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How JP Morgan Went From "Bitcoin Is A Scam", To All-In On The Quorum Blockchain | Blockchain Central

688 views | 19 Dec. 2019

This week on

This week on #BlockchainCentral: JP Morgan's chairman Jamie Dimon was famously known for denouncing Bitcoin as a scam back in 2017, possibly triggering a mass sell off of the world's most popular cryptocurrency. Today, JP Morgan have gone all-in on the Quorum Blockchain, a permissioned, Ethereum-based, network designed to be used in a wide-range of industries from automative, global trade to financial.

We look into the business behind the JP Morgan brand and why they decided to take the most useful (in their opinion) aspects of blockchain technology and convert it into something usable by the existing financial industry, in the form of the #Quorum blockchain.

JP Morgan has created their own stablecoin, JPMCoin, to run on the network for testing instantaneous payments for users of their bank, which highlights one of their biggest steps: that they have circumvented a lot of groundwork by already being a huge part of the world's financial infrastructure.

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Daniel Somerset

Really well put together

Liam Chase

Glad to see not all of your videos were removed.

Is this the main place you post content? You should have much more subscribers!

Paul Betts

I am always surprised whenever I come back to your videos to see such a low subscriber count.
Your content is educationally dense and relevant. The videos are of high quality and produced effectively, and you have such a unique personality & image.
Thank you for creating content.

Quorum coin

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Splunking Quorum - Demo

877 views | 10 Aug. 2020

How to get started with

How to get started with Splunk using a private Quorum blockchain network. In this demo, we'll go over what Splunk and Quorum bring to the table, and how you can set up an environment using Quorum Wizard. We will walk through the data in-depth, including a practical Solidity smart contract example.

How to get started

Quorum-Wizard Github & Instructions:


Splunk App for Quorum:


OSS Quorum App for Splunk:


Quorum’s Github:


Quorum’s Slack:


Quorum’s Docs:


Quorum coin

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Frank Underwood storms Congress

834 591 views | 18 Nov. 2017

I do not own this video.

I do not own this video. House of Cards Season 2, episode 3. Frank warrants the arrests of absent Senators in a Republican bid to derail his agenda by not filling the quorum.


Kevin Spacey has one of the most commanding stage presences I've ever seen

Tom Oliver

Storming Congress has a very different meaning these days


Guys help me out, is this an actual law in USA?

Halit Özgür

When someone from the other class sits on my chair: 0:24

Quinn Reverance

What Oregon should've done with the republicans that walked out

Kyle Pinner

'Excuse me I do believe you're sitting in my chair'


I used to like Kevin
He should’ve kept his
Personal Life personal.


"I do not own this video."

You could've uploaded it in a bitrate from this century, lazy shit.

James Wilbur


Justin Edwards

sounds like something biden would do


just shows how corrupt this shit is


What kind of President wears a black tie. What are you, Alfred the butler?

Jonathan Ciesla

Frank Underwood is an evil person for trying to kill off real people when he needed them he didn't start caring for them so he watch House of Cards all night or another TV show.

Nicolas Gallardo

Is it legal? Is it within the procedures? Has it ever been used in the US Congress?


Best actor in history.

Solowoman Yudachi

its funny that frank asked mendoza to pick his 6 best actors and mendoza came out first lmao


Trump will likely do this after democrats taken congress this midterm elections.

Casper T

I still to this knock 2 times on a desk

EdgierMage 72

Can someone explain whats happening here

Eugenio Grigorjev Gea

What season&episode is this?


So this is where the republicans got the idea from..

Proud Apostate

Nah S5E1 was when he really stormed congress.

Eric R

trump 2020

Holy Ravioli

Wow, isn't democracy great.


Mitch McConnell actually did this during DeVos’ nomination

Andrew McKenzie

Vice President (President of the Senate) Underwood: I AM the Senate


Congratulations president Biden!


0:02 me and the boys about to storm congress on 1/6/2021


Anyone besides me seeing this creepy movement of only the right eye ( from the viewers side ) at Minute 1:22 which also looks " demonic " ?


Seems many here are confused what happened. This is actual procedure based on the constitution.

This is rare, the last time this happened was in 1988.

The constitution requires that a majority of senators be present in the senate to conduct business, this is called a quorum, to verify if a quorum exists in the senate a quorum call must occur, essentially senate roll call.

A rare strategy that is a last ditch effort to stop legislation from passing is known as denying a quorum, that is if there are enough people against in the senate that the yes votes number less than 51, they can leave the senate and not allow a quorum to occur, denying legislation being able to be voted on. This only really works if a few senators who would usually vote for the bill are out sick.

The one thing the constitution does allow a senate without a quorum to do is vote to compel senators to return to the senate (as in arrest them and drag them back into the senate). So the vote happens to do that, the sergeant at arms is the authority figure created by the senate with the responsibility to do this, among other things.

Lucas Larrazabal

Name of the starting soundtrack?

Mr. White

LBJ use to this when he was the Majority Leader of the United States Senate

Anene Tochukwu

was he even acting?

Luis Molina

Kevin Spacey carried this show


Frank Underwood: The Greatest Political Villain. You just love to hate him. ?


did you fucking upload it from a furnace?

Christoph Wonneberger

show your self to the public they will safe you


does anyone know the song/music that is playing?

Suvir Sinha

Kamala better be willing to pull shit like this.

Geralda MS

this is senate??

adam bernal

Frank is such a gangster, its too bad Kevin Spacey couldnt play the role anymore. House of Cards was the first of the Netflix Originals and it still slaps.

Bastian Bruch

Isnt this Senate??

Christopher Thorkon

The executive branch tries to storm Congress. How silly...this could never happen in real life....

Face Mite

This aged like white cheddar

Kevin Katz


Bret M

i think this was the senate


Good Lord I miss this show

HM Pritesh Raj

This is senate not congress

Iltis Kosinus

Spacey coming in with the ultimate chad stride at the beginning.

Mr Man

Very much a Charles I move here.


I haven’t watched the last season, cannot do it...

Panta Rei 83

Maybe this is where trump gets his ideas


This aged well...

Alejandro Pina

This is about to happen in real life...

Marneus Calgar

This is going to happen when they vote Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Bavar Lall

this show should've died with Spacey's acting career

you tube

Lmfao so this is congress...? What was the other scene

Audrey Strouse

Designated Survivor is wayyyyyy better than House of Cards

mozhi ZN

I loved frank

Jack Ruotolo

pullin' a sneaky Charles I


Just finished watching season 6. Wasn’t going to watch it but... with lockdown in affect at the moment... anyways, what a waste of time. It was already getting weak in season 5. Without Frank, it completely lost direction.


THIS is the material I liked about the show. Feels like it lost its way after Season 2.

Muhammad sarosh Ali

who tf uploads it in 240P?


Even House of Cards - a fiction, with Underwood as a president did not envision assault on the capitol. Let that sink in!

H. A. R. D.

My love for to be a politician was increase beasue of house of cards.
It's way too much of an exciting life.

Valentin Opra

HOC and the West Wing will always remain as the best and most realistic two political shows ever

Chinmay grover

Who else stopped watching after season 5 ???

nikhil roy

Correction : please add senate


Where's the part 2? Damn fucking cliffhanger hahaha.

Google User

Lol they take a role ??

John McCloy

West wing is such a better show.


Season 6 felt like a completely different show. A mediocre one at that.

OG Campbell

???? This man have no line

Mohammed Raouf

Kids complaining about 240p, meanwhile i've not even noticed it cuz it's the default resolution i watch in

Patrick McMahon

Lol senate presidents don’t normally say “the chair recognizes”...


Frank Underwood is a reptilian, look at his eyes in 1:21

c L

I’m so confused by this scene. Why were they arrested?

Aaryan M

What exactly happened?

Prince Pieri

Wow I’ve been craving to watch this scene and google read my mind and recommend me this . How?!

Oishii Kudasai

Vice president: I am the Senate
Roll call

alice brus

Hi there!! 240p we meet again

Neelansh Guptaa

This show went to the gutter when they decided to make Claire the Vice President. Only thing that kept it from being total shit then was Kevin Spacey but season 6 took care of that too.


All the proof you need that this was a TV show just made to show how awesome Frank Underwood (and by extension, Kevin Spacey) is. Boring.


Can someone explain why the losing party left instead of staying? What is the benefit of it?

Matthew Pepper

The sound of defeat in their voices when they say "may". Perfect ?

Pong Lenis

I didn’t understand fully what happened. May somebody explain? All i know is frank took his place as the leader of the senate since he is the Vice President

Chester Ming

Every scene with Kevin is better than the season 6 political correctness bullshit. I like to think Kevin Spacey’s scandal is the real house of cards ending.

The 40K Gentleman

Bruh why is Irons from advanced warfare in Congress bruh


God if it only worked like this

François de Barquin

Who's here after the assault of Capitol ?

Teodor Petakovic

I guess this is Advanced warfare 2.1

Kwan Hopkins

It was strange to me that they used the names of some Senators in office at the time. Like Wyden, Whitehouse, and Wicker.

Kyle Specter

What Trump failed to do

Dr Nick

Ah the Senate. About the one place the VP has power

Twentin Karantino

Ultra HD: exist
240p: I'm absolute


He was a mean son of a bitch


What an absolute waste of a great show. Truly sad what Kevin Spacey did and even worse how they ended this show.

Game How You Like

House of cards had a train wreck final season before game of thrones.

Garcia dany

The way he spoke to the camera..

Imme Dekker

'Storms congress' got a whole different meaning in 2021...