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Tracking The Many Voices Of Kendrick Lamar | Genius News

2 043 964 views | 1 Aug. 2017

A big part of Kendrick

A big part of Kendrick Lamar’s music is his rotating series of voices. From one track to the next, Kendrick can jump from a high-pitched squeal to a syrupy drawl to a rapid-fire patter, coloring his songs with new feeling every time he switches his tone. The Compton rapper has discussed several of these voices throughout his career, including his “Lord of the Rings” voice and his “Gemini alter-ego.” Genius explored some of his most common voices to understand how he uses vocal tone and inflection to tell stories and convey emotion in his music.

Read more on Genius: https://genius.com/a/tracking-the-many-voices-of-kendrick-lamar

Read all of the lyrics to Kendrick Lamar's biggest hits on Genius: https://genius.com/artists/Kendrick-lamar

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Shubham dixit

Kendrick lamar is "BAKARIYA"

Yahya Hayani

Yo Kendrick's voice on Momma I Hit A Lick changes like 3 times and it's one of the best verses I've heard from K.Dot

Freddy Ali

Rappers be switching flows while kdot switch voices

Tshiamo K

F everyone for praising kendrick for this and bashing Nicki for it.

Ali Westbrooks

0:24 is that the old man from eminem's bezerk

joy productions

Kendrick Lamar - ft. Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick, Lamar, Lamrick Kendamar, Kendrick Lamar, & Lamar Kendrick

n_ato s p a c e

The new voice on Hair Down

Jakenya Jones

Honorable mention: Interlude on Drake's Take Care, Buried Alive.

Brandon Wakeland

Kendrick truly is a genius

JFC I hate you people

and this is Kendricks voice when he’s walking down stairs and thinks there’s another stair but there isn’t so he takes a retarded half step.

and this is Kendricks voice when he just sneezed and isn’t sure if another one is coming.


Eminem and Kendrick in one song...It will be amazing

harry myers

We need this with young thug. Would be about 30 mins

Shahaf Milman

I'm so fucking hype for a new Kendrick album

A12 A1234

White woman


Haha Montana you can't compare goat


Man i was soooooooo fuckiing simping on the narrator's voice it's ??❤️??

Fadul Rashid




it is i

Best of our generation

lokey FromTheEast

That Gemini shit!

Carol Chikwa

And I can recognise every one ☺


I only hear Alvin from the chipmunks rapping

Cameron Smith

section 80 was kendricks debut album, not gkmc

D's Compilations!

Hopefully everyone could check out my dedication to Kendrick's favorite voices! ??❤️

The Laughing Pikachu Satoshi Moshi

I never knew that Lendrick Lamar
had a funny sounding Martian voice.

Hamilton Seshibe

KungFu Kendrick - A G.O.A.T ?

Rishabh Sharma

I hate that squeky voice.

Nihan Naz BILGIN

Best best best

TannerBeats Broadcast

Kendrick Lamar Used Eminem's Skills


When K dot is 5’6

D'Angelo Fair

If kendrick isnt a God idk who or what is

Truls Nilsen

This video is fascinating for two reasons:
1. I didn’t know Kendrick Lamar was interviewed by Santa Claus
2. I didn’t know Santa Claus was interested in rap music.

Gabriel Huajardo

You should talk about childish gambino, he is different in every single song.

Jorge Castro

I love when artists play with their vocals. It’s makes their music that much more interesting.

Disani Mukasa-Wilson

So overly dedicated isn’t there?

The Teacher

3:22 thank me later

konscole 11

Like kendrick lamar
Comment xxtentacion


To clarify: Section.80 was Kendrick Lamar’s debut studio album, but good kid, m.A.A.d city was his major label debut. Thanks for the factcheck tho!

Dyze Lee

How about "pedestal" kendrick's favorite lyrical word lol

Hammer Of Justice

The Panic voice is so good. It has so much character


That's why he's the greatest of this generation

Christian Apeku

Tupac is my greatest rapper of all time but Kendrick?? He is just...1000% above human

bruno ferreyra

Where is la di da di da?


He's not "one of the greatest"

He is "The greatest." period


I once heard an eminem stan saying that Kdot is not a legend

Victor Marchesin

Untitled 2 he had 4 different voices

Andrew P. Stewart

“tHiS. dIcK. aIn’T. fReEeEeEeEe!”

Neal G

Do Mac Miller voices. He's got a similar art

Red Beats


lil.teezy x

He has more voices than actual albums

Luc Schagen

okay i know this is a pretty old video but i need to know what the las t song is called.
if u know what it is then please hmu

Blue Spirit



I woke up for some monnnnnnneyyyyyy... aye little bitch

Uganda Music

Y'all forgetting Biggie gimme a loot

Joao luis

i love that loyalty voice

Tawanda Matanda

Hey yo when is that song at the start of the "Alright" video coming out?

Arianna M

This further confirms he is actually a god


that lord of the rings voice ruined mask off and goosebumps.


3:28 one of the best voices and the song was never released, cmon kedrik ?


*GKMC being Kendricks 3rd Album genius: "dEbUt aLbuM"

King_shawn165 TV

Remember Nicki Minaj was one of the first rappers to do the voices

Hamad Ws

0:04 no he’s the best no doubt

Shivam Bhutani

Kendrick one of the greatest of this gen ❌
Kendrick one of the greatest of all time ✔️

Mr Bandito

2:34 what about this part after the high pitch?


that lucy voice is creepy but amazing. and that from dead homies, like a jamaycan, i like that too

Joel Atkin

Ffs what about sing about me I’m dying of thirst

T.M.A 66

Salute King Kendrick.


Waittttt.........he was the voice in king kuntaa wtfffffff

afk rocky

man she sounds aroused, or is it jus me

Kgotso Sinqhi

everyone who disliked aint gon be alright

Adam Khan

The rough voice on backseat sounds like he's making fun of Eminem.

knaww Duhh

A lot of inspiration with rough voice he kinda sound like Eminem

Mohamed Abdo

لا لي اسرايل عاشت فلسطين

GLO Keef

Soy el unico hispano que le salio en recomendados???

Keerstin Weikel

What about the end of DNA. when he has that numb and playeristic type of voice.

David Corley

Greatest rapper alive!



ximena perez robles

What about Mona Lisa??

Zack Chrisman

Debut almbum good kid mad city lol ??

Jeremy Hinojosa

The overconfident internet importantly coil because north immunohistochemically mend amidst a homeless handicap. poised, makeshift parent

J Dot C

Need new Kendrick music been to long ?

jimMCY hengboed bobsGeChenge

i was just about to comment about how they said section .80 is a mixtape then i saw they corrected it :D

The Laughing Pikachu Satoshi Moshi

Lendrick Lamar kind of sounds he has a funny alien voice on that one song!! It just cracks me up!!


"you might be Drizzy Drake or Kendrick Lamar
But check your birth date _____, you ain't the God
Nah you ain't the God
___ Cole the God" - J Cole


Only one voice of Kendrick Lamar (Not a compliment)


Authority voice is the best imo


Voice in control??

Podmo sowe

Mono lisa was jus phenomenal

Uganda Music

Andrea 3000

Loris Tommolini

A couple of verses and you realise that Kendrick is one of the greatest

Rafael cuneta



kendrick doesnt need those chipmunk voices cuz he already have it lol

Octavio Bernard

2:00 i didnt know that was kendrick speaking, damn.

Snezy Colins

Cole World


Amazing picks.. truly .. but in those same lyrics he continues the lyrics not using the N-word or just used the “cleaner” version to make your point. I get the heavyweight to the word when he uses it.. But seriously when it’s said back or displayed that hurts .. because others are Not saying it with that heavy weight we live with. It considered as “ cool” and a when they want to hurt they load their guns with that word ... ??

Elrougue1847 Bruh

You guys forgot Rock Kendrick, the voice he uses with Tame Imapala and Alicia Keys


hbd to the goat ?

Aiden G

Always thought that deep voice on section 80 was GLC


He also has a sing about me, I'm dying of thirst or the art of peer pressure voice. I feel like you haven't added it

Kdot meaning

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Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly ALBUM REVIEW

4 756 319 views | 18 Mar. 2015


Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AhXSoKa8xw

Several years ago, Kendrick Lamar was hip hop's underdog. Today, he's dropping what's possibly the best rap album of the decade.

More hip hop reviews: http://bit.ly/1jzW8wW

Buy this album: http://amzn.to/1HZQhfz


Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1pBqGCN

Official site: http://theneedledrop.com

TND Twitter: http://twitter.com/theneedledrop

TND Facebook: http://facebook.com/theneedledrop

Support TND: http://theneedledrop.com/support





10/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/2015

Y'all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

J Modha


matt halsey

Is he the 2pac of this generation but with better flows and lyrics, would of loved a pac Kendrick song ?

Shaan Alam

This might be Melon's most iconic review. You can see his passion with every word and he breaks down both the music and the message gracefully and effectively. He structures it well so it's easy to follow. He also gives a new perspective on the album as a whole and makes sure to persuade people to listen to it.



You really gave it a light 2 just because you don't like his hair?! A bit surprised with that one.

R& Oke

it's 4 a.m.. i'm going to bed.
it's 4 a.m.. i'm going to bed.
it's 4 a.m.. i'm going to bed.


Fantano didn't even mention how much a dollar cost which is his best Kendrick Lamar song

Ze •

ive never seen Anthony this happy in any video




It’s 4 am...I’m going to bed (x3)

Philip Ishevanopa Mago

Best fantano review ever

Marcelo Stefano

Te odio

Jason Thomas

To Pimp a Butterfly is arguably the 2010s Illmatic

David Krappenshits

I come back and watch this video at least once month. He is always so concise with his words but still meets the gravity of the topics he is speaking on. Love this video

Sam Baltzley

What if Kendrick ever saw this and said, "Nah man, I just wrote some shit." ?

Ian O 'Neill

It's four a.m. and I'm going to bed

Maggle Cole

The fact that Complexion isn’t in your favorite tracks is a travesty.

Isaac Maia

Why not "African American Hippy" member??

mannav j

okay, so the poem's lines dictating what happens in the very next track on TPAB is something kendrick did on GKMC too, he used the vocal skits at the beginning and ending of most songs to dictate the theme of every song. the execution and placement on both albums is different (and perfect) in it's own way, so I just thought I'd point out that kendrick has been building up to this concept in small ways. however, I wouldn't called GKMC a concept album, I'd call it a storytelling one, there is a focus on telling a cogent story from point A to point B not conceptually but more so directly (this pointedness is something i love about GKMC) , unlike TPAB where all these little concepts come together at the end, tied together by the poem. just thought I'd share my thoughts on some of the greatest albums ever released.



James Brown

I like how energized about this melon is



cody Wright

The Blacker the berry, the sweeter the Melon

PJ Miles



Did this nigga say “fem C”

matt halsey

He could be the best rapper of the last decade, even autotune and mumble rap can’t hold this guy down


The only reason you like this album is because Kendrick is white.


I only remember the last number that melon says in his reviews. I just want to know how it's rated. But this one shocked me. I can't fucking believe he gave TPAB a four.


If kendrick was black you would've gave this a 7

That Moron

Kendrick Lemar makes terrible music and he likes Kanye West so he’s a Taylor Hater
Haters gonna hate honey

How much a dollar cost is a musical masterpiece


I’m thinking of listening to this album on shrooms should I?



9iine 6iix

My crush loves me as much as Melon loves MBDTF

Amelia Emmerson

Dreamy creamy neo soul

Ciaran McLaughlin

Fantano listen,
You can not make a video repeating the phrase "black in fact can crack"
And saying racial slurs when reviewing an album that goes completely against those ideas.
Then you gave it a 1/10
Cmon bit harsh melon

Goodguy System

I didn’t like the song hood politics but the rest of the album is perfect I can agree with you on dis

m e

one of my favorite albums ever

Jason Genovese

Why did you give DAMN a 7?

Jonny Khatru

"Bam" iconic

Siddhanth Bhattacharyya

thanks melon for introducing me to great music, Boy , it's going to be a sad day when you retire.


Melon called kendrik gay at 22:19


5 years ago I was wondering through YouTube looking for new music to listen to when I stumbled up on this video, I listened to the video and found my favourite album of all time, ever since my tastes in music have changed so drastically that I feel like it made me a different person and it made me happy to explore music more and more every day. This was my first TND video and definitely not my last thanks Anthony this was an important video in my life, hope you read this.

Logan Gatenby

Kendrick Lamar is just okay

I used to listen to kunta
I’ll admit it
???? ??????? huh that’s interesting ...
I can use that too . but i rint have to wirj at ?? i just ??? ????????

hmm lrts talj about butterfly ur supposed "opus´

wesle tearen

u sigbed a pieve of paprr u thot u wer hit shitu wer like no i cqn finalky get chickw

U like pieces of papr i find them boring ,
Writing contracts isn’t fun unless ur making ur own busiinesses

U see if u approach me w paper I burn it in holy fire
Just try it
I’ve already stolen creator from Tyler
Jaden and willows dads on my back poarch
100 gets called me 137 years from now
To all all of them I said I don’t want ur deals just try my vegan chili

Dre is only good part on this song

frēē f໐r คll ?

Okay I sympathize for u in this one bro
I be had some wacko biddies on my girl duck .

But I do like truck matadoring crazy hot lesbians cause that’s what I am too

???? ?????

Sweet potatoes ooo somebody reads books whan he isn’t busy cruin

I’d rather be friends w ballwrinkle .
Then for anyone to every call me anything besides the
Sleigh Kerrkween.

This song should probably have a chorus :
Blah blah blah I’m Kendrick Lamar now
I do silly voices , now I’m a angry demon oooo scary I learned how to do that yesterday on voloco
Now I’m sad I got v serious issues
I’ve had too much drink before too dude
Thrown up behind a cludw
Had a gf throw me out after buying 150$ dinnners
Mental illness this mental illness that
I got bp1 I’ve done trrrble shot
I got yedisease

If I had a gun in my house I wouldn’t be here today yadda yadda yadda
If I didn’t have good peoplee I wouldn’t have been able to start good friends

The real prob u got is u listen to a fucked up god ; he planted the tree and created snakes . “It’s all part of the beautiful tapestry “ yea fuq that lyric

Yah is a sadistic evil Zeus sky god
He fucked w the tribes for thousands of year like Rick on mortu

What u call a divine plans
I call 50 shades of gross

Who do I listen to when I read ur book written by just people

The Judaic buddisavaas
The ines who follow the way
Jeses has an eternal heart

He sat down in the sand with a adulterer
He cracked jokes with his commune of martyrs when he wasn’t showing the elites they didn’t have a clue

But this choirs has gon on way too long

Institutionalized I vibe w I was in the psych warred in march
These walls makes me wanna fuq
u is fucking brilliant
Alright is okay but ur still in the cycle of pleasure there , I personally believe to be dispassionate
For sale is also really good I don’t have those demons but I feel for ur struggle
Mama makes me cry cause I love mine

Complexion and the blacker the berry are so ducking goody

You ain’t gotta lie makes me wanna drunk so I don’t listen to it often

i is a master work of spirituality

And mortal man is my inspiration

What u n mr pac talk about
Me n my friends r busy doing right now nPburgh

While u follow the Way of Money
I follow the the vibrations of those who’ve lived their lives by pools of still water
Don’t look to anyone in power

Look to the dalai , mr Rogers , dolly , the one by still water , tutu n nelson , gautammie , the zens , n don’t do of it for money

As soon as u get a foller ask how much does it it cost ; it’s hard it’s tempting to open ur own bank acct
But dont
I act think ur a good writer dude the title was just to get attention

But when u get ur mind rite like Avon told dee while stringer was conspiring to kill him , 20 years feels like a night and a day

When u got ur mindwrite

I ve got a lot of ideas and love ur eyes ur mind ur heart ur ear on a platter (just kidding)

But seriously it’s crazy how money concepts albums u can write in a day with mindwrite goodhart a pencil and an iPhone

I gotta be honest dude unless u change something up ur not the best in the game
It s Kanyeyahweh
N me spookycradroodle
Lolo n loougue out

Look out for the dmbsmrt g irl?????????? ,
the drunk priest of wafers
??????????? ,

Ur not my idol i have others
Who have their hearts n minds write

Here is what makes life worth living:

For the Mind: abstractions
Perspective picture urself floating above the earth
Humility if u need higherarchy in ur life put urself at the bottom
Humor just the word brings a smile to my face
Acceptance this ones hard put it in ur own words
For the Heart: feel lit in ur body
Forgiveness for urself n everyone who ever wronged u
Gratitude for the weird, the boring, the mundane, etc3104
Compassion that makes the corner of ur lips cry””””
And radical generosity giving everything $$away as soon as u get makes it v easy ,

Check my read receipts I did this all in one sitting .

I love u dude ur the third best in game behind Ye n Tyler ,
But u gotta think on ur messaging / Ur gonna be a footnote of history anywhere outside of Compton .
And now that u know my name u can’t forget it !!!

(I’m not gonna suck ur dick I’m a lesbian vegan demon)

I answer to
the drunk priest with substance abuse issues , ???????????
The dmbsmrt girl ??????????
The entity that makes fun of ur guys honestly running circles religion
(I could’ve been a child preacher by the age of nine , the only good concept I use from ur book is imago Dei)
My fave of my characters rn is

I wrote this to piss u off , make u reflect on ur values , I understand if u feel many things rn .

From the fisher of fission
A girl on the prowl
A trans on a Missin
And a fellow dark horse (read that book)
Lolo Gatz

Hamza Esat

He’s so happy I love this hahahahahaha

Mateus Faria


Notorious Thug

Commenting just for the culture

matt halsey

He’s giving it a not good ?

matt halsey

10 is that a 5 mics


21:44 that last part though

Minecraft Gaming canel

lmaoo i cant believe they choose mocklemore as aoty

Caroline Polachek

One of the worst albums ever made

Onelast 21

Giving 10 to white artists what a racist. Stop racist

del rio

Anthony making that face while adjusting his camera, with two amazing hip-hop albums behind him. Talk about an iconic thumbnail.

Daniel Castaneda

That point you were making about him saying one thing and then saying another thing is, in my view, a way to open the mind on positions, not just taking positions but rather understand each opposition you deem fit

Sarah Holt

Anthony: Well thought out review, extremely thorough, glowing and sincere
Comments: it's meme time

The Golden Sorcerer

Let's be honest if this album didn't get a 10 than nothing would.

dewain powell

I fucking knew it. You play an instrument so anything without a sort of authentic live music doesn’t resonate with you.

Eka Fidel Mohammad



Anthony, I was very happy until you ripped your shirt off and proclaimed yourself as the 4th reich and the second coming of hitler and then proceeded to get a tab vinyl and draw a swastika on it.

Levi V.P.

I prefer gKMc but I also found that album at a point in my life where it really hit hard and I don’t enjoy lyrical activism no matter the cause, it’s just not what I listen to music for

TheLSSJ Broly

9/10 imo


Great review, but I'm going to have to leave a dislike since you said "BAM" at the beginning instead of DAMN. You could've been a genius and predicted the next Kendrick Lamar album, but instead you thought you were a clown and said BAM. Better luck next time.


You only gave it a 10, because you are white.

Kimberly Herrera

My ranked albums:

4:section 80

Blu3 Dreams

The thumbnail is literally the first frame




something satisfying on mobile having the thumbnail be the first frame


its actually 4am when im watching this, crazy.

Taggart Blake

I'm hella confused by these comments. Are they ironic? Are they serious? Is everyone in this comment section a massive dick? I have no idea


TPAB is really the MBDTF of rap.

K. P. Thomas

0:15 He really put some stank on that B on black


how much a 10 cost - melon


Y’all YouTube comments something else?

matt g

Ayo lester? ?

Jose Ventura

I genuinely believe this album is just that amazing that it even got Fantano to do a whole review excited and uplifted.


Mayne....I just love this revieuw. Pure recognision ???


This is one of the most overrated albums of all time.


Wait why didn't you like the song 'UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....I GUESS YOU AIN'T GOTTA LIE......IF I HAD TO PICK ONE'?


anthony dont you think saying if kendrick was white you wouldnt have given the album a 3 was a little bit overboard?

Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert

I heard Anthony Fantano was conflicted
Misusing his influence

Dark Lord

can we get Tupac, Dr Dre,Notorious B.I.G or kanye late registration reviews


Listen to the Dissect Podcast to see how well put together this album really is.

ma dici a me?

10:21 FREE replay button

ugly tee

his album was wack


I wrote my extended essay over this album which only increased my appreciation of it.

Poop Master

I fucking love this album

Ben Cutarelli

Anthony, you can’t give this album a 10 just because you want Kendrick to give you the n-word pass

Bakhtiyar Guseinov

Honestly I’ll give it like a 9-9.5, in my top 3 fav albums


J Cole doing a beat for a song on an album made by the rapper that made TPAB is the closest he’s gonna get to a 10

Hugo Papé

My favourite tracks on this album were, Wesleys Theory, Mortal Man and Alright


i've listenened to this album many times and it's still bad to me idk why

Krandle 47

This is the "Tommy" of hip hop. It's great, it's a classic, but very little of it has replay value outside of listening to the whole thing all the way through.


Good kid definitely has a more hood-like gangsta, reliving the past atmosphere. This one is more new and refreshing with better and cleaner production. Like a poor farmer in good kid to city boy in Pimp a Butterfly. Both have their appeal for sure.

Josh Martinez

just looking at you pisses me the fuck off


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the “BAM” in the beginning


I think there is a little too much Lil Pump influence. It's fine to pay homage to the greats but it sounds like he's completely ripping Lil Pump's style off on songs like u. Just my opinion

Tumi Shahi

How'd he not understand the album at all and give it a 10 lol

The BQ Report

my professor put this album on his powerpoint slides lol


not enougj detail

Theresa Buckland

It’s 4 am I’m going to bed

Kdot meaning

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Kendrick Lamar Breaks Down His Favorite Cartoons and Cereals | Complex

1 019 097 views | 23 Oct. 2012

Whether the subject is

Whether the subject is hip-hop, superheroes, or sugary breakfast treats, Kendrick Lamar always keeps it real. So we asked the Compton MC to elaborate on the real-life experiences that inspired his song "Cartoon and Cereal." Please be clear: he's got this down to a science. And don't even talk to him about some old healthy, no-sugar-having, Raisin Bran type cereal. You might just get punched in the face. Nor should you even crack open the milk unless you fully comprehend the 60/40 rule. We'd better let him explain. Check this exclusive Complex video for the full scoop.

Kendrick Lamar x Cartoons and Cereal - http://www.complex.com/tv/pop-culture-videos/kendrick-lamar-breaks-down-his-favorite-cartoons-and-cereals


Special K Chocolatey Delight is the best cereal

Yosra Neda

who else eatin cereal while watching

Umanga Khanal

Kendrick is serious on cereal more than dropping an album?



Eustass D. CAPTAIN Kidd

I HATE Raisin Bran

Slasher Dynamite

I love mini wheats



AoS Kaytrap

"I like HALF my shit 60%..." lol. Kendrick was always good at English in school but Math? Idk...

Jonas Samuelsberg

dar shit nasty boi

dean bu•soul / Chibino

“I like half of my shit 60% soggy...”

Hassan Suboh

Soggy Fruity Pebbles Fam!!!!!!!

Anthony Aparicio

Good kid, M.A.A.D Kendrick talking about no sugar, healthy cereals.


Lmao Kendrick got this down to a Science


Eating on the finest cereals aye aye aye aye
Drank until I can’t no mo aye aye aye aye



Ps Raisin Bran is not bad.

Blaise Terry

Right I swear EVERY nigga watches power rangers



Nathan Davis

this video is still relevant


"I like half my shit 60% soggy..." ?


this guyy this guy right here

Ava Svara

Power Rangers LOL

Dillon Vanburen (Student)

all them days at the county buildin im bout to make my momma rich

Bryton Carmena

Coco pebbles and ed,edd,eddy


if you don’t like lucky charms, don’t talk to me.

Donna Berroy

excuse the misprint


Bruh Raisin Bran got more sugar than Cinnamon Toast Crunch


I’m here because I’m eating fruity pebbles at this very moment

Tanya Smith

honestly, once i started eating my cereal like this, i've never gone back. he's really got it down to a science


New Kendrick was my guy after this vid

Dragos ioan Miron

The king Kendrick: min1:00 real talking ! the key.


dude I love kendrick lmao?

Ggil Ggil

2:24 who is she wearing blue cap?

Nameless Baby

Kendrick almost lost me with that wait and let it sit. He gotta point bout that 60/40

DeathFromBelow 11

I exited the video once he let the fruity pebbles sit

Rythm Myth

Lmao, the way he let that shit sit ?

Jeffrey Nguyen

If Kendrick started his own cereal brand, what would it be called? Lamario's? K Flakes?

Cosmo The Squid

He had me dead letting it sit for a minute XD


I’d rather that stuff mushy slide down my throat. Umm mmm mmmm ? #LetItSit

Mateo Flores

Cookie Crisp is one of the most underrated cereal!!! Don’t at me

Boethiah Covin

Kendrick I'm vegan pls I'm vegan did you know I'm vegan

Stefan Urquidi

Kendrick, you my bot but your ratio is off af

Simonsays PRODUCE

Power Rangers Trash???

Levi Meyer

Mix all the crearal bro


Why he sound like Mark from rdc1

Donna Berroy

that bitch Whitney Alford don't cook breakfast for Kendrick all she do is spread her ass open to get what she wants from him that's a damn shame


I do the same thing!!! ? Gemini shit ♊️

Ana Canaan

Soggy cereal for life??

Toheed Ather

King Kendrick.

John Tucker

What’s your favorite cereal Kendrick?
Kendrick: S Y R U P S A N D W I C H E S

Abishek Grg

2019 ?? Still...

Daddy Fucking Phoenix

Whats that song in the background playing called.


this man has released the most important political album of the 21st century

1600 dan

I’m eating cereal to this rn

Yourz Truly Fashion Guru

Crazy all of his references to god and jesus in his songs, when his true religion obviously is cereal.

Deshaun White

I do da 60 40 wit da pebbles but i let da 60 get soggy add da 40 mixem and go in.

Jacob Sarver

I made Kendrick lamar staring at a bowl of cereal my screensaver

idontcare itsthetruth

raisin bran crunch is lit thooo he's trippin

Single · Since · Forever




Phukin Shantal

Why he pushed away like it mattered lmfao

Chris Ram

Customer:you know wHere tHe cereal at bruH
Kendrick: i tHink tHe cereal is at section 80


You heard the king...all dat healthy ** ain't workin???


this is the most vince staples kendrick lamar has ever been.


He seems so unconcerned, happy and eating sugar


Wheaties and Diabetic Cereal is not good for your mental health

Jesus Morales

Power rangers had a nice little run born in 96 and remember watching power rangers growing up.


This will never not be funny ???

Cosmo The Squid

He look like he was fresh out of gkmc


i cant belive i didnt watch this

Intan Fauzizan


Yung Genocide


Carlos Yanes

Yo, try that 60/40 rule with mofucken corn flakes

Elizabeth Valdivia

Kendrick like Batmqn LOL


“I like half my cereal 60%”

Carlos Aragon

Time well spent...

Meagan O'Hara


Trey Sequeira

Lmao Kenny stunted his growth will all this unhealthy ish, 5 foot giant

Nabneet Bhattacharjee

Most accurate description of bugs bunny i've ever heard

Elizabeth Valdivia

I subed to Kendrick's VEVO

Robert Cunanan

Box cereal < bag cereal


I like how most rappere do drugs and smoke weed and shit... Kendrick: i like half my shit 60% soggy and the oter 40 crunchy. No one understands him until they reelise he is takling about cerial


Fruity Pebbles is tha best ever period.

Cosmo The Squid


Zuleika Aponte

You are a 31 year old man

Jamal Stewart

I’m gonna get some cereal now

rasheem curtis

naomi scott

Yay Yo

Thats right. I was born in 86 and he remembers v.r. troopers. But bugs bunny did cross dress a lot

hoseokis valid947

The fruitier the pebble

Jacob Shapiro

This is the most animated I've ever seen him in an interview. Whaaaaat

Donna Berroy

Kendrick Lamar will be a visit to the morg


Check out our remix of this classic! - https://youtu.be/TYCU4pdQVmU

Con Bonison

Stop it."

Antonio Montana

Corn Flakes + Raisens = Raisen Bran

Eric Ferguson

Mannnnn Kendrick is fuckin legend?


soo... you put the cereal first. i knew it

Mosi My Creations

I come back to this vid every 3 months just for the moment where Kendrick lean back and in the background hes rapping "all yall can suck my dick"


You know the frosted white rasin bran? Don't know what it's called, but that shit is fire.


he was in his early 20's in this video which explains it. I still act like this lmao

Matt Garcia

never seen him like dis lol

sam sharp

Heard on that mainly soggy cereal I’m the same damn way ?