Looni right now

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26 585 views | 27 Dec. 2016

Literally Looni and

Literally Looni and Literally Q Preparing For 2017 With An Exclusive Freestyle WORK

Lingo Cash


Christophers Way

tell Q Gavin said what up

nu'nvy Sampson


Robert Major

Love my people

Alitha Hawkins

Look at Q Layah neem miss ya
-Jay Jay

Southside Royal


Ashonna Mann

goooo nephew....


okay Looni ????

Cypris Miles

Go boyfriend team q

Melanie Clark

Aww. The kid is too cute! ? #Work


That song is fire!!!

Keep in touch with your dj's: [email protected]

Alexander Hodges

Broo you gotta record this it deserve studio time


Lov this ish

Kelly Turman


Jordan Pendergraph

Damn My homie showed one of looni songs and now I found this one, he spits sum fire vah ??

Saprina Perry

Hope that lil boy know his school work like how he know this song just saying

Gabriel florez

nigga they took yo beat migos Kelly price

UNTOLD- Photography & Video

lets link bro...I do videos

Jennifer Hill

Super Looni & Super Spodee

Kream Jay

facts 100

Lingo Cash



zooted uP booted uP ????

B Will


Dulce Camberos

Lol go Quintavious i just found this?

Alexander Hodges

Bruh you gotta put thus i . the yo

Rodney Ray


Gabriel florez

shit some heat ?? put in on a track

Brian Arno


Teanderia Winters

Wh148P that shit funky homie keep it up homie

Toya Powell

U look so adorable q

Looni right now

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Looni- "Right Now"

415 views | 1 Feb. 2015

Performance live at Rock

Performance live at Rock The Mic Thursdays at Jays Place 2 presented by MaMaS Management Team Every Thursday. Go follow MaMaS Management on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and IG @mamamngmt. Go Follow Literally Looni on IG @LOONIISM.

Looni right now

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Looni x Young Dro - Right Now [Live Performance]

6 285 views | 3 Feb. 2015

Looni & Young Dro

Looni & Young Dro

Uncle June

This my jam!