Russia and us

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US warships send a powerful message to Russia

733 563 views | 24 Apr. 2019

The United States is

The United States is flexing its military muscles as a powerful warning to Russia. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen got exclusive access as US warships started their own show of force in the Mediterranean Sea. #CNN #News

Indrid Cold

I love the Russian Federation and the United States of America. They are the great advisaries that would never dare become each other's enemies but will never dare let the other one be more powerful. That kind of rivalry demands respect.

Youtube Play

Russia ????


CNN sucks

Adela Guinchoma

What a strong message, GRAAAAAAPE?

Kike Rss

So? We dont give a fuck about the USA !!!

Rice Cooking TV

All that power. All that fire power. Its just for show off and bragging. Both us, russia, china and north korea are like children showing off barking without biting hahaja


Why does CNN and other Western News channels make Russia and China so bad?

Izzy Flores

Welcome to the dismantling of US influence. Thank you GOP and Trump

Sumant Subramaniam

I'm a simple man

I see a video by CNN, I click

I then hit dislike

I then watch it anyway

Fritz Waglison

US send powerful message while Russia send Powerful Nuke

pierre California

Friendship over ??? I wonder what His nickname would be ?

Andy Torres

Fuck XINN!

Chris Ralph

There will be no war between Russia and USA. But there might be a Civil War in America

Jesus saves

Fuck cnn

Persian Lion


Randy Phillips

I think the answer is to invite Russia to join NATO.


Russia doesn't want an ship like that on the bottom of the sea it makes a lot of mess.

Jubei Origami

All flapping wings no Action. Those ships would get blown out of the Water. The US loves to inverse everything. If anyone does the MATHS... it's easy to see it's the US that's the Agressor and has expanded it's military across the globe.

Rita Garin

Russia which has appointed Trump to SCREW Americans!! is going to wipe out USA!!!


Hahaha hahaha don't make us laught u.s is a joke u will get smak the fuckup, ur military is a joke Syria is prove u are noobs in warfare

wayne clark

Fuck Moscow

Soviet Red

Russia has to get its ships there to help in Syria, what are the Americans doing there?

gokulnath g

Lol ???
Russia ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


f-104 " Méndez Núñez" Spanish ship.


one phone call from Putin to his girl in the white house and all this will be shut down. mark my word.


Until Russia is capable of defending itself, and half the world at any given time, they shouldn't be making threaths at America

Jennica Rose Guiyab

USA, the real.aggressive.


USA is a joke ?

Outdoor Jeff

Bro why CNN make it sound like US want war with russia. Just a regular exercise.

Cessna N748LT

CNN: "U.S. Navy sends strong message to Putin & Russia"
Trump: "I sent the ships"
CNN: "tRuMp TriEs tO sTaRt WaR WiTh rUsSiA!"


Here we are again, with the United States of America trying to intimidate Russia, without realizing that the aircraft carriers are the favorite target of the Russians war ships . America carriers better hope to god they never have to face a kirov class battle cruiser . so stop bragging , Russia it's not Afraid OF YOU USELESS CARRIERS

Halfmoon Hill


Alex van den Bosch

Hahahahaahahahahahahah "powerful" message ??????

Jonathan Agulhas

Ya'ha right⁉️????????

Gear Heads Unlimited

Hey guys there goes a few million in wasted resources (showing our big cock) to Russia. Give me a break

Allan Daniel Serrano

As if Russia would be afraid. They are made of steel, they’ve been through hell for so long. You’re not going to deter a battle hardened foe with aircraft carriers.



Gabe Itch

Two countries showing off how many warheads they have are like two people standing in a pit of petrol, with one having 3 matches and one having 5. Either way they both die.



Chey Thompson

Must be compensating for something very small

GeoPolitica militare Russa 2021

What a fear?‍♂️



Badman Josh

Look at my tax dollars flex

Declan O'Rourke

wow the things the USA has to put up with keeping us safe. true hero's. love and prayers from Ireland to all USA ships and army

Ali hiji iddi


Dead Orbit 4

Sitting Ducks

Marie-Roy Isidor Lawrence

Look Boris, target practice. Bring the vodka blyat!

hullu mati

they playing their games "if u put ur boat there im gonna pun mine here HAA! "


I like this video you guys live in Russia that’s why

Infarct Insult

Это настолько смешно. Что даже не смешно (((

Nick Queeer

Fak mother russia. That prostute country woman lol

mashardi irzan

US Noob..!!

Nighthawk Vanguard

And Russia was flexing when they got a sub Typhoon class from the black sea all the way to france

Floricel Negre

Absolutely funny

Vladimir Caeser

The Russian aggression in the meditation ?‍♂️

Joe John

Why must we continue to poke at the Bear and the Dragon at the same time.  The result is MADD

Decsec X_029

Putin:Ahh!!!! RUSSIAN BABUSHKA will handle it.....


And for the record, u are not Americans u are abandoned Europeans, the real americans u do ceap in Indian reservats

Santa 21

How about single jet will stop all of your diplomacy and you’re sinking? Good advice for you, think before you talk.

Santa 21

How about DK situation? When planes just gonna start following down?

Mr. T t

americans just don't get the Russian brain and heart they don't get scared and they don't give up


Ahahaha. A powerful message? Why has no one heard of it in Russia? Your messages are only interesting to you and your false media.

Sasha Putin


Big E

When are the people going to understand that is all a game between Rasha and America


outside of america and nato u cant fool anyone russia wont let u just cruise and accept that

Ibrahim Ali

If you make alot of problem in Iran sea now look god send them Russian navy in America sea ??? stop making voilence with Muslims countries Russia will stop you voilence with your country ok


Fuck the USA global domination

Andrew Jackson

Idk but fuck a war
If they push us into another war this world will see darkness


How did the US Navy find ships that weren't rusty?

Lincoln Wikipedia

CNN ???? one ✡️ rate

chinablue kurvinus

These American carrier war ships are too vulnerable


Fuck russia

Youtube Maryland

US Media = Hate Propaganda
US President = Puppet of Elite
US Army = Murders
US Citizen = Brainwashed Racists
US Gov = War Criminals


CNN is fake news they say trump loves Russia OBAMA LOVES RUSSIA CNN MSNBC CNBC AND ALL OTHERs are FAKE NEWS !

Dead Orbit 4

200,000 tons of coral reef

Andrew Jackson

USA Russia China Iran
Should never fight

Tushiglen Gantulga

When America does these kind of things. They get praised
When Russia does the same. Its "war mongering"

daniel Adams

Russia can disarm our weapons by cyber attacks

van le

i wish putin were not president and would withdraw from crimea n tcb of china were not president and will withdraw from east sea...then www3 will never happen. the whole world expect that for peace..

Persian Lion

Stop spreading propaganda... Viva Iran, viva IRGC ??☫✌️

Bruno Onraedt

like this ...https://youtu.be/8s4sKAMgYsU

Dmitriy Svyatoy

About nothing ))

True NYC

Americans fighting one another. In my opinion Russia has probably caused many of the media influence on America.. from Black Lives Matter, LGBT, Antifa, and other liberal weak groups to keep us fighting one another. Please wisin up and toughen up! This can happen, pray to God and stand with one another as Americans or we will meet our demise.

James Alexander

Is the Admiral Essian deployed in the eastern Mediteraian


Fake news

USAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel Peres

Beware, beware, bombs in the air
Ten, ten; twenty, twenty.10/10/2020.

PREPARE the WAY of the LORD your God


Rusia is very very bad at
Medication and their health care system

Antonio K

2:33 "M"

mi mi

Let me tell you something stupid in that a lot of retaliation over your prostitution rings and over me turning in the money from it over at Fort Campbell and now y'all got salty don't need to go over and take care of your problems with your soldiers and with little drug addicts around your base attempting to have soldiers what past soldiers f*** by donkeys for their drugs because the military seems to be perfectly fine with their little Asian brothels I don't appreciate my son being inducted as a part of the plan to show how much more powerful the military is then the court that punishes the military for the exact same thing when you get missiles raining down on you it's because your morons about Putin's military along with Iran destroys every single military alive for not protecting my child from your disgusting pornography and all you're disgusting producers

Daniel Morataya

Lot of bark no bite,a year ago but still nothing

Julius Ziak

USA is shit!

Hoppy857 H

The old fashioned who's got the biggest dick game. If the American forces didn't keep moving closer and closer to Russia then the Russians wouldn't bother with them. After all America does like to start wars without being able to finish them.

Echo Foxtrot





Izzy Flores

So many Russians giving their Putin opinions, but let's really thank Trump's for making this permissible.

kiko Palomo-casem

Can we pls stop this nonsense i dont like between my country and russia. I don't hate russia much because ik is that i remember that we use to work together with them since ww2.

Intellectual Guy

Whether you like it or not the Way America maintain peace it actually works and has been working since ww2

Game Frame

Wow look a pile of toothpicks in the ocean

American Republic of Canada

Russia wants to be communist so bad


People DON'T trust these fake news

David Agustin

They can't handle the China, Russia they can? Hey USA you so FUNNY ??? ?.

Russia and us

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Russian President Vladimir Putin praises and warns U.S. at end-of-year press conference

74 219 views | 21 Dec. 2018

Russian President Vladimir

Russian President Vladimir Putin held his year-end press conference, where he praised President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria. He also warned of the growing threat of nuclear war between Russia and the United States. Markos Kounalakis, a foreign affairs columnist for McClatchy News and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, joins CBSN with analysis.

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CBSN is the first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV and other devices. At launch, the network is available 24/7 and makes all of the resources of CBS News available directly on digital platforms with live, anchored coverage 15 hours each weekday. CBSN. Always On.

World of Retro Gameplay

Most Americans are against war; the majority of us want peace. There’s no reason for our country to interfere where it doesn’t belong.

Bernie Te Iringa

I so would love Putin to be Prez of NZ he is the realist youll ever get

mohit kumar

What America think who they are Russia can easily destroyed all america

Chris Jones

Putin can have his side of the world, he'll need help with China.

Ahmed Musa

ON time 5:44 I am not sure if Mr. Markos Kounalakis has miss spoken but no one of the Ukrainian sailor has being killed. Two of them are wounded.

Judy Goldthorpe

well dad im sorre i couldnt be dere.

Michael Zolotov

Putin is a richest man in the world today, a Dictator stealing money from the Russia's natural resources at $75 trillion US dollars.... How much money did he have BEFORE he became a president of Russia? watch the trues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY3Uz4ELwM0


But who armed ISIS to begin with, Hmm?!

Master of Zero

The Rothschild controlled US are the bad guys to humanity ...if the people new the truth about our own government there would be a riot by day fall

Thor Odinson

What real interest does the US have in Syria? If we want to make "America first," we have to get out of these proxy wars. Let's get out of the Middle East entirely. It's costing us millions and we're getting nothing in return. If you're worried about potential extremists, we now have the capability to stop them from even entering the country. What is there to fear? If Russia wants to be involved, let them. It doesn't effect us. If Russia wants to be involved in the Middle East, that is their headache. If it gives Russia a broader reach, so what? If they want a larger part of the global pie, so what? That doesn't jeopardize us. Both the US and Russia would be better off concentrating on their own continents and let the Middle East play out its centuries' old conflicts. We can work out our differences with Russia fairly easily, with each side making some concessions, which is a whole lot better than creating a Cold War II.

Herman Justice

No mr. putin most of Americans didn't choose
Numbnuts . Hillary won
The popular vote. If it wasn't your meddling she d be in the white house today.

Bob Trajkoski


Susana Rodriguez

This is beyond the pale.... Im not an idiot and im not letting anyone take anything from me especially a child. Im watching everything.

Charlotte Buckler

If Russia and the USA were allies in a war they would destroy everyone that’s not there allies

Victoria Nilsen

Russia actually has more of a reason to be there that we do it is way out of our country. We only are there as extortionist for hire but it is our taxpayers that are footing the bill for military contracts to be paid

Alexandersander Sanders

Average short minded propagandiststic idiot assholl!! Because colturay uneducated morons like him noting works between Russian Federation and United States! Love from Seattle!

Justine Dejong

come on america what are you even doing in the middle east? in every war in history of the world you are involved..

Music Khmer Song

War With Russia?, like the biography of a living person, is a book without an end. The title is a warning—akin to what the late Gore Vidal termed “a journalistic alert-system”—not a prediction. Hence the question mark. I cannot foresee the future. The book’s overarching theme is informed by past and current facts, not by any political agenda, ideological commitment, or magical prescience.

Ayush Bhushan


van le

i wish putin were not president and would withdraw from crimea n tcb of china were not president and will withdraw from east sea...then www3 will never happen. the whole world expect that for peace..

PhUpdate News

Pull out all american malitary in syria.


Russia threatens America but can’t beat Afghanistan...

Nikki Vo

You can marry with any one, but just keep safe. Be happy. Take care, and never bother me again .

CST-TV Common Sense Tony

Not bad for Can't Be Serious News Channel.

Zelalem xyz

We need to hear news not Propaganda . Ukraine Trespassers got arrested by Rusdia on Russian water at Crimea. If westerns think Crimea not Russia then go and try to get it by force from Russia then let's feel it how nuclear war. Trump elected by the popular vote,not by Russian economic meddling. Stop your Russiofobic and deal the reality. If you tell me who created the evil Isis,evidences are on ground and ask who is helping ISIS with air support against Syrian government.

Daniel Hernandez

So they’re training on us?

stoner gamer

Don't forget there still in Ukraine


Smh the news is so paid smh.

tania vero rachel stalinskaya debesse kazeirskaya

he vladoche putin! j ai deux barons en face de chez moi fausse audi fausse securite sociale! faux diplome! tu sais quoi! je ne cederais jamais! bien a toi vladimir putin froget baron des jacouilles

asd13 1q

USA stop bulshitting the world! We all know you signed out from nuclear disarmament treaty. Warmongers!

Cinnamon Toast Kool-aid

I wish all countries would just make peace i don’t want to die and I don’t want other people from my country or any other country to die

Danny Boy

Putin also said Texas was robbed from Mexico,can’t trust America and Putin is a smart man.

Kittycat Kittycat

The only contrys that can be in syria is iran and russia. Bc syrian gov/people invited theam.

Politica in tempo reale Byibrachannel


Never Bow

REAL Americans love President Putin... unfortunately English speaking Soros paid lackies from other countries love pretending to be American so they can trash talk Russia while pretending to be American....I have literally hundreds of doxxes of these people trying to stir the already stinking crap pot, and also, of course thanks to OBUMMER and his complete lack of leadership skills we were put into an even more vulnerable position. Does no one remember right before Obama was finishing his second term he literally destroyed in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS all good relations we had left with Russia?Does no one realize he was paid VERY well to kick off a new cold war?!?! Where do you think we would be if his "attack dog" Killary had been voted in. Wake up my people! KNOW THAT when the media hates a world leader YOU need to investigate as to the real reason why. WAR IS PROFITABLE and We The People will be dieing on the surface while the leaders and elite wait it out in literal self sustainable cities built underground with (thanks to GMO) grows a wide variety of edibles that do not need sunlight just large amount of carbon dioxide. ?Yw

Tetsu de Rothchild

In July, Novaya Gazeta published a leaked video of penitentiary staff in Yaroslavl viciously beating a prisoner. Responding to public indignation, Russia’s criminal investigation agency arrested 15 suspects by November. One suspect testified that staff recorded the video to demonstrate that they had carried out an order by senior officials to punish the prisoner.

The swift, effective investigation was unprecedented in Russia, where authorities typically dismiss prisoners’ complaints of ill-treatment.

In August, Meduza, an independent online media outlet, published data on more than 50 other publicly reported torture cases in 2018. The alleged perpetrators included police, investigators, security agents, and penitentiary officials. Authorities opened only a few criminal investigations into the allegations, and only one case advanced to trial.
boycott Russia until this changes

Lil tom


Dusan Miric

who is this creature in manlike figure


I love Russia Because Russia Is the Best Country In the world . Love From India ?? we are always with Russia .

a h

come on just admit it do you think people like USA in their country? they just make toxic not helping at all

Judy Goldthorpe


Dimitris Klonaris

what an idiot

Arreola Luis

Don't attacks us we won't attack anyone but if we are attacked ill leave the rest to God

Saad Riaz

America totally destroy i very happy

Niggah Chenese

Пvтин. Пожагvйcта. Дайте мne paботv.

Johnsie Means

If it wasint for putin trump wouldint have known about operation fast and furious

Onyeka Ekwenugo

No no no no! Why lie so much looking the Americans in their eyes while trump and putin are good leaders. Why all this devide.soon your stations will be blown off.

The Odyssey of Heart

CBS...your whole News Organization is an awful joke. A perfect failure to serve the objective interest of News on behalf of the American People and little more than a Mouth-piece (Mockingbird) of the American government. FAIL.

Vodkateer VODS

I wanted to watch putin speak his words not to be speculated upon by some debil idk

TheMilosgrozni 2

what a duchebag ....this is what FAKE experts always do ...instead of calling assad government a legitimate goverment recognized by UN ( wich it is ) ,he is calling him a " butcher" ( wich is a very interesting term coming from a country wich invaded half of the world )

Nymfia Nymi

Anyone that uses nuclear war is just a genocidal idiot. You will end the world not just one place. Harm mother nature and it will harm you.

Adrian Lizardo

They really like greek newscasters...

Cotter 123

They're pushing and pushing Russia for a reaction. A Third World War seems inevitable. Turkey's part in this happening is most likely. There's doubt that the Russian plane they shot down was actually in Turkish air space. With turkey massing troops on the border, knowing they have the backing of Europe, its likely to kick off here. A Third World War has been in the planning since the end of the Second World War... I fear it's now beyond the point of return. The USA and the UK are constantly demonising Russia, announcing the 2 biggest threats to world peace being Russia and China. The 2 biggest threats are actually he USA and the UK. . Open your eyes people. Everything is hidden in plain sight..


Looking at the obnoxious, nasty comments of many of my fellow Americans and more informed comments from international observers really brings home how far gone the US populace really is. It is a disgrace what we have done to Syria. Now that stability is returning to much of Syria despite our efforts, it would be nice to be humbled now that the nasty official agenda has failed. But no, instead we get juvenile Cold War hysterics with zero sympathy or concern for the Syrian people. All the idiots saying we "conceded Syria to Russia" as if we owned it. You are all worth a pile of vomit and deserve zero sympathy or respect. I can only imagine how any of these whiny idiots would deal with what Syria had to deal with and overcome in 7 years. It really puts into perspective why Syria is a nation of men and America has become a nation of whiny children.

Randall Lannon

Yeshua is your father as well as mine and all hearts with love. Do you want children to suffer?

Sigma Republic


Ernest Goldsmith

The Trogan Horse! What's wrong with the President!?Russia always wanted to be the super power over the USA. I feel the masks are laced with coronovirus! Don't use those masks!

Malik Sy

Russia is the only country who fights terrorists in Syria

Frank Alexander

Father putin did not praise isi américa, is just to say they should LEAVE

Judy Goldthorpe

we didnt know us troops were doing demolitions in seria and body parting the children.


Putin is right. No reason to be in Syria when he can take care of the ISIS that the U.S. Clinton/Obama State Department funded and armed.

Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

Putin is building missiles that travel 2 miles a second and Trump is building a wall.

Gerald Davis

Exactly what one would expect from CBSN. It's not working. Too many people have taken the trouble to educate themselves. Putin welcomes criticism and challenge from hostile Russian press - gives him a chance to educate and illuminate. This is in sharp contrast to here in the UK where the sycophantic BBC's gentle prior-arranged promotion of our idiotic government and demonetization of Russia and China just sickens me. Pathetic. But you keep doing what you do you clowns. It just confirms what we know.


USA is the main supporter of ISIS!

Steven Tolifson

Russia and Iran are currently fighting with the U.S. in Syria so yes we need to get our troops out. Russia has alway been trying to stop the big bullies and has taken in many refugees

edgar deluis

Idiot vs more idiot

Lubna Mohamed

Dont bull to cut and not give to been comflusphe

Don Sonny

The smugness , the incredible arrogance , the ubermensh/exceptionality complex , the extreme pride and strong sense of ownership over the entire world . Call me crazy but the next thing we will see coming out of Washington will be the proclamation of divinity equating themselves with God . Surely seems its heading that way .


Кind Country. Everyone blames the Russians, imposes sanctions, but Putin and the Russians continue to help.

King Paisa

Mf America done this


Putin and Trump need to stay out and leave them alone


U.S must be removed by russia and arabian empire so we can live in peace

right? -

i love you

serjey m

Fake News. Let's send ur kids to Syria I'm OK with that.

Kainde Amedha


holly rose

Do you a deal putin, keep on the straight and narrow and we will not expose you


I just wanna hear what puttin said, I dont care what the propogandist opinion is

Dodgy Trump

Trump is in his elements and standard MO of lying to the American people just to keep fooling his base, plain and simple.

Andreas Andreotti

This buffoon is another dude who speaks for Pentagon, CIA, NSA. Anyway, no one can take him seriously!

Remnant Ministries

Marcos cbs stooge

Mguelangel Sancho

The UN and the USA they are trying to control the world economic and militarily by gaining governments with money and installing bases close to its rivals that's why Russia and China are ramping up their military power.


Do you trust us warmongers not to use their nukes when losing power

DK Liberty

Russia is backing Assad, and Assad "bad", so our presence there is only to back the "rebels", aka ISIS. Funny how these guys don't mention that if Assad defeats ISIS, his plan is to hold an election and step down. But noooo, the neocons and warmongers don't want the Middle East to stabilize.

Lando Kalerisian

this guys opine is sophomoric- a fellow- smh

Jamshead Muchacho Angel

Putin Some Russians shouldn’t have any relationship with Jesus killer Alexander killer race at all.. they turkey kurds pamiry kurds they kafkaz kurds they two much... more than Russians..

Chief Milk

Who cares

Rafat Latif

This guy looks like a psychopath, definitely has some mental problem

Dmitry Drozdov

We, people of Russia are in trouble,.. Putin is destroying our country..... Horrible times... Russia is decaying

Music Lyrics

We know that America want to invade 7 countries

Jaden Hurtado

all the world leaders are in on the plan for a one world government under isreal, every president in America's history has ties to freemasonry satanism and the occult. even George Washington was a freemason. look up Albert pikes (high ranking freemason and satanist) moral and dogma quotes on how they created staged and funded all the wars and how they need a WW3 to bring the new world order. WW3 will bring order out of chaos and will set up the antichrist system. it's the protocols of zion

Steven Tolifson

and our troops out there are clearly getting along with the iranian and russian souljas and maybe the are actually workig together

Charlotte Buckler

First of all what started all this crap?! People can’t get along

jason derek

when i see cbs fox cnn bbc, all i hear is blah blah blah blah.

Dem Wrong

Re trumps reaction its self explanatory, regardless of decision to pull out they cannot be seen to be weak. Contrary believe this is possible. If l where America aka (mystery babylon), knowing how it's all prophesied to end, l would be doing more with the hope that God has a change of heart.

Cool Mannn Always

This dude is a phucking joke lol

Matthias Ngatchou

The wife of Trump is Russian and Trump governs by tweeting. It is possible that his wife is the one tweeting by having access to the account of Trump! And Trump just follows up defending the idea of her tweets to cover up what's really happening!

Jim Turano

Putin still has Trump in his pocket. Trump still doesn't listen to his advisers. But he listens to Putin. Now currently Coronavirus didn't just suddenly appear from nowhere.I believe this is a warning from Russia, and we the American people are not being told the truth about what is going on.  My opinion. March 28, 2020.



Ирина Горкушенко

Who can explain briefly what is going on here? I am a Russian girl and I do not understand English well.Hope they don’t lie hereHope they don’t lie here. I will be grateful?❤️ By the way, you can ask any questions about Russia??

Ali Mohammond

we love u Putin, CNN is fake news!!!

Russia and us

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Armenia and Azerbaijan defy ceasefire calls from Russia and US

441 900 views | 1 Oct. 2020

France, Russia and the US

France, Russia and the US have called for an immediate ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia - but Turkey said the three big powers should have no role in peace moves.

The Turkish President has pledged to stand behind Azerbaijan in the clash over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

At least 100 people have reportedly been killed - with hundreds wounded - in the worst fighting between the two countries in decades.

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Karabakh is Azerbaijan

?????? Karabakh is Azerbaijan !!!
Մեր առգրաված ավարը:

Ramil Shukurov


TD Move



⚠️Специально для наших четвероногих соседей....
?1.Когда вы включаете свой телевизор, помните, что цветной телевизор изобрёл армянин.. Выключите его и никогда не смотрите...(Ованес Адамян)

?2.Когда не сможете ходить и нужна будет коляска, опять вспомните, что коляску изобрёл армянин. Не пользуйтесь ею...(Эмик Авагян)

?3.Когда вам нужна будет кислородная маска, опять помните,что её изобрёл армянин. Не пользуйтесь..(Артур Булбулян)

?4. Когда вам нужно будет обследоваться, и вам назначат обследование МРТ, помните, что и это изобрёл армянин. Не обследуйтесь..(Реймонд Дамадьян)

?5. Когда ваши мугамы играете на аккордеоне, помните, что этот инструмент изобрел армянин. Не прикасайтесь к нему ( Кирилл Демян)

?6. Когда каждый день ваши грязные деньги снимаете с банкомата, знайте,что банкомат изобрёл армянин. Не снимайте больше деньги.. (Джордж Симджян)

?7. Когда в один день решите завоевать Марс и Луну (по вашему, вы это уже сделали), вспомните, что Луноход изобрёл армянин. Не пользуйтесь..Александр Кемурджян)

?8. Когда вдруг захотите мороженого, знайте, что вафельный рожок для мороженого изобрёл армянин, не ешьте.. (Алекс Манукян)

?9. Когда захотите высушить ваши волосы, опять вспомните, что фен изобрёл армянин.. выбросьте ваши фены..(Габриел Казарян)

?10. Когда садитесь в машину, помните, что автоматическая коробка передач создана армянином... не водите машину... (Асатур Сарафян)

?11. Когда вы строите новые здания (чтобы они обрушились на ваши головы), помните, что бетономешалку создал армянин. Не стройте ничего.. (Степан Степанян)

?12. Когда вы тратите ваши грязные деньги, знайте, что цветовое решение доллара создано армянином. не прикасайтесь к деньгам.. (Христофор Тер-Серобян)

?13. Когда у вас не будет света и вам нужна будет керосиновая лампа,помните, что это изобрёл армянин.. Сидите в темноте ..(Игнаций Лукасевич)

?14. Когда вы употребляете краны в умывальниках, помните, что и это изобрёл армянин.. Больше не прикасайтесь..(Алекс Манукян)

Этот список я могу продолжить...
Мы100٪ победили вас Давно...

помните, кто вы. древнейшие??????


Mikayil Bagirov

1) #Armenia isn't being attacked. Not a single shot has been fired at Armenia or in Armenia.
2) All the fighting is INSIDE #Azerbaijan.
3) Armenia's army is in Azerbaijan.
4) Armenia fires missiles at Azerbaijan.


At least, now there are peace, Macron and Armenien is loser, don't go in to war with Turks,.we have all times in our history fight for what is our, we maybe have lose some times but we know have to take it back.


Nagorno-Karabakh Azerbaijani territory, Armenia appears as the occupier. There is a UN decision.

Teungku Rizal

I support azerbaijan from indonesia

Анар Ампах

Azerbaijan!!! ?? ?? ??

Darling Karlotto

Karabag in ???❤️

WaQar Ali AFriDi

We are with our Muslim brotherhood ??????????????


I love how the arminian civilian says we will fight to the end when if Russia don't give support they will fall

SicK WhipZ

Armenia said comeback and back your boi and turkey did?

Bashir Hasanov

I think the people making this video do not understand the fact that Azerbaijan has not even used all of its military yet. Yes, there is military situation in Azerbaijan. But that does not mean that the whole country is kept hostage within itself. But technological level of Azerbaijani army also allows it not to use many manpower. Therefore, the claim of bringing paid Syrian forces is actually false. Just military budget of Azerbaijan is greater than Armenia's.

Nilkamal Singha

Armenia God is at your side

Karine Andreasyan


Raj Singh

Armenian Christian community, Christianit culture, Christian region land, Armenian language, geographically the region also belongs to Armenians,

And that does not fit with Azerbaijan a Muslim-majority country

Niklaus Mikaelson

Azerbaijan won

Ruslan Mikayilov

Armenia abuses Azerbaijan's commitment to a peaceful resolution of the conflict and uses every opportunity to slow down the negotiation process. The latest statements by the Armenian government prove that it continues to grossly violate the norms and principles of international law. Azerbaijan is fighting for its lawful land in order to oust the occupier from it.

Sanan Ibrahimov

Karabakh is Azerbaijan ??


I support Azerbaijan.

xDanger JTx

i mean they started it first, soo xD

Fiba_dan 6

Counter terrorist win ???

Linus Jönsson


Apa Blayu

Turkey is gonna sink again


That land is recognized internationally abd the un as an Azerbaijani land which Armenia occupied after the fall of the Soviet union in 1994 along with Russias help !
Shame on sky news for backing up the invaders.

Muhammad Sadique

Love Azerbaijan from pakistan.

sam short vdo

Do we still need virus to destroy ourselves.

Donny thebutterlord

In a world where humans have brains and that humans can think peace will never be a permenent option


What if usa russia vs turkey ?

Sourav Das

Nagarno karabagh is going to be the second kashmir. In world

Zeynel ahmet

Everybody will see the power of Turkey

Jefry Sahanggamu

GBU Armenia

Fan Jin


Fachri Farid Bachmid Official


Aldo Hart

very simple...type in "1915 armenian genocide" look in the biggest search engine (Goo_ _ _) images and read wiki etc

Prime Prime

Why don't shoot loving to each other.

YouMath Tutor

#don't believe armenia.



Hak Vardanyan

Armenia top???



Əhmədli Elmin

Azerbajan is winner

Babək Məmmədov


no name no life


tha Supreme fa cagare al cazzo

then the Ww3 arrives and I flee to Russia

Bilinmez ĄĐĄM?¿


Koyariz kapa susalar ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ali ali

the armenian occupiers were taught a good lesson

Fardin Kakavand

Azerbaijan or better to be called Shirvan( its original name before russian mock up with it) was always part of Iran and has to be added to Iran again . Treaty of Golestan and Turkamanchai were finished on 2013 and by international law Azerbaijan ( Shirvan) and Armenia(Aran) has to be added to Iran again. I have to say from ancient time other side of Aras river never called Azerbaijan it was always shervan and Aran.
The area north of the Aras River, including the territory of the contemporary nations of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the North Caucasian Republic of Dagestan, were part of Iran until they were occupied by Russia during the 19th century.
The following are those was seprated from iran by treaty of Golestan and treaty of Turkamanchai:
All the cities, towns, and villages of Georgia, including all the villages and towns on the coast of the Black Sea, such as:Megrelia,Abkhazia,Imeretia,Guria;Almost all cities, towns and villages of the khanates in the South Caucasus and partly North Caucasus:Baku khanate,Shirvan Khanate,Derbent Khanate,Karabakh khanate,Ganja khanate,Shaki Khanate,Quba Khanate,part of the Talysh Khanate; Armenia and remaining part of Azerbaijan(shirvan).

Karine Andreasyan


Space Mountain

Everybody stay out of it. This is between 2 nations, the rest of us should just not touch and let them fight.

Denis Marin

Azerbaijan has no claims to a land that has the majority Armenians

Muhammed Zaid


univer univer2

вот где западные демократие там уже воина

Mathachan Ouseph

Russia turkey are blood thirsty money hungry wolves.

Islam tafiqul

Arminea whoi captcher Agarbaiger land??????????????

Iran Persia


Tunar Taqiyev

Let us speak to all our compatriots in all foreign languages. Let's be strong. Let's emphasize the realities of Azerbaijan in every language and nation. Let them know how Armenians have occupied Azerbaijani lands since the 1990s. Let our pregnant women know that they killed our parents in Elecede, and let our voices be heard all over the world. Let the truth find its place. Let's support our army and our President in Azerbaijan

Keith Davis

Of course Turkey supports Azerbaijan. I guess they didn't have enough trying to genocide Armenia back during WWI

Why tf are they still in NATO? We don't need them anymore.

Israfil Karakaya

Karabag Azerbaycandir, Azerbaycan Türkiyedir

Temurbek Juraboev

in the face of the wars that america has waged, this is nothing

SEYMUR Pubg Mobile



Only during 1828-1830 over 40,000 Armenians were relocated from Iran, and 84,600 Armenians from the Ottoman Empire, to, and settled in Azerbaijan(Nagarno Karabakh).This was done by USSR to create a Christian safeguard wall to protect Russians. Furthermore, all the current country of Armenia, Armenians were settled by Iran and Soviets to protect against ottoman Sultanate. Plus create a Christian Armenian wall between Azeri and Turks.





dearfather his

while the world is in chaos
china:money money
Russia:Oil price and Syria
Britain:leave EU
France:Muslim and refugees
Others:pandemic lockdown

tristman 84

Don't think america and russia have the same influence as they did 20-30 years ago lol

Reyhan SA

Can't we fight wars with a sport competition or smthng?

Oguz Kamar

The land belongs to Azerbaycan.Not armenia.

ZAV_2010 Nazaryan


Tusher Rahman

I love Azerbaijan....

Ajeet Kumar

Indian people support Armenian people always

Prince Joe

One genocide is not enough for these war mongering genocidal humanoids ! It always comes to an all out war .

Zahid Suleymanov


Mushraf Mehar

Azerbaijan ❤

Lucky haider

This is totally biased towards armenia ! Armenia genocide Azerbaijan people and took their land. Now its time to take back azerbaijan land . Full support from Pakistan!

CloudJumper & Stormy

Karabağ Azerbaycanındır.!

Lazir Modernwarung

ayo pemerintah,, ajukan tekanan .. biar mereka gencatan senjata..
kasihan warga sipil..

Battulga Munkhbayar

The war never ends but humans need peace and love

Karine Andreasyan

Հայերը հախթող են

mustafa javeed Kamal

Azerbaijan land nago2 Karabakh international recognized already,,,,, Armenia violations international law

Rick Benjamin

God saves Armenia?

Joshua Matthew M. Samarita

I think it would be better if Russia annexed these 2 countries.

Ben Dover

Since when did Caucus became part of Europe? Damn what a report?

Dağbəyi quliyev


Ash Kharait

U.N Confirmed the conflict territories belong to Azerbaijan so why are Armenian playing victims. Just give back Azerbaijan what belongs to them instead of killing innocent people both sides :( pray for world peace

Behruz Memmedov


Zeynəb Hüseynzadə

The report submitted by the Tbilisi Justice Prosecutor to the Russian Minister of Justice also focuses on the events in Baku. The Tbilisi prosecutor says that Baku Governor Knyaz Mikhail Nakashidze is widely responsible for the events in Baku. In his report, the Tbilisi prosecutor emphasizes that Armenians have recently tried to incite Azerbaijani Turks with violence. The Baku Prosecutor's Report, No. 2235, dated 7 (20) February, notes that the killing of prisoner Bala Ali Mashadi Mohammad Rza by Armenian guards on 12 (25) January and Agarza Babayev by an Armenian group on 6 (19) February aroused Azerbaijanis. draws. It is reported that after these recent killings, events took place in Baku and between February 9 (22) and March 20 (March 4) there were armed clashes. In his report, the prosecutor wrote that the Armenians not only defended themselves, but also attacked Azerbaijanis in the areas where they lived. The report said that the total number of people killed and wounded in the clashes was unknown, especially because Muslims gathered and buried the dead without registering them. However, 159 murders were detected in Baku, 10 in Bibiheybat and 33 in Balakhani. The nationalities of 9 of them were not determined, 4 were Georgians, 9 were Russians, 25 were Azerbaijani Turks and 155 were Armenians. The total number of wounded is 159, of which 41 are Azerbaijani Turks and 73 are Armenians. There are discrepancies in the number of deaths in the prosecutor's report. Because, as stated by the prosecutor in this report, the losses of Azerbaijanis are likely to be higher than the figures, because Muslims collected and buried the dead without registration." March 1918 genocide committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis "

Along with the Soviet military units established in Baku in early 1918, a large number of armed Armenian soldiers were gathered. According to Shaumyan, there were about 10,000 armed forces at his disposal. On the eve of the massacre, the total number of Armenian armed forces exceeded 20,000. While withdrawing from the Caucasus, all its weapons and supplies fell into the hands of the Armenian Dashnaks. In the face of so many forces, the Azerbaijanis were left unarmed. After the Brest-Litovsky Peace Treaty signed by the Bolsheviks with Germany on March 3, 1918, Kars, Ardahan and Batumi were returned to Turkey. The army and its Armenian detachments had to leave the mentioned territories. While moving along the Baku railway, these units looted more than 200 villages and settlements in Shamkir, Ganja and other areas and brought them to Baku.

The main obstacle in front of a large number of Armenian-Dashnak militants gathered in Baku was the national military units created by Azerbaijanis in Lankaran. It was the Bolsheviks and Armenians who struck the first blow to this irregular army.

At Shaumyan's behest, Baku Soviet Red Guard sailors arrested Muslim soldiers and officers aboard the Evelina. Rumors that they would attack the Russian population in Baku for the arrest of Muslim soldiers were easily carried out by the Armenian-held Baku Soviet. At a meeting of the National Council of Azerbaijan on March 17, members of the Armenian National Council Ter-Mikoelyan and others wrote about the events in the name of the Bolsheviks and proposed to fight against them. Thus, on March 18, with the fatwa of the Armenians, "Musavat" and the Armenian National Council agreed to jointly fight against the Bolsheviks, in the name of "uniting with the Bolsheviks and massacring the civilian population."Dashnak-Bolshevik groups united and carried out a massacre against Azerbaijanis until March 21. On March 20, the Ismailiyya building under the leadership of Amiryan Tatevos was set on fire. The Muslim Charity Society, People's House, Kaspi and "Achiq Soz" newspapers were attacked. Early in the morning of March 30, Armenian-Bolshevik forces fired on the city from ships. Thus, the first fire on March 30, 1918 was the beginning of the Baku genocide. The Shaumyan massacre continued in other regions of Azerbaijan.
Mir Jafar Peshawari, who witnessed the March massacres, wrote: "I saw with my own eyes the atrocities of the Dashnaks in March 1918, the killing of innocent people, especially neutral Iranians, and the burning of corpses in caravanserais. It was a very tragic and hateful act."
The British researcher Peter Hopkirk wrote in his book "Like Secret Fire" that "Armenians, who saw the escape of their ancient enemies, now sought revenge. Therefore, the fighting continued until almost the entire Muslim population was expelled from the city or killed. On the fifth day, although much of the city was still under fire, the resistance was broken and the streets were filled with dead and wounded, almost all of whom were Muslims.


The UN is useless notice how they aren't there

Metanoia Morosis

Tbh what turkey pm said is pretty true...
For a long time they "took of no notice" to this situation and just now those 3 bahomooo decided to act...weird

The Truth

Childrens in palestine still cycling or they are dead...sky and bbc should worry about those also

Battulga Munkhbayar


Konstantinos Sofikitis




Mems Kara

Armenians should simply leave, and every nation should mine there own business

By Elmin





Good job Armenia❤️