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HOW TO ANALYZE STOCKS (Fundamental Analysis) ~ BEAST MODE SPREADSHEET ~ Investing for Beginners

62 465 views | 4 May. 2020

Learn to analyze any

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Today we are going to do a fundamental analysis on a sector of consumer finance stocks and teach you the entire process.

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?Table Of Contents:



Current Stock Price

Price Change

10 Day Moving Average

Market Cap

52 Week Low

52 Week High

% Fall: 52 Week High to Low

% Gained Since 52 Week Low

Discount from 52 Week High


Earnings YieLd (per share)


EPS CAGR (10y)

EPS Forecast

Revenue Growth Forecast 1YR

P/E Ratio

Gross Profit Growth

Net Profit Growth

Net Income Margin

BM Score

Net Income Forecast CAGR (5y)

Return on Equity CAGR (3y)

Free Cash Flow Yield

Total Shareholder Yield

Debt Pay-down Yield


Dividend Per Share

Dividend Mean Forecast

Dividend Yield

Dividend Payout Ratio

Dividend Growth Rate

Dividend Frequency


Total Revenue

Cost of Goods

Operating Income / Loss

Gross Profit

Cost of Goods Margin

Gross Margin

Operating Margin

Altman Z-Score


Total Cash & Short T Investments

Total Current Assets

Total Current Liabilities

Total 1 Year Current Excess

C Assets V. C Liabilities

Total Assets

Total Liabilities

T Assets V. T Liabilities TATL Ratio

Total Stockholders Equity

D/E Debt Equity Ratio


Forward P/E (Predicted)

5 Year PE ratio

Current P/E

P/E Discount From 5yr Avg

Peter Lynch Fair Value Estimator

EBITDA Growth Forecast

Trailing Annual Div Yield


Fair Value Int. Upside Estimate

Fair Value Int. Uncertainty

Analyst Recommendations

Days To Cover Short


Book Value Per Share

Book Value / Share

BV Ratio

PEG Ratio

Piotroski Score

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MA Stock Mastercard Incorporated

V Stock Visa Inc.

AXP Stock American Express Company

DFS Stock Discover Financial Services

COF Stock Capital One Financial Corporation

PYPL Stock PayPal Holdings, Inc.

SQ Stock Square, Inc.

Beast Mode Spreadsheet


I love this video! Thank you! I have very little knowledge when it comes to looking at balance sheet and cash flow statements
I clicked subscribe so I look forward to seeing more videos so I can learn


Im taking a FinAn course online, and this is where I want get to!

Winson Li

Hey Jerry, thanks for your awesome content. A question in general regarding P/BV at 26.04. By definition: "The “Price/Book Value” Ratio (P/BV) is calculated by dividing the price of a share of stock by the book value per share." So shouldn't it be $61.58 / $113.38? = 0.54 Thank you in advance for clarifying! This is new territory for me so your help on this is greatly appreciated!

Michael Wells

Just liked, and subscribed, love the way you break down information in a digestible way, please keep this up. Do you code your spreadsheet?


Not interested in $PYPL at 120$, meanwhile 5 weeks later it grew to 165$ >.>

adam simpson

hey great video how do i purchase this spreadsheet please?

Financial Literacy

The conclusion that a person would come up with after conducting a fundamental analysis on a stock is really subjective. Tesla has never generated a profit since the day it was founded. So, it would fail on pretty much everyone of these metrics. However, Tesla stock is one of the best performing stocks this year. From a fundamental perspective, Tesla could be seen as a fundamental disaster.

Victor Martinez

Always a good refresher

Grant P

Jerry -- I just watched this video on how you size up a stock, and it's very
thorough, but a lot to digest, and you'd have to watch it a couple times.
One thing you didn't address in this video was "moving averages" and when
to get into a stock ?? You do say on here, you use the 10 day moving average ?
Is this correct ?
You told me you use the SMA 20 -- and I'm wondering if you use the 10 day,
5 day, 3 month , 6 month, or 12 month moving average ?? I think this is
important, as to when to buy in ??
Can you let me and the viewers know on this ?? I would think you use a
combination -- maybe 10 day, 30 day and 3 month -- I'm not quite sure.
Hopefully you can comment on this -- thanks Jerry :) and great video :)

Keith Mygan

Great stuff, thank you for your hard work.

Matheus Bueno

Thank you
att Matheus, from brazil

Bob Smith

Speed was great while covering a lot of territory. I appreciated how someone actually analyses a stock(s) and what's important. Got a sense of how to weigh different indicators.


thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.. more power

Kesha D

I mean wow! This video is greatly appreciated!

Hugo Silva

Where can i find Net income Forecast 5y? very good video!


Great video! is the TATL also known as Current Ratio?

Wei m

Hey Jerry, was looking for your coffee cup! Great content as always, thanks


Do you have a video on building our own spreadsheet and where to pull the data from? Or this one by one manual nightmare? Thanks for your content.

John M

You got it Jerry. Subscribed. How do I get in touch with you? I am also a world traveler and would love to get advise on your LATAM and Asia travels.


Wow thanks alottt this was so helpful


Came back just to rewatch ?

Love Science Music

wow, this video is amazing! All of the info I was looking for and more

Cesar Valencia

Will watch it twice, amazing

Erick Rodriguez

You’ll be getting thumbs up from me!

palm 9

When the like emoji popped up and made the messenger sound, I checked my phone


Is there anywhere where I could download free/buy this kind of spreadsheet and does it update the numbers hourly/daily etc by itself online? That looks so great but it would take ages for me to work something like that added with all the cool explanation what everything means in the pop-up windows. Really nice job Jerry! Thank you.


Hi Jerry! I am learning way more from your channel than a paid udemy course I took recently. I just wanted to say thanks for all of the great info and keep up the good work :)

personalwellness services

Thank you, very informative

Kevin Terry

This is the most comprehensive insight into stock analysis I have seen and how glad am I to have landed on your channel. Thank you, now I have to go and watch it again. Well done and keep up the excellent analysis.


There are several mistakes in your formulae. For instance the BV Ratio is off, you mixed it up. In general this is a fine guide for people to start with, but you should re-examine your cheat sheet :)

Ad Kest

Nice work, does these fundemental indicators work better than technical indicators and/or does a formula of fundemental indicators work better?


saw your video for the first time and subscribed channel:)

Edgar Francis Diamante

Am new to investing wondering if you can make a video how you pull the data from Y finance. ?


How do you value a growth stock that has negative eps? Example, UBER or TESLA.


Hi Jerry, where do I find "TOTAL SHAREHOLDER YIELD"?

Free Tom

This is the best example of a complete fundamental analysis I could find on YouTube. Thanks a ton, Jerry.

deepak negi

Hi Jerry i hope u doing well.
Does Pypl and SEDG are a buy for now

Brittney Osbahr

Thanks for sharing. This is the best video I've seen on this topic so far. I totally copied your spreadsheet word-for-word.


Exactly what I was looking for. Now I can make sense of Yahoo Finance data

Bobby Tatum

Love the video, I watch it at least twice a day.


thank u 4 the vid ?


Can i get access to your excel or is this locked for PAtreon members?


@Jerry Romine Entrepreneur Abroad Isn't the BV ratio supposed to be equal or less than 1 to be undervalued? P/B ratio is a different ratio?


You have the best videos!! I send them to all my new investing friends. Can you do a video on options. It makes no sense to me

Kesha D

Jerry you definitely add value to my life in more ways than one. I’ve included your video on my financial fitness board in hopes others will find value in your content. Thank you! https://www.pinterest.com/Thegoodlifeblogg/

Linos Tombulidis

This is just pure gold! Thank you sir for your amazing work!

paula deluca

Jerry, this is very well presented, however, its very overwhelming for me. It is going to take a very long time, for me, to understand all this.


You’re an incredible teacher thank you!

Matteo Clerico

Wow thank you, that is awesome! May I ask you where to find data such as Earning Yield (LTM) and EPS forecast? Thank you

Pavel Sokov

What kept you from choosing capital 1 here? It was the only one where the stock price was under fair value

Double T

Man I can’t thank you enough for this. Did my part in subscribing and liking ofc.

Joe D'Alessandro

very well done video. I am a newer investor I have done pretty good for myself so far well with the exception on the 1/28/01 lol.. that another story though. I am thinking about paying for your services what level do be the best one to get into? Does it charge at the 1st of the month or when you buy in? once again thank you for all your help in the market so far I have made some good money buying some of your picks! I love watching your videos to the end just so i can see the beautiful places you go and stay. Thanks again be well and safe travels!

Jeremy Dinverno

Great job!

Arjen Radix


Farzon Babakhanzoda

so much value thank u for the great video!!!

coarail verd

i almost had a seizure trying to understand the correlation between p/e ratio EPS amd earning YIELD lol

Nice video!!!!!

mario johnson

Hey can you look at USFd, I would greatly appreciate it, great videos

Ashley Billings

This is exactly what I've been looking for thank you

Bite TheBait

booyyyyyy, I wish I found this video in May because that COF call was phenomenal. Brilliant video. Really had a lot of information I think could be very useful in my trading journey.

Justin Cholette

Hey Jerry, I'm new in investing and I've been watching quite a few intro videos. I must say that yours is by far the most useful and organized video! Please keep up the great work! Defo earned the like and subscribe!


Hi Jerry, my name is Gabriella, i am from the netherlands and in my broker I have the choise to buy stocks in the EU stock market as well as on the US market. There are several stocks who are in both stock markets. How can i decide which one is the best to buy, the US or de EU one?

erez levi

Hello Jerry
first i will say thanks for the video, this help a lot.
second i want to ask you if Earning Yield not confuses you ?
because what i know when the stock price will go down the yield will increase or
that i am confuses ?
thanks in advance


Hi Jerry, I'm working my way through this video. Making notes etc. Liked thanks ?

wake up

This was by far the best video I´ve seen on this topic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring so many people

OmarGoodness -

Bro half way thru the video I got lost :(

Alexey Vorobyov

SQ trippled since ?


If you lose money today then maybe Stocks is not for you.

Feels Good

Awesome analysis.
I've Been a fan of $DFS, and a recent buyer of $COF since the market drop back in March.
Also an early investor of $PYPL

Navdeep S Gill

Good explanation.

Ed P

great video and very useful. thank you.

Etai Yaffe

Wow , Amazing video thank you very much!!
@Jerry Romine Entrepreneur where can I find the Net Profit of a company without doing the calculation myself.

YouTuber mercy

Lots of information but helpful and needed to minimize losses.
I had to pause and take notes and rewatch it again, and maybe again.
Thanks for sharing.


Your channel is like the bible to stock market

Doc Coones

Amazing!! I'm 50 and now starting to understand what investing involves... trying to build up a portfolio for my 15yr old son. Thanks you for this.

The Urban Alchemystic Bruja

Thanks Jer! This breakdown is very helpful.


Amazing to see what square was valued at 5 months ago.


About Beneish M score: "Beneish excluded financial institutions from his sample when calculating the M-Score, so extreme care should be taken when looking at M-Scores of financial firms - their business models are different from the manufacturing and other service firms that Beneish used in his study."

Paulo Mateus

An off topic questions. I'm seeing a gimbal and a DJI Mavic Pro, so probably you are into travelling film making like me. Do you have some of your videos online?


Well done

Canadian Investor

I am long on V myself. love the Card play as we are going to be a cashless society more and more. one comment regarding analyst ratings: how do we know the anaylst target section on yahoo finance is actually uptodate? it could be from before no?

Cam Gray

Great video. Where can we get that spreadsheet with formulas built in...

Luka Ficko

Do you have to pay for this program? Great video!

Kathleen Victoria Ministries

I love your channel!

Michael Williams

Jerry - great job on the video. I have a follow-up question regarding your calculations (I'm pulling my data from Yahoo Finance). Can you explain in a bit more detail (from using data available on Yahoo Finance) how you derived your "Net Income Margin" value? In other words: Where do you find your value "Net Profit"? Is that the same as "Earnings" or under the balance sheet as "Net Income". I tried crunching the numbers but not coming up with the results as you, so I'm obviously using the wrong numbers from Yahoo. Thanks for your help.

Doug Woods

Hello Jerry, I love how your BEASTMODE demonstartion shows pertinent data from multiple companies all together on one screen. Which stock analyzer tool would you reccommend?


Do you have any other fundamentals videos that are a primer to this one? I'm getting pretty lost very quickly with the terminology

sdf p

Do you think that combining programming skills with fundamental analysis could be beneficial? Like receiving financial data from apis and make calculations automaticly every day with alarms etc. Well most probably that kind of services are already available. Just thinking if I could benefit my programming skills here

Wesley Rumball

fuckin love this guy

J.Anderson The2nd

nice information. thank you.

David Astudillo

this is not an ordinary YouTube video but an practical straight to point quantitative online course for free. Thank you professor Jerry!

Alex Wycherley

Do you input all that data manually each time you want to analyse/compare stocks or is there some automation involved?

Quynh Anh 2N

Thank you so much.

Nick G.

Thanks for the detailed analysis!

Charles Ramelo

Hi Jerry! Just subscribed to your channel. Great content! Question for you, in this video did you set a certain filter criteria such that MA, V, AXP, etc. were the results? Or you knew you wanted to compare these particular companies and so you pre-selected them? Just trying to figure out how to screen thousands of stocks so that I’m only looking at just specific ones based on set criteria. Thanks so much!


GREAT VIDEO!!! thank you!!!

Sarantis Tsetsakos

It's a great video, i am very thankful that you share this much appreciated info with us. I am new in the investments field and I need to educate myself, with out however, having to read a. Thousand pages or watch a bunch of redundant and slow videos


excellent video Jerry !


Jerry, you are amazing, thank you for this information, my mentor in Mexico has not explained to me as you have done it in this video. Thank you.

Josh Rodgers

Damn Jerry. You just threw a ton of great useful knowledge at me. I’m hungry for more so I’m on to your next video. You’re the man


Funny, I'm on the same path (more or less).
Some spreadsheets out there go for $50! How a bout you try a test market and see if it's worth your time to set up a page to sell it. Of course Paypal, cashapp, zelle, are always an option, and it's always good to diversify your income streams.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and great karma!

Stocks analysis

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fuck your marketing strategy, you did not gave any value to your viewers, unsubscribing, disliking and reporting

Soniya Pursani

Promoting your own brand !! Change the heading pls.

sheik basha

what is the Mantra, selecting stocks within 10 minutes or right time entry and the right time to exit...

Awwanna .Managuli

Abey you are advertising this app
Bakwas dont...use this app

Ruchir Tannu

Been using this app for the last few months, this app has changed my trading method for the better, it's one of the best apps available in India for Stocks, Love it, thanx

pratapjava singh

Sir lot of company has not be reaveld the secret deal in the publically then how we can analyse the any unknown company which I don't know but his share very low cost and his company capital price very High then how can the smaller invest own money in stock market

Saurebh 99

Is screener available in App?

Rajeshkumar D

I'm glad to have read the comments before watching the video. I'm out. Thanks for the heads up guys??

vasanth kanduri

It's a great videos for beginners
Thanks stock edge team

Shailendra Singh Kushwah

I can say the App you design is phenomenal

CA Shadab Hussain

Just a promotion of his app...

Jerry M. Seth

Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "stock technical charts" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Ganichael Yonharlotte Trick - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

Jonas Ark

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Boycott India until the issue is resolved. Even if it means cold war.
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Krishna Dabbir

Great app.your efforts to simplify things are outstanding.

Alexander Tumanin

Volatility together with moving average is very important for an analysis of stocks. I use an android app StockBrainer for my analysis of US stock market

Sarfaraz Tamboli

Quite detailed video. Thanks a lot. Also an amazing app. Congratulations to the team. I'm more of an investor than a trader. And one of the key input for fundamental analysis of a company is to have a knowledge about all the subsidiaries of a company. A lot of times companies keep on creating shell subsidiaries to practice unethical activities. Where can a get a list of all the subsidiaries of a particular company and inversely a parent company of any subsidiary? Thanks in advance.


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Hope you all liked our video.
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Manju Shimpi

Excellent! But it can be more effective on Web rather than just App. Do think about it, Combination of Web and App will take it on fly...

swapnil patil

Awesome....Thanks for the StockEdge Sirji!

Ezra David

This app is so informative! Thanks for your efforts really.

Durgesh singh

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Manoj Chhetri

How to analyse a stock❌. How to analyse stock edge app✔. Common sir don't think we are fool?

Nicholas Gary

Analysis is the first thing one has to do before any investment , without proper analysis making losses becomes easier

Amit Panwar

Such a grt learning sir...,??

Mohit Mishra

It's a product video



Share analys youtube channel

Dev kamal

Dear Bajaj sahab , you are performing and doing fantastic work for the benefit of Indian mass investor. Salute to you. may Buddha enlighten you always as you are ...

Anwar Badsha

"Buy and then go analysis not good, such practice don't follow."
"Go this method fundmental analysis first and list out comapny sector basis, wait and study technical chart, decide what to buy when to buy.. good fundmental company stocks with cheper price,PE<1,PB<1,PExPB <19,EBIDATA<5 PEG ratio < 1,debit to equity<0.2,ROCE>20%,ROE>20%,Sales growth >15%,Divident yield >8% ,Bonous share every 4 to 6% buy such comapny at cheper price and hold it... get good returns.. if buy such company in market crash with cheper you gain is more guaranteed "

Saud Hashmi

Your presentation & app, both are excellent.

perkins kurt

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Aswin Raaju V

Irrelevent title

Dark gaming

Hindi bolo na sir PLZZ ?

Amit Panwar

Dnt focus on negative comments sir becoz if r not familiar with stock edge app then how can we learn about stocks easily....thankyou so much???❤️

Rajesh Kumar

Better you can change title as "How to analyze stock edge app", which will very suitable to this video.

Nandakash *


Kunal Mansukhani

Seems promising.

dr cvmr

Excellent sir.I have beenfollowing for last one year

Mariappan A

We liked it so much. Very inspiring video. Thanks sir



Yashu B

I tried to download going to the mentioned link....but it is asking password which I don't have..?
What to do to get free learning..and ebook as mentioned in the description

Nikhil Somkuwar

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Deveshwari Naorem

Very helpful tq u sir ?

Rakesh Shingane

wonderful app sir.... thank you for making it...and ignore to haters


Sir can you please make a detail video regarding all the ratios .

Alena Thomas

I've never trusted my funds with anyone online but Mr Victor James made me believe in him because of his trust and loyalty,
his 100% tested and Trusted. Thanks and God continue to bless Victor James for being a straight forward man.

Sourabh Khanvilkar


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Yeah full english class by an Indian ?

Harshit verma

Vivek sir. Hats off to you. You and your team has created an amazing app. It has lots of features which a retail investors misses while analyzing the stock. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your efforts.

Sachin Dubey

Don’t watch promotional video. ???

Kamrul hasan

wow .very nice .will try this app

Lynelle Siffel

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Why does the price of some stocks enter a bubble?

Sachin Shetti

Very beautiful app sir . I recently became a premium member and its so amazing to have all details in one single click

Vikas Sharma

Hi Elearnmarkets,
Really good app, however if you could please use the straight form for showing application in the videos that would help in better visibility.

Rajiv Patwa

Hindi me bol bhai

Gulabi Nagri

Actually I am beginner. But Presentation was very nice. Got it.

Gaurav Srivastava

This video is more for marketing the stockedge app . The video does not explains any terms related to fundamental analysis of stock.



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Rashmin Dave

Very humble and honest.

Stacies theSpacegirl

The journey to financial freedom isn’t one of joke, I’ve been continuously seeking till I came across Mr Alex Paton has been managing my trades and given me the opportunity to make money with ease. A blessing I must confess.

Anwar Badsha

Provid to us, Check list for selection of good stocks, technically and fundamentaly check list, ratio check list, How can we say this company good for our evaluation, major ratio < or =, buy sign and sell sign..

Jeni Diya

OMG you promoting that app

Cpvenkatanathan Parthasarathy

Reliance Industires. Well presented. All fine. It is a cash rich company. Then why was it on the look out for bringing down its share holding in a partner and clearing its debts,. Do you consider it a prudent decision. How do you think the partner is going to be benefitted by joining hands with this company.

perkins kurt

I will also refer you to this pro for more forex insight,i made alot of profit with them contact== https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFZpzdxEr1o3XWNPbQ @heinrichFOREXprofits WITH LITTLE RISK JUST WATCH YOUR INVESTMENT GROW!.

Harriet Werner

Now I understand how stock makes you rich .since I started trading with Mr Samuel Raphael I think I'm on my way to millions

vivek hari narayanan.v

damn. is this an ad for your app? just curious.

Shashank Gupta

and here we go, this video wins the clickbait challenge
the title and content is totally different, the video is all about how to use stock edge app??

Shayar status23

Sir hindi mai bhi bolo plz

mmp official

My advice is not to enter into stocks market without basic knowledge, stocks trading is zero sum of game, it's complex most times so you need maths skills to understand the market trends and different algorithm an you can achieve this by the guidance and information of well experienced trader's then see how your trading goals will be achieved because why other party wins the other loses, so get it right.

bikash howlader

Very nice


Nice video
Please subscribe to the channel for detailed stock analysis

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Hello guys,
Am researching the topic "study of changes required in the trading hours of the Indian stock market "
If u r investing in the stock market then please fill-up the following form that will help me to conduct the research

Shreenivas Gandla

WISH U make a video on using stockedge exclusively for INTRADAY TRADING in futures

My work Channel

Just wonderful, I have been researching "how to do fundamental analysis of stocks" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Ganichael Yonharlotte Trick - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

Akhil Vulli

Am a teen guy sir, really I have gained a fare knowledge, hoping that you make much videos.
Thank you?

ravindra latpate

Zerodha is froud कंपनी पैसा ले कर भागनेवाली है जलदी account बंद करो कल मेरे साथ धोखा हुआ है मेरा तो share मार्केट से विश्वास उड चुका है

Ajay Kumar Srivandla

Good knowledge sharing sir.

Jaswant Ch

Hello Sir,Well explained in detail .Hope you shall be making more videos as such.Thanks

Jan N

This shareholder information is incomplete data

Tarun Gupta

Sir u teach vary good way thank you sir from my heart ???????

ashish gupta

I like this app , featured chart should not be paid.

Ghanshyam Pheri

if you are so proficient. why the heck are you selling this golden egg laying hen??? stop cheating bro

Keshav Kabra

Very beautifully explained..It would be really amazing if you can help us choose a stock by looking at the parameters. As I am a beginner so I am not that good with the technical terms. So if you could explain a few of the very important parameters more in a layman language in a video which are to be checked before investing it would be really great.

Chewie 13

The app asked for my phone number so I deleted it. The features look great though.

s thought

this is advertise of stockedge app

sumit chaudhary

not good

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Waste of time. He is just advertising the app.

Stocks analysis

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Top 3 Speculative Stocks which could 10X!? (Plug Power Stock Analysis)

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Jing Jaew

Dogecoin just signed a deal with Kronos. This ones going up for the long term!!

B Morris

Ohhh now YouTubers are pushing plug power?! ?

Vyom Sri

Thanks. Subscribed.

Kelsey Stone

Check out AFC Energy (AFGYF)

Moayad Idress

I wish I had seen your video two months ago, plug power at $ 72 now! ?

Susana Stamenkovic

Great contents and review. Thank you

Wilhelm Tell

Im fine with , BLDP, PLUG and HYSR Sunhydrogen Inc 200% up

Allex Osborne

Make sense of the valuation of SNOW. Wtf is that?

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nagraj holkunde

I would like to invest in these us stocks. I live in Germany. Is it possible to buys us stocks in Germany?

Claire Sutterland

Through out last year I stood by side lines as I listened and watch people reap gains from their investments, this year is going to be very different, am quite ready to invest but I really could use some pointers, I really haven't done this before and am looking hit the ground running..

candy man

You think plug has potential?

Agnieszka Matysiewicz

What do you think about Face Drive?


Definitely buying into HYLN


Unfortunately, plug power went over $50 today

ATANEH Gucci Ambassador

Just to appreciate how the forex trade has benefited me , it’s so interesting how this trader crypto_Cascade on IG gave me good profits rate beyond imaginations even at this sudden fall back in rates

Mona Jazzar

I own lots in workforce I am.kind of scare should I sell or wait? What is your output on that .
I feel more comfortable to buy nio and xpeng and I bought phizer but its not going up at all with all the news why? Should I sell these stocks

Salis Lemmen

Please Look at Mcphy and Carbios
Super Hot Stocks

Ghost 11

now is 66$per share

queensofspades decs


Mona Jazzar

What is the new technology that every one is investing inn they ball it the florescent sand they all put big money inn

eric manir


Jack Lance

This dude didn’t read the annual report. They get 50% of revenue from 3 partners, two of them are wmt and amzn

rick stitt

Its all about roku. 10x

Lourdemilla Dorsainvil

I had 100 share of plug at 2.40$ then sold the buy back 4$

West Kingsley

i never know how important having extra source of income was until pandemic lockdown when my business which was my only source of income was shot down. I got into stock market with the help of robert_uptowntrades at lG and today I'm currently earning $ 20,000 monthly...

Yasser Alherz

I would like to thank you for those videos.

Im wondering if you are planning to increase the number of Gold VIP Member.

Pastor Justin Clemins

Hey, please cover ticker BW $6 range per share clean energy company with over 500 million revenue per year, net positive of over 30 million last quarter alone, just got 2 government contracts worth 20 million last week to reduce carbon emissions... growing revenue/profitable, much more profitable and better revenue than $70 PLUG, and low market cap, brother you gotta cover them, it a hidden gem in the market. Stock price was $200 5 years ago... headed back that way possibly..

Best undervalued play on market right now in my opinion, total sleeper!!


Started buying PLUG at $8, and a bunch more at $20. I have 300 shares now with over 100% gain, and holding long term. What are your thoughts now as we are in Q1 2021? Last 2 weeks have been crazy good!


Plug is busting loose today! ?

Happy Philippines

Lol. I’m one of those idiots that invested in hallion at around $50 per share. No choice now but hold on to it. Great concept though. Hope they pull it off. Tesla to the moon baby.

S Yuen

plug power has been in business for 20 years but never makes a dime. It is very speculative, it has been pushing up due to recent political push, be very careful.

Banking a Million

I'm long HYLN.

bestman enock ezekwu

Great video with good technical analysis. Please could you do a similar video for emerging markets?

Muzzled Won

Let's play math.....if I own 5% and they double dilute I now own only 2.5%. BUT. I still own the same shares and when they sky-rocket who gives a hoot if I only own 2.5%


You said the HFC market was valued at $651.9 million in 2018, and is projected to reach $42,038.9 billion, but your graphic on your YT video show $42,038.9 million not billion. I am assuming that was a typo.


Plug is poppin again today! ?hehe

Robert Miller

Forex trading is very legit and more profitable, have been benefiting from it since 3 months ago with the help of Expert ANGELA R. MENDE

Tate Stringer

This video is a complete farce. All you need to know if that the only hydrogen fuell cell carmaker currently in the US is Toyota, and the Mirai. You can purchase a 2018 Toyota Mirai in perfect condition with less than 24,000 miles on it which cost the original buyer over $56,000 US to purchase in 2018, for LESS THAN $10,000 today. I suggest anyone that wants to know the truth about hydrogen google "The hydrogen hoax" and to learn the truth about hydrogen.


Dilution? Do you mean stock split? Because in that case 5% will still be 5% right?

Charles Belcher

Hydrogen Fuel Cells are less efficient than EVs. Fact. Run from Plug Power.

Blanche Ivey

It’s incredible how much success one stands to attain with professional assistance in the trading market. With the help of my fund manager I’ve been able to acquire ample earnings and knowledge in the course of my investments

Dicom Ohio

I took a chance and bought 10 shares of PLUG after you uploaded this video. WOW. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Laftis Kuno

I only focus on these 3:
Plug Power Inc.
PLUG 32.46
1.11 (3.31%)
Post-Market 0.06 (0.19%)
NASDAQ Updated Dec 29, 2020 6:59 PM
FuelCell Energy Inc.
FCEL 10.91
0.64 (5.54%)
Post-Market 0.10 (0.87%)
NASDAQ Updated Dec 29, 2020 6:59 PM
Gevo, Inc.
GEVO 4.62
0.20 (4.15%)
Post-Market 0.16 (3.46%)
NASDAQ Updated Dec 29, 2020 6:59 PM

Nicholas Buccelli

Buy plug now?

Jonathan Spadaro

I'm feeling like the happiest person in the world since I got to know and also invested with Ryanburnnet_fxtrade @ lG

Timbo Stang

I scooped up 8 shares of plug in 2019 when it was $1.86 a share. Wish I would of bought way more but I held on to it this day and now it's $25 a share. Nice jump. Good vid too pal

Christina Jung

Do I have to wait until pull back to buy PLUG or just get in now ? What is your advice ?

cyllan anassan

HIDROGEN FUEL IS TOO DANGEROUS..... mixed with air EXPLODES.......it will never happen

APOSE Manolio

Greetings from Greece and from Thessaloniki the co capital of Greece ?.
I invested in Plug Power because I believe it's the future!!! If we want a better fresh air for us. Sorry about my English I'm doing my best ?
Great Job!

Randy McDaniel

All shit

Julia Arnold

The world wouldn't have been a better place without cryptocurrency. I'm happy it's existing

EuPass Wood

Are there any forecasts for stocks / companies on stockopedia?

Sapta B

this video aged well

Jason's Kitchen

Hello Again,
new year 2021. Great video, but what are you thoughts on GIK Lightning eMotors,
they just filed there S4 After hours after Close on 31 Dec? They do FULL EV and
power charging station and they have been doing this sense 2018. They also have
deals with Amazon and PLUG? What do you think?

Jason's Kitchen

Hello again and Merry Christmas, i have a question . What's your thoughts on GIK Lightning eMotors, they are already building EV and power charging stations and will grow over 100% next year, expected to merge early next year? Its only EV SPAQ thats still at buy range of 11-13. Your thoughts?

Anyone who owns PLUG should own GIK because they are partners in building charging stations right?

baer hovens

you are definately right about PLUG

vivek vardhan

Hi guys, CTRVWWTS HEPION PHARM INC WARRANT, This stock is pretty good penny stock, this going to be sky rise in few days. do let me know your thoughts on this. 
Heard from some good sources.

Bexley Leighton

Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Jessica Morgan.

omowale music

2 months later, $68...

Evelina Arno

I didn't get into the investment market when alot of folks were making millions off it, I just began investing now that the stock market is booming and I'd appreciate clues and strategies on how to make a 6 figure profit within next few months.

Elizabeth Sanchez

I feel Hyliion is at a better advantage than Nikola right now but none of them can match Tesla. One stock I have always rooted for is Tesla , Tesla stocks keeps pumping and investors are still super bullish about it. Well I got my fair share outta tesla this year made over $189,600 in profits..

Goryeo Kim

Heyy I really need your help!!!
I bought SBE in $39 and it’s getting low...
I’m scared ? what should I do?!?

ASHiGA Designs

Hydrogen has no future. Soon people will understand and PLUG will crash ??

Kester Hackett

Sapiens is a great book

Muzzled Won

diluting shares only affects large share holders looking to takeover assuming it doesn't effect the rise in pps

Abram Flores

$FCEL AND $BIDU is all I need ? ??

Alexander Tumanin

Volatility together with moving average is very important for an analysis of stocks. I use an android app StockBrainer for my analysis of US stock market

Skema Loc

I got it at 3.64 in 2019 total return ( 1,125.41% ) . I already knew it was going to go up along with mara wit I caught at 1.42, total return ( 1,406.75% )


You are crazy to touch Hyliion. The proof is in the pudding. They got caught lying about efficiency. Their stock took a nose dive after trading under their own (not SPAC). It is hemorrhaging.

William Cesco

Look at penny stock hume ticker: tsnp it's gona BLOW up ????


Plug power chairman is stepping down

Jimmy Rohan

Plug at $70!!

Sasha Perry

Sorry but I don't agree with you when it comes to 8x8. I'm not sure how much you know about the UCaaS market but 8x8 is dwindling. RingCentral (RNG) has a much healthier future.

Pastor Justin Clemins

Hey, please cover ticker BW $6 range per share clean energy company with over 500 million revenue per year, net positive of over 30 million last quarter alone, just got 2 government contracts worth 20 million last week to reduce carbon emissions... growing revenue/profitable, much more profitable and better revenue than $70 PLUG, and low market cap, brother you gotta cover them, it a hidden gem in the market. Stock price was $200 5 years ago... headed back that way possibly..

Best undervalued play on market right now in my opinion, total sleeper!!!

Ricardo Oliveira


Gordo federico

Can you please help me in buying some shares can u leave a link for me please

Mona Jazzar

Your amazing

Adrian Pieczynski

I wish I saw this when it came out too

Evonne C

Great content

Phone Kase co

I bought 17 shares of plug at $9 in my Roth IRA. Totally forgot about the initial investment and just logged in yesterday. Was very pleased! Thinking about adding bi weekly now in 30 years might actually have a very healthy retirement acct!


Stop trying to make hydrogen happen. Hydrogen is not going to happen.

Pierre Porchiola

Great Stocks!!!

Jim A

You said 42 billion but your PLUG paragraph says million.

Pyramid Motorsport One V10 Music

I am currently plug shareholders..I was a shareholder in 2014...and sold .

Jason's Kitchen

Hello again and Merry Chritmas, i have a question . What's your thoughts on GIK Lightning eMotors, they are already building EV and power charging stations and will grow over 100% next year, expected to merge early next year? Its only EV SPAQ thats still at buy range of 11-13. Your thoughts? Anyone who owns PLUG should own GIK because they are partners in building charging stations right?

Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

These three companies mentioned are very interesting indeed. These 3 should be watched more closely.


Any thoughts on NKLA in the same area as HYLN and PLUG?

Jing Jaew

Dogecoin just signed a deal with Kronos. This ones going up for the long term!!

enzo gabriele


Roger Terry

No, if I own 5% and the company issues more shares, say from 100 to 200 I own 2.5% of 200 which is the same as 5% of 100.

Dalton James

Forex trading is very legit and more profitable, have been benefiting from it since 3 months ago with the help of Expert ANGELA R. MENDE

Julian Borisov

Um... Wait a second. A company issues shared it already has. If a company is evaluated @ 100 &, it issues 20 shares, then additional 20, that doesn't mean they still hold 80,but rather 60. I.e. with flat share price the you'd have the same amount of stock for the same price.

Al Walker

I'm in PLUG at $6 and in FCEL at $2. I love Hydrogen. Added HYSR just for fun.

nuno bartolo

Dude, I studied aerospace molecular hydrogen is a very hard molecule to contain because of its tiny size and it burns with an invisible flame and makes metal brittle if you think you can reuse natural gas pipelines you are a fool


0:58 Plug Power (PLUG) 5:51 Price ~ 23.45
11:49 8X8 (EGHT) 14:19 Price ~ 18.75
16:23 Hyliion (HYLN) 17:15 Price —to avoid

Mountain Biker

Great video


Get 2 free shares of stock for downloading Robinhood with my link https://join.robinhood.com/hunterg29

All Or None

BROTHER !!!! $STPK is merging with STEM Energy Inc !!!! $STEM will go PARABOLIC !!!! https://www.stem.com/category/press-releases/ please DD !!!! ???⚡️⚡️⚡️??????

Ben Wilkinson

PLTR views? Sound more promising imo