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Stellite Coin Revisited - 20% Price Jump!

653 views | 27 Sep. 2018

Stellite Coin Revisited -

Stellite Coin Revisited - +20% Price Jump!

So I just wanted to quickly revisit the Stellite coin project XTL. The Dev team has been actively working behind the scenes to grow the project and it's awareness. They have recently come out with their Stellite Pocket Monitor so you can monitor your miners on a pool on the go. I believe this will also function as a mobile miner itself in the future kind of like Electroneum does.

Stellite article: https://thebitcoinnews.com/a-beginners-guide-to-stellite/

Pocket Monitor: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.wardone.pocketmonitor.app&ah=HXkwXVU1Z-EJOPjJB_kadI9CNNs&rdid=uk.co.wardone.pocketmonitor.app&pli=1

Check out Profitcoins.io here -- http://bit.ly/profitcoinsio

****This is not investment advice, just my own journey and is by no means what so ever to be taken or mistaken as investment advice. Consult a professional investor, which I am not, for investment advice.****

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Did you see what happened with ETN?
Mooned hard!

Also, do you have a smos sting for amd cars with xtl? could never get it to work :(

GO TechX

when moon ?

Crypto Fish

Enter BTC Friday's here -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G60xli8qvoc

Freedom For the people

Stellite is a true gem. And will shot to moon in few years. It is what electroneum was suppose to be.

Nathan TV

Price now at .00065

Crypto Marsyas

Hey hey, you're Stellite is doing nice today!! Starting to look like you picked a winner this time. :) Gratz man. *Peace*

Stellite coin

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How to Mine Stellite Coin? Step by Step

1 122 views | 17 Dec. 2018

This video will help you

This video will help you how to mine Stellite coin.

Pool: https://stellite.herominers.com

You can start Stellite mining in the simplest way with this video.

Note: You can use same method for mining other Crypto coins.

HeroMiners Crypto Mining Pools

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• Central Europe (Germany)

• North Europe (Finland)

• North America (Canada)

• Asia (HongKong)

• SouthEast Asia (Singapore)

Ethereum (ETH): https://ethereum.herominers.com

Ethereum Classic (ETC): https://etc.herominers.com

Pirl (PIRL): https://pirl.herominers.com

Callisto (CLO): https://callisto.herominers.com

Expanse (EXP): https://expanse.herominers.com

Grin (GRIN): https://grin.herominers.com

MimbleWimble (MWC): https://mwc.herominers.com

Cortex (CTXC): https://cortex.herominers.com

Loki (LOKI): https://loki.herominers.com/

Haven (XHV): https://haven.herominers.com

Conceal (CCX): https://conceal.herominers.com/

TurtleCoin (TRTL): https://turtlecoin.herominers.com/

Wownero (WOW): https://wownero.herominers.com

Swap (XWP): https://swap.herominers.com

Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL): https://qrl.herominers.com/

BitTube (TUBE): https://bittube.herominers.com/

Uplexa (UPX): https://uplexa.herominers.com

KevaCoin (KVA): https://kevacoin.herominers.com

Dero (DERO): https://dero.herominers.com/

Aeon (AEON): https://aeon.herominers.com/

ArQmA (ARQ): https://arqma.herominers.com/

Scala (XLA): https://stellite.herominers.com

Sumokoin (SUMO): https://sumo.herominers.com/

Graft (GRFT): https://graft.herominers.com/

Monero: https://monero.herominers.com/

X-Cash: https://xcash.herominers.com/

Ryo (RYO): https://ryo.herominers.com/

Bloc.money (BLOC): https://bloc.herominers.com/

Masari (MSR): https://masari.herominers.com/

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Happy Mining.

Hero Miners

How to Mine Stellite (XTL): Complete Beginner’s Guide

Stellite coin

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Mining Stellite Coin | Profitability | மைனிங் Stellite டிஜிட்டல் நாணயம் | முழு விபரம் தமிழில்

1 165 views | 10 Apr. 2018

SeaFlag Telegram Chat -

SeaFlag Telegram Chat - https://t.me/SeaFlag

Video to view about Petition - https://youtu.be/qg-84j4vOL0

Coin Official Site - https://stellite.cash/

Official Pool - https://communitypool.stellite.cash/#/home

Download XMR-Stak - https://github.com/stellitequestion/xmr-stak/releases

Purushothaman Durai

Epa clear avum any idea bro. Santhegama eruku entha coin market la erukanu


20% for first 20 blocks here: https://minerhills.com/en/stellite/


I would be grateful if you would explain in English how to mining Stellite ..

Crypto Freak

Hi man ...
I'm selling ASIC and GPU'S for descent prices all over India ..and I'm from Tamilnadu...
Let me know if you or your frnds need those ??..
+91-7845853479 Whatsapp or call

Purushothaman Durai

Bro can you please help me how to exchange dashcoin (DSH) not (dash). I have tried in HITBTC exchange but now DSH are under maintenance. Please tell me any other exchanges

Purushothaman Durai

But it shows under maintenance for DSH from 3days


Well Bro. Thank you. bro GPU entha site la vaanganum. 570 & 580 how much price .