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SoFi Invest Review | Best Investing Platform in 2021?

7 387 views | 13 Jun. 2020

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Last week I showed you my favorite online banking service which is SoFi money and today I want to look at the flip side of that coin which is SoFi invest which is their investing platform. SoFi invest is completely free and gives you access to some pretty fantastic features that I think make this the best beginner investing platform on the market today. So just like a lot of other modern investing platforms, SoFi is completely free but there are a number of features that really do help it stand out from its competition. The commission-free model means you can buy and sell stocks and ETF's with no fees, but you also have access to fractional shares which is a feature that some competitors are slowly beginning to roll out but SoFi has had this for several years and has really integrated it flawlessly into their platform.

Now if you really want a hands-off approach, you can even use their automated investing feature which will really do all of the heavy lifting for you. You can simply click on the diversified portfolios section in the app and decide which level of risk is best for you which ranges from conservative with more bonds to aggressive with more stocks. SoFi will then balance your portfolio properly between stocks and bonds in order to match the level of risk that you have selected. From there you simply select how much you would like to invest and how often and your investment is then completely automated which for someone who doesn't have the time or desire to handpick their own portfolio, this really is a fantastic feature that isn’t offered by many major competitors.

Under that same discovery tab, you can also look at and buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and look at several hand-picked lists like SoFi members, international stocks, dividend stocks, and many more. Their mobile platform really is one of the most well thought out and designed applications that gives you the important information you need without adding all of that confusing financial jargon. From the home page alone you can also create your own watch list of stocks and ETF's, and look at what stocks are currently trending. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping feature of all of this is the ability to talk to a financial advisor for absolutely free. And this isn't some automated computer sending you a report on your investments every month. I mean you can actually call a real person and talk to them about your investing goals and get live feedback on what the best course of action is for you. They have countless financial plans depending on what goal you are trying to achieve whether that be saving for retirement, a down payment on a house, or just getting yourself started with a basic investment plan.

Currently, SoFi will give you $75 in stocks that you get to pick just for opening an account with them and funding it with $1000. So, if you want $75 of Amazon or $75 of Disney or even $75 in a diversified ETF then you can pick that and you get that for absolutely free when you fund your account. So even if you don't want to use SoFi as your main investing platform, you can put $1000 in there, get your $75 and sell that stock immediately and then cash out of the account and you just got $75 for free and it literally took you 3 minutes of work.

Music From YouTube Audio Library

"Beach House" by Bobby Renz

I am not a Certified Financial Planner®. The topics presented in this video are for entertainment purposes only. You, and you alone, are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.


who else is here watching reviews after Robinhood's screw fest

cindy JM

Thank you for the information. I signed up using your link. I have been wanting to invest for years but was afraid. I'm just going to give it a try. Invest in Vanguard ETFs.

Shannon Reilly

Great video, thanks for the info!! In 2020 I've been investing in this app called Outlet Finance. It's pretty sweet bc I'm earning 6% on every dollar I save. Highly recommend :)

Chris James

I’ve used Robinhood for awhile now, I loved simple user interface and how quick an easy it is to trade stocks. But after Robinhood fiasco this week, I’ve been looking for alternatives, is Sofi a good choice?

Ken Shaw


Chris Graves

Dude, im sold. I have been using Acorns(for roboinvesting) and Robinhood(for a few specific stocks i wanted to buy) and Aspiration bank (to have a mobile first bank account with a higher APY/free atm fees vs Bank of America)

But SoFi seems to consolidate all of these features under one roof ! Definitely worth a shot!

Dustin C Mills

How is the FINRA fee passed on to the customer? Is it built into the stock trade or billed after? Do they wave the fee for sales under $500 like that garbage backstabbing broker, Robinhood?

Rookie Ai

My biggest gripe with SoFi is that it doesn’t show pre or post market value. A stock can be way higher pre market than it was the previous day but SoFi won’t show you that

(Unless I’m doing something wrong)

Stephanie Rossi

Hey Thankyou so much! As always great information!?

Noob Investor

wow pretty freakin cool

Mr. Berry

Seems good for college kids. I still prefer Charles Schwab due to my interest in Option trading, but Sofi is making a competitive case for their services.

Sofi services:
- Fractional shares for all stocks & ETFs.
- IRA accounts (Uses a weird name for IRA)
- Automatic rebalancing
- Learning materials
- Crypto currency
- 2% unlimited cashback credit card with World elite benefits.
- Cash management account with a great debit card for world travelers.
- Get free financial advice.
- Get a will and estate planning for free. It usually costs hundred or thousands of dollars.

The Fixer

Bro! SoFi is ahead of the game! About to get my free money!

Hebert Luis Molero

Is it also free un latín america??


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Is SoFi Better Than SQUARE?! | I Will Be Buying Chamath's New SPAC | IPOE Stock | SoFi Stock

42 735 views | 10 Jan. 2021

in this video, I will be

in this video, I will be talking about Chamath Palihapitiya new SPAC deal! His previous SPACs were Virgin Galactic, Opendoor, and Clover Health. IPOE & SoFi (Social Finance) are going public and I will be buying some shares. SoFi is a personal finance company a lot of what they are doing and planning to do resembles SQUARE. I like that a lot actually.

Yes, they are competitors but in my opinion, both will succeed. SoFi acquired a company called Galileo last year for $1.2 Billion. They offer payments and bank account infrastructure. Chamath says that SoFi is responsible for 90% of new Neo Bank accounts created in the US! Is SoFi (IPOE stock) a buy? I think so.


○ Tesla In Danger? Apple Car...: https://youtu.be/ZoSI_qSA958

○ Clover Health a 10x? IPOC: https://youtu.be/7lL-Z65LeQo

○ OpenDoor Stock Potential 10x?: https://youtu.be/_E_Gkgq1HiA

○ Why Does ARK Love Teladoc?: https://youtu.be/5RnRzwBFRNE

○ Chicken Genius Is BACK! Part Two: https://youtu.be/7uJQhvXuG8M

○ SQUARE To A Trillion?: https://youtu.be/HTIK0THlPvA

○ Roblox IPO A Buy? Best 2021 IPO: https://youtu.be/D4FQrakgfm0


00:00 Is SoFi Better Than SQUARE? | Why I Will Be Buying Chamath's New SPAC!

1:04 What Is SoFi? | What Do They Do?

2:00 Similarities To Square | SQ Stock

3:19 Galileo Effect | Neo Banks!

3:48 Why Choose SoFi & Not Square?

6:21 One App To Rule Them All! | SoFi Stock

7:04 Financial SoFi & IPOE SPAC | Chamath Palihapitiya SPAC

8:24 RISKS! | Conclusion | Is SoFi Stock A Buy? | Is IPOE Stock A Buy?

Don't forget to do your own research before buying into a stock!

Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Couch_Investor

Follow Ark Invest Buy/Sell: https://join.arkwatcher.com/

Download Revolut: https://revolut.com/referral/neilw8ix

MERCH! : https://teespring.com/stores/couch-investor

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Join Honey! It's free: https://www.joinhoney.com/ref/d91p6a5

MVMT referral: http://rwrd.io/nom5og6

DISCLAIMER: I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. All information found here, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, suggestions, or stock picks, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, entertainment, or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. I will not and cannot be held liable for any actions you take as a result of anything you read and/or view here.




the Fellow KGB

SoFi user for a while now. They were just a refinancing platform when I started and have continued to add great services like checking accounts, credit cards and investing. It's now a one stop shop for me and I love it.

david scz

What is the difference between IPOE and IPOE UN? I tried searching for IPOE in my trading platform, only IPOE UN appears

Alejandro Rubio

Do you think SQ has the ability to buy this company out?


Sofi is multi function apps, but some services are not provide by sofi themselves (lmnd root). Is it easy to copy or another new sofi to replace them?

Randy Hayes

They are about to get millions of new pissed off former Robin-hood customers. This stock will explode. I personally use many of their services and they are all great.

Kalan Chan

hey couch, i actually think this is going to be a huge play in the fintech space with SoFi's money app. If you look at SQ and how much of their future projectionss are based off their cash app, i dont see any reason why SoFi wouldn't be banking on their money app either. If both SQ's and SoFi's version of the "cash app" goes big, I can see this SoFi chasing SQ in valuation within <5 years.... thoughts?

Crazy Alien

Avoid Twitter, Square, facebook and google, They like to play politics will backfire sooner or later!

Paul Honeyman

What price do you think would be a good entry point??

Paul King

I have just sold all my SQUARE shares and bought SOFI.........that freek Dorsey the CEO got on my nerves just too much recently and makes me puke.
WOW ......I feel so much cleaner......who needs free speech anyway ..right Jack Trotsky Dorsey.

miker dee

Excuse my ignorance but what’s the ticker symbol for Sofi all I can see is social capital holdings. Or is this a temporary ticker until the ipo?

Florin Oiță

Great info , thank you for that! I have a question, what stock broker are you using in order to be able to purchase such new stocks? I am from europe as well , Romania, and I feel that I don't have many options in terms of stock brokers. Thank you

Producers United

Great vid thanks

Erlend Bø

very compelling story a great team at the helm with Chamath and Notto


I’m all in. I’m up 500% on my my Tesla position and this is giving me the same vibes as that was when I first bought in. I’m parking 500 shares in this one and riding it until AT LEAST 2025 ?


What is the ticker of SoFi .

Megan Zheng

Can you post an updated video on SOFI? Due to Clov Health many of the other spacs have been affected. Since Sofi's fundamentals have not change, are you still bullish on SOFI?

Gehtdich Nixan

I am interested in your general standpoint on portfolio management: you seem to diversify a lot, like whenever you hear about a good company? Haven't checked closely, but I guess you would have been much better off picking the biggest winners, like your Chicken friend does. What are your thoughts on this?

And of course, thanks a lot for this informative and up to date video!


Even after watching this video, still does not see what is particular with Sofi , lending money with better rate that the others banks ! Not really disruptive !

Ramesh Ramloll

:) hmmm you did not answer the question in the title of the clip :)


Great video! Where can I find the Pitchdeck?
I'm conviced Sofi will continue to grow however I believe the targets are a bit too aggressive for me.
I'll be putting IPOE in my watchlist. Thanks for the video

Femi Paul

What is the current price action with SQ.. need really choppy, been either on a consolidation / downtrend ... What do you make of their long term prospects


I opened a money account with Sofi originally for a sign up bonus that I was just gonna dump after I received it. Now they're my main brokerage account for me and my wife that I actually enjoy using that got me into investing. Lot of opportunities for this company. Its a low risk bet so I bought the stonk lol

Philippe Van Gucht

Couch investor has dowloaded his presentation from Reddit:


Will have this on the watchlist. Affirm is on my next buy list.

Alex Loesing

Nice research, subbed!

Unchained Dreamer

SoFi is a company and cashapp is a cult. Will check out Sofi. Thanks for the video


sofi is not better than square, do your dd guys don't buy on hype

Ze'ev Feldman

Hi somebody know what is the symbol? to buy the stock.

Abel Low

Great video. Loading up. Maybe look at fuse rumoured with blockfi?

Katima Mulilo

Talks of student loan forgiveness in a D government and a low interest rate environment...

Tanvir Zahid

what's the difference between IPOE and IPOF?

Ashley Brad

This year started on a good note for me as vortexhackers .com came through for me again by helping me with a wire transfer of $15,000. For real, these guys are legit and reliable, the best you can find on the internet. Dealing with them has been a blessing to me and I my family . . .

owens vil

I have a few shares. Plan to add more if it goes down

Kristian D

You don’t really say whether it’s better than Square... Very limited analysis/comparison, just talking about what SoFi is/does.

So, do you think it’s better than Square?


I am kind of wondering if the single app is ultimately a good idea. I would draw a comparison between them and Apple. The problem with ITunes was it started doing to much. People really hated it.

Double Muscle Fitness

Great analysis on the company. One thing that I see that worries me is that it's being investigated for beaches fiduciary duty as well as others. Do you see this as being a problem? If not, why?

Chris Cheung - Invest Responsibly

I agree I made a video about this as well and I’ve been loading shares, up to $10K. Excellent fintech company for the coming years. Easy 2-3X minimum by 2025.

Yanni P

I didn't hear you mention anything about Sofi's galileo which is a fintech platform whose APIs are used by the likes of Robinhood. This is one of the big reasons I am bullish on Sofi


Square’s relationship with both the sellers and the consumers will be a big competitive advantage that others won’t have.


Good video. I have been a member of SoFi for years and always said I would buy into SoFi when they went public because I believe in their mission. I own both and believe in both, but I wouldn’t compare them tbh. SoFi is in the traditional consumer products but with tech, while square is trying to reinvent the processes and move past traditional means. So, one can say that their strategy is very similar but their goals are different. That’s why I own both.

See Me

I'm buying this also. This stock will grow high on a long term.

Teja Karlapudi

This company will have a perfect ticker symbol - $SOFI

Katherine Bowers

GYME- Get Your Money Right, but Get Your Mind Right goes right along with that.

Investing with Cam

Interesting company. Holding my SQ strong and will probably add Stripe when they do IPO. Have you heard of Marqeta? I think you'd like them

Chan Eliza

What are the differences between ipoe and Square ?


What should be the best price point for SoFi?

Michael Botto

Need to incentivize students loans. 3% interest if your degree is math,engineering, computer science ( better chance of getting paid back) sociology, art, political science, 7%, pre law 35%— we don’t need anymore lawyers!

ניר קליינר

You have to change 'let's dive into it' to 'let's dive in'! Love the content, great channel!!

Hugo Gonçalves

ince they merge for a SOFI ticker what happens to our shares? and also how to evaluate the current market cap since its under a SPAC? thanks!


Bruh LMND is scaring me! I'm up 200% in 2 months! I'm gunna hodl and buy the dips but man it's crazy. Still so freaking mad I sold half my stack at $65 to try and buy back lower to increase my stack :(


Anything better than Dorsey companies.


I think SQ will have an edge on small business customers, Paypal an edge on payments, Lemonade an edge on insurance, and SOFI an edge on millenial loans, investing and banking. They will alll be successful. Traditional banks are not able to compete as they are not software based. Their automated systems are add-ons, and not integrated or smart.

Simon Wi

sofi is late to the party. square has a huge head start. feels like this ipo is just cashing in on favorable ipo market. number of ipos now higher than at the peak of the dot com bubble. most didn't survive...

Andrew Byrne

Can't see it dropping below 20 dollars again. I would really like to get in about 17 also.

Cassidy Ang

thank you, please let me know if you're coming to Singapore in the future, would definitely want to meet you!

Peter Mota

Video well explained. No nonsense...Thxs


Yo Bro, heads Up!!! BMBL going public tomorrow....just putting it out there =P

Market Talks

Chamath with another ten bagger in the making

James K

What’s the ticker? The ETF or what? SFYF?

Timothy Yung

Great vid! How much would you think is reasonable at this point to allocate in your portfolio? Given that it’s not formally IPO yet

François Brault

Are you a Queb? Français?

Options Money Tree

Nice Video! I traded options on CLOV for a 61.29% return..

Rodrigo Lopez

Tks I bought some shares as an speculation investment, but looking the comments and your video i am willing to add more shares with an average cost.. the future of the bank is this kind of companies looking for the millenial and new generation costumers, that dislike to go to a bank so serious so exclusive...

Moon Boy

Chamath will say it is... but it’s really not.

Duc Le

The fintech space is large enough for a few competitors. I'm so bullish on SQ but SoFi is also an intriguing play.

Woody Wu

it took Chicken Genius 1 week to digest get convicton on this stock, then it's a lot easier for me: just BUY and watch to buy more. Now watching this video for the second time to see if I missed anything at first place.

Willem van der plaat

thanks for this information. I have now 200 shares. Maybe i will increase it overtime. Depending how the share price goes

Thao Phuong

Do you think Sofi will surpass SQ? I tried their app to see how well it is. I think their business model is fine but I am not sure about their products.
(1) The app has minor errors, which I do need to reinstall to fix them. The app UI is quite boring and "old" style. At least they have a 4.8 ios app rating.
(2) I tried the personal loan option, they instantly referred me to other lenders (????), and I didn't expect that at all. Has anyone experienced their lending services? Any thoughts?
(3) They do have bitcoin trading, which is a plus.
(4) They just acquired Galileo, so technically speaking, all the revenue coming from Galileo wasn't from Sofi. (I don't know if the data shown has excluded the profit before the acquisition).

But I still think it's a good investment tho.

Prashad Patel

Hey thanks for another great video! I am trying to buy some Sofi stock, do I just buy Social Capital Hedosohpia V?


I never heard of SOFI until this week..


Just not having Jerk Dorsey as its CEO is a plus by itself :)

Diogo Rocha

I don't get the differences between Square and Sofi? Aren't they just competing with each other? Can you help me understand this please?

Klaus Kroker

At the moment I would SQ to have an edge due to
1) Crypto
2) Tax integration
3) stimulus check transfer
Not sure if any of these is offered by SoFi...?

jonathan blutner

Thanks for the very informative video!

Couch Investor

I'm very excited with this one! What are your thoughts on SoFi?

Tracy C

i trying to looked up the SoFi prices stock ...but why there's so many stocks prices to choose? can you point me to the right one and how much? thank for the help


How risky is this investment? and 
is it a buy now at any price if SoFi is that likely to succeed (as shows by the graphs in ur video)?


Has this video covered a comparison of SoFi and Square? Or did I miss it?

alex stewart

congrats on 11K!!

John Giannetti

I went ahead and started a position at the "high" $19 price. I'll add more if it dips and I'll add more if it continues up. The beauty of DCA and not trying to guess when to buy. Don't go all in at once, easy peasy.

Pink Panther

I have used SoFi for a long time now and the others can’t even compare tbh, this stock will 2-3x in short term


What are your thoughts on Air BNB? I really like the company but the valuation seem way too high!


Love Sofi, I think they can go steadily higher over time. As a long term play, I consider anything below 20$ to be a good price. I think you should stay dipping your toes between $18-$20 in my opinion. I’ve made the mistake of waiting for LMND to go below 45$ ☹️ I know it’s different but I should have at least entered the stock around 49$ and in the 50’s

Elad zecharia

What is the ticker of the spac ?

Chicken Genius Singapore

great video! the tweet you pointed out is great!


What’s Sofi’s ticker symbol?

Tony Wong

GYMR - Get Your Money Right - SOFI Mission Statement

Andres Diaz

LMND NVTA IPOE is all i own lol fuck it


I’m in Australia; as soon as I heard about this spac last week, I bought in!

Newborn Investor

Great video Bro, I am excited about the opportunity and I am long on SoFi


Can you explain how does warrants work for ipoe? How to execute the warrant post merge? It seem that for every share we own we get 1/4 warrants to execute at $11.50?

Pablo Flores

Where can you buy this stock ?

Manny McClaren

built a really small position this week. Bout 25 shares just under $19. Im investing in Chamath!!

lingchi wong

Hello couch investor - what price target do you see for SOFI in 2021 ?

Kartik Kansara

Whats the ticker for Sofi

Ouriel Nathan

Sounds awesome, will make more research on their services but you definitely convinced me to buy!

El Capitan

Hey Neil, new sub here. If you were about to buy sofi and square, what percentage would you buy from each one?


I have a question.
SoFi have made an atempt to get a banking licence i Utah, how far are they with that ? And Will it have an effect on The stock, or is it calculatet that they Will get it like Square?

Jasdeep Sekhon

Thanks for sharing, wasn't aware of this company, appreciate the update.

Caleb Bird

Im going to buy IPOE!


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Sofi CEO Says SPAC Made Sense for Going Public

15 899 views | 8 Jan. 2021

Jan.07 -- Sofi Chief

Jan.07 -- Sofi Chief Executive Officer Anthony Noto talks about why he's taking the company public through a SPAC and his plans for more mergers in the future. He speaks with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."


Sofi, isn’t just another bank with a good mobile app ? What is the fuzz about ?

Colleen Jones

Hopefully people are aware that student loans is a very bad idea.

Asad Mobin

How is Chamath controversial? He’s literally the most sensible individual not only in SV but in business and investing at large. Maybe being smart is controversial

Caylon Thomas

SoFi is it, looking forward to this IPO. Chamath is shrewd and ready to take on the world.


capitol riot means a covid19 petri dish of nutheads; we need another lockdown.
we have streaming and don't need to travel or go to a commercial theater and avoid
covid19, mass shooting (gun sales doubled in 2020), police killing nonwhites like George Floyd, and exploding RVs like in
Nashville, capital rioters bringing pipe bombs


ari chowdhury

how is SoFi different from Robinhood or the likes?

Mr G

controversial ? you drinking ?

Charlotte Tremblay

vortexhackers com are really .oing wonders. Like , this is mind blowing. They carried out a successful
wire transfer of '$17,000 for me,...,.

Ada Lovelace

What a waste of time. Why do CEOs still go to Bloomberg? Look at their views.... Any other Youtuber would get more views and will have better questions than Emily "Jinping"

Buzz Man

The only harassment I have seen is from the libtards on FB


The next Bitcoin? https://youtu.be/4V_2szmxKfs

Jonathan Brotto

Don't fight the fed

Joshua Harvey

Love this company. Their 2025 EBITDA projections are like a billion dollars. Crazy


They are going to be a big winner in the finTech space


Controversial?? for what?? Is it because he doesn't adhere to Wall street investor template and doesn't spout BS like other wall streeters.

Chamath speaks his mind without sugarcoating anything and we love him for this outspokenness!!!