unreal. What an awesome role model...wish him all the success


I can’t concentrate on the video because he is too handsome?

Manny Reyes

Did you have a business license

Blank Hannibal

Half way through the video and wow.. now this is a inspiration to work hard, not to give up and grind... Wow!!! Amazing


I really enjoyed this interview. I actually understand everything he was saying I just don't know why I am reading the subtitles . ^^

ahmed al kurdi

“I learned how to trade stock options”

Absolute BS, Asian lies so sleeek

Megumi Hayashida

Stubbornness, Patience and Consistency.

Sooyoung Stan

was this a paid advertisement?


Korea NO.1

Hari S

Hello Asian Boss - Will you be covering Asians from Russia, Srilanka, India, MiddleEast, Bangladesh, etc too?

Terrence Cooke

StormX is a killer idea!

Like A Sambu D

So basically facebook was a more effective advertising tool when it wasnt doing paid advertising

Sarah Valley

I must let everybody know what he's done for me to so my appreciate to him Saviorcashaddertools On Google Search they're accurate

Vanessa Lee

Wow. I'm older than Simon but when I grow up, I want to be like him.


Are you sure these tacos are...really...tacos?



This is probably a paid review. Storm X sounds just like another 2x2.

Noel Almanza

Sooo what's Storm again?

Josh King

Change the chanel name to east asian


His mannerisms just keep reminding of someone and it bothers me.

pranaya sinangwidhi

I am shocked when he said that it was like a video games because I am currently running a business and I’ve said it several times to my mother that this felt like a games where you just need to be persistent and efficient with time eventually you will level up and be successful love it

sbs adil

Storm Coin Never Bull Run !!

Ummu Cloud

It was funny?

Manny Reyes



Fantastic guy, his success is so deserved, thanks for the video

Storm blockchain

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EXIN & Sogeti present Blockchain The Perfect Storm

30 views | 7 Jan. 2019

Blockchain seems to be

Blockchain seems to be the answer to every problem at the moment. But how is it applied in business and why would this be a good idea? Is the end of the hype in sight already or are we just stuck in the middle of it? What are realistic and feasible applications of this new technology?

In this webinar Sogeti's Blockchain Lead Joleen van der Zwan will take you through these questions, and more.

She will detail the larger perspective of societal trends and the reasons why blockchain could fit these – is this the perfect blockchain storm? Joleen will elaborate real-life examples of new and innovative products and business models that are arising as a result of it.

At the end of this webinar, you will have a clear understanding of the application of blockchain technology in business, and be able to understand it in more general global trends.

Stay ahead of your competition and find out from the subject experts what the future may behold.

Storm blockchain

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Why Did I Get StormX $STMX Today Even After Its Recent 4x? Korea? Because Of Shopping.io ($SPI)?

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Why Did I Get StormX $STMX Today Even After Its Recent 4x? Korea? Because Of Shopping.io ($SPI)?

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Creed Bratton

Im so disappointed... I was looking at this coin last month and was about to invest so much because I liked how low it was compared to the last big peak but then some random guy in the comments called it a shitcoin with no potential and now today i see I could’ve made a few thousands... Should’ve just trusted myself instead even tho im new

Shambu Nampoothiri

Did you loose 2 x by now ? And be prepared for 4 X lose further too ....


STMX to the moon, is the new doge.

Shambu Nampoothiri

Stmx may go to 4 cents it’s resistance at 1 cent is higher


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Its growing because our community is growing it. We realized the potential

Zamir Faqirzada

What are the best place to buy STMX??

John Mkryan

Im in this deep too! Holding tightly, see lots of potential.

Stephen Pereira

HODL strong!!


Best crypto with usage long term hold


Pump and hold! Or we, the community will buy your position! Join us on telegram!


Then are you bullish on Stmx? What are your expectations?, Thanks for your comments, best regards