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Israeli PM Netanyahu indicted on corruption charges

90 146 views | 21 Nov. 2019

Prime Minister Benjamin

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges, raising more uncertainty over who will ultimately lead a country mired in political chaos after two inconclusive elections this year.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced the decision in a statement on Thursday. The charges included bribery, breach of trust, and fraud.

Netanyahu has vehemently denied all the allegations, calling the corruption investigation a "witch-hunt" and alleging it has been motivated by his enemies' desire to force him from office. He will make a statement at 20:30 GMT.

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infinity true power power infinity

that is a secret attack of enemy of israel,investegate the accuser 100% this is a enrmy backup and weapon of enemy with usyng the network and reporters.israel is under attack that kind of style is to demoralizes the goberment of israel use the own people paid by enemy of israel.

Amensa Seasan


C.S. Froggis

B.B. is the devil's personal helper.

Syed Tayyab

Israel is one who's pushing Amrica for war

Alison Hilll

If anyone needs locking up he does , glad to see Israelis waking up .

Loud Speaker

Gave him death penalty

Dr. Trixie CP

GOOD! It’s long overdue!! Deeply, deeply evil man!!

Jovica Bozovic

Podrska Biby Netanjahy ??????❤❤❤???

Amensa Seasan

Not not .


Marriages ???? in heaven ????


Hey, DISQUSting ZioNazi Jews have lost their ability to intimidate the people.

Lee Howard

I never believe anything out of Al Jazeera Mostly fake News

Steve Carnall

I bet he is guilty of much more than that. I know he is. The murderer. They won't mention that.

Abd El Ilah Arhmir

I wish I could be reporter news like you.

Mary A. Crittenden

I believe it's fake news, just like they're doing to Donald Trump ,fake news I do not believe it......


Watch this link closely to come to your own conclusions

Elvira Reis



Throw this a-hole in jail

Truck Taxi

Looks like the witch Hunters found their witch.

umbra 1


Margo Dilbeck

It is no corruption that are gifts.

Real Beatz


Pb Blaster

No bias from aloha snack bar news here. None whatsoever

Eddy Coronado


Chrisanthos Nonis

They accuse him for crazy things, it is something obvious that they want to harm his reputation because they don’t have anything real to say against his politics. The guy is awesome, I wish he was the president in my country

Christian Lopez


raker milban

He is corrupt


see, they dont get or fully understand IRONY ?


I’m going to take the hate with a grain of salt

All In

Trump and Netanyahu brothers in crime?

Ivan Calcano

looks like these fakes like to accuse right before election time

Global Explorer

Support israel ❤

CityOf Angels

add to charges, mass murder


All the comments here are idiotic Trump and Netanyahu will be remembered as one of the great leaders in history , its a fact

eye onit

So is Trump going to hold back american foreign aid until they clean up THEIR corruption? Good for the goose.....?

Wim M

The charges, bottle wine and cigars ? the rest is about hearsay for exposure in the media.
Sorry these charges are pretty lam, are the people serious?

Din MS

Its good to know human is more powerful than the Devil.

My Thoughts

Accepted cigars in exchange for ??

Victoria Papesh

Netanyahu's guilty as charged


liars and fake

Kyekye Eminah

Netanyahu first became Prime Minister in 1996, 23 years ago. He has dominated Israeli politics since then. Funny the biased western press who accuse Putin of dominating Russian politics are blind to Netanyahu. Putin only entered Russian politics in 1999 , 3 years after Netanyahu. Some people don't even know that Medvedev was the Prime Minister of Russia from 2008 to 2012 while Putin was only the Prime Minister. It was under Medvedev's rule that Gaddafi was killed and the war in Syria also started. I have a feeling Gaddafi would be alive if Putin was President back in 2011.


Wow! It seems that many countries are questioning their government's leadership wanting them out. Hurray! Finally ppl are seeing through their BS. Unfortunately they're going to kill millions before they give power back to the ppl.

Tlaloc 86

(●__●) ??? What goes around...

Ric Nyc

Bless the people bringing him to justice.

Mauro MR MR

Obama, gave this guy 33 billion dollars one week before he left the white house. And Obama bombed 8 middle east countries to extend Israel world Order.

Boycott APARTHEID israel

The AG of APARTHEID israel must be an antisemite.
And when net&yahoo is convicted, the judge will be an even bigger antisemite.


so not shocked........

Kim Jakab

Israel stands above Geneva convention. Corruption is a very important ingredient in the Jewish culture and traditions. We all know that they are "the chosen ones" with big egos, but still behave worse than many 3rd world countries. Israel is more corrupt than for example Botswana. Nothing bad said about Botswana, but what does this say about Israel?

dina fernandez

We don't expect anyting better than hate of Israel from Al Jazeera. Your lies and the arab hate will not bring this man down.

Chrisanthos Nonis

They accuse him for crazy things, it is something obvious that they want to harm his reputation because they don’t have anything real to say against his politics. The guy is awesome, I wish he was the president in my country

Cindy Rolle

There is a God. Do to him what he does to the Palestinians!

dina fernandez

LIARS! Theres no corruption charges, theres the deep state's corruption and evil deeds on the march, but they will fail.

Never Alone With Christ


Carmen Diaz

At last!

Mountain Echoes 8691

What about bush

petra bach

What do you expect ,what about MURDER


What about all the murders? Bombing Syria hundreds of times.

Jonathan ibrahim

Thats why he made war for gaza the reason of getting to much money....

shohreh pourmand

He and his buddy are aiming to start a war with Iran so that they can both escape prison!!

Enki Merlin

nothing is going to happen to him, Israel is going to continue their actions towards the Palestinian people, they'll continue to meddle in anything they can.

Roger Flores


Loud Speaker

The war criminal

Fjord Hellas

And they pretend that israel is a democracy? Pure humbug .. that’s a political circus not better than their neighboring Lebanon, with one difference though, Lebanon has never been involved in war crimes such as slaughtering civilians or occupying, invading or colonizing other countries and people.... with the israel, the list is long....

Domingo De Anda

Cool! Nethanputayou is in truble, love that. Is Trump going to adopt him?

mary huang

whoever are trying to do all kinds of evil things to against PM Netanyahu, they will be judged by Jesus Christ very soon. Those evildoers will have to pay the price which they can not afford. satan is trying to take down Netanyahu but Netanyahu will become stronger and will be filled up with THE HOLY SPIRIT. PM NETANYAHU  will overcome all enemy's attack and to be the winner in Christ Jesus. In Jesus Powerful Name, Amen

World citizen

This is must be a joke. Israel is a criminal state run by gangsters. I hope they are not taking us as an idiots by showing this news.

Hans Price



Undoubtedly, one of the greatest devils of this era bombing and killing innocent souls on a daily basis. God will always deal with the calculated criminals.

Ozan Daran

Good news for Islamic world I feel very happy when I heard bad things about Israel .just hate you isreal from Pakistan ??

Chrisanthos Nonis

They accuse him for crazy things, it is something obvious that they want to harm his reputation because they don’t have anything real to say against his politics. The guy is awesome, I wish he was the president in my country

studio developers2

What do , the israeli people say .
Do they trust. Netanyahu ? Or not .
It is THEIR choice. Peace and good luck to you.

Palestine Forces

Benjamin Netanyahu is not going anywhere he will remain Israels Prime Minister until the King of Israel arrives. Netanyhu is the last Prime Minister of Israel. Jews are waiting for Mashiach bin David or Mashiach ben Yoseph. This is the job and task of Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel his main mission is to fulfil the prophesy of Israel so that the King of the Jews emerges.

dede susanto

mati kau israel.. dasar manusia biadab



Ken Richard

oy vey...

Harry Gruber

So now Israel doesn’t have a government doesn’t have a prime minister. So the only option they have now is the army to take over. This will make them equal to Venezuela . So finally it has come out that Israel is not a free democracy. We’re every other minister is on the ministers neck. Which puts the anti religious against religious. And against chradim. Were no party has a majority. The only solution is to make Israel the fifty first state of the USA. President Trump is the most famous person in Israel anyway


Nothing will happen to this man, nothing! At the most he will just have a very cushty early retirement with other likeminded ilk ?️‍♂️

M.Faheem Sajjad_47

His cruelty will lead to his destruction

Sun Temple

What's the use of Israel bringing charges against the Prime Minister if he will be allowed to stay in office for years and kill more innocent people and still more land. ? Israel is the "Synagogue of Satan".


Netanyahu just little man not important nobody care or scare

p8ently obvious

Disgusting pig

Anina Ahmad

Man like bibi

Jon Drayton

Child murderer extraordinaire... the world does nothing. Fraud... he gets told off. Israel should not exist. It is Palestine that should!

Carl Manerhaim

Bibi is sure that he is the greatest politician in the world, for us simply "Bonaparte Napoleon".
Bibi sincerely hates Trump like everyone else.
First, Trump easily kills enemies. What Bibi will never do.
Secondly: Trump is 1000 times more popular than Bibi in Israel. The Mufti Bibi’s arguments in favor of Hamas Financing - paying for terror against אִידִישׁ - are not interesting for me. It’s immoral.
The third thing that is murderous for Bibi: President Trump's thinking, statements, behavior is so usual, normal for an intelligent Jew.
Bibi is how many, a pathological liar, a vile prude.

Sydney Thomason

Did’nt work too well on Trump so now they’re trying it on Netanyahu. Who’s next?

Leon Dyer

Can’t get this news from the Uk BBC....can’t think why as this sounds big ??‍♂️


This is the same scumbag America has been supporting for how many years??

petra bach

He should be resigned

Pb Blaster

Just like the charges against trump. Scared they can’t win any other way. Pssy liberals. You cucks ready for 4 more years?

A Meard

I like BiBi

Saif Alam

War criminal

Asill Ariya

Oh. They're finding this out just now?

Leon Dyer

Israel’s Donald Trump ??‍♂️


Curse be upon him. The devil in human form.

Shashi Bhaskar

You know what the world is corrupt. If your not cheating you arent trying . Seriously bill clinton had a affair and lied to america. So its bussiness as usual. My predications benjamin and donald relecttion. So ladies and germs make sure u cheat

NAncy2018 Khan2018

I do not understand cigars and champagne. They could have bought that themselves.

Voodoo Child777

Its about time the dude was caught on something.The dude is a horrible person and a warhawk no matter what he says.Maybe Israel can get an honest more level headed leader to bring peace to that land

idle juggle

Stupidity will prevail

Abdirahman Mohamed

Netanyahu is war criminal and evil. Even he tried to divide America. Goddemit.

Carl Manerhaim

Try to prove to me that today's paralysis of power, the complete division of society into opposing groups, with the active support of Hamas terrorism against Hebrew , is not the result of Bibi’s “politics”. Read Bibi's “military doctrine” of betrayal of pure water. Where all future wars must be lost in saving the lives of terrorist leaders! Despite the damage done and lost lives. Bibi is darkness. In Israel it is impossible to find a more vile hypocrite, a liar and a saboteur.
Once upon a time, in one of his interviews, Donald Trump noted that politicians, without exception, are hypocrites, insignificance. But he hoped that decent people would come to power. Straight about Israel, about Bibi and Ghana - no one. In short: most US military academies study fundamental work on the country's security and the behavior of its leaders.
The art of war of San Tzu. The book describes the 12 years of the reign of Emperor Bibi as an action against Israel, which, without a doubt, led to lost wars 50 years in advance.
How can a 70-year-old man be the head of 3-5 ministries? Maniacal passion for power. I hope your dances, padede with anti-Semites will end soon.
The Israelis chose clowns in the government ... The problem of the Israelis, not the clowns. And where does Tramp come from?


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Netflix Indicted Over Cuties

41 966 views | 7 Oct. 2020

Netflix Indicted Over

Netflix Indicted Over Cuties


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donald devon

He seems to make a distinction between recognizing sexualization and assuming what perverts think, but does not adequately define this distinction. Recognizing sexualization is going to logically accumulate into an understanding that certain people are going to be drawn to the sexualization of the individuals who are being sexualized. In this case, children are being sexualized to appeal to adults, and so you understand that there is something wrong with the adults who would find the sexualization appealing. You don't have to be sexually attracted to something to recognize when it is being presented in a sexualized way as well as the audience it's going to appeal to. Anything can be presented in a sexualized type of way, and you can recognize certain characteristics of the audience that this is going to appeal to simply by analyzing what is being sexualized.

Phoenix Down

I don't always disagree with JSG, but when I do, it's over child exploitation by Hollywood pedos.

Embiggened Veiny Cromulence

I've grown to accept the international diaspora push for cultural depictions of biological changes in childrens' bodies, but that needed to be done more tastefully because this author tried pushing it in America. You know, the same America where the one time you learn about sex is a one-hour one-time lecture in 4th grade that doesn't even allow real porn to be shown like, a damn pornhub video, or anything. Just cartoon powerpoint slides with nothing happening, and the cross sections are so desperate to look non-sexual you'd think you were looking at a boulder shaped like a vagina's cervix. Courtesy of the indoctrination system, which was so bullshit that you needed a parent's permission slip to even view the powerpoint in the first place. This isn't exactly the country where exposed skin is the most comforting thing, and neither is maturity in children. Combining the two isn't like cancelling out a fucking double negative...

Pickn Save

Looks like a large amount of your audience rather continue this blind crucifixion spree instead of rubbing the blood off their eyes. The movie's bad but it isn't what they claim it to be.

mwesigwa neil

Very disappointed in your logic today JSG, clearly me pointing out something is perverted in a movie does not all of the sudden make me one. You really dropped the ball in this one.

Dominic Manester

You can't promote or distribute soft-core child porn. What's not to get?
Just because the child-porn is already produced doesn't mean you get to promote and distribute it consequence free.

Sidney Wade

this was a HUGE miss buddy. maybe you have to remember that even if this movie was released a year and a half ago, that means NOTHING. THE MAKERS OF CUTIES BLATANTLY S******* THESE CHILDREN. they had scenes where these children were putting their fingers in their mouths, dancing like sl***, and twerking. THAT KIND OF GARBAGE IS INDEFENSIBLE IN OUR COUNTRY AND IT SHOULD BE INDEFENSIBLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD.

don't make the excuse that this was "necessary to the point across" because it WASN'T. they could've made a documentary, a cartoon, a book, or even an anime about it. all of those would've been better because they didn't have REAL CHILDREN BEING S***********.

if you or anyone else thinks that this garbage is OK and if companies like netflix thinks this is OK and if the director thinks it's this is OK, then YOU ARE DISREGARDING THE ACTUAL IMPLICATION OF CUTIES. you are disregarding the fact that these children had to do all of this gross garbage for so many takes and months on end, since directing a movie usually takes time and hard work. they had 650 children who wanted to get into this sack of garbage. don't believe me? look up "cuties 650 candidates" on google and see what you find.


don't make any excuses for this godawful nightmare of a movie. it's vile. it's absolute trash. it's disgusting. and i don't want people like you, who are known for having common sense about subjects, defending this complete trash.

i'm done, man. this was just a huge miss and i'm really hoping that you either already apologized or are working on an apology. if you are, then cool?


So how many subscribers did you loose so far for making this video where you call the people watching your videos perverts, lol your about as dumb as Netflix.

Vidar D

My understanding of the situation is that in the end of a dance a 15 year old exposes her breasts intentionally, in a very girls gone wild way. Which is perfectly legal in France, I am told that the age of consent is 14. Not so legal in Texas. Worse Netflix proved that they sexualized the children by the argument that the film DEMONSTRATED that sexualizing children is bad. About the only thing that Netflix has going for them is that (hopefully) genitals are not exposed.

Jeanrage des pubs raid 5.3.13

Americans judging foreign movies...

El Carlos

One does not need to be an alcoholic to recognize someone's pissed ass drunk. In that regard I don't agree with your "takes one to know one" assesment. I do agree that outraging over a crass movie is meaningless because it doesn't do anything to combat real life exploitation and that most people are just looking for brownie internet points while at the same time ignoring kids begging for money or prostituting themselves for food.


3:41 "There is no sex intent in the poster"...
Oh bro... you are WRONG in this one... Putting your had over you butt while you are in "4 legs" is completely sexual insinuation...

You may can complain about why they are suing... but putting Texas as complete morons, that is unfair...

This movie is Cancer...
California is infinitely worst...
And you are wrong in this case...


Whether is or isn't the right reason... its a good excuse to see Netflix fall from ALL their others sins...


This garbage will be a CULT CLASSIC for every Pedophile in the world that has a bent elbow and sore wrist, sickening exploiting young kids like that. The only thing missing from your outfit is a raincoat covering a pair of pant legs attached to suspenders.

Sam Hannah

Actually the first promotional posters they used for North American Netflix audience was very much trying to show the young girls in a HIGHLY sexualized way, and because of that they should be more than able to prosecute Netflix on this charge before any reasonable judge or jury, while they might not get a conviction on distribution charges because then they have to argue about the 'art' in question and the intent of the author of that art.

Tyler Goodrich

Your argument is very similar to law enforcement officers in Hawaii needing to legally be able to have sex with prostitutes in order to prove in court that they are prostitutes.
No you don't need to depict children in a sexual manner in order to combat depicting children in a sexual manner.
Sorry, hate to inform you, but you are supporting pedophiles.

ludger will gaster

Do you support cuties .....

The Papist your Mother warned you about

You know how to tastefully criticize a problem like the sexualization of little girls? Make a Documentary without resorting to actually adding to the problem and having a child flash her naked breast in your movie, I have to disagree with you on this, Texas has valid reasons to indict Cuties


Honestly this if what they say is indeed true it was a way to try to prevent and bring light on child trafficking they did a shit job and I doubt they would show the nip of an eleven-year-old in a show that it happens this was such a piss-poor story if that's what their intent was they failed miserably

Aussea More

The charge was purposely done so that "so called justice" may be seen to be done. The prosecutors knew fully that it would NOT hold up in court and Netflix will NOT be held accountable for such action as it is presented. The courts are run by far left liberal that do all they can to up hold their particular Ideology.

Darryl Ferguson

While the indictment may come off as puritan, i have to disagree with your take on it. While the film had good intentions and executed them terribly, this is not a "take's one to know one" situation, and frankly that argument is weak in this context. If someone complained about kids dancing provocatively in a video and it turned out all the kids were just doing splits and waving their arms around, that sort of argument would be justified- as it is someone going out of their way to see an activity a kid is doing as something sexual.

Twerking however is an inherently sexual act, and because the director had child actors perform typically adult sexual acts in the movie, it triggered people's concern as it would be hard not to be disgusted at the thought of your daughter or little sister following their example. As people know by now, the film's goal was to spread the message that "Sexualizing kids is bad" by spotlighting the uncomfortable nature of kids doing sexually provocative adult things- which is a good message, but one that is pretty obvious to most people."

"Cuties" had good intentions, but failed because of Netflix and the decisions of the director. Netflix decided to go for "Shock Value" with their film cover choice, which backfired rapidly due to being disingenuous with the family-friendly synopsis they gave it. If they had used the French cover for it, and properly explained why a film with 12 year old MC's was rated R for sexual themes instead of giving that crap boilerplate response, the outrage would be less.

What doomed the film was also its direction, as anyone that decided "Maybe it is not as bad as the cover makes it look" would soon find themselves facing three full minutes of the camera zooming in on a 12 year old's ass. The director focused too much on depicting the sexualization, she forgot to show how the exploitation affected the girl's. Did they have a harder time relating with their less demonstrative peers? What do the older girls in the neighborhood think of their behavior? Was their instructor trying to sway a stage judge who was a hidden pedo? Answering such questions would help the film be more grounded as a documentary.

Pedos are disturbing because unlike a normal person, they view children as potential sexual partners and apply sexual traits to them- to put it as bluntly as possible (i apologize for this image), a normal person would be disgusted by this film's heavy focus on sexualizing the girls, but to a pedo this would be like watching Cardi B's "W.A.P" music video. This is what the Texas judges are concerned about.

As for the director herself, she took way too long to defend herself despite having credible evidence of receiving government approval, as you mentioned in an earlier video, and her initial online response of "You are just racist/sexist" screwed her over.

K so

Strike 1 JSG

Ramey Butler

u dont like it, dont watch it. stop giving netflix money that sends more of a message than anything.

alec rutz

Who are you and what have you done with the real JSG? This honestly doesn't sound like you.
To JSG's credit, he's not as dumb as mrgirl straight up calling the movie sexy. But at the same time, the wording here and his reactions in the comments come off as uh... ignorant.

Miles Lugo

I really enjoyed looking at some of Sally Mann's photo album of her nudist family one of their summer vacations.
She got taken to court for much the same reason but looking into it I found how family dealt with the album prior to release was very mature and intelligent.


if you think the lil white girl is standing up vs the black girls bent over is a coincidence is by chance you are crazy.


Funny how this has a 1/3 dislike ratio, yet none of those 1,100 people chose to leave a comment here (at least not that I could find, *shrug*)

Bradley Stonemason

I usually love most of your videos but I think you dropped the ball on this one. Seeing something as very clearly sexualized doesn't make you a pervert. And the defense of art is art is a little backwards here with the way it's filmed where it's trying to comment on sexualization by sexualizing those kids. It almost feels like you're defending pedophilia and/or sexualization of kids.

Magical Sealand

Justsomeguy is extremely at being the devils advocate. He's trying to come across as a middle man, but is coming across as naive and not caring of the issue of the situations of the girls in cuties

Jesse Luciano

Listen how he tries to put it back on the viewer saying it's their fault LMFAO how they're the sicko for thinking gee that's a little early for a child to be dressed that way? You're the one who mentioned fapping is there something else you should be telling us ???

Karen s

Your not very intelligent are you?


Disliking paedo-friendly films makes you a paedo?

I'm not much a fan of snuff films, so maybe I'm a closet murderer.

Jeff Fiarella

This guy touches kids


A part of “thinking more than one step ahead” is to know your enemy. It doesn’t take being the enemy or having the same mind without effort as your enemy to know your enemy, but it takes encountering the enemy, being or knowing someone that was inflicted by the enemy, or simple just learning your enemy. What do you think psychologists/therapists/counselors are/do for a living? They have to know what humanity is capable of and know certain patterns of human nature/behavior in order to correctly assess things and do their job well in helping to heal people and prevent bigger issues in the future. You have to step into the minds of sick, twisted individuals in order to solve problems/heal those inflicted/break through to correct the perverse ways of the enemy. Thinking more than one step ahead involves not assuming things about people who say certain similar things, but to get to know those who are saying said similar things. To make everyone out to be a Karen isn’t accurate or fair.


yeah great argument about the poster. Theres a girl twerking, a girl on all fours with half her butt exposed, and a girl doing the 'drop down and get your eagle on' dance, but if a person thinks it's a sexual image theyre a perv lol wtf

Mugly Mae

Netflix should have thought twice before putting up that movie. Or maybe it is part of a twisted plan to trick people into approving of censorship in general.

Harrison Hurst

It is the Hallmark of a civilized mind to be able to entertain horrific thoughts without engaging in them.

Joshua Townsend

The Sundance Festival that this film won was also put on the map by Weinstein and their cofounder plead guilty to sexually abusing a little girl. Just in case anyone wants to see any more red flags. This video, although showing some good counter possibilities, it also seems to take a strong biased cynicism..

David Zimmerman

Don't agree with everything but you make some valid points. The realism is appreciated


I think all your points are reasonable and make perfect sense, if this movie existed in a vacuum. Likewise if we wanted to give the movie, director, and Netflix the benefit of the doubt sure. Why would we do that though?

We’ve seen a shocking rise in attempts to normalize pedophelia from the left, and we’ve seen it coincide with disturbing stories about child sex trafficking rings coming out all over than the western world. This from the same people who have demonized established artists for putting fake, adult women in positions they believed to be sexual (Spider-Woman’s ass). Why would we give them the benefit of the doubt? Why would we not hold them to their own standards at minimum?

Sure, the lawsuit likely fails, but it serves to drag more attention to the hypocrisy and deviancy of the modern woke left. For talking so much about thinking more than one step ahead, I’m not sure you’re seeing the big picture here.


It's entirelypossible that Cuties breaks some laws in the US, but I doubt this is the right way to go about it. I heard that no individuals were named in the indictment, meaning that no individuals can be held criminally liable. It doesn't seem like they are just moving to block the distribution of the film, either.

Kind Brute

I disliked this vid specifically for the "women can't be pedos" bullshit


Try thinking one more step ahead then you have already. How does recognizing that a poster or film improperly sexualizes children make the viewer a pervert? That's a simplistic crap argument designed to make the viewer shut up & question themselves instead of accurately interpreting what's being palmed off on them by someone hiding behind the mantle of "artist".


Although I generally agree with the legal argument, I also believe in the slippery slope. The gradual normalization of pedophilia is a path I refuse to take. It may only seem controversial now, but look at all the SJW nonsense going on now and tell me we won't be considered bigots for condemning this behavior in the future. I give it less than 10 years before being a pedophile is considered just another sexual orientation. By then, Epstein's Island will be back in business (under new management, of course).
Maybe their efforts will be futile, but it's better than doing nothing to stop normalization. Sorry, but although it started strong, this video was a miss.

Joe Smith

legally it's easy to prove "distribution" IE it's on their site and promoted by Netflix. Now onto the content and getting the court to agree it goes over "artistic" value is where they might have a hurdle or two however it should be noted (which you can disagree with it) that the court in protecting Children use the Obscenity Law to subjectively measure something to tell if it's art or child exploitation ect. My bet is Netflix will lose and be forced to pay fines. Where you start to go sideways in my opinion is you go on to talk about the poster, forget about that as that is just one part of what probably will be discussed in court, my guess is the scenes in the movie will be used to show it goes over artistic value into the obscene.

I hate obscenity based laws as they use subjective reasoning and not objective reasoning in determining if somethings unlawful or not however currently that is the standard with something like this probably will fall under.


My first thought isn't "how many people are going to fap to this?"; it's "Those are definitely poses and outfits I shouldn't be seeing little girls in".

Doug Kelly

Yikes. Bad take here bro.

TrainerRED Charizard

Somehow I Fear that the feminists will defend this film and use it to promote their bs reasoning that Texas tries to control womens sexuallity.Even IF the film is a Jailbait fantasy( i really dont care about the whole thing) This case WILL prob be defended and a Bunch of Women rights cards will be used.
More better way would had been that Netflix just takes it away from the US watching peoples and maybe says that it wasnt exacly a good idea to add

10k subs with no videos challenge -

bruh just say that you liked the movie


Netflix and Hollywoke love poeple with unhealthy interest in kids.


I like your videos. And your points are sound. Except that someone in Chicago could make fun of Texas. Lol


I don't agree with the indictment but discovery is going to be fun. The email traffic, decision chains etc

Dan Aluni

Netflix is truly cringeworthy.


There was a tweet from a black woman asking why Texas authorities were focused on this movie, because, I quote: "It's fiction. No children were harmed."

Joseph Sawyer

If Netflix goes under will Cobra Kia go back to youtube?

Benjamin Bain

You don't make kids do objectifying choreography and intentionally lewd acts in order to say that the trend is bad. That's like getting blackout fucking drunk and slamming your car into a guardrail in order to show everyone why you shouldn't drink and drive. While I do think they could have gone with different charges, it isn't illogical to put netflix under fire for distributing this through their services. This shit isn't artistic at all, and I feel sorry for the kids when they get older and reflect on the movie they played a part in making

Kyzen Del Aguia

Wait so if I want to protect children by not wanting videos distributed of little girls pulling up their shirts or showing their veevee or dancing like a stripper, I’m the creep? Uuuh are you sure your logic fills out there?

Toasty Danny

3:30 I challenge you took look up some of the most obscure scenes that people reference, cause that convinced me that those easily depict them in sexual positions for pedos to chew on.

Vincent Marcellino

This is a bad take, dude. Saying we're seeing pedophilic imagery because we're thinking like a pedo is very wrong. No. We're seeing little girls dressed like strippers and have a problem with that. And Netflix isn't so dumb that they wouldn't know that their original ad poster would give a wrong impression.


What called my attention on the Netflix distribution of this film is what they did with the poster. Especially, since the original poster wasn't like that, it was the kids running happy from an open street to what seems to be a downward point. I think that poster was on the spot. The kids are innocent and they are happy just thinking they are joining a dance crew with innocence and are going to be manipulated for their innocence.
I wonder if the controversy would have been so harsh if they had used the original poster of the movie.

Corncracker Kid

Honestly the only people who WOULD NOT find this movie disturbing are actually pedos, not people concerned about a film where a child flashes her breast, pre teens twerking, or where it’s insinuated that a child posted a picture of her crotch on the internet, that ain’t art


The way it was filmed and some of the promo material do genuinely come off like they might actually be trying to get pedos to watch it instead of trying to make a point about sexualizing children. The fact that women did the casting means nothing because women who sexually abuse children exist.
That said, from what I can gather, this was just a poorly written film by someone who was basically just trying to tell a story and make point, but didn't have the skill level they needed to convey that as well or as artistically as they had wanted. If the creator had done a few more things before attempting this story, then maybe it would've turned out better as a narrative and would have been slightly less controversial


nah the problem with your statement is the ones who find that poster of girls dress to show off there undeveloped bodies sexual are the same people who will look up child porn then move on to stalking children then kidnapping. its like a drug to them they always want more and promoting this stuff is just fueling that disgusting desire

Jack Hurrell

A definite disagree, on this point, from me. One does not have to be a pervert to see how obviously and demonstrably sexual the acts of these kids are, in this film.

A simple thought exercise might be warranted. If the offending scenes - which are causing the controversy - were to be recreated, one-to-one, with grown women what would we describe their moves as? Evocative? Sexual; almost certainly.

To complain about this is not an admission of guilt or foul mindedness. I can certainly attest to that. I’m into older women, for goodness sakes.

It’s inherently disturbing to see children being taken advantage of. If this was found footage in some hard drive in my basement, instead of a widely distributed film, I don’t think my excuse of “artistic licence” would wash. And rightly so.

As a fiction writer I’m sensitive to artistic freedom. But I also, as a result of my viewpoint, have a nose for bullshit. I don’t think sexualising children breaks cultural norms or challenges stereotypes; I think it sexualises children. Period. And that’s not on. Not in a society which spurns pedophiles down the road, and not on a platform for true art and expression, either.

That’s my two cents. Peace. ✌?


Oh look ... another sh’t show paid for by the taxpayers.


Let's follow your logic. "we're are pedos or pervs for being disturbed by this film." That would mean we're all projecting our closeted perversions. Let's think more than one step ahead:The only kinds of pervs that project or would openly protest this kind of content would someone that STILL RECOGNIZED THIS CONTENT IS WRONG. Any true practicing perv or pedo would not publicly ask for this film or it's distributer to be banned. So according to your logic were still right compared to the legitimate predators who are saying NOTHING and enjoying the little 2 or 3 minutes of candy they have.

Marcus Ing

what if it's the first thing that pops into our heads because people won't stop talking about pedophiles? because we know what the entertainment industry is like? or because we very objectively noticed children were being sexualized? "have a seat" is an enduring meme after all. the argument that "if you see something wrong with it, there's something wrong with you" is pure sophistry. that only applies to things so subtle you need a textbook to explain what's "wrong". cuties is fucking blatant. i thought you were better than that. your arguments aren't usually so flimsy, but this whole video was full of strawmen and gaslighting. yeah, some idiots would think all they did in the auditions was dance like strippers, but normal people don't think that. normal people, however, realize that any girl that was considered was definitely asked to gyrate like a whore in addition to whatever else they did. on tape. in an industry that actually has a internal market for child audition tapes. you think three women would never exploit children and sell their audition tapes? yeah we knew they were women. we all did from day one or two. i haven't once seen anyone say the casting directors were men (though i imagine many feminists did). and what does it matter whether they were men or women? did you bring that up just to play semantics and say "look, they're WRONG!"? or was that an appeal to sexism? whatever, i could go on but i'm sick of this ridiculous "controversy". put some more thought into your arguments next time. think one step ahead and review yourself to find your own fallacies. and no, i did not boycott netflix, i'm not a karen

Cade Hollingsworth

What comes out in movies is just about 50% of what was filmed overall

Super Dewott

First thought when I saw the image on netflix: oh, it's a dancing video, not interested

great ape movie reviews

This is a really bad take dude people who have seen the movie said it's disgusting and I nearly puked watching the trailer, we can all understand when something is sexualizing kids. It's putting them in the same clothing/positions/angles as adult men and women that were supposed to look at and go "oh wow they're hot" but when you do it to a kid anyone with any decency looks at it and wants to get rid of it. It's like the animal abuse argument, you wouldn't record yourself beating and stabbing a dog and put it out to the world saying it's to bring attention to animal abuse so you can't sexualize kids and say it's about how we shouldnt sexualize kids.


Bet this guy paused the film several times while he watches it.

Stainless Promotions

Two words. Contradictions and hypocrisy

Matthew Smith

If a person watching the movie is a perv, they're not going to complain about it.

Mr Frost

I get alot of what you said but my issues with cuties is not that anything sinister will happen, just that it could teach bad habits to anyone young who sees it, I say this as I didn't care about the show prior as I don't even have Netflix but after some awful stuff I heard from family and there kid I can't help but have some worrys

Sorry I mean movie not show

Hobbles of Karth

While your argument has merit, keep in mind.....TEXAS JURY. If the jury is outraged enough they can convict and overturning that on appeals is.... VERY HARD.

Jordan Pharr

Bruv as a born and raised texan i dont support this lawsuit. The movie was hard for me too watch so i guess it served its intended purpose but it also serves as softcore porn for pedos?‍♂️. Also calling texans idiots from the middle of chiraq is laughable. Love you love your videos make sure your backyard is in order before you criticize your neighbors or some shit.

Concentric Octagons

No, we are NOT the real perverts for being aware that actual perverts exist out there in this world. That logic is like saying the only reason you lock your door is because given half the chance you'd burgle somebody's home. Maybe think more than one step ahead when you come out manning the guns to defend this film.

Also, on this BS about the steps ahead: Do you care to outline this grand plan of yours? Care to make a video with your little cork pin-board and red string? You keep telling us to "ThInK mOrE tHaN oNe StEp AhEaD", but you don't address the fact that not everyone thinks like you. We might... Just MIGHT have thought more than one step ahead, and seen things going down a different path to what you did. So show us your little flowchart for how shit's gonna go down vs. how you'd see it go, otherwise your statement is meaningless.

What we don't like about this film is that everything we see in it bar the nip-slip is real. Real children's crotches in ultra-close-up, real children humping the floor, and all of it clear and on full display. It makes your photography defence a false equivalence just by the fact that in that example, camera trickery WAS used. So as this is actual softcore CP, that makes Netflix guilty of distributing CP. Because that's what they did. And that is a crime. I wonder why...? Did a bunch of paedophiles write that law?

genesis bustamante

Just Some Guy, you've watched too many Digibro's videos.

Ios Saiken

A critique of Cuties from a neutral standpoint released by SidAlpha:

After watching this I think Texas may have a case

XL B the Demigod

Just remove that shit movie and call it a day. Netflix can do it and still make millions.


Indict a ham sandwich???? How DARE YOU!!

Josh Beck

The problem with this movie is since the 20th century the American goverment has been continuously indoctrinated the American people about how wrong this all is, how evil and you should fear it. The ?? gov has forced this opinion on other countries too. People don't know how to deal with this kind of movie, they been told that child sexuality is evil. Eventhough children go through puberty. So why being this up? Because nobody fucking cared before the 20th century, nobody cared about age of consent nobody cared how old you were there were no laws until the United States made them.

Fire Of His Love


John Aquarius

I just hope the young actresses in this movie wasn't vilified. A lot of times Actors will bare the brunt of the negative blast.


People will be mad at you, but you’re right. I personally won’t watch the movie and I take issue with how Hollywood exploits children, but this is honestly what I don’t like about Republicans in a nutshell. This case will lose because it doesn’t actually break the law they are prosecuting it under.

Dante Sparda

Oh. So we're perverts because we think girls showing their genitals on camera is gross and messed up. I've watched your videos about SJW's. Looks like you've become one of them. Disappointing.

Xenofan Allen

I would say Larry Clark's 1995 film kids is more disturbing and controversial than this nobody went to jail over that. I don't see this going anywhere they should go after tik tock plenty of girls on tiktok doing the same stuff I don't see them getting prosecuted either.

Kaiser Frost

Judging by this dude's voice, I'm 99% sure he's into shota and loli.

Lore keeper

This is such a bad take. Like, I get that you think Texas is going to stall out in their pursuit of justice here, but that's the only part of the defense you make that seems even slightly reasonable. Saying that it only has 10 minutes of twerking ignores the fact that there are numerous other scenes of lewd and suggestive character. Claiming that there was a need to hyper sexualize the actresses scenes to highlight the subject is misplaced, since it actually missed out on highlighting the suffering and damage that would be caused to instead participate spectacularly in the problem itself. What was the harm that it highlighted? It didn't, not really. It relied on a meta awareness of the actual real world audience to find its content unpalatable, instead of displaying any realistic consequences while remaining inside the framework of the film's plot. What fallout occurs in the film story that would make someone unaware of the problem think to themselves 'My god, I can't believe something so terrible happened to that little girl because of this, that's horrible!'
I reiterate that it doesn't really, it expects people, if it's trying at all to fulfill its stated intentions, to go in not liking what they see and to leave feeling the same way as they came. That's why people are outraged at the making of the film rather than the issue it was supposed to be spotlighting. If the director and summary of the film hadn't defined the goal, no one who watched would have been able to tell you it was being outspoken on the subject of sexualizing young girls, because it just sexualizes young girls and then it ends. It doesn't highlight anything.

The other part of your argument on people taking issue with the poster doesn't even merit a response, but that's just my opinion

jack l

He actually hit the nail on the head on this one

Wolf Mobile

If you were Netflix's lawyer and I was the judge, your argument would result in me ruling in your favor.


Talking about thinking more than one step ahead... I'm not convinced the people who made the movie or Netflix did that much thinking about it. There are far, far better ways to raise awareness about this topic then what was done. There is damage to Netflix's reputation that they will need to deal with and angry psychotic twitter mobs (all 20 people sure but they are a LOUD 20 as many have unfortunately felt) are gonna scree them selves in public for a while over this one. Is it the end of Netflix... nope... not by a long shot. Is it a black eye. Yes. Yes it is. If nothing else following the directors career should be entertaining for all the stirring of the pot she may get up to :)


I’m a minor and this movie made me uncomfortable does that make me a pervert?

Shadow Hedgehog

I don’t get it; I thought you were just as disgusted by this film and this company as most everyone else. How are you defending it now?


Even IMDB used the word "pedophilia" until daddy Amazon got them to tow the official line and reword it. You can't get clearer than that. #nonceflix

Dorugoramon 0

Guess I'm a serial killer because I think stabbing someone to death might be murder.

Nicholas Quaid

''Just some guy,''' distorting truth and reality and universal morale fabrics to suck on netflixes nipple.

May God have mercy on us all, especially people like you.


Always california comoanies huh

Kimimorra's Trap brothel

okay tell all the people that are mindlessly disliking this video or saying this is a bad take maybe listen for context instead of having selective hearing and only hearing what you want to hear stop being so overly emotional and reactionary it's pathetic.

The amount of times in which just some guy has said that cuties is a shit movie is honestly frustrating and yet you stupid shits will still shit on him because he's not mindlessly agreeing with the people that want to censor throw out lawsuits and most likely would murder all the people involved in the making of this movie if they could because they are hyper-emotional maniacs


You keep focusing on "if your a person that thinks people will touch themselves when they see this then you are the pervert"

No, it's called connecting the dots. Every year some actor is getting indicted or hauled off to jail for messing around with underage kids
so what conclusion do you think were going to make? If you're a well known arsonist and I see you running from a burning down house
then me thinking you started it doesn't make me an arsonist!

Other than that I tend to agree with you about the difficult in proving intent. What a horrible leg to start off on.


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McCloskeys indicted, grand jury adds charges of tampering with evidence

2 078 views | 6 Oct. 2020

A grand jury indicted Mark

A grand jury indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey on charges of exhibiting guns at protesters in a June incident in their Central West end neighborhood and also added a charge of tampering with evidence.

123 456

Question is, does George Soros work for the CIA? He seams to be untouchable.

Robert Lengemann

I got a love jones for Samantha Jones ???

Liza Wake


David Derler

I'm Sure Kim Gardner is behind this debacle. Wow the crime lab reassembles the pistol to make it work. I sure hope Muklusky's lawyers are ready to sue for 10 million dollars. And that is a low figure. No trespassing tickets and Vandelisim Arrests. WTF

Miguel Zambrano

In order to be treated as a victim now you have to allow the thugs to destroy your property or allow them to injure you or kill you before you have decent case. Something is very wrong with this country, we are heading backwards.

Graeme Roberts

Notice how he was very clear to include the “leftist Democrat” rhetoric.
This is all showmanship & bullshit.
These people are liars.

Lilly Taggert

What kind of bs is this? How can you improperly exhibit a weapon on YOUR OWN property? So you can own the gun as long as it stays locked in a cabinet until AFTER you’re dead or your property is destroyed? What country did this happen in because it certainly wasn’t the one ruled by the Constitution of The United States.

Cliff Nelson

Meh. Lead investigator was not even privy to the grand jury hearing (who presented the 'facts'?) plus the weapons evidence will be suppressed due to the tampering after the fact. It'll get dismissed in in the preliminary hearing. Good try tho.

Andrew Catanzaro

Don't let them know you're armed. Go inside. Shoot to kill when they break in. End of story.

kevin lambert

So what would of happened if you kept your scared ass in the house they were just walking by nobody approached you or your wife just like the police you escalated the situation


This is unbelievable! Any court or prosecutor who puts politics and racism in front of justice, should and will be condemned for the garbage scum that they are! The 2nd amendment shall not be infringed by anyone! And yes that goes for you dirt bag criminals antifa and blm!!! I fucking dare you to break down my gate you scum!!! The mcloskey's let you off easy as hell! You even look at my home and JUSTIFIED REALITY WILL BE SERVED!!! fuck you punks!!!

Blake Cresswell

Once they go to retrial, and I’m pretty sure they will. There’s no doubt that they’ll be dropped all charges.

Chris Thornton


Mike Stjohn

Total BS cant defend you life and property.




Castle Doctrine/Gated Community/ Governor