Usa empire

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?? McAmerica: The Success Secrets of Brand USA | Empire

49 831 views | 29 Dec. 2014

America is a meticulously

America is a meticulously constructed brand; it is the indispensable nation with exceptional power. There is no country as adept at branding as the United States.

Popular international mega-brands like Apple and McDonald’s sell neat pre-packaged pieces of the American dream to eager international consumers. A complimentary national branding strategy sells "freedom" and "democracy" over international airwaves, in movie theatres and through diplomatic influence.

But if Brand America is the sum of the effects of its soft powers, can we really separate this cultural imperialism from the nation’s use of hard power?

This month on Empire we investigate Brand America as the indelible presence that exerts its influence on the world. We talk to those who construct the brand, disseminate its message as brand ambassadors as well as those who are its stark critics.

Even after a series of economic failures and continued military interventions why does Brand America continue to be unmatched and unrivalled in the world? Will Brand America triumph over the nation’s strategic failures or is it on its way to becoming unravelled?

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Manneh Na Salimata

warlord state


I am not sure why this journalist seem so anti american? He doesn't seem to realize that he is a puppet of Qatar's monarchy. I don't understand why US is still protecting this useless country. 

Iron Fist

Thank you for the anthropology lesson. What does this have to do with news? Shouldn't Al Jazeera  a chancel coming fro the Arab world talk about Arab issues? Think about it guys your being manipulated.


Dont get fooled this brand America theory is there to make the rich, richer and poor, poorer. Its aim is money, materialism, power & greed.
America is the product of the greedy.
Its there to damn you down by not reading, writing, researching & thinking. Rather for you to spend on your hard earned money on their labels (even if you can't affird the rent this month) and still make you feel good about it. And hey, they succeeding. After all even the Ametican government is behind this branding of a nation.

Toyosi A

This is so long but I have to watch it for homework

Thunder Garcia

Not anymore.

Eric Atherton

This really do be a bruh moment


Who wants to go and live in america. Imperialist entity, uncultivated, violent, racist, warmonger, predatory and more and this is an understatement.

Dustin Daugherty

i felt like this episode was a little confused and all over the place. if you wanted it to be on soft power, you should have spent the entire time on state soft power.


I would argue that nations no longer exist. It's just companies that call the shots these days. I have no problem with it, just saying what seems obvious to me. I would rather have Steve jobs in control vs. jimmy carter or Stalin.


US more popular in Iran?

Bruce Villa

Thanks for Uploading


It cannot be denied that America has a loud voice in this globalised world. However, it should be understood the world does not consist of just America and few countries in Western Europe (their allies).

There are different people, cultures, traditions etc around the world that will one day surge up.

Matt House

VOA reps are soooo squirmy, its like watching a Mid East minister or the old USSR ones!! Scary.

Sanjay Vaidya

Great Job Al Jazeera.Nailed it.


You ever tried DMT?

Patricia Masci

I can recall in the 90's when everybody was wearing a GAP sweatshirt. <- THIS is how Branding works!! GAP clothes are highly priced for mediocre quality!! I refuse to be a "Walking Billboard" for any greedy Corporation that manufacturers their clothes offshore!!!

Iron Fist

Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi? What is this shit?


If America affects the world, it's not on purpose.  She's a big, friendly dog in international affairs, can't help but knock over and break things.

Madison V

I liked Al Jazeera until this episode. Such biased attacks pretending to be news. Good on Youtube for putting the notice up about the funding.

Hector revelations

America? They mean the whole continent,or north america,central america,or south america,you idiots should say United states.enybody who lives in the American continent it's an american.a German in europe it's an European same as an italian.and so on,you ignorant fukcs.


These CEO's and executives are superbly dressed, worldly, sophisticated, extremely intelligent and super cool... versions of P.T.Barnum's huckerism..

Edward Flynn

Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning? 

Cameron Dees

It probably would be a benefit if the world was more like America

Usa empire

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USA World Conquest! Empire of Oil and “Liberty“! (Hoi4 Timelapse/Speedrun)

72 299 views | 7 Jun. 2019

#mountaingeneral #hoi4

#mountaingeneral #hoi4 #heartsofiron4

To all Americans this is my gift for your nation!

This vide was requested by many ppl and here it is my friends!

Attack first, win fast!

Leave your suggestions for next video in comments!

Achievement guide for Hoi4 play list -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oUziFA94-E&list=PLVg1C-wZZkY2Tr-t0uCvRO0KRQa20xx7l

Hoi4 Timelapses/Speedruns play list -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-EhcIKgY9Y&list=PLVg1C-wZZkY2-rcm8NxFpZWP9SUPwlUXR

Mods -Colored Puppets, Fast Justification


Draw Down Dave

Congratulations. The most usless HOI4 video I've some across yet. Thanks for nothing.


0/10 did not remove those posers from Germany and did not show them what real fascists should look like - a state of Free American Empire.


30:23 i like america ? america fuck yeah ! ???????


>empire of liberty and freedom

>goes fascist and confederate

gabie 239

American empire supplied by The German Reich ?????

Empire of Sealand

Do ottomans or turan as turkey please


As an American this makes me so happy

Liam O'Connell

You didn't liberate one thing: The Reich


me: man usa is soooooooo boring
usa: you saying this cause i had no empire
me: yes
usa: hey mountain you hearing this?

Emir Ali Şentürk

loyalist ? did you mean oilist ?

JFHoàngAnh 17

When the USA finds Oil in the USA

Jeb Bush

Beautiful I'm proud I wish I can be president of this country.

Joshua Riendeau

Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

Sthicknor Odal

Bolivia still dont have sea on this world. F


"This isn't a world conquest this is just liberation the world is now free" said every american ever


Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of OIL

Miss Chauchat Cultist Bernie2020

Mountain! You forgot to take Baja California


I skip to the end and I see Ireland getting raped.

Mountain General

To all Americans this is my gift for your nation!

SupremeBoss A

My god, this is the Most Patriotic Thing Ever, I Live In Washington on The West Coast of the USA, so GodBlessAmerica

Greedo 11

30:21 Amelrica f yeah! ???

Juls Bern

y u no take baja california


Why does your puppet are all named «  states » in my game the name is changed by ideology

ZZ man

I was eating candy while watching this and i was proud to be an American.


Oh, Canada.

(If you haven't checked conquered the middle east and Venezuela for oil I will be disappointed.)


Whenever USA finds oil on earth

Flavivs Aetivs

Lost opportunity to post it on 4th of july

Matthew Meaney



Man you should have change the ideology back the democratic at the end welp too late now

Photoshop Gaming


Almirante Kiko

China: - I am a Joke to you ??

Daniel Hughes


The British Commentator

Everyone: Playing as the US is boring.
Mountain: Hold my beer.

Southern Mapping

The perfect world doesn't exi-

Whiterun Guard

freedom intensifies

Anonymer Nutzer

I think there is only America First!

Ethan W Monster

you became the very thing you sought to destroy


nah jk im actually the free american empire


This is perfect america playing

Soviet SPY Dam capitalist

Thank you mountain general this WARMED MY MCDONALD COWBOY HEART YEEHAW

Arthur G. Calixto

My grandparents got nuked in this timeline.

Zeus - Odin Chiefs

In this timeline. Youtube is no longer banned in china, iran and north korea. Lol

Almirante Kiko



loads rpg

Joseph McGuffin

Why CSA changes to Free American Empire?

Spoopy ghost

Jeez this dlc sucks


And then the leader of the world's smoking-hot wife is suddenly into solar panels.

Sir Mount

The perfect world doesn't exi-

great American repuplic alt history

"peace" "wall" and "more oil for the rat realm"

Matue Family

Britain: What happened to you.....you're not the America I remember. US: you're right, I'm not, now are you satisfied? Britain: No, just disappointed. US: you know, you're starting to sound a lot like Germany. Britain: Good, at least one of us does. US: Listen, you think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what I've been through! Britain: I would if you just tell me. US: Forget it! Britain: Fine! Then, 5 months later, President Roosevelt establishes the Free American Empire, opposing both Britain and Germany, with Roosevelt soon winning the Great War and becoming emperor of Earth.

Brian Walsh

I think you mean blood and soil.

unholy man

How does he changes the color of the puppets map to match his?

The United States Of America

Dear mountain General
Thank you

Pink Crewmate


Dena Cross



Good video but the speed was too fast for my taste

Billy Jackson

What is your infantry division composition fighting Germany?

Hector De la Rocha

18:28 imagine if after that there was a German-American Cold War

Lil Mathy, Rus gang

Can u do a Ethiopia world conquest please

Comrade SKYSVR

US anthem is pretty awesome not gonna lie


Oh, yeah, order 66

Oyu'baat Cantina

Welp... Guess I have to live Free.


Your videos is awesome dud
You are so great man thank you

Matthew Matz

USA find oil:

Villager Number 78


Nate Ricciardi

I like how even in a speedrun the first hour is just doing nothing as america

jam wither

How do you keep free american empire instead of confederated states?

Blue Pikmin

Ew American empire prepare to get the iron fist fo communism

Neo Confederate Guy

America saved us from communism and democracy, LONG LIVE FASCISM !


When mountain general changes the president from Franklin Roosevelt


0/10 didnt take baja and baja California sur for yourself

Dictatorship:Zeldriser VI Deuggerechaftser

Confederative Republic Of American Patriotic

Naraya Suiryoku

when he actually does the civil war instead of waiting: The lion, the witch and the balls of this guy

Rusty Shackleford

I can smell the freedom

Hospitaller Knight

US is bigger enough as it is with alaska and hawaii.

A doggo

A perfect world doesn’t exi...


For the micro attacks how do you make the attack be like all around the place like you can click from DC all the way to the canadian border then it loops around


Why is Canada pink?

Random Memes Weekly

can't wait to see this!


Blood, toil and oil

Ronnie Hopper

It makes sense the only way to conquer Ireland was the nuke it to oblivion

Usa empire

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THE USA RISES! Empire Total War: Darthmod - USA Campaign #1

572 567 views | 9 Mar. 2019

#1 of My Empire Total War:

#1 of My Empire Total War: Darthmod USA Campaign! Can we hit 2,000 likes for an Early Hour and a Half Special at part 5? Feel Free To Leave A Like If You're Enjoying The Series!


Check Out My Intro Maker HforHavoc Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGd0SZzQKqaTeT4fPrtTxbg


Unit Name Suggestions Here: https://goo.gl/swHZ2k


Darthmod Empire: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?562420-DOWNLOAD-DarthMod-Empire-v8-0-Platinum

Bran Mac Born's Darthmod Empire Submod:



Battle Timestamps:

32:06 - First Blood!

56:05 - Marching North!


Feel free to check out my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/lionheartx10

Check Out My Discord Here: https://discord.gg/thelionsden

Check Out My Live Streams Here: https://www.twitch.tv/lionheartx10


Buy PC Parts, Monitors, Accessories and More!



Great Great Games at Awesome Prices:



Check Out My Qutee's Here:


Han Wangho

I have the latest dartmod but dont have the background like that in the menu


does anyone know a way to make the 2d sprites in this game more bearable


Very very late response buuuttt... Favorite unit... TRADE SHIPS. Give me the money!


How did you start with so much gold


yes there is MARATHAS our favourite

Mase Chullins

How do you get USA in grand campaign why was it taking out of the mode

Andrew Kellett

I only use darthmod, have had units increase in size but never change type

Beau N Tea

Typical Brit wanting to take India and get that TEA

Nature Freak

ok, so my favorite is the winged hussars, from Poland-Lithuania. They look so cool and can take on so many more numbers than their own. shame they were limited

Ashley Burns

HELP! How do you start in 1783? I have darthmod but the only campaign I have that starts in 83 is uprising. My late campaign starts in 1820 with the fog of war. Ideally I would like to play from 1783 as Britain.

not a human

how ironical you can't be allies with England loved it.


They need to make a new revolutionary war rts like empire total war

Son of the Wolf, Guardian of the Fang.

I don’t know which one but one of the US campaigns I’ve watched had a single comment that said USA repeated over and over again


Here's one idea for a mod. A mod where it allows the U.S. to play with Roman Emperor's governmental political system. We like Rome here and it was kind of like a mix of monarchy and democracy.

Moses Hamlett

I don't even play Empire, but its still the best Total War. Because America.

Gabriel Tams

let's see how will you manage to get your soldiers pointlessly slaughtered this time.


In this game can you sell US troops to Saudi Arabians...how does $60 million sound?

The beautiful man

The battle ai needs some work...


The united states can be a little op as of trade and economy potential, secure your borders in the americas and trade with most of the european nations, massive trade income.

I even put zero tax on all my lands and seen massive growth. When i needes some money real quick, i turned all max taxes on for a few turns and built a new army or fleet at a wim.

Alex 4

For France, the Swiss Guard

DarthMaul150 YT

lion I think that you should make the US into a monarchy

Vitor Emanuel Oliveira

You were playing ETW in 2019? Wow

Gonzalo Rodriguez

English Longbowmen Medieval 2


Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Bendik Løwe

My fav unit... Norwegian ski rifle men or what its called

Jeb Broham

I love the Total War franchise, but sometimes these games are more fun to watch than they are to play...

João coaoc Gomes Barbosa

What mod is that to give to put the defenses before the battle?

Taylor Fullman

I am the Senate! 49:56

Kelly Hwong

At first, I though minutemen are men persist for only one minute.


You may not see this, but if you do, please understand that I've re-downloaded this game (and the mods you've used) because of your video. Been five years since I've last played, and am happy to be playing this again. Many thanks, good Sir.

Nick Gortemulder

Hi there, wich mod of bran mac born do you use? The link in the description go to the main page with all the mods! And do you use some graphic mods? Love youre video’s!

Joel Mtz

I played this couple years ago now and I swept through every nation , only nation who put up a fight was the Mughal Empire ??

Mike Speeney

how did you from 7500 to 37500 on your first turn wtf

Harrrytheking XL

It sucks how darthmod USA Dosent work

Andrea May

The Patriots (not the NFL team) have avatars! There’s avatars of people to whom live people are allergic


Hi, I playing Empire total war Dartmod and the game is constantly crashing without a valid reason specially in the campaign map i've rtx 2060.what drivers i need to make the game run smoothly?

Battle droid officer Code.

When you give American guns for a second.

Son of the Wolf, Guardian of the Fang.

United States marines any problem I have ever come across I just sent it the Marines and it was solved


I never could get the Darth Mod to work sadly



Gabriele Genota

As someone new to the Total War series (i've only played Napoleon: Total War), this is overwhelming holy fuck


I cant find USA in grand campaign

Elijah Mahony

All you need to do to cause a revolution in total war is make a bunch of colleges in you're capital. It will keep you're other regions safe while you're capital burns


32min wait for a battle

Jared Olson

I had an amazing campaign as the US on DarthMod a while back. I took every territory in the America’s including the plains nation by turn 25, minus some land in South America. I then took out the British in one turn with 3 armies and took a territory in India before I collapsed their empire. I was at apex level. I was a god. I was making 60k a turn. Then my game crashed and no matter what I did I couldn’t get past turn 33....sad times :(


no shit. he does the conical shape with artillery in the middle just like me. pleasantly surprised. but this is an offensive battle so its not as effective as the enemy can if they choose, stay toward the back in order to have time to react.

first last

This game is still really buggy

neil mckenzie

Viva la viva america


I love playing USA, keep in mind your capital region is Pennsylvania and the capital is Philadelphia. Thus your tech building should be here to reach level 4 as well as to gain Independent hall in the capital.

Edit Also almost all your regions should have military government buildings to unlock special heavy infantry, Calvary and light infantry units.

derp0622 god

one year later and this ill fated campaign make a appearance on my recommended list... 10/10

Trollsif Stalin

The minutemen. The cost and volume of fire they put out makes up for the poor defense and accuracy.

Rogue Raven

??? USA USA USA ???

lasagna pinwheel

Best mods that work in 2020? Reinstalling

امین حربی

Letsco kime usa vs parthian.

eirik evensen

Hey sir lionhlve your content!, im a total war player since the first game. and emipe is my favorite! but it is so easy so and disappointing since i never found any mods. until i saw this :) but i cannot find any link in the chat to the mod? i tried googling it also but i only get a lotof fake dwnlds. could you please update the link to this mod`? or let a noob like me know how to find it? :) thx for your amazing content ;)


Does this mod still work nowadays properly? I heard a lot of comments in the past reporting how the mod is broken and I just got Empire total war recently without any DLC or anything and it seems like a very cool mod.


Platton fire was OP


The minutemen units are really good to have as your frontliners as they have the Platoon fire Tech ability. The only thing you just need to avoid is putting the mimutemen in a prolong, melee combat. Especially with colonial line infantry and grenadiers as they both have high melee stats. Don't forget that the minutemen don't have bayonets.

Dale Smith

I hate youtube how the fuck did it take 11 months for this to show up on my feed o well time to binge

Peter Burke Jr.

I know ETW was the worst of the series. I know it had immersion and gameplay breaking bugs. I know the AI was awful. I know the unit design was redundant. I know the campaign it was easy to cheese and exploit.

But I don’t care,. Do you hear me??? I don’t care what you reviewers say. I still put hundreds of hours in this game. I played it innocently and blissfully unaware of most of the glitches and the bugs. I was too bad at the game to care about the AI or know how to cheese. I conquered the world as India, Britain, Hungary, Poland, US, Britain and even with non-playable factions. This game was fun. It was the worst Total War, but it was still fun. Total War is the best strategy series out there.



Silver Star

British, Green Jackets, just because their jackets are cool


Can we hit 2,000 likes for an Early Hour and a Half Special at part 5? Feel Free To Leave A Like If You're Enjoying The Series! Part 2 will be Out Tuesday 12th March!

Chiang Kai-Shek

American Monarchy, how dare you.

Elvedin Deumic

Where can i download this mod?Looks good


my favorite unit is the Dutch Grenadiers French unit why? because the uniforms are good and they can be a great reserve for battles


is there indian troops in this game

Kenneth Lauer

Can't wait for an empire tolal war 2

Pedro Matos

CA should do a remastered of Empire... it s such a good game!!! Imagine , new graphics and some teeks on AI ... a master piece

td hanoi

USA is included in the Darth mod, or the "all factions" mod?

Pelinal Whitestrake

What's this tea-drinker doing running my country? (Just Kidding, love you

Demon King

cannons becuase the powder and pow pow

Vulpes Inculta

Im not sure if you will see this comment, but im really trying to figure out how to give my admiral a first rate ship of the line. When i promote an admiral they usually end up in a fourth rate, when I have access to first and second rates for them to use. Is there a way to give them a first or second rate?

Sebastian Grobauskas

Ngl it kinda sounded like an imfomirtial at the start


I have darthmod, but no USA faction ??

derp0622 god

this came back up on my feed pog

The Gaming Hive

Armenian archers are the best! Trust me!

MC Clap Yo Handz

Minutemen gotta be my favorite

ShadowCatPlayer 1

fuck usa and britian is better (in these times) (amaricia died inside on january 2016)


Freedom bombs and bullets arent cheap

Zack Flora

The iroquois were catholic.



18e Regiment of infantry

How do I do a successful land invasion of the UK as America, I've taken the entirety of Europe, Russia, Spain, middle east and india.


pls make a video on MARATHAS vs GREAT BRITAIN

Reymond Ramos

Ahh good times. I remember playing USA in Darthmod while watching House of Cards in 2014...freedom overload

Satanic Hispanic

Does this fix the crashes that happens around 1714?

Tim Renken

This looks really complicated.

Brianna Middlebrooks

I like it


Animalism ? new religion, sounds bit sadistic though

Tony Pham

It’s funny how an Englishmen is playing an American campaign

idan I

the last good total war game

Lox VN

Why i dont have USA ? pls teach me


just started playing this again with Darthmod and Im trying to stage a revolution as USA but it just never happens and have been trying for the past 20+ turns.. did Darthmod make it harder to stage a revolution..?

Mars Marshall

flag is to big no goood game

Tomáš Veselý

Hello, what version of Windows do you have (7 or 10)?

max arr

Na nokaut nie ma co liczyć, ale tańczyć i uciekać może..

mr pope

My fav unit is milita it's just cool and there special in a different way

Alessandro Vitoria

what difficult is?

Feminist Myths


Morbus Kid

How the hell did you even install the Darthmod for this game? I can't figure it out.