Trump dollar coin

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CoinWeek: Trump the Government - Von NotHaus and the Trump Dollar - 4K

2 416 views | 23 Nov. 2016

CoinWeek and Liberty

CoinWeek and Liberty dollar architect Bernard von Nothaus discuss the Trump dollar, a bullion coin von Nothaus designed to capitalize on the populist movement of President Elect Donald J. Trump.


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What's with the HD only video resolution ?


wow, here we go with the dictator garbage. people are disillusioned with government BECAUSE of people like donald fucking trump. 'the government is self-serving'...... what person on the planet is more self-serving than donald trump?

The Progressive Curmudgeon

OK Boomer

Eric Barron

Lmfao “great sex" didn't see that coming ????

Harry Henderson

oh my


I can help as to why the American people are dissatisfied with government. You can say unemployment has gone down and the stock market is up, but that means nothing. Unemployment is up because people are taking part time jobs instead of the full time jobs they lost. Under Barrack Obama our GDP has significantly decreased by 1%+ which is quite drastic. Food stamp recipients have gone from 25 million to now 45 million. Americans in poverty have almost doubled. Average annual household income has fallen by about $3000-$4000. Debt held by the public per household has increased by more than 100% which means most people's debts have double since 2008. Corporate profits are up over 100%. So we really do have the poor getting more poor and the rich getting more rich. Then we have Obama care which has killed jobs, and let me be the one to tell you about that. You have Dave Ramsey who is a financial guy that employs hundreds of people and as of 2017 his healthcare costs to cover his employees will increase by $1,000,000. I have witnessed this firsthand as well. I work in the flooring industry and sell material to the trade. A company by the name of Shaw owned by Warren Buffet is increasing their pricing on all of their products by 3% in order to account for the new cost of this companies premiums. So we have companies such as the one I work for that will have to raise the cost of material which lowers profits across the board. Here's the thing though, not only do companies potentially lose profit, but we have tradesmen in the flooring industry who will have to make adjustments according as well. Making these adjustment are easier said than done.

Antonius Britannia

1:36 be honest, you didn't like Barry O, and refuse to give him any credit.  The auto bailouts were a great profit maker for the Federal Government, and saved many high wage, blue collar jobs.  Trump as a populist?  He, and most of his cabinet, would've let those companies go bust.  If you're union and voted for Trump, you're doing democracy wrong.   The silver round has world peace on it?  Most of Trump's advisors like Rudy Giuliani were for the Iraq war, and want regime change in Iran.  SMH. Nice marketing though, as P.T Barnum once said, "A fool and his money are easily parted".

Abel guy

Gotta admit the guy talking is more fun to listen to and not boring. Seen some videos where guys are talking and it's like ow God put some life in this person. The great sex comparison kinda funny too.

Trump dollar coin

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Trump dollar coin

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Donald Trump 2020 Dollar Bill Cash Money President Trump Silver Gold Coin

221 views | 14 May. 2020

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