Leaked meat

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Reading the Leaked Pokimane Messages on Stream (Down Bad)

609 176 views | 27 Nov. 2020


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the one



I had to come back 2 months later to spit on the grave

Johannes Rautio

Me: Laughs
Also me: Remembers how I was 15 years ago on 7th grade

And then I feel pain

Vincent Stringer

7:08 Basically sums up this video tbh

Ryan Gustin

Birdman reads the leaked birdman messages


This is pretty sad

Gucci Pucci


Kung Fu Kenny Jr.

Why would you even post these messages he really exposed himself?‍♂️?

Lom ash

down worst

blue jaze

my boy install SIMP-20

Andrew Griffith

When he said, “just feels...right” my spirit left my body and watched me have a whole body convulsion from the cringe

Aidan Gittings


Christopher Labedzski

This text here is called (leading him on) he interested in her and she knows it, but she not interested in him because she interested in somebody else or sex with other dudes, but the women puts him in the freindzone for validation, and then trying to passive _rejected him, he is hurting so much, but he has forget about her and go for a women that loves him,,


Bro I’ve had a girl talk to me like this once but I didn’t stick around shit was bummy how do you fail after she calls you cute?

Jonathan Godbolt

I feel like you text how you talk

Da Monsta Jam!!!

Fed is the type of dude that would let her and her boyfriend live in his house, make them every meal, give them money, and then hear them screwing in the other room every night.

kyle lewis

My brain

Evan Ohia

7:43 I felt that ?

Joshua Williams

Pokimane is a water downed Belle Delphine.

Edson dos Reis

I'm not into gaming or twitch or whatever, but this is some funny shit.??

Sultan Shahjalal

But we out here reading others text like 8 years old. The irony XD.

Ryan Babecki

let me catch my son texting a girl "okie"

YGN Slim

That’s really what a drought can do?

Mitch Monnet

in the words of cody..."down cataclysmically"

Chuck rogers

If you look at the texts it’s disgusting how sneaky she is. There’s a reason some things are spelled correct and others aren’t. Plausible deniability...there’s shit going on. It’s done In a way that if leaked you can’t tell.

soviet ketchup

Fed needs a snicker bar


I had to stop this shit half way through dog. what the actual fuck? LOL


Thank ubirdman never fail to make me laugh

Kung Fu Kenny Jr.

Their talking to each other like their in 9th grade goddamn




"Jebated" is this some kind of zoomer bullshit?
the world is going to hell

Frank Silva

I was so happy when you said “what the fuck is happening right now” because I had no fucking clue either.

Toni Remer

As a female, I'd shut my phone off after the 3rd message. The ONLY time that I'd EVER have a man beg, is when I'm doing something that he likes, and I ask him if he'd like more.

Solenne Primeiro

Apparently I'm a noob simp

Hunter Campbell

I love your commentary geeks tf out of me

Nikos FP

the cringe is actually getting inside of me and then leaking out in a infinite loop please make it sotp


Lmao simpin

juggalo for life!

Damn dude

Who Dis???

Fed definitely gets pegged.. wadda beta..


Come on guys, have some self respect. No girl in the world is worth this. And no girl is going to get in your pants out of pity. Also, stop using emojis after you write something, ffs.

Luke Rooten

yeah man man man birdman i fucking cant i am dead :)


People if you need ask and illl use 10% of my power to make you blind so you won't have to read that shit again

CrusheR_ GTX

can anyone please explain me what happened

Kung Fu Kenny Jr.

This made me way too unconftable???

Tony Ruiz

I can’t even finish this lol wtf lol

Busch Light

The fact that these guys are talking to these girls like their “Gay best friend” makes me vomit.

Ben Hosseini

“You were comin back from a 3 to 1 and you just choked.” ????

The Highlander

which is which, blue is pokemane right?

Kneee Deep

tell me this poor guy is like one of her top tier donators and she has to keep them on the leash because the pay out is just so much exponentially greater than majority of the subs combined.


I was down before but this is far beyond me

Quinn Kelly

Dogs update rn

Lom ash

down done


I was in love with a girl way out of my league when i was like 16, no idea how i made her writte with me wo much. She talked to me the same way, keeping me on the short line and it was sad but even i ended this shit after 2 weeks when i figured out she was just playing and asking me stupid stuff. The guy talking to her is one sas piece of human being.

Chief Amvs

Poki replied be having me confused ? he was being way to thirsty but one minute she dissin him the next she tryna sleep in his hotel ?

Kneee Deep

Saw a free belle delphine video on pornhub the other day. Was so put off by how easy it's become to see her that way that I didn't even want to see more than her thumbnail. That's the problem with paying for it on the internet, it's free on some other site or just a quick version of the long video. Kind of get what you need in the free shorthand version, be about your craft and hold yours standards high. Buying shit you know you can get for free just as easily kind of defeats the purpose to me.

Conner Miller

bro, birdman kinda camping in cold war tho

The Honey Guy

If he's getting up in those walls than I'd day that was a W for him but this girl is a 2/10 looks and personality so we gotta deduct a point for that


Thanks to this video, I went on a spree of calling women bitches in their DMs, yelled at my dad, sister, mom and planning to continue rampaging until I get laid. Is it right to make fun of someone who has yet to sleep with an attractive woman?


I'm crying ??

Ok Ok

Even tho he’s a simp, I still kinda feel bad for him
All this is public so he looks stupid

John Ridgeway

Wait is that actually pokimane or someone role-playing her? This is so weird. I'm so confused? and dude keeps referring to both the sender and receiver of the texts dudes and girls ? wut

Odog Lafford

Bad bad fumbled like a Butterfinger fairy with his shit finger

Pablo Gamarra

some Simps are realy our boys in disguise
Birdman:execute order 69
Simps:Yes my lord
Simps:Start roasting twitch thots

Travel Moar

Why you sound like videogame dunkey in this video lol

Law and order

You can’t be serious lmao


Holy fuck the cringe is insane


Man the guy´s a huge simp but I kinda feel bad for him. Been in the same situation once, a girl that I really liked and was simping hard for her. It´s even harder when they do this kinda stuff, say they aint ready to date you and don´t wanna ruin the friendship by rushing it, but at the same time treat you like a boyfriend on demand. This is even worse than my case, cause this girl is a straight up bitch, calling him "hubby bunny", saying "I love you", sleeps with him, that she´s masturbating and he should come in.... Like, obviously the guy is gonna get confused. You can see that some of his replies are kinda dry, like he´s tired of getting baited, but she throws even more bait that he gets easily his hopes high.
I got lucky that my friend called me out and introduced me to the girl I´m currently dating, but some guys are so deep into this bullshit that they keep digging themselves a grave.

Alec Wright

11:27 the most pivotal message Birman can give

john goforth

i stg girls share everything with their friends id bet money that her friend is telling her what to say this just seems too wishy washy ???

Syed Tariq

PLEASE stopt, just stop....this is painful

its_niko 69

I literally can’t tell you the difference between you and optimus


Haven’t been watching birdman for couple months and going through all these vids it’s tuff to see how down bad these eugenes are ? Never change Birdman

Black Phillip

2:57 Holy shit fucking ears??

John Vin

Said he was coming back from 3-1 he was coming back from 3-0 man was dead

royal gohan gaming

9:39 dude tried to expose poki but he deleted some of his responses damn how down bad was he


"I might've chris browned you at this point" OMG I LOST it at that line?


Damn seems theirs a lot of weak minded insecure men who never grew up paying this ugly girl money to talk to them speaking absolute nonsense. Sad human beings


He got ban boozeled

Zboi Jasus

This Makin my soul ache bro


She wants to hang wit dem real niggas

Edis0n 33

She look like a whole ass ghost without make up

N4me_Kn0t_F4und _

Say what you want about Fed, but may we just take a second to realize Poki clearly took advantage of his emotions and played with them like he was a toy? Blatant manipulation and it’s disgusting. I feel Fed on that one.

Akhileswa Rabbani

I’ve never heard you laugh like that man ?

Denizen Nuttacus

C L O W N E R Y | 1 0 0 |


10:29 10 in a row! Even Kobe noticed it ?

Brandon J Mejia-Lassiter

I feel like a creep

Amxricas A55

He needed to hit the gym before he ever tried to hit dat

Chief Amvs

They used to talk about themselves masturbating? Poki be goin cooooo??

Dylan Bennett

This man has so much game he needed a referee


Worst attempt at sexting I’ve ever seen in my life


That guy does bot get any action

LowTierDrone Da3rd

who would want to date pokihore?

Tony Bankjes

#Pokimane #exsposed

Truck -kun

Bruh ain’t pokimane 30 or something?


Mans down abysmal

Josh Ronalds

You can tell the time difference by the spaces between the messages, the ten weren’t sent all at the same time

Dawn Warrior

This is cringe...


And to think YouTube baned leafy over her???

Jose Ole

very interesting but your voice is annoying XD love you

Joshua Garcia

12:30 to the end had me DYING????

Leaked meat

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How To Beat Every DEATH GAME In "Would You Rather"

2 450 778 views | 4 Feb. 2021

You've been invited to

You've been invited to play a game of "would you rather" that would solve all your problems, but every choice you make is going to be brutal. What do you do?

Thank you for watching Would You Rather explained and review of how to beat.

Check us out on:

FB ➡ https://www.facebook.com/CinemaSummary/

IG ➡ https://www.instagram.com/cinemasummary/

Twitter ➡ https://twitter.com/CinemaSummary

Lidlaid gaming channel

It’s just like. The Old man he says is being sober. He was an alcoholic so he just doesnt drink alcohol anymore.

Titus Telesco

This movie is actually really fun


"I might even tell him I'm celibate just to see what happens." Nice moves dude

Thegunslinger 56

Bruh so you telling me she hit a guy with a whip in the back 3 times got stabbed in the side by some random goth almost died almost drowned and shot a guy just for the money for his brother’s surgery just so she can find her brother kill him self damn that’s tough

Minimeza viaticohio198

Me is happy because if crabman

You Know Its Mike the biker

I would get up and try to run because they will try to shoot me in the head which will kill me instantly. Better to take my chances.

Devin Abadie

No way youd slip a phone past they'd search you especially with the shady shiz they do

Johnathan Tavra

Oof that ending I was going to watch it after listening to all of this but what a turn around lol

C. Cork

this is a wonderful bedtime story isnt it ??

Common Sense

Only Americans would need to play! Because the rest of the world have universal healthcare?

E. Hemingway

If the doctor had called the police, and we already know the host is a stone cold killer, then that would create a hostage situation, which would likely endanger the group more


How to beat would you rather

Don't join

Lincoln Armstrong

The first guy is a recovering alcoholic, that’s why he drank water instead

Javi Brazy


l j

amy is sasha grey O.o

Lukas Funk

this is just how to beat the american health care system

Comrade_ Yurikov

So this is MR Beast's intelligence agent cousin?

Nebe I

That breathing technique is awsome i tired it and i actually quadrupeled the time i can hold my breath from 1min 12 seconds to 5 minutes 13 seconds


kkk your faith in the police is really cute

Mizu Moon

I would rather go to heaven and live in the light. if my brother was sick and God wants him to pass away that is gods will. I would not sell my soul to the devil to save anyone not even myself.


You know how I'd live, live in the UK, free healthcare you yanks


The host kinda looks like the my pillow guy

Da Bear

In the shock bit, I thought of something quite interesting
Asking the entire group to shock themselves would almost never work, seeming as it takes only one person to shock someone else, they wouldn’t get any punishment, and the person next to them has a dilemma, get shocked twice or get shocked once. They are going to shock the person next to them to avoid being shocked twice
If you ask everybody to shock the person next to them, it will almost always work, if your a bad person, you shock the person next to you. If your neutral, you shock the person next to you, if your good, you shock yourself, but only you get shocked twice. Bad people can’t beat this seeming as they were already going to shock the person next to them

hewho the channel

would you rather: rip out your hair, or kill your best frend

Austin Burcham04

I couldn’t finish this ?

galaxyboi jony

Plz God protect this guy he doesn’t know why he is doing

Winddragon Lundholm

Lol the real horror here is the american healthcare system. This would never happen in Sweden for exemple, we got free healthcare.



Lowell Easly

I like this movie

Victoria Hatch

How I would win would you rather would be to find out what happeneds in the game and call the cops so no more people can get hurt and die

Diamond Werto

Imagine going to your basement and hear this guy say: now this is first mistake

Rodel Ganalon

the old lady is my favorite. periodt.

William Diaz

What would I do? I'd sign dying unemployed brother up for Medi-Care and let the government pay for it.

Lorenzo Caluori

the host: you can stab anyone you choose
Me: anyone? Then I choose you

Ismail Harr

Damn, years ago this comment section would be filled with comments about Sasha Gray :(((


Underrated movie. Not perfect. But awesome in its own right.
1000x better than truth or dare


The doctor would rather subscribe to the hypocrites oath than the Hippocratic Oath!

seo nonosquare

Imagine not living in europe

oz vi

I'm desperate for money but I'm not THAT desperate. If I got offerd to join the game I'm just gonna be a stripper instead, Thank you next ?


the donny who cut his eye went through all that just to get killed anyways ?


I would have ate that steak and left. I’d give up 16 years of sobriety for 50k too.

Priyank Srikanth

I don't understand why people chose to open the envelope near the end...the first punishment made it absolutely clear the second one way more clearer... for me after the first one no one should have taken the envelope..I am not that fit even though you couldn't term me unhealthy I am a bit on the fatter side and haven't gone swimming in more than a year and could hold my breath for slightly more than 1 minute...these guys look fit and with some breathing exercises easily survived it..the last girls decision was stupid after one guy had to cut his eye and the other had to remove her teeth..you just got to not focus on breathing..it sounds stupid but your body could go without oxygen for two minutes if you don't try to do some extra movements and waste your very limited energy..a healthy human body can go upto 10 minutes without breathing provided you don't waste energy but that's not easy as it sounds, your trying to control your reflex actions but its a big advantage if you can


Expectation: Oh he's going to show how to get everyone out alive

Reality: Everyone is cannon fodder


Well it sounds like the only way to win life has been absolute di$!

an Orangutan


Joseph S

If I were in this game (or any similar to this), step one would be getting rid of cinema summary


Is the host son is the one who play Penguin on Gotham

Richard Fernandez

The son is penguin from gotham

Play Time Meyers

Great video


this is a exellent relatively new toutube cjanmel

Bobross Twin

Is that Sasha Grey and Ricky from the trailer park boys?


That is Daniel Sousa


I watched this movie 10 times


this awfully reminds me of danganronpa but this movie is great

Dylan desgagne

18:29 HA

Don’t Know A Name

Holding your breath underwater for 2 minutes is quite easy. 4 minutes is quite the challenge.


I'm grinning all the way through this video just because Sasha Grey is present in this movie.


Might just say I’m celibate to see what happens, lmao?? smooth

GZ Studios

Everyone: sees death on screen
Me: Is that Anna Camp-


This whole video was dumb asf if you ask me the best chance these niggas had was to cause chaos and try to kill as many people as they can to escape ???

Douginha11 ps4

Why does the guy who cut his eye look like Anthony from smosh

christoph Funk

18:52 venus fly trap?

King Drekilla

If “hindsight is 2020” was a YouTube channel lol im kidding keep up the good work

Smile Loaf


anonymous hooman

The guy: would u rather electrocute yourself or Amy

Me: welp, get ready amy


15:24 why tf didn't he grabbed his gun and killed everybody?

Charlotte Hansen

I can only hold my breath for 1.15 seconds, but still I’d take 2 minutes. Just consider what the psychopath has already put you thru, and do NOT take any vague or indirect paths.

Joshua Playz



The thing I never understood in this movie is the host never told them how they're ment to do the challenges, Like with cutting the eye, He could of just made a very small cut, With the stabbing you could hold it at the end where the point is to do a smaller puncture, The only thing I'm surprised at is the whipping part, The host said whip or stab and the person chose to whip, The person could of done it gently and if the host said "again but with full force", The person could've said "you never said how hard and what I did is following the rules".

Little Doof

For the last challenge it’s good to assume there is only one bullet in the gun so I would shoot the person who made the game steal his spare gun and shoot the butler

fresh comic

what would happen if you killed the host? or kidnapped his son and tried to turn the would you rather against him?

Curtis Allison

It's easy. Chant the sacred lyrics from the Rage Against the Machine song "Killing in the Name".


the running man

This movie is secretly a saw sequel

Edna Canty

Dude I got to ask what would you do if you were forced to play would you rather


nobody’s gonna mention ricky?

Mana YT

I feel bad for that grandma

Issac Jones

i got it would you rather have me win the game or all of you guys forfet and you got to choose

Dinosaur Adam

Be real if the veteran wasnt your favorite you trippin

Susie Mae Abril

Why do i always get sad when old people are in a death movie

Joseph Frausto

I would strap myself with a Nokia vest

Logan Wongkee

You could just move to Canada easy solve

The_ Marvx

If I were Iris, I would've asked the male stranger if he's single. I know my brother too well so there would be a high probability for him to commit suicide. Atleast if the stranger says yes, I'd still go away happy... well, in a way.

Tato Tot

I would rather not take the chance in the first place. I’m at peace with the fact that everything is temporary. She should have been spending time with him and started a gofundme

Emily Padilla

how the heck was the doctor gonna save her with that tiny ass gun. I would've told my brother about the game and the potential money so it wouldn't have all been for nothing


what is the movie called??

Camden Shaw

No one:

Star Wars: copyright symbol

Cinema summary : she’s to dangerous to be left alive


How can someone be a coward even in fantasy. That is beyond me.

Shima Shimanoseki

As soon as she fired. I'm like she lost

Andrew Sederdahl

12:32 that's Oswald cobble pot

Terry Klinker

Why am I geting mr beast vibes of of this


the host kinda looks like dr phil

Allan Najera Perez

18:28 pause mad sus??

Gutter Bear

Hey Crabman


"I didn't bring it with me" lol no one would believe that
"not even a pat down" yeah cause no one was dumb enough to try pull that move.
I say bring 2 phones. One to hand over. One to keep. More believeable.


"I would have said I didn't bring my phone with me" they could still search you it wouldn't work

Theresa White

The rhetorical cold extracellularly weigh because link prognostically file unlike a shut jury. extra-large extra-small exuberant, supreme moat

Louise V

The biggest mistake in this other than participating is the possession of empathy rather than limit yourself to mere understanding. Other than that, you should bide your time, try not to stand out and focus on the here and now because the guilt will haunt you for the rest of your life anyway since only one will walk away from the game.

Ravel Zzz

I mean Thai video is helpful but if you were in the same situation you will panic, when panic happen your negative thoughts come


Why did i watch this before sleep?


I mean in the last “would you rather” the host didn’t say I had to kill him, just shoot him so maybe she could’ve shot him in the shoulder

Leaked meat

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Leaked video: No Evil Foods, a Faux Leftist Vegan-Meat Company, Busts Union Drive

536 views | 11 Aug. 2020

Earlier this year, the

Earlier this year, the company No Evil Foods, which sells a variety of socialist-themed vegan meats, fought a union drive at its Weaverville, North Carolina plant that included numerous “captive audience” meetings where management told workers to vote against a union.

Motherboard obtained a 23-minute video of No Evil Food's CEO and co-founder Mike Woliansky repeatedly imploring workers to vote "no" in the union election, telling workers that a union could hamper the company's ability to "save lives" and "change the world".


This video was the first of seven mandatory, anti-union meetings held at NEF. At these meetings, workers were scared about things like strikes, dues, sexual harassment, investors, collective bargaining, corruption, and so on. For more information about union busting at No Evil Foods, be sure to follow @BirdieGregson and @MoEvilFoods on Twitter and @soevilfoods and @moevilfoods2 on Instagram. Also check out moevilfoods.com for a list of other news outlets that have covered not only the union busting at No Evil Foods, but also the company's botched COVID-19 response and its firing of union organizers after they petitioned for hazard pay.

Ahmed Zaki

Evil foods
Workers of the world unite


"I am all in for [insert good thing here] but..."
Strap on, gaslight road ahead

David TH

"We think it's absolutely critical for all employees to have a voice." A "voice" but NOT POWER. These are hipsters from hell and this just shows how phony liberalism is these days it's just branding and symbolism divorced from material conditions.

Steve Heikkila

No union, but here, have some Comrade Cluck revolutionary ‘No Chicken’ Plant Meat. Viva la branding!

ein bert

Union busting is disgusting! Boycott No Evil foods!


What a POS.