Janet louise yellen

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USA: VP Harris swears in Janet Yellen as first female US treasury secretary

1 612 views | 26 Jan. 2021

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Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen Janet Louise Yellen was sworn in by Vice President Kamala Harris as the US Secretary of the Treasury in Washington DC on Tuesday, becoming the first woman to hold the position after a Senate confirmation.

Wearing a face mask and respecting a safety distance, Yellen repeated the words of the oath of office at a ceremony performed outdoors on the East Wing entrance to the White House, accompanied by her husband George Akerlof and her son Robert Akerlof.

An economist and professor at the University of California at Berkeley, she led the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018, the first woman to hold such position.

Under the Bill Clinton administration, Yellen chaired the Council of Economic Advisers from 1997 to 1999.

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Booby Hatch

Sorry every one


Kameltoe Harris.


Its time for printing SUMMER JAM MONEY...HOT 97.1 TRILLION a year is good for America.

Maria Astræa


Subliminal Messages TV

As soon as the video starts it sounds as if a caretaker is speaking to one of the elderly at an old peoples home



Wayne Que

All Americans will pay big time???

What about Bob

This is an autocracy! This Admin is the old guard dynasty. Janet must be 80.



Abdülläh Lögäri



Everything with these people seem like actors

frick poo

i thought democrats did away w genders?

Subliminal Messages TV

But in all actuality This is the visual demonstration of your country being destroyed

Honest Philip Palph

Amazing another Senile dementia

Être souverain

A old sheet again so funny ?

Free TTV


thars hope

Now that gender/sex/biology is irrelevant.. the first female anything is absolutely meaningless.
Harris is not the first female VP.. Harris is just another VP.


I thought a supreme court judge covers the swearing in process.

V Arias

Isn’t this elder abuse?


Can you smell the smoke? Because America is about to go up in smoke in flames.

Blue Collar Sinner

So cringe at the end. What's wrong with the radical left

Marky Mark

America has had a coup.


Is that Joe Biden"s younger brother on the left?

Proyecto Duarte

? ?

Robert M

Janet is coming for your Bitcoin folks hide it sell it fast as you can.

fritz reimer

All looks so very fake, mask, maybe all photoshop editing.

Janet louise yellen

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Biden's Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen Delivers Remarks | NBC News

50 258 views | 1 Dec. 2020

President-elect Joe

President-elect Joe Biden's nominee to serve as Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, urged that "it's essential that we move with urgency" to provide economic relief for Americans amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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#JoeBiden #PresidentElect #NBCNews

Biden's Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen Delivers Remarks | NBC News

George Schnakenberg

Who's here because you found out she's apart of the hedge funds


Refreshing to see some actual grown-ups in the room. Yellen is a wonderful choice who will work for the average person.

sir johnsson

embrace inflation peps,

Ian H

Evil DemocRats and Crooked Media are the worst animals

Lee Brooks

Some of you people have no mind of your own, this guy who's in the big house is a absolute joke.

Luke Austin

Oh, we know you think about us. You think about those nasty savers, precious metal stackers and crypto buyers trying to flee from the collapsing purchasing power of a dollar you pumped to prop up Wall St. Banks and Billionaires. Public trust in you is gone.

SA Farmers

Best choice Janet Yellen

Juan Perales

$800,000.00 worthy ? by Hedge fund billionaires.. Finally someone for the people

jason harris

How come everyone in this new administration is about to die. Cant we find anyone to help this country out that's not 150 years old

Linh Nguyễn Thùy

One of best selection as a treasury secretary ?‍?

J. Fong

One of the best out there.. a good day for everyone in the world

jason mcgregor

can that demon stop speaking

Teologi 2018

Sorry guys I'm not Americans... It's easy for me to understand president trump English compare to her?

Michael Villarreal


Guillermo Barrios

Would be Treasury Secretary talking about "social justice", the environment, and anything other than economic policy or economy. Screams decadence and incompetence.

Camala Brown

CNN falsely claims, without evidence, that Joe Biden is President-Elect.
Mr. Biden is not the President-Elect, nor will he ever be. The
mainstream media should stop peddling baseless claims.

Christian B

Today, Janet Yellen was confirmed as secretary of treasury!! She is a role model to little girls all over the country as she is the first women to ever hold this position!!! Congratulations madam secretary

Death Hack

She's gonna be a disaster..


There is so much irony in trying to "serve people" who are "trying to put food on the table"..... while printing TRILLIONS of dollars. PEOPLE WAKE UP. This debases your currency and makes assets more expensive. The rich will get richer from this. And this corrupted state will print more to solve the problem. This is the endgame. Buy Bitcoin.


So 6 minutes of saying nothing about what they plan to do............. I guess once you get the COVID vaccine out that Trump pushed to get developed quickly, by getting rid of the red tape, and then keep Trump's economic policies in place that gave us the lowest unemployment rate in 60 years prior to COVID, I guess you really don't need to change anything. The economy will just naturally spring back like it has already started to do. Of course this post will probably get deleted as I don't see anything but pro-Democratic comments below, but I guess in the end we will see what happens.

ღSwnsasyღ _

I really do like this pick. I think she will do such a great job for us with stimulus too! Just get rid of Neera Tanden, ughh...


Did you know she’s a woman

jae Judith k

The United states ,an advanced democracy, has lost reputation because of the left. Postal voting is the hotbed of the rigged election!!!!
America's greatest disgrace if biden really force himself to be president

memyself andeye

No one needs to teach her!

UUB Repus

Elderly strikes back// in the U.S.

a Wazza

Let’s me guess is Jessica Fletcher going to be the new minister of Law and Order? My only hope is that Betty White might be getting a regular gig on SNL.
Doesn’t matter, anything is better than Trump and nasties

Jackie L

This cadence and booming voice and cathartic delivery is worth $800,000.

Bryan G

imagine that. the people who got us into massive debt and created a bleak financial future are now going to hit the reset button and make it all better? makes perfect sense.

alan dean

Goodness knows what problems she will face trying up the mess left by her predecessor and Trump. The trillions given to big business to keep the stock market artificially high instead of maintaining their business to the benefit of their employees and US as a whole , not just the top 0.01%.

jason mcgregor

im not a trump fan and neither a biden...im from europe and your monetair system is corrupt till the bone...that yellen hog is just a zionist just like trump biden and all the others serving bank intrest not the people....wake up neither left or right.


Yellen is another criminal FED banker that should be in prison. Revolving door for the bankers. This should be ILLEGAL. A former FED chair should NEVER be allowed as Treasury secretary. The US Government is illegitimate. Revolution is coming to the USA. Buy Gold and Silver.....real money. They are destroying the US dollar.

Zaynab bint Al-Harith

Wow...we have some stupid leaders.

China puts smoke into atmosphere and it is my fault.

Juke Box Hero

Printer go brrrr.

Savers get screwed.

Spenders grab food.

Way to go....

Jim McCandless

A little song that will help you remember!
Ray Stevens
Mr President!

I think Pelosi is going on vacation again! It is not We the People that will see but a paltry amount of these trillions of dollar stimulus packages. The lions share will be wasted on programs that would not pass on their own merit!

But programs designed to enrich the public servants that created them, their relatives and worst of all the Chinese Communist Party will just continue to buy up our debt .

We will only see their results when these tax and spend fake democrats devalue our dollar again (hyper inflation)! I for one cannot bring myself to pay a $1.49 for a 5 cent candy bar $4 to $5 a gallon for gasoline ! These are not traditional democrats that fight inflation, fight for affordable housing. They are nothing but scammers selling out our Great Nation. Pushing the communist new world order to steal our money, our freedom !

NayZaw Htet

Impressive speech!


Everything will remain the same! Nothing will change! The one percent are getting everything! End transmission

LP 611 Ninja

More retirement village old tw4ts that aren't even going into office ????????

I Am

I’m new to this place but I can say she is pure evil

JQ kool

Smartmatic, the Venezuelan software that rigs elections in up to 28 USA states

How did the USA end up using Venezuelan software to rig elections?

Answer, not by accident, surely…
Read how the US Republic left a hole in their own state security so wide that no one can see the wall. Then ponder that neither the CIA nor the FBI stopped this software being used in 28 states, nor did they stop the election results being stored and counted in foreign countries. The Free Press forgot to investigate, and still don’t think it matters.
The program called Smartmatic counts votes, and changes them too. It was designed for Hugo Chavez to win in Venezuela, and to be undetectable, and it worked. Thanks to a whistleblower, the Trump team has a sworn testimony from a high ranking former Venezuelan military officer who saw it in action. He watched as the Chavez team followed the results on big screens and realized they were too far behind. They realized they needed drastic action so they … stopped the counting… spent two hours “adjusting” results, and then started counting again… and who would have guessed — but the election results swung the other way. Spooky eh?

Donna Zielin

She should be in nursing home just like joedemantia

Dman Smith

We all think better days are ahead...that's like saying everybody just go jump off a bridge by now in 2020... And btw...who is this old ...wrinkled...saggy skin demon talking

genet asfaha

Thank God! Trump is going out,I am longing to see him out all the lies.

matthew johnson

Another old fart like wobble pop Joe ????



Lee Brooks

This person is deceived, and holds her thoughts high for a man who can't remember who he's running against for presidency.

Flynn Rider

A thousand times better than Mnuchin! Even more!

Robert Downes

And she's already guilty of corruption! the more things change the more they stay the same.

Rene Toussaint

What a great Secretary of Treasure she would be , thanks Mr. President Biden ,

golden Warrior

Janet Yellan was chairman of the federal reserve bank now she is treasury secretary thats a conflict of interest why dont you just hire C.E.O.s of bank of America and chase bank ,wells fargo . the federal reserve is same thing

T Bolling

When all of you wake up on the other side of the "great reset" in which your cash is gone and the federal government dictates every aspect of your life please don't blame republicans. Its coming and you wont be able to stop it and it will be to late for you to lament your lose of constitutional freedom.


'For The People' is back.


This means Centralized government. We are being set up. Communism is coming.

Joe 1

How much did she get for this speech?


Treasury secretary has ONE job...stabilize the American monetary system. So what does Janet Yellin pledge to do out the gate.....Turn the nations monetary system into a social justice weapon for leftists......yeah......good job Democrats. Guess we now know why she posted a picture of herself wearing a hat with a hammer and Sycle on it. After being called out on it she claims THAT was a russian disinformation ploy. Those russians are pretty clever....they turned back the clock a few years and talked janet yellin into posting a picture of herself wearing a hat with a hammer and sycle on it so that they could use it to discredit joe biden (i guess....) who was the russian pick for president.....I guess....it's all a little fuzzy to me...I'm not a Democrat...I'm sure it makes perfect sense to a Democrat...judging by the well thought out glowing comments by the Democrat knob slobberers.

Arley Amundson

Wake up Joe! Dude fell asleep again.

Nick L

I cant even read these comments because the left is so far gone it's just insane.

Lina Alhmaid

Such an amazing pick

Joshua Thomas

Piece of federal reserve garbage.

Kate Linares

Put the people and corperatio s to work repairing the damage done by drilling, fracking, mining, over harvesting lumber and industrial pollution.

Super Man

Great honor to be Abel to rob steap from the poor American people

El Guapo

She’s a god awful boomer with ties to Wall Street. Horrible pick

Ant Brad

Wow!! “ mr president elect” that is an absolute disgrace and a blatant threat to your democracy by these illegitimate claims!! Isn’t it the constitutio that declares that title only! This is an attempt to psychologically impress on the minds of the people that all is well while in actual fact your country is torn apart!....

Why are you lying to your people!... you are concealing the truth!... I’m Irish living in Ireland and I can see the fraud from this far!... you are not showing the hundreads who sworn affidavits telling the world what they witnesses, only YOU ARE NOT COVERING THAT!.... Why

Biden wants to unite he says, the only way to unite is by a fair election!! This election was stolen and if you support this act of evil whereby this president swears by an oath to God on the bases of falsehood, you better be prepared for Divine Justice because this is sacrilege !!!!

Utd 4 the league Utd 4 the league

what a bunch of utter tripe.......just a collection of progressive lefty buzz words. racial equality, gender equality, climate etc
good luck america, you're going to need it!

JJ Hernandez

Yellen is a delight! I admire her warm affection for the people who have endured pain, suffering and economic hardship from this pandemic.

Micheal Samson

0:27 I have no more stress with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m


Janet why did you take pay of $800k + for a forty-five minute speech for hedge fund Citadel? And why are doing Citadels work of shutting down the small time investor to the credit of elites like yourself? The WH press secretary bluntly shared this?


Oops, someone got caught taking $800k to speak. The other $7 million she got from other companies to speak is going to catch up.


Nice writtin speech. What an evil one huh

Davros Oh Brain

No crisis in our lifetime remember that one


Use the FED!

Ali Potter

Telling it like it is instead of republicans shouting about how great the Dow is. That means nothing to a regular person with no income.

Wong Kar What

She's received 8 million dollars for Wall Street speeches since 2019. She said she serves the American people? These people are demons.

Elvis Urbina

Amazing speech , so happy that we have a new well educated , smart , human, Treasury Secretary .



Don Reed

Zero Hedge reported, "Here Are All The Banks That Paid Janet Yellen $7.3 Million In Speaking Fees In The Past 2 Years."

The story said, "According to Yellen's financial disclosure document, the 74-year-old former Fed chair has raked in a whopping $7.3 million in speaking fees in just the past two years from Wall Street banks and large corporations including Citi, Goldman Sachs, Google, City National Bank, UBS, Citadel, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Salesforce.

"Did we mention Citadel? We did, but we should mention it again because for some odd reason the high frequency trading firm which was recently busted for frontrunning its own clients (and everyone knows what Citadel has been doing with Robinhood option orderflow) has been Janet Yellen's biggest customer, paying her over $800,000 (!) for three speeches (in Oct 2019, Dec 2019, and again Oct 2010).

"And yes, this is the same Citadel where Yellen's predecessor at the Fed, Ben Bernanke remains a "senior advisor" although how this man, who has never traded one share in his entire life, is advising hedge fund and trading giant like Citadel, remains a mystery.

"What isn't a mystery is why all these Wall Street firms, on at least 57 occasions, decided to fork over on average $127,310 to listen to Janet Yellen's confoundingly boring monotone: the reason is simple -- to buy influence from the one private sector individual that virtually everyone knew would soon return to public service under whatever administration followed Trump"

"And that's precisely what happened now that Janet Yellen will not only be in charge of the Treasury, but effectively in charge of the Fed too thanks to recent quasi fusion between the two institutions, which was required to launch helicopter money/MMT.

"That alone explains why Citi spent almost $1 million listening to Yellen on at least nine occasions in the past two years."


Joe needs to charge Trump if he is really for the people.


Wait, so you can now create your own office and set and announce from it? U.S politics is a giant stage show!




4:08 did anyone else hear "out of our collective peen as a nation"

George Schnakenberg

Boy this sure aged well didn't it

Shekel Steinberg-Bernstein

Turns out she’s connected to a hedge fund at the center of this Robinhood fiasco. Whoops?
Hope she likes federal prison!

AweZum Alice

Wth is she


Yellen of Ponzie, Greeks got a way better deal with Helen of Troy .. .. .

savage marketing

Love her ??❤️❤️❤️

Hugh Hughes

In my opinion
As bidin picks his people
As he should. As we listen to what their Aproach will be toward the economy or where ever.
I can only hear an echo from the words of
things being said today from the bidin team is the same thing
Had been saying the whole time.
And he had put some of these things in motion.

Brett Patterson

Joe Biden and his crooked inner circle. You dems got conned.



Luis Mendes

New America? I hope so!!!

Donna Zielin

She’s a criminal just like Biden Clinton Obama Nancy


Has she read ANY Marx yet? Richard Wolff would have been a much better choice! #FuckThesePeople

The Crone

I'm liking how many people in Biden's administration have deep roots in blue-collar economics. The middle-class family was the glue that held this country together - its demise resulted in the dysfunction and crisis we now live with. Maybe we can really make America great once more and today's children can dream of a bright future again.

ra bA

she couldnt talk about the wall st bets things because they received a ton of money from fidelity, it was a conflict of interest. she also wants to "regulate bitcoin". she talks about how she cares about the american dream and the work force, but she has inserted in her position to squeeze all the little people so wall st and the power that be can do whatever they want. this is going to be a fun 4 years.

rajan aryal

1:37 I have no more stress with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Shaddow Hill

Why does it look like the people from retirement home hey joe im bored and I barely got Dementia its not a problem I don't even know who my grand daughter is ?

Reina De Castro

I never heard trump.people talk like them.good in ear

R. Steinbrenner

swamp bureacrat: blablabla
Listener: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Afi James

Janet yellen =wall street piece of trash

Isuraeru Jones

Hedge fund turd

Janet louise yellen

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Janet Yellen 7.10.2015

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Dr. Janet Yellen, Chair

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