What is night trading

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Swing Trading vs Day Trading - Which one is best for you?

36 531 views | 20 Nov. 2019

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In this video i'm going to talk about the difference between swing trading and day trading.

I will explain the definition of each and i'm going to show you the advantages and disadvantages of both so that you can determine which one is best for you.

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love your vids, you need a grammy my guy lol looking forward to more of your vids

Derrick Asamoah

I love this am newbie and your videos are really helping


Thank you.

Could you cover which is the best news feed app?

Ahmed Mohamed

Questions anyone does matter which one you choose scalping or swing and daytrade??

Kasagga Alousious

Mr Mohsen we need part 2 of day trading strategies on Udemy please??


Hi Bloom, just wanted to say I have your Basic and Advanced Stock Trading courses and I love them!

Eric B FXion

Mainly i swingtrade, but i daytrade too.

Ali BabaTV


Theyn Smith

lol you need a bigger shirt


I took the risk dealing with Luiz on my bitcoin trade and finally end up with perfect testimony.


put a t shirt below your shirt dude, i can see your stomach hairs.

Kasun Chathuranga

You are always the best and best teacher I have seen ❤️


Hi Professor!!!

Yarri K

If you like losing money - Day Trading, if you like making money sometimes - Swing Trading.

Petom Kochawattana

Love your switching sitting position, great humor, lol, and of course the contents:

Constantine B

Thank you for informative channel. You are a well educated young man! Keep it up


Thanks for this video, it's really cool.
Please what strategy can we use in trading 5m charts with examples of indicators and when to enter and go out of a trade?
Thanks in advance

Roy Japri

hello, sir how to create a script from the beginning and the end? you mean sir.

Anton Belo

Thank you very much for your insight Sir.

Shaukiya Gayak

Statistically swing traders make more money in comparison to day traders.

WWE Lolz

great vid! but now i recommend you to swing by any shop and get yourself a slightly larger shirt.

Anhar Relativity

Day traders are loosing a lot of money too.

Nkhensani Mbombi

love the content my guy

Edgardo Vargas Melendez


Rob Hamilton

Hi, please make swing trading course in depth in Udemy

nana yaw swiss

With swing trading you likely to give back all or part of your profits back to the market.. Esp when there's a fundamental news release.

Raphael Bernard

Je suis dans la crypto depuis un certain temps et j ai commence a day trade. Je voulais savoir si tu met des limit lost si on day trade ? Je trouve ca aussi difficile de ferme ma position avant de dormir surtout si je suis en perte. Aurais tu un truc pour cela?


.... j espere tu parles francais?

Big up de MTL✌

bloom trading

Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Mohsen_Hassan

DZps4 Gamer

personally i use 15 min timeframe which i find excellent for daytrading

Paul Rosaly

Great info you are the best. when are you coming home and when is your next training session.

Louie P

What's with the changing sitting positions lol..

Daniyar Mokeev

Quick , concise and clear. Love it


thanks sir

Reuben Rakgalakane

Keep them videos coming, I'm a novice from Northern Cape in South Africa. I like the way you educate me...

Collins Uweri

Found out oanda doesn't work in Alberta, what's your advice on this?

Thirumeni .M

Clear differentiation :)


DEFINITELY would like more vids like this. Thank u


Very well said

Beautiful Places of Nepal

Hi sir I am facing to pay your course through PayPal. PayPal isn't permited to use .Is there any way to pay through skrill.?

shekkar M

how to program computer trading?

guadalupe tellez

Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "is day trading better than long term?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Liyaylee Acclaimed Leverage - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for learning how to win using this unique forex trading robot minus the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it.

William Liu

Here because of Udemy

DhankaSaka Lie

80% of ur day trading is negative: does not mean you are wrong, it is just a bad day. In day trading there is nothing right and wrong.

Damiaan van Vliet

Nice tips, thanks! Hope to see more video's in the future. And your foundation FOREX trading on Udemy is very clear.

Ahad Nemati

Hi Mohsen, thanks for your informative videos. Can you make a video about trading CFDs vs real stocks? what are the benefits and drawback? thanks

Kentucky Fathers

What equipment do I need to do swing trading?


One of THE BEST explanations for DT and ST. This guy is amazing!!

Chris Killian

Has anyone done his course? Did it lead to success?

Lionardo Rojas

I'm going to try both and see how it pan out.


The shirt is so tight

Aaron Jeremiah

This guy is great

Maria Magdalena Gonzalez

Thank You Mohsen.

Pedro beGood

Thank you Sir, so assertive & useful

T. H

Thank you so much for this video.

Real world

thank you so much for sharing these information

T Merriam

Who do you use to trade in Canada? Questrade has a great platform but has no programmable Hot buttons. Interactive brokers has crap charting and really slow execution but great Hot buttons. What do you use for Day trading>??

eshiemomoh Jeffrey

the FIRST absolutely most important rule is to HAVE A PLAN. 99% of the traders do not have one. Patience comes after that. What is the point of being patient if you do not have a plan? People HATE to have a plan... because we do not like discipline. We always think to either know better or that there is always something better out there so no point to stick with a plan. Wrong. Have a plan and TEST IT. Then trade it

Quincy Hyde

the udemy course is very well done BTW

Samuel Longdon

My guy!!

Bright Kwena

My question is personal when it comes to TP and SL and you make a new order as a swing trade 1D chart can same TP & SL figure be used in a 15M chart.


Thanks brother


Thanks very much for video,I trade swing trading


After this Video, I would prefer swing trading for me. I do a full-time study and part time trading well that's clear


thanks from Mohsin to Mohsen , lol. just finished basic trading course on udemy, right now going through advance course.

What is night trading

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Should You Hold a Day Trading Position Overnight? ?

6 415 views | 28 Nov. 2017

When Day Traders Don't

When Day Traders Don't Close Positions at the End of the Day. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/strategies/strategies-tips.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Should you ever hold a day trade position overnight? So you're a day trader, you like the idea of going flat at the end of the day, however you keep seeing the markets gapping the next day, you keep seeing prices having multi-day moves and you start wondering whether you're grabbing enough action for all the effort you're expending. And you start asking yourself whether you should start holding your day trading positions overnight? If we're day trading we are by definition opening and closing positions on the same day. If we're swing trading we are looking to take advantage of multi-day moves happening over several days, weeks or months on end. The appeal of day trading is that of course you start fresh every day but the downside is it is possible to miss some big moves. But if you're day trading and you haven't planning on holding positions for longer term then plainly don't do it.

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When Should Day Traders NOT Close Positions at the End of the Day ❗❓


Andnrew Morris

If you're a trader and you become an, "Investor" you are wrong on your trade. Prove me wrong.

dailyinfo 360

Hello sir 1 request please can you please make a video on CAP CHANNEL TRADING Indicator please its result is good with me but if you can please make a video and guide us to add another indicator with it or when to trade where is our best shot etc it can be perfect please please sir Thanks


Simply put in a trailing stop if already into profit..nothing to lose, everything to gain !

Jakub Valenta

Dow Jones looks like Christmas rally, I am going to hold it ?

Sarajlija Sanjo

Thanks Bro...

Dream World Ent.

Is this for forex also ?


Many day traders prefer not to hold an overnight position.  I never understood this strategy.  A swing trader has no such fear and will take advantage of the end of the day price movement caused by the day traders.


another REALLY USEFUL insight. Answered a question I had for ages. Thank you

Chris Mel

It really depends on the swap rate! Try holding a short position on nzdchf for 2 months to see how much it hurts


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ma.theresa sarmiento

Yes, when I'm in the stockmarket only and the conviction has to be very strong that I'm gonna be leaving it there sitting in a good technical position with very less brittleness issue, however, when I'm in the forex market, it's a big no as I don't like something hanging over my head before I sleep. This is also a timezone issue for me. Just very protective of my mental makeup for the next day.

chris smith

Hi mate, lots of help on your page, I live in the uk and at 1705 today cable fell against the euro and the ft100 fell same time gbp v usd climbed nothing about anything on economic pages ie fx street and others dumbfounded so holding a position overnight for me is a no no, I can only the night at the moment as I work 6am -6pm 5 days a week, did you here anything ?

PADDY 1979

Great content newbie to trading does all brokers allow you to hold trades overnight when day trading? UK based

Mike Johnson

I didn’t realise about interest that is charged for over night holding position! I am day trader but for some reason I kept a position over night and been charged for interest! I am new to this. First time trying to hold over night position! Can you please tell me why is this interest charged. My lot size is 1.0
I was charged like £32usd. Now I have to wait until I am in profit to cover this! Never holding this again!

What is night trading

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