Japan currency

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Japanese Currency - 円(えん)EN

22 175 views | 27 Dec. 2018

Let's learn about

Let's learn about Japanese currency in this lesson. Do you know the currency used in Japan? It is 円(えん)EN. I will show you some Japanese coins and how to count Japanese money. Can you say how much Japanese yen we have here?

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Marc Panther

Yuko Sensei, why did it become "yen" instead of "en" when translated internationally? There's no "ye" pronunciation in Japanese, right?


Some of this is false. Japanese is NIHONGO 日本語 にほんご

วิเชียร ทั่งทอง


Bryan Alexander

Very helpful thanks for sharing

Eren Ali Plays

japanese accent for english is so nice :)

Jessica McMullin

Hello. Thank you for the video you made. I liked it

Feteh Freundschaft

I like Japanese language

Tinku Kumar


Pradeep Kumar

hachi hya ku ni juu go

Japan currency

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Japan Tries Money...DISASTER! | History of Japan 28

111 712 views | 1 Dec. 2018

In the Nara Period, Japan

In the Nara Period, Japan played around with metallic money.

The Nara Period: https://youtu.be/2w1jwP77h9g


(you get a history blog and posts about random stuff)



● History of Japan (ALL): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATnFsFRnRsI&list=PLOWnSFzV-C9ZQS70LRfOpQodtb8oogcEs

● History of Japan (250 AD to 710): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tyh7KY98Jc&list=PLOWnSFzV-C9YAWxI_fq2tcg02-YWJA0g6

● Famous Weapons of Japan:



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1. Premodern Japan: https://amzn.to/2K9maeH

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4. A History of Japan: Revised Edition: https://amzn.to/2JEYyiJ


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Nara silver coin: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wadokaichin_coin_8th_century_Japan.jpg by PHGCOM

Nara copper coin: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wadokaichin_copper_coin.jpg by PHGCOM

Nara coins: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Japan_known_coin_types_from_708_to_958.jpg by PHGCOM

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Honestly, rice and cloth as currency is pretty amazing. Both keep well if stored properly and a human necessity across all classes and peoples. However, they don't last forever so you still feel the need to use it eventually rather than try and hoard and speculate which could also make you a target for theft so it promotes trade. It has a built in shelf-life to where no matter how much supply and demand fluctuate, its out of circulations after a generation or less. And as if that weren't enough, the idea of "growing wealth" encourages people to farm efficiently and consistently without the need to micromanage to keep up domestic rice production.

Oiuda Tropen

I'm curious.. what kind of fabric if this was before the secret if sulk escaped China. If so, I'd guess Chinese silk would be pretty valuable.

Yu Hin TAM

why did the japanese mint coins?
probably because they tasted better

Jiawei Ke

I don’t Lake “Barbarossa” because I like UF

Manar Hazel

' Being dead meant you didn't need to buy things ' I find this hilarious I like your choice of words. Amazing video by the way

Coyote Style Pro

In regards of that takeover
i've had the red carpet rolled out
Since 1992
Please do a better job than the former occupants XD


Hey all, if you like what I do, consider supporting me at:


I guess they didn't realize that money's value lies in the medium of exchange and not the value of itself.


I get way too excited when I hear about the amount of copper in coinage, valuation, and inflation. Interesting video man!


When a hectare of land is just a sack of rice..

Anastasia P

Are you from Vietnam fam? You strike me as someone from South Eastern Asia :)

Erik Adalbert van Nagel


Rich people in medieval japan: I have 8 tons of rice!

Whatever lol

Please keep modern American politics out of videos about the history of an entirely different country.

Opaque z

9th century

Tang dynasty : tired of taking your gold coin everywhere, here is the first paper currency

Japan : here, a bag of rice


O mah gud So 1 Pho




Yeah well the entire experiment wasn't very well thought out... no forgery protection, no way to peg value and easy way to check it.

Did they even want it to succeed or was it just a money making scheme?

Did they really think that if the materials cost is much lower than the value of the coin the forgers won't be motivated?

Greenlandic mapping boi

You asians will never take over the porn industry

Nathan Bryant

I don’t mind if Asians take over I like Asian girls lol


0:46 Preach. Other races still have reciepts ??

K Im

damn, dinar and dirham is the best currency for its stability


Pho is delicious

Libbi Magat

Money is a gilded treasure-it feels good to have but causes endless loopholes and problems when its valued over everything else more important

John Bolton

Awesome video!

Thalia Graichen

I think the Ancient Chinese People were paid with paper money with the red seal mark of the emperor, which is very hard to fake. Guys, I am talking about at least 1000 years of paper money usage...Why did Japan fail??? They could habe used paper money

sumeeth Lutchman

Love the videos keep it up


Thank you

Justin Park

do you think the coins had something to do with the smallpox epidemic (you know, moving germs with money).


They'd have to make a coin that's hard to reproduce, like using intricate images.

New Jersey Lion

Is this why Asians love rice.

Jimmy Alderson

Is this at all related as to why you need 1000¥ to buy a Happy Meal?

Haraesh Jayaraman

Quick question out of curiosity: when DID the Japanese started using coins again? When did the concept of paper money and coinage make a comeback?

Z. L. Burington

Thanks for continuing essays on the Nara period and not skipping straight o Heian!

Athaporn MCorp Review

maybe, Japan should go back to rice. the deflation problem is all about ppl not spending and just saving. :)

Robinson Suarez

Loved the video

Sathish Yadav

Thank u


Well, at least inflation wasn’t like a socialist Venezuela

Also, you asians may think you can take over, but we whites have one thing you’ll never bet. Country N Bluegrass

Mohammed Abdulaal

Trump ???

Maintenance Renegade

Fiat currency always fails counterfeiting or no. Could have been worse though, at least they weren't practicing fractional reserve banking with their terrible fiat currency.

Marie Lara Müller

Lifamy: "It's a pain in the ass now."

Me doing basically 90% of offline transaction in cash: ?

Nexius Reign

Lol I love all the restaurants have pho in the name. I have a favourite restaurant near here called Han's Cafe. Now it's turning into a vietnamese restaurant called: PHOEVER.

kilted Broshar

If Asians are takng over the west I wonder when can I get a beautiful Asian bride? Lol

leo the idiot

Jstor is love, Jstor is life

S c

nara period is my favorite period.

P Ciprian

5:39 that is what happens when women get power.

Joshua Sepeda

When did they start using coins after this experiment failed?

John Parla

China made it to America befor the vicans they found a big anker of the cost of Florida ?


I wonder if the smallpox was spread by all those dirty, dirty coins. You know, since even today money is ridden with germs.
Also, the same thing happened after the European black plagues, less people meant higher wages for the rest of the living.


Dude, stop incorporating modern politics into your video, it's annoying. I want to know history, not your political stance.


Stop spreading the fake news like Trump winning the Nara election of 735. He won in 1010.

Tirzah Betchan



You forget, we aboriginal have been here for time and a half....thats a dangerous joke to make considering the new wave of nationalism sweeping north america


If the copper coins were honest commodity-money they would not be possible to counterfeit. A counterfeit copper coin of the same size, weight and composition as a real coin is still worth it’s weight in copper.

Marcelo Kuroi

Great, serious topic video, but that "Trump won the election" took me for surprise, and I spit my coffee. Your greatest joke up to date.


I wonder if the japanese knew of touchstones

Oiuda Tropen



I wonder if the disaster might also have contributed to the concept of the "faith packages" (I don't know their real name) that the mint came up with in the edo period. I mean the idea of the mint of trying to deal with larger amounts of money by making packages of koban coins wrapped in paper and then writing the amount on the paper (which was usually more than the actual strict cash amount of the actual koban in the package). In essence making a part of the money almost fiat currency (since you'd lose a lot of money by ever opening the package).

The tradition of paying rewards and other large noble/imperial payments in the hyper sized oban coins also could be construed this way, since those also weren't really designed to spend (they were too damn big, the gold content was again less than the stated value (usually a 10 ryo oban had about the gold content on 7.5 koban) and the India Ink they wrote the value in wouldn't stand up to actual use.

premordial soupgod

How come you always post in the middle of the goddamn night?!

Dang Duy

Pho real though. This Pho joke is not fun after the third times

Ambrish Dubey



As half white, I'm only half offended by the threat of taking over the world. The other half is Lebanese, so I tempted to throw a bomb on this... But seriously....

Some may say your joke was racist. That offends me.

They missed the point that math is important.

Aidan Skates

I agree, not enough people in America doing math and stuff. We need the Asians

Abtin Khamoshi

Confusius asks you; if rice is money. How will you buy rice?


I just want ck2 to extend down to japan.
I understand why not, but I also dont understand why ireland knows about india in ck2 but not in EU4


huurrnn,, I wonder how long I can survive in this time with only rice and fabric.

P Ciprian

3:35 Archimedes made it possible

Rimas Kautsar

good content Bro!


Interfering video. Thank you for making and uploading it. Have a nice day :)

Diego Crusius

that was interesting thank you


o wow linfamy's a vietnamese guy

Make Romania great again

You sound like a native English people. Didn't even know you're Japanese

Sarah Wanders

"let us take over " me immediately: you know what...... yes?


Good video, but Cash is one of the last Bastions of the Free Man!

Wanders Gion

Copper Coin HODL gaaaaang

Sathish Yadav

Thank u

Alan Tan

So Japan never use gold?

prince howell

Fuck outta here nigga black folks ain’t letting no one do nun cuz Asians hate us as much as white folks

Alexander B

Give me an anime girlfriend, and I'll give you all of my land and serfs alongside it.

Jared Maddox

Yeah, this worked as well in the east Mediterranean as it did because the merchants were already using random pieces of silver, gold, etc. So over there it was really just an improvement on the norm.

Ratha Kim

Nice! I was just studying this in History class, now i can understand it much easier

sarah honeycomb

Awesome videos you got.. the only suggestion is when u use certain words / jargons (like inflation) please explain them in a one liner at least. That way, as a non English native speaker, I can get my info without pausing you video and googling the meaning.
Thanks! Keep up the good work

Nguyen The Vinh

Phở ?


So what I get from this is physical money that is created that's labeled with a value is basically in retrospect worthless even bt today's standards it's seems almost unnecessary

KonZ ZonK

Thats how you dodge some late-capitalism problems.. currwncy that degrades.. so noone ia hoarding the wealth into infinity. Works for Greenskins, too (teeth xD)


I am unfamiliar with the Asian restaurant money only reference.

Bao Phùng

If you're a vietnamese raise your hand

Dallas DeLay

I tried money.. it went just as bad for me.??

omkr 01

There was the concept of seal money. Lives of the Samurai were very bitter as all was owed to the rice dealers.

William Cox

On behalf of the boomers I surrender.

Oiuda Tropen

I took a friend to an Asian restaurant for dinner and was embarrassed when the tab came an realised I hadn't brought enough rice to cover it and the only fabric I has was the shirt on my back and not being new fine silk, they didn't want to take that either. I had to call my mother and have her come and be held hostage until I bringthem enough cash, more rice, or better silk. I can do without my mom just fine, but it's still a pain in the butt. It didn't occur to me to try offering some nice fresh, pure poo, but then again it will be a while before that starts flowing in abundance anyways.

Beretta Goulding

I love and like this video

ARX 351

No money until 700? Why so unbelivably late?


0:50: *GASP* 0O0


I for one welcome our new Asian overlords.

Willy Tepes

If the value of coins was the same as the value of the metal, there would be no incentive for counterfiters. So the elites greed caused this. Same with paper money today. If they were really worth what was printed on them, no one would print fake money.
Btw, fake coins are still a problem.

Navy Sann

Didn't the four fujiwara brother died because of that disease but how can that after the death of the brother how the imperial family have power because later in history we introduce to other fujiwara clan members like yorinaga and tadamichi

P Ciprian

0:23 it failed because women were in power

pippo spano

who could have foreseen that the Japanese would make copies of things ?


Why is your mascot a turd with a ranger hat?

Japan currency

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MONEY IN JAPAN: Credit Cards, Exchanging Cash & ATMs

37 725 views | 14 Jun. 2018

Guide to money in Japan -

Guide to money in Japan - 5 things to know before your trip! Should you take cash or cards, where to get Japanese Yen and lots of tips and advice.

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- Japan Trip Planning Checklist: https://youtu.be/OhbjDd8DqzQ

- How to Get Around Tokyo: https://youtu.be/rvqitrtmziY

In this video I answer all the things I wanted to know before I first went to Japan:

- How much cash do I need?

- How do you exchange Yen? (What's a good rate?)

- How to work out how much things cost

- Should I take cash or credit cards?

- Do foreign cards work in ATMs?

- Are foreign cards accepted in Japan?

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The music is free, created with Jukedeck. Sound effects from Freesound.


I think I missed it, but did you say i could buy yen before I go to Japan? Or do I need to convert when I'm in the country? I heard it's cheaper(better exchange rate) if I do it once I arrive, but not sure if that's true?

Rashaw Leggs

Amazing video thanks a bunch! ?

nixon james

Never believe until i received $10,000 transfer from kryptohacker.wordpress,com just after i lost my jobs

Kevin Claros

I'm not going to lie I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to travel videos but your voice makes it fun to watch

Willson Darieno

I will always show the good outcome from this trustworthy hacker mane, [manezuco on Instagram] he make me wealthy from his process


I’m going to Japan without a credit card. I’m taking cash and my debit. Is this recommended?

Vendi Dendi

Can someone translate what is 25 cent in Japanese yen?. Please.

Gaz Stanfield

I still have tons of 1 & 5 yen coins from last my last trip. I'm going to put them in a shrine donation box next time I visit.

10 yen coins are good for vending machines.

Very useful video Amy, I'm gonna check my credit card doesn't have excessive charges abroad.


I still don't get it :(


Only three months for my first trip to Tokyo. Thank you for some great advice.

Amardeep Atwal

Hi Amy I’m planning to go japan next year I’m not eligible for a credit card... is the any cards I can top up money with so I don’t have to carry money around

Austin NSE

Going to go Japan. Loved your videos and how simply you are explaining! Thank you ???

Emerald Gutz

When you say credit card, do you mean credit cards only or credit and debit cards???

Girl in Tokyo 東京の女の子

As a simple rule: 10,000 Yen is a lot of money. 1,000 Yen not so much. :-D

Willson Darieno

I will always show the good outcome from this trustworthy hacker mane, [manezuco on Instagram] he make me wealthy from his process

The Nerdy Book Nerd

Thank you for yet another super helpful video! :D My first ever Japan trip is inching closer and closer, and I'm so excited!


There's one problem on my Credit Card. When I came from "One Piece Restaurant Baratie" at the 7th floor of Fuji TV Building. There's a Credit Card machine for paying (black, portable, & small). Where's to press my 'pin number' after inserted my Credit Card but it has "Japanese writing electronically"????? It's so embarrassing.

Harambe Honda

Used ICE to get £150~ in Yen before I went, exchange rate was decent. used my Halifax Clarity Credit card to withdraw Cash (at least 15k yen each time), minimal bank fees at 7-elevens which vary between £2-5, you get the actual bank rate by doing this. Don't get most of your yen from the UK as you will get ripped off.


Is 100000 thousands yen enough to trip to japan ?

gary s

Thanks so much! That was really informative. I really appreciate it very much! I am traveling there next week!! Keep up the great work!

Cody Holbrook

Is 10k usd really 1 million in yen

Timothy Messer

I just finished my 2 weeks in Tokyo, and I'm currently sitting in Haneda Airport now. Super fun trip! I brought 20,000¥ ($2,000). I had way more money than I needed. I got my money at my home bank. Everything for me went really smoothly so far.


um,... ahem,... hahaha! you happily don't have to worry about this but,... otoshidama ( New Year Day money gifts to children), money contributions for funerals. (^_^)

Lilandra Neramani

Will you be in japan for Halloween this year?


4:52 "English numbers"????? wtf????


a good way to get rid of your 1 yen coins is to look for those charity donation boxes and drop them in there. i've seen them at mcdonalds and the most ingenious place i've seen them is at the airport before you get to your gate.

Meng Lee Lim

I just use google translate to translate currency exchange to Japanese and look for this word 両替, Japanese will understand.

Gabriel Alva

Hi! I loved your videos! Question, would you recommend bringing yen from our respective home countries or exchanging dollars in narita airport?

Amardeep Atwal

Hey Amy I’m currently in taiwan. Japanese food is very widespread and popular here. Hopefully I’ll see you at hyper japan !


For coin optimization look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXi4os3bE0E


can you used a MasterCard paypal to japan

Isaac Tristan

Got a pretty good exchange rate at the exchange machine at the hotel lobby. I would check what the machine gave, then checked the rate on my phone and it was fairly close. Really easy and didn't use any cards at all.

Anthony Battaglia

Bank of America is the best bank because they're in America and japan

I'm Lookiting!

How many languages do you speak? English, Japanese, I would guess French as well?

Wong Papat


Kala George

Where do I go to exchange my US DOLLARS TO YEN?


I'm going to Tokyo for the first time in September and all I can say is rip my money for when I go haha


Cash was the one thing I hadn't had any problems.
I got some beforehand, just to get over the first day, buy my suica etc. and after that I got my money from atms.
Lawsons, 7-11 and family mart are nearly everywhere and most of them (in tokyo) had an atm. even the fees weren't that high. I had to pay 108Yen for 50000Yen to the local bank and my bank charged 1.75% for "foreign use", but even with the fees I got more money than in the local bank or currency exchange.

Oh, and even tokyo were surprisingly cheap, everyone told my japan will be expensive, but for "regular living" i paid nearly as much as here in germany (for you it should be the same, i was in uk in feb and the prices were mostly the same).
the one thing that really bothered me were the 1Yen and 5Yen coins, because you can't use them in vending machines and most of the time you don't want to count each Yen in the store.

George Benta

I read somewhere that ATMs closes at 8pm. Does the ATMs inside convenience stores also close at 8PM?

Nilla Nellis

How much would I need if I wanna go to Osaka Nara and Tokyo with 15 people including yourself

Thomas Kunisch


Phillip Mulligan

Japan. The only country in the world where you can fearlessly carry more than $500 in cash without getting in serious trouble with the police.

Mayuri Saxena

How much dollars we need to travel whole Japan if we are anime lover?in real...

Matt Nouv

Doesn't the airport have a kiosk that takes change and convert to your native currency to code that you can use at any store back home

Angela Romans

I love your videos. I'll be traveling to Japan for the first time in October of this year! I've been watching your channel for pure enjoyment as well as your Japlanning Series!