Paypal pornhub

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HOW TO GET LOTS OF HQ FRESH COMBOS for Steam, Pornhub, PayPal, Bitcoin | 2020 - dir-network.com

319 views | 8 Apr. 2020

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dir-network & cracked-world 2020

Paypal pornhub

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PayPal stops processing payments for "over a hundred thousand" Pornhub performers

120 views | 14 Nov. 2019

Reported today on

Reported today on TechSpot

For the full article visit: http://bit.ly/33NnM7X

PayPal stops processing payments for "over a hundred thousand" Pornhub performers

Cryptocurrency could offer the anonymity that performers desire

In a nutshell: Pornhub for many is little more than a seemingly endless supply of adult content but for some of the site’s performers, it is a platform that helps pay the bills and put food on the table. Now thanks to a recent decision by payment processor PayPal, many will have to go about collecting their earnings in a different manner.

Pornhub in a recent blog post said they are devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payouts “to over a hundred thousand performers.”

Models that got paid via PayPal are being asked to select a new payment method and update their information ASAP. Those with pending payments for October should contact Pornhub directly to get the matter resolved.

The company said it is working around the clock to make sure all payouts are processed ASAP. Payments should start going out by the end of the week, we’re told.

A spokesperson for PayPal told Motherboard that after a review, they discovered Pornhub made “certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission.” The spokesperson added that they have taken action to stop such transactions from occurring.

Pornhub offers the option of direct deposit but this is a risky alternative as many banks won’t do business with people if they know money is coming from a frowned upon industry like adult entertainment. Cryptocurrency is another option that may gain a larger following thanks to the anonymity it affords.

Paypal pornhub

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NoFap News - PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub

12 241 views | 15 Dec. 2019

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Hey man. i hope you see this comment, tell us men, what do you feel when you full recover from ''porn''. do you have any memories, or urges to watch porn. Because we dont know if in the end we will be ''okey'' i believe many freinds over here will agree with me. make a short video about it. Thank you Dan

Mortadah Asaad

Brothers pray for me! I went in nofap for 34 days then i relapsed and kept relapsing intentionally
I want to start the new decade fap free!


Hey dan, just doing some background research and came across this (not literally)
Good video idea tho


React to these lmao there is more on their page

Rareș Mocanu

This. The Russian ban. The huge recent growth of the nofap community.
In the words of Alex Jones: WE'RE BREAKING THE CONDITIONING!

Weston 1878

Day 32 here and man it's crazy how much I've realised that people are so driven towards sex and in particular porn! Been trying to make this a lifestyle for a long time and I think the realisation that porn is poisonous for my mind is the biggest helper

Edäín of Arnor

Hey Dan! I love the music playing on the background of this video, can you tell me the name please? Thank you for everything ??

Dániel Baráth

Victory is close brothers !


You gotta Love Dans Crazy Personality. Makes it fun to watch and spits facts at the same time


Petition to make pornography illegal

Es Flores

I have never watched a single movie on pornhub but damn I was using the other site so many times. I wish all these web pages will become less and less popular.

Matheus Shelby



Dan, over the 20 years I've watched porn I can say 100% that I've seen countless videos in which the girl is either in pain, has tears (not fake tears either) or simply look lost, scared or ashamed by what they are being made/paid to do. The other side is that you have women who have no shame whatsoever and will do anything for that $ with a smile on their face. Some pornstars are millionaires from doing say 100 scenes in 2 years then they are set for life. The sad thing is that they will have 10s of thousands, possibly millions of men who would still put a ring on their finger, even the ones that aren't rich. I don't know her real name but her pornstar name was Casey, she done several gangbang videos then disappeared from the industry. She's now married to some fuck who probably fapped to her getting smashed off 5+ men at a time ??‍♂️


He really doesn't look like he does nofap he has no glow and shitty energy


PayPal is now in partnership with the nofap community

Not you

Honestly, this is good. This will be a step toward freeing people from addiction, free from objectifying and free from a twisted perception of sex.

They try to claim that it's anti-sex and not sex positive, but the reality is that quitting porn is one of the most sex positive things you can do. Great moves PayPal.

dhirani free fire gamer

Currently on day 3.the highest streak I made was 6 days but the streak ended on 26 November from 26 November to 13 December I was just not able to control the urges due to my college exams and studies.But now I have decided that no matter what the situation is,I won't give up until I complete 30 days challenge.I have started doing swimming early morning and also take cold showers twice a day.Honestly I don't like to beg for likes but I really need some motivation,can U give me that motivation from likes plzzz???

Completed one week.currently on day 8.

Best of pester pear funny moments, And Buzz!!!!!

Walter Ayala

Lord Latpulldown

Dan, you look sexy.

Ah shit, guess I'm gay now

Satoshi Nakamoto

Bro, true addicts will just use crypto to pay for their porn now. It's definitely a blow to the porn industry, but it's still not enough to really dent and devastate it.


Yoo fan from India. God bless you brother

The Shellder in Slowbro ́s Tail

"Pulls Out"

But seriously, i doubt thats the only reason they pulled out of Pornhub

Ali O

I think it’s a very good thing for society that pornography platforms r dying because after that people will no longer have to deal with addiction. On the outside these pornography platforms may look like something people do for fun or as a hobby but in the end it’s something very disgusting and animalistic that should’ve been banned from the first place. Think about the problems it causing in society most guys who watch this stuff r even afraid to look a girl in the eye or have some sorta social problem. S*x isn’t considered as being something normal that man and women do to reproduce because of these platforms that inject the wrong view of s*x in our brains. Plus if u think about it we don’t know who run these platforms pedophiles and creeps could be running it while We r constantly watching and feeding them our money.


I hope this is just a snowball which would later develop in a massive avalanche bringing down the entire porn industry and bury it several feet under.

Ray Hus

time to bust a SUPER NUT


You are the funniest nofap youtuber out there :D NoFap news lmfao.


They should fking ban porn too, the majority of people are still against the ban but they don't know whats good for them.

Monke Monke

This is the news I wanted to hear


This is a step in the right direction, i dont feel porn will ever really go away, but it's accessibility goes down and it is more difficult to view or get a hold of it will go a long way in curing the epidemic in this country and around the world


I used to be glad to have porn on the internet... Now I'm proud that it slowly but steadily loses it's power.
I'm delighted with the global and also my personal progression so far.

uncle fester

Lol Vice? Didn’t they also write articles about how straight guys should start putting “things” in their behinds...Vice is weird AF that’s why they say that paypal pulling out is a bad thing, which clearly is not it is a good thing. Let pornography crumble!

Mr. Memes

lol, that thumbnail



Denver January

If only NO PMO affected the rest of media.I cant imagine someone like Nicki Minaj in PANTS... WOW!

Rhino Whitino

That intro is your real personality.

That’s how I remember you from the USA WORLD TOUR we went on together last year. lmao

hamid ahmadi

Paypal pulls out

Mastercard: its freee real estattte


I am so glad whenever I see us fighting this curse with all our strength we also encourage each other like men this no fap thing has made us brothers even if we don't know each other all thanks to you no fap guys GOD bless you guys men

Richard S

i hope one day all porn will be banned.

Shnobbs Studios

We are slowly curing humanity.

The Samoan Metalhead

Great news. This gives me more reason not to PMO. It's Day 14 with NoFap / Semen Retention. I feel much better. I have a better relationship with my wife, focused, less brain fog, more confident in myself. Thanks Fearless DAN and other No Fap content creators for creating content like this to benefit MAN! ??

Kai Diawara

The war on porn continues! Help all my brothers and sisters recover from this addiction. You are not a bad person, you got hooked by this terrible thing and you didn’t know better. But it’s now up to you to change now! You had the power to start therefore you have the power to stop. Find a new addiction like reading or gym etc to replace this filth. I love you all


Dude - next time, make sure to blur logos of these sites as they should not be promoted in any shape or form.

Declan Woolworths

"PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub"
Try and say that 10 times faster

Mustafa Abokor

That one week free premium shit is fake, when u put your card in you cant take it out

Posty Melon

Ok, this is epic.

James Smith

The latest blow for pornhub, many more of those to come. LOL.

Ace Thunder Storm

Oh okay I guess I'm first, not to brag or anything

Taylor does Raith

I think it's fantastic. Hopefuly this is the start of bringing this industry down

Jeshaun Harrell

Victory screech!

reference from Spongebob for those who don't know


I always had a suspicion from young that some of these videos were of a girl being forced to do stuff, you could just tell. And I'd usually back out of the video because It felt weird

Psalm 101:3


Qais Wahdat

Years into the war. We’ve won the battle but not the war. We must keep fighting nofap till the death

needlemover brayannn

I hope that one day this becomes illegal, this shit really is a drug

Joseph Wright

Activism first, legislation second. We need 1. Unity 2. Convince the masses off a single ideological platform 3. Anti porn legislation when introduced will make sense. The idea of introducing anti porn legislation in America in 2019 is still way too early, most of America is still shockingly hooked on porn and would rebel. We need to unite and then campaign before anyone talks about laws


I'm So happy ?

Lone Wolf


Todd Bedusek

My recovery is not working . I'm freaking out almost 2020

Ilias Kiraly

It's time to...Our culture slowly but surely growing, year by year since began this decade (NoPMO). Porn and porn industry related with many pervert, and illegal things, prostitution, sex traffic, drug addiction, heavy mental problems. Not elegant anymore that connection. Thanks God!



Lone Wolf

Proud of paypal

Splink agade

I feel like 2020 its gonna whole lotta different

Sebastian Van Rooyen

PayPal "pulling out" from porn hub sounds like a porn video title itself ??


LETS GOOOOOO. Yo dan can you contact me on Discord I sent you a message


Greatest news of December

EdwardPvP | Python Coder.

What's the chrome extension you used to block the image from VICE?


do you look at faping as the same thing as having sex with girls

Kurti Kristian

Awww HELL YEAH! They're falling step by step and there's nothing they can do while we're here!

Master Woofer

This is good but I wish Google and all the other search engines would shut down every pornography site world wide because it's just affect me and othets.

The Thought Provoker

'PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub' say that 5 times fast :-) Hallelujah though

J BluRey

On day 16 currently and seeing this video first on the front page of YouTube (recommended) just puts a smile on my face :D. I recalled on my day 3 of my NoFap journey, I said to myself "Porn is disgusting" and it's already been sixteen days where I have been abstaining from PMO. Although day 11 and 12, I had a mixture of obstacles (slip ups from IG, mood swings, urges). I didn't edge nor relapsed but what I did on day 12 was immediately deleted the Instagram app because it was taking up time and nearly pulled me back. Going strong than my previous streak and will continue on my journey with NoFap.

This video definitely made me even more woke since there's a conflict between the porn industry and the NoFap community. To see PayPal break off from PornHub is a huge deal for everyone. Hoping cryptocurrency services will realize this the same way PayPal did as I find it to be an unauthorized act on PornHub's behalf.

Cameron James

Who needs porn when hentai exists?

Prince Nico

Porn = Heroin

Eliezer Castillo



Why u delete last video sir


It's just one step towards a bright future (i guess) ?

Hope & Convidince

Fearless dan I think conner McGregor is on nofap how do you get that much convidince like conner McGregor and when your on nofap you get a Convidince boost and I think that he is on nofap. because how the fuck do you get that much Convidince without doing NoFap and muhumid ali had insane! Convidince and he was on nofap you should make a video about this man!

Ace Thunder Storm

Honestly after seeing the interview with mia kalifa I understood that people in that industry will trick you as a female when your in a vulnerable position or if your so naive that you don't know what your really getting into so sex trafficking in a mainstream platform like phub is not far off I mean even before these stuff were popular in the beginning stages females were either getting tricked groomed or forced and manipulated into doing that kind of work, does Linda Lovelace ring a bell? The so called poster girl for the sex revolution. So yeah I believe it always been happening no question


Oh my this music is Amazing ,Good Job

Ammar Sulthan

This buzzcut makes you look like a persian warrior ⚔️

Daniel Pano

in time the porn industry will lose the war


Porn should be banned forever

Just Some Guy without a Mustache

"Pulls out"

I see what you did there.

lucas leal

I am really happy PayPal did it

Soumitra Saxena

Paypal is a corporate Giant
and Corporate Giants Like Paypal or Google or FB take very calculated action seeing the future.
If they see that any legislation is not going their way and cause problems they just stop in that directions.
It's not associated with NoFap although it will kinda break Porn Industry and that's good.


I feel like PayPal started watching your videos