Rune of thor

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Space Punisher Hulk VS Rune King Thor | BATTLE ARENA

65 537 views | 21 Sep. 2020





Today in the Battle Arena, well we’ve got Hulk going up against Thor! Only thing is, its the most powerful versions of the character! Space Punisher Hulk is going up against Rune King Thor! So who’s coming out on top here? Well lets find out!



Your voice literally made me sleepy


U said obin

abdurrahim khattack

Runekingthor can even end multiverse but spacepunsherhulk can only end multiple planats


Got my bets on rune king thor period

Epic Boiii

This is just unfair, RKT is beyond universal.

Kywan Thomas

I agree the Thunder God will win his intelligence and wisdom will allow him to win on top of that he gained way more power than anyone else he had more power to kill those who seek in the shadows those who seek in the shadows supposed to be the creators of creators. God Thunder also can see within the future the past and present and control the present he take control of that fight by manipulation the Hulk will lose every time Toto punch for punch the Great Mighty Thunder will kill now Hulk no matter what version he played none of his virgins was ever stronger than Thunders version have you version Thunder can pick up the hammer no versions The Hulk and pick up the hammer a new version of the Hulk come out I'm getting stronger a new version of Thor come out getting stronger it's like I said Toe to Toe blow for blow the king of Asgard will be in them⛈⛈

james Smith

Thor wins easily!

Xavier Randall

Been waiting for this one don’t even care who loess

pubg lite mobile

I think space panisure hulk is not right to fight with rune king thor., right answer is cosmic immotral hulk win to defeat rune king thor because it have one below all power which is consider as one above all

Regin The Honey Badger

Now do god of wrath hulk vs rune king Thor, this hulk has the abilities of the one below all

C Ramirez

Hulk 2099 would win

Aaron Bradley

I'm glad that you gave it to Thor pretty handily because like I said I'm tired of the arguments between Hulk and Thor at their base Powers tour wins and now at their strongest Thor wins as well the argument has finally been settled and let us never speak of it again

E Studios

How death pool die or get killed

Corrupted Human

Not the most powerful hulk so rkt the most powerful hulk is cosmic immortal hulk

Basil Firea

Sph is nothing compared to heart of the monster hulk

Glizzy Tricks

Dude did u forget abt immortal hulk he was the last one alive in the universe

Michael Gonzalez

rune king thor v odin who wins


He not beating Goku


RKT slaps SPH with no problems, RKT can go up against Galactus,the Beyonders, SPH is an easy clap


This hulk vs thanos who would win?

Edge Venom

Cosmic hulk is the strongest

Valentino Higgins

Bro this is a really bad match up man... like killing 6 watchers is what you consider impressive smh? Come on bro and the most powerful version of hulk if you’re gonna do that would arguably be the devil hulk who is the immortal hulk possessed by the one below all who is the one above all’s counterpart. In that very story 616 devil hulk fractured Thor’s skull with a punch. Put some respect on my boys name. This is so biased bro and inb4 you say it no RKT with all his hacks ain’t on the one below’d level so I doubt he could ever erase the hulk.


RKT wins by erasing SPH from existence. Why bother fighting?

Percy Burkes

Going with hulk

Rohan Regon

This pussy ain't knowing shit bout anythin


Rkt sneezes on him...

Liquid Peter

Wait one of those watchers destroyed the ultimate nullifies easily.the ultimate nullifies is infinite multiverse.and they are nigh omnipotent all of them.and sph beat them easily so I think sph wins.

Hunter Allen

Dude said “he knocked out 3 watchers at the same time like they were cattle” does this guy know how fucking weak they are

Richard Wolfe

World breaking and killing the one above and below..cmon..HULK SMASH..viking hero boi.

tripp_da_furry _______

Killing deadpool im not sure about that at least not 616 deadpool

Jaden Voigt

Isnt world breaker stronger or the immortal hulk?

Leandae Glover

I’m a hulk fan but I think world breaker hulk would win tbh so Thor takes this win for me.

Shone Cornish

Please do mcu cap vs blacknoir

The world Breaker

Hulk space punisher killed the watchers of one punch and you think than he can't survive in the space,incredible

Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns

One below hulk is most powerful?

Brice Mauritz

Ok I agree with the comment below mine ... all hulks feats are physical strength based . . . That’s it .... oh and he can survive in the vacuum of space ..... ok ? cool ...yay ... Rune King Thor’s feats are God magic Reality bending insanity so ... who would win ? .. Thor period. He would simply erase the hulk-a-maniac from existence then go polish his hammer handle some more .......

Tom Rowland

the one below all hulk would kick thors ass space hulk is not the strongest

Michael Johnson

I gotta see this hulk go up against world breaker hulk or maestro hulk

comedian chris csnacks clarke

Man the way he elaborates (talk then pause) is hella annoying

Team Solid gaming

I'm choosing rune king thor.


Rune King Thor vs God Emperor Doom

Shawn Kow

Rkt would clap hulk's cheeks

Aaron Bradley

It OOOWAhtu the watcher not whatever the hell you keep saying but it's really getting on my nerves. You set it up too well rune King Thor obviously wins I don't care what you say after what you said about room King Thor he's unbeatable the only person who would have a chance against the rune King Thor is Doctor Manhattan

Rohan Regon

Boycott this channel

William Gone

Thor wins @thedarkmultiverse

TMP Kevo

Hulk writers have never been that great in really showing his potential. Especially since it's a character of damn near unlimited power.

Caleb Peterson

Thought world breaker was to strongest

Hulk Below All

You under informed peep do One Below All Hulk vs Rune King Thor dumbass


Abstract level beings are vague in their power, so its implied power vs strength. Not contest, RKT easily

Tony stark

old king thor vs God killer amour

scott madoff

RKT takes it

Jagadeesh jax

Cosmic Immortal Hulk can easily defeat rune king thor

Aaron Bradley

Even though Thor is my favorite and I'm biased I was impressed with and even worried about space punisher Hulk butt to hear you spell it out it really shouldn't be that hard for rune King Thor well it's going to be hard but he should be able to take care of it pretty well

scientific molecule

Please do the strong versus strongest, immortal hulk vs rune king thor


Cosmic hulk vs RKT would be a better battle

The Waynee

Bruh Rune King Thor stomp puny Space Punisher Hulk.

Atanas Christov

Isn't the world breaker the most powerful version of Hulk?

Ares Oblivion

Is RK Thor more powerful than CK Thor?

Roaring Son 8888

Immortal Hulk is actually quite a bit stronger that RKT. IH is the version of hulk possessed by the second most powerful being in the marvel universe, THE ONE BELOW second only to THE ONE ABOVE. So space hulk is a DISTANT second to immortal hulk bud.

Just A Dude Productions

Isn't there more powerful versions of Thor?
Like Old Phoenix King Thor?

Slender Wolf18

I love how hulk has most powerful forms but he just’s keeps getting stronger

Rohan Regon

Bogus judgement

Kevin Rivers

Rune King Thor all day he can beat almost anyone

Kaelin B

Really think you're blowing the 6 watchers out of proportion here for a number of reasons. For starters they aren't fighters no watchers (at least none that I've seen) are. Nick furry and dead pool both killed watchers utilizing man made fire arms before. On top of that the 6 fingers had to resort to trickery and deception in order to keep themselves safe. The whole Ultimate nullifier seems more like a red herring to keep would be threats chasing their tails. As opposed to actually finding a way to kill them. I do believe that the 6 of them had relatively good telepathy. Once they died they lost control of the people but thats more like a politicians wet dream than stunning cosmic entity feat. I could be wrong about this but im pretty sure the Martian (DC) has performed similar feats of telepathy. Same with phenix force Jean.

Point is beside universal telepathy achieved by combining all 6 watchers together they aren't all to impressive. RKT has far more impressive feats than this Hulk and they actually involve combat against warriors; not bobble headed politicians.

Divine Ark

Didn’t give hulk enough feets

Reaper D4MX

Space Punisher Hulk rips Rune King Thor apart and stomps his remains deep into the ground.

craig T

RKT curbstomp

Ruben Martinez

I think RKT versus the new immortal hulk would be a better fight. You know after that hulk kills the entire universe and eats the conscious of the universe.

East Coast Toasty Boy

So the watchers were overhyped like
Supreme Kai in the Buu saga???

Alessandro Bautista

I've tried to listen to the story but your accent man is so brutal as badd

Alec Thielmeier

Hulk is merely physically powerful. RKT however has way more versatility and way more ways to defeat Space punisher hulk. RKT wins, then goes into Thor Sleep

Smudger 05

The strongest thing in the marvel universe is whoever gets the plot armour ??

Aaron Bradley

This is almost impossible to this is ridiculous I still give it to Thor cuz he's my boy but they are these two characters old my dear well I'm interested to see what you think but in the battle this close I'm always going to go with my favorite

Mikehezzy da illest

Cosmic Spider-Man Vs Rune King Thor

Champion Of Vengeance

Well, all versions of powerful thors, for example, the nexus war one currently, would be that powerful, including the original, because the asgardians are the essences and aspects of the one above all, the marvel multiverses God, so yeah.

Tony stark

Rune king thor one shot


"The most powerful versions of the characters"
Immortal hulk entered the chat

Jeff Dodd

This is who we want see in movies there ultimate selves why was clash titans so great even before they gave it sam worthington and more beliveable warrors. Timeless with a kraken or kronus we need these .

Day Walker

Do we really even know hulk’s real power doesn’t his power have no limits

Juan Hernandez

space punshier and word hulk plus immortal hulk wound be so powerful

Brett Jackson

Space Punisher Hulk is nothing but a murdering savage. That doesn't make him powerful at all. Rune King Thor has the ability to win this match up.

Phoenix Milburn

Use abilities not fight thats how everyone beats the hulk they don't FIGHT HIM

Angel Rodriguez

Hate to call you out but you might want to do more research on the hulk because in that form of him he killed the celestials you're not giving him as much credit as he deserves


TOBA hulk Vs rune king Thor ?

Illiden ian jr

RKT Vs cosmic King Thor herald of lightning

Law and order

Thor is so boring

BrayTube Bray

Well then are you gonna do hulk vs thor

Bob Last

Do you have heart of the monster hulk vs ?

Ronald Marcano

Thor would win.


Totally agree

Johnny Mercado

The darkest knight vs rkt


All cool and all until immortal hulk comes in

Lazy Sage

Cosmic Hulk ( Immortal Hulk) vs Rune King Thor

Carlos Centeno

Suggestion: Beau Hampton (Roadhouse 2: Last Call) vs Mary Death (Bounty Killer)

Scott Dunning

Interesting video but 15minute run time and you spent half of that doubling up on the same info. You essentially explained both p.s. powers/feats twice?

Leo Luo Qin

Immortal hulk can kill rune king Thor

Louciano Carver

World breaker hulk?

Mr Grandi

I didn't know space hulk was the strongest hulk

Green Light

Featherine vs Lucifer

God fusion goku

Runs king Thor wins he literally ended life and death in a hour which his dad couldn’t do

Rune of thor

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Rune King Thor Vs All Avengers Part 1 In Hindi ! Anime King

35 727 views | 13 Apr. 2020

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Rao Rehan

Aba loro rune king thor ka bara mai pata hai tumhe bharwa

Kapil kumar

Dr strange vs run king Thor please bro

Azan Ail

Iron Man versus ranking Thor method jitega Kyunki wala Bhale hi Tony market V se uski ladki nadi Jyada energy FZ nahin kar payega aur Hath jaega Tony ko time hi nahin Dega Kuchh banane ke liye

pranati 143

Thor is power full


Kya kar rahe ho bro?5 min ka match hai

Akshe Khan

Thor Thor is winner

Sameer verma


Chirag ele.

Mera dil hulk me aa Gaya

Yashas B R

Fan of thor

Space IcON

Rune King Thor beyond Omniversal being H........?
Normal MCU Thor sabko akela takkar de sakta h......

My Id


Samiran Chakraborty

Rune king

meera shaw

badi ghatiya awaaz hai bro please mat bol

ramesh ram


Biplab Dhandia


Subrata Bhowmick

Thor because he was a god

Baban Baban

But thor wineer

prince gamer

Aapane sab kuchh galat

Umar Khan

Bhai tum kis Thor Ki baat kar rhe ho mcu thor ya rune king Thor??
Naam hai rune Ki Thor or abilities hai mcu thor ki??

ankit kumar

Bhai rune king thor sare avengers ko ek sath kab khatm kr dega...pta bhi nhi chalega....pehle jake comic padh k ao

Anju Singh

Our favorite hero thor king of avengers

asmaa khan

Rune king thor vs old king thor

Pritikishor Das

Bhai run king thor most powerful version hay thor ki,run king thor ko har creature ke future pata raheta hay.

Aakash Garbuja

Ye bacche ke haatme kisne dediya phone

Vikash Singh

Aba sala chutia rune king Thor is lemit less being and he will kill 'those who sit above in shados , and they are salisteal being and he can defet all avengers with one thought


Thor vs ? Avengers

Rekha Jain

Thor is win


rune king thor could literally destroy planets and even galaxy without a sweat.. comparing him with some tech guy and enhanced human is just a way to insult rkt.

Rajesh Nai

Dekh bachche tu sirf apni padhai likhai me Dhyan de aur ha thor tufaan Devta hai (God of thunder) tufaan ka neta nahi

Rakhi Ji

Thor vs captian marvel

Nilesh shah

Aap aage hai kyu lagate ho

H2R Legend

Captain marvel not in avengers


Thor versus Ironman


Rune king Thor will win easily against Avengers....


lol andaza hai tume ki wo kitna powerful hai

Priti Basu

iron man

manisha vats

Iron Man Vs rune king Thor Thor win

Jagdish Pardhi


dark web

thor is winner

Rahul Mahilane

rune king thor win

Laiba Rumani

Tum galat ho Thor bustur ko haradiya tha

Mahesh Srivastava

Bacche suno rune king thor ka sabse powerful form hai usne akele hi 7 selestials ko mara tha to ye sab kya cheez hai

alone 23

Chup karo chota bacha


mcu me bas thor ke saath backchodi ki hai

Pokemon episode and season

Bro thor sa koi nahi jit sakta hai iron man bhi jit nihi sakta ya sapsa takat bar avengers

Sameer Upadhyay

Mera naam Sameer haaaai
Mai 10th class me padhta hoooo
Mera papa ka naam (xyz) haaaai
Mai aapka bhout bada fan hoooo
Please like my commmmmeennnntttt ❤

Dr.Habib Rehman

Rune king thor is god wisdom

Poonam Joshi Kothari

Rune king thor vs all mcu villains

Ahmar Thor

Tumhe kuch bhi nhi pata rune king thor ke bare mai

Minakshi Sharma

Thor is winner

Niteesh Rai

Falcon 10pawerfull moments

ramesh ram

King Thor ????

Aakash Garbuja


Namita Chand

Thor character I love it


Agar saare avengers eksath bhi Rune King thor pe chad jaye to bhi Rune King Thor ko kharoch tak nehi pohocha sakte

Warrior Gaming

Rune King Thor VS Iron-man Mai Rune King Thor Hi Jeetaga

Carry Minati

Anime king your favourite avenger???

Seema Chandra


Sourabh Bohra

Iron man


THOR is wine

Shourya Pal


Prachi Singh

Yaar Thor use ek hi baar me tpka dega



Zeeshan Bhai

Thor ko haraya hai pagal hai kya tu

Lafi Mahir

Bosdika to kia janta hae rune king thor ka barama sala ara year esko patta he kia hae

Avdhesh Thakur

Rune King Thor can erase reality

Himanshu Singh

abey ooo lodu

sudha saindane

I am a iron Man fan . But truth is iron man 1 minute bhi Nahi tik payega Thor ke samne . Proof Thor ne ekk sath 6 omniversal being ya beyonder ko sirf ekk blow me unka existence khatam Kar Diya aur iron man single beyonder ke Same apna ekk move bhi Nahi use Kar paiga aur 6 toh bohut door hai ?

Lol gamer

Rain kingThor Wanda ko nahin Hara sakta bhai Wanda Thor kohra chuki hai


Thor Avengers king



The Waynee

Rune king thor is like 7feet 7inches and 850lbs pounds like he is huge I'm sure it's safe to say thor wins

Aryan Raj

Thor is winner

Gouri Roy

Iron man

THE Chouhan's

Thor buster ko thor ne nakaam kr diya tha bhai kab hara diya tony ne thor ko comics me

Sanketh Sanketh

You made a video like lion (rune king Thor ) vs cats (avengers)

Nischal wanem

Abe ,pehele research kaar rune king Thor Ka Accha se ,rune king Thor multi Versal level being hai ?☹️ Puri avengers Mikar BHI rune king Thor Ka Baal BHI Nahi hola sakte aaur tum Tony rune king Thor ko taakar dega Bolte ho kya scence he Nahi hai

ram mohan

Thor fan I am

Dᴇsΐ ǤaϻeR

Phle pta kar rkt kon hai pagl

Gopal solanke

Iron man

The Gamers World

Abe chutiya hai kiya sala rune king thor ek omnipotent chatacter hai aur ye log toh planetary bhi nahinhainsale jab knowledge nahi hai toh compare bhi mat kar

Sonali Kumari

I think you do not know the real power of rune king of thor.

Neeraj K

Cap is not captain Amriica he is captain America


Right explanation

Ishan manhas

Iron man Win

manisha vats

Vote thor

Siddiqui Faique

Tony Stark chai kitna Bihar damar banale rune King Thor usko sirf do panches mein der Kar

Vijeta Kamboj


Pushkar Srivastava

Capitan America ka kya hua

Ahmar Thor

Rune king thor alein x ko easily hara sakta hai


It's vaibranium

Santosh Malla

Rune king thor vs all avengers part 2

Laiba Rumani

Krsakta hai karsakta hai tu
Tatti hai

DNA Thor

Reun king Thor is very powerful

samin prachurjo

Bro i think your are 10 years old.ha ha ha .

Kartiki Bhosale

But may says captain marvel is most powerful

Jaskaran singh ghuman

Thor is win

Hyper Gaming Don

Bhai tu ghar ja pahal samjhana sikh ruin king thor ki batt ki hai not normal thor nikal ....

Carry Minati

Thor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

S s Chauhan


Rune of thor

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Rune King Thor Vs Hela Death Battle [ Explained In Hindi ]

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Topic Cover :-

1. rune king thor vs hela death battle explained in hindi

2. hela vs rune king thor death battle in hindi

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10. marvel vs dc

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#Superheroshowdown #ComicSuper

Skyman comedy

Rkt vs shadow gos par vdo bnao please

Sandhya Chakravorty


Renu Gupta

Rune king thor

Ahsan jamshaid

Rune king thor is a universal being.

Thor odinson

Rune king?? Thor. Is. More. Powerful than. Hela

Rekha Jain


Nasim Rizvi

Hela wese bohot bar thor ko mar chuki par thor or rune king thir alag hai kyunki jo normal thor hai wi to god of thunder rune king thor runes king hai mere kilaf se mere ko bhi lagta hau thor hi jetega

Nadim Mahmud

Bro you have made a comparison video long time ago between rune king thor and cosmic armour superman .. There you said Rune king thor is a universal level character but now you are saying he is a omniversal level character .. So as your opnion if rune king thor is a omniversal level character then he must be capable of defeat cosmic armour superman . Cause cosmic armour superman live outside of multiverse but he is not a omniversal character .. So whats your answer now ???? .. What will be your final answer ??? Rune king thor or cosmic armour superman ...??? Who is the winner ???
I hope you will answer

Shubham Mate

One logical questions bro....If mangok ia immortal..then how could ruin king Thor kill him.....And he ruin king Thor killing anyone...it means he is not Immortal...So don't give fake information...that Manggok is Immortal..

thunder supreme

rune king thor too easily

Sateesh Chandra

Bhai tum kya robot ho yaar bilkul vaise hi will rahe ho


Brother rune king thor vs infinity

Prince Kumar

Next vedio rune king thor vs God Emperor doom

Venonymoux x

मैं भी रुन सम्राट थोर के समर्थन में खड़ा हूं

Royal KillerX

hela is powerful

Naeem khurram Ansari

My vote is for thor

Prince Kumar

No brother living tribunal scathan the uproover tamu the dreaming celestial, fulcrum jaise cosmic Entities aur celestials to outside me kadam hi nahi takh sakte to ye sab shadow gods ke brabar ke kaise hue aur balki rune king thor to outside me Gaya bhi that aur shadow gods ko Mara bhi tha

Md dulal

Next video pheonix king thoe vs superman prime one million

Raj upadhyay

Lucifer vs Michael

Piyush Krm

Rune king thor

Vinod Kumar

Very good

Sunil Kumar

Rune King Thor win

Monaza Noreen


Yuvra Paudel

Rune king Thor is most powerful than hela

Jyoti Patel

Thor is win

Vaibhav Tripathi


Vishal saini

Bro shadow gods ki explaination kab di marvel ne aur yeh kha pata challa ki wo sab multiversal god's thee

Syed Namtullah Quadri Inamder

Rune king thor defent hela

DEV gupta

Chutia hela most powerful ha

the king

Ruen king thor


Hela. It’s been proven already

Nimrah Chhapra

Hela is winner

Nitin Sharma

Thor my favourite hero

Gaming BROther

In reality thor is very powerful than hela

Nur Alam

Rune king thor is win

sushma kumari

No hela will win

Shajahan Khan

shaktiman vs hela

Nitesh Kumar

Dono Takkar ke Hain but Thor is My Favourite

Aryan Sharma

Baground song kon sa hai


Hela is winner

Praveen Kumar

Rune king thor

Aman Chadha

Simple thor vs hela


Thor is best


rune king thor

Rashidul Islam

Rune king thor

Beyond Knowledge

Am beginner on YouTube how to growth my YouTube channel please reply me #beyond knowledge

Ramu Ram

Bro please explain sun wukong history and and compare powerful mcu and dcu characters please sir

Chitta the cool 123

Bhai beyonders vs celestials ka video banao


Thanos ko soul stone ki location kyu pata nahi thi kyuki ek stone se sare stone ki location pata chalti hai

Uttam Basak

Rong king thor

Snow Wolf Gamer

My channel is gaming channel
83 subscriber plese help me to do 1k sub ?

Hitesh Ghritlahre

Rune King Thor

Aayush Singh


Sateesh Chandra


Priya Kumari

Rune king thor is more powerful

Naeem Ahmad

Rune King Thor


Bro please reply karo Yar batao interview karna ha Kya please tell and talk in Instagram ya WhatsApp


Pre Retcon Beyonder Vs Great Evil Beast???
Upload the Battle...

Arshad Sheikh

Full information of universal, maltiversal and omniversal and being

wisam khan


Thor odinson

Rune king. Thor. NA to galaxy ko tabah krna ki power rkhi hai to hela kia hai os ka. Samna


Rune king thor one shots

Prince Kumar

Loki the agent of Asgard comic ke baad rune king thor ke haters ki jal gayi jogi

Hunter Gaming zone

Bhai thanos with heart of universe vs comic immortal hulk

Anil Pal

Rune king thor


rune King Thor winner

Commandblockpro xD

Can rune king thor defeat eternity or classic doctor strange

My Channel

Bhai blue beetle (DC) vs iron man ka video bnao plz

super MCU

Rune king thor is winer

Nur Alam

Thor the dark world full movie in hindi

Akshat Pakhide

Nice video

Thor odinson

Hela. Is can't defeat rune king Thor


Run king thor hela se jyada powerful hai

Ramkrishna Mohapatra

Rune king thor is most powerful

Faruk Sekh

Rune King Thor bast

Emon Hamid

Rung king thor is winner

Nabanita Kalita

Hela vs Dr fate who wins ?

Tumpa Mandal



Rune king thor is an omniversal character

shahanausmani shuja

Rune king Thor vs cosmic armour super Man


Rune king thor is very strong

Monika Rana

Thor is a

Reshma Patel

rune king Thor win

Babita Behera


Keshav Gaming

a pagal insaan he yar comic vs movies kya bana rahe ho comics vs comics banao na tab hi toh bat bara bar ki hogi

06 Aryan mittal 10 th white

Thor will win

Omprokas Roy



Beyonder vs Michael please make a video

Vansh Shah

Superman prime one million vs hela

Babra Gill

Rune king Thor vs thought robot part 2


Thor is very powerful

Dipto Dev Nath

Tony Stark technology vs Batman technology

Haseeb KhanX


Akshat Sharma of class 2nd C

King thor

Zasmineakter Zasmine

Lakin hela n.a. Thor ka most power full muniyer ko tora ha bo mot ki thabi ha thor ka salsa bari bugle sa bi hela ko kosnahi hiya hela n.a. suture ko Maria ka aktham last maths Larkin hela sutur ki no ma nacrowords nani attack Mar bol kiha hela suture man wonder woman thor thorns hulk or bi bohor Sara power full man sa 2 power full Malta hela is the all powermans queens

sunita shikhar

Thor hai win

Debashree Bose

Hela was win

Mina Singh

Super battle ne bataya na ki rune king thor omniversal hai

Dhanavath Babya

Rune King Thor

Farhan Ahmed

Rune King Thor ?