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Cuphead Developers React to 23 Minute Speedrun

5 294 082 views | 4 Apr. 2020

Ride along with both Chad

Ride along with both Chad and Jared Moldenhauer as they watch and react to SBDWolf's incredible 'All Bosses' speedrun of their game.

Check out more from speedrunner SBDWolf here:




why everybody sound like batman?

Nathaniel Campbell

Is it just me or do both of these people sound VERY congested like are you guys ok?

Sarah A

When a speedrun of the whole game is shorter than Dean Takahashi doing the tutorial + first level.


Beats the Robot in 14 secs crazy!
That one gave me hell

Lil Man


Carson Walker

These developers seem so chill


The fact that the music is edited in and just cuts out every time it changes, there's no SFX and how Isle 3's music is Isle 2's is messing with my mind a lot.



Legendary Beatz [Prod.]

Why are they essentially whispering towards the end

Olivier Timothy Hotmagabe Siagian 2066001

Baroness Von Bon Bon boss last stage:"COME ON HOUSE MARCH INTO-"
Cuphead:" :V "

Gutz Phantome

If you ever played cuphead you know how scary this video is

Diego Ramirez

Speed runs are op


Amazing run! I don’t really watch cuphead runs, so can someone help explain why the runner is allowed to pause the time at certain parts? Thanks!

Devil! ;3

Chad and Jared Moldenhauer: So how long do you think it'll take for you to speed run Cuphead?

SBDWolf: Yes

Colin _

This game is ridiculously hard ?

Bentley Evans

I love cup head

Daniel Hetterle

I would love to play cuphead, but i cant because it includes
"The Devil"
And my mom doesnt like that.

stab crab

when collecting souls for the devil is on your to-do list but ain't your whole day

Small Childe


Jack Pettigrew

Studio asmr


Watching someone make a mockery of a game that I can't even get close to completing is a painful experience. Even more so because I love the art style and music in this game


Why is their asmr


the monkey is the most glitched boss in the game, trust me, it's very rare to do a fight without him getting a glitch, like going off-screen, or he remains stuck in the attack animation, and other glitchs

Laurids Bach skøtt

These two are so chill to listen to


Question for devs why did you nerf the weapon swap?


They sound like they're both on the toilet


One these guys literally talks like a volus from mass effect lmao

Jijumon M

The devs are going out of their way to not offend the speed running community. They keep using certain words which could be construed as negative, and then immediately correct themselves. Nice devs ?

Marek Mísař

dat rly felt like 5 minutes

Snack pack

Props to the art director for this game. This entire game was a joy to explore

50 подписчиков без видео


Nux Taku

Asmr reaction

Chu Phu

I need boy friend????

Whiterice speedruns

I cant even beat the first level

Goodamac The second

This one was by far the coolest to listen to, you devs rock and your knowledge in your game is so cool you know what’s happening and can explain most of it is amazing


Class starts in 25 minutes
This guy: Yeah, I've got time to beat Cuphead.

Lord Cheezburjer

Easy speedrun for devil boss:
-Click “yes”


This guy beats Kahl's Robot in 14 seconds. I beat Kahl's Robot in 5 hours. WoW!

Sarah A

Man I love this ASMR.

Fishy Tishy

Why is it SOOO LOUD?!?!

The meme bean

I’m sorry but I hate how dead and monotone they sound

אורי כהן

They got all this money from cuphead but cant buy a normal microphone

Clцb Barиасle

You would be able to enjoy the game more if you took your time!!!!!

Theresa McLean

Omg the creators of cuphead ahhh
I love cuphead I play it fore 7 hours

Berat ertaş

Game is hard but not that hard guys.


Do these glitches still work?

[email protected]

And my suspicions have been confirmed that you can make damage to a boss earlier than the final phase! Each segment of the bosses should have its separate health instead i believe,though im pretty sure now with the release of this game in all platforms you already patched it!

The Dangerous Burger

The lip smacking ?

jayden alarie

I think the time is longer cuz if you look at the time it stops often and my guess it’s prob 2 m longer

Brody Ruberti

I remember getting so mad at the clown boss I first tried the entire second world

Muhammad Hassan

"going trough Devs mind" I'm patching this tonight

Lord Mexican

Watching this 9 months later still waiting for Cuphead DLC :(


How the heck is king dice voiced by a lady


Helpful glitch get exploited on video? Possibly makes the game more fun?

Other Devs: Patch it N O W
These two: Woah that's so cool!


Булка будет в шоке))

Eddsworld Season 2

no one want my andriod to speed run


I really admire the Cuphead Dev's after this, they are so part of the culture. It show's in both the game and their reaction here. "Bravo" :)


It’s honestly sad on the original video most people are just like “Why would you speedrun this insanely difficult game? Go find an easier spredrunning game!”

Barely anyone actually respects their efforts and some take it as offence to them being bad at the game

Game Care

That glitch at 24:26, is that still in the latest version? Can't seem to get it to 'work'.

happy goose

Hmmm (cala)mariah
Why is our family name in there


wow SBDWolf is impressive at this game I only got past the first run and gun level

Davidgaming Gallegos

Imma be honest with y’all with my internet the speedrun is more like an hour

Henri Emond

Man I love how much humility the devs have to be tickled by glitches and unintended tech discovered by speedrunners rather than being pissed by it


“Huh. Just sit right there.”
He says while speaking right into the mic.


Damn. It takes me 23 minutes to finish the first 3 bosses!

Yeni Oyuncu



The bee fight took me an hour and a half wtf

SamSam Cheesestick

Why are they using an ASMR mic for this?


I would appreciate not hearing absolutely every sound in their mouth. Glad to know they’re hydrated though.

Brandon van den Akker

way to close to the microphone

בלכר יהונתן

King dice: hey devil, remember this kid we sent to the longest quest of his life 20 minutes ago?
well, he's here.

Jacob Oswald

I love how much the devs love the speed run

Cool Thaid X

I wonder if there's actually one main person for this channel or if it's just all these game designers their least has to be one of the game designers that starred in most of these

GlowEye Gaming

Am i the only one who thinks they were sick in this video???


Thanks IGN for featuring my run, and thanks to Chad, Jared and the rest of MDHR for this amazing creation. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I'm looking forward to the DLC :)


Beats dr.kahls robot in 14 seconds

Game: Ehh, you get a C

Matthew Witek

This is a prime example of why not all commentaries should have high quality mics.

Jason Foster

Shoot I played this game about 3 hours and hung it up. Far too frustrating for me.

Christopher Robin

If the 1950's had the technology of today, these are the titles that would have been made.



Kryptic Kitty

Alternate Title: Cuphead game developers getting embarrassed because of how many glitches were in their game

Le egg is good

Other games :WTF THEY DOIN cuphead:cool he using our glitch

Noah Padayao

It took me 8 hours to beat Dr. Kahl ?

Matthew X bro

If you crouch up and down you the onion will not cry


Vamos gamesquare

[email protected]

Next time try not put so many glitches inside!

SammyPoops :D

One of the guys mics are so close to their face lol

Alex Sama

Por favor, no esteis hablandole al microfono como si lo tuvierais en la boca, es jodidamente desagradable, mas cuando opaca tanto al volumen del juego, he tenido que ver el video sin sonido de lo desagradable que era, pero gg

Star Boii

Speedrunner: Finishes boss in a 30 seconds
Game: B-


Listening to the game developer commentary is testament that you can be as awkward as you want to be in the VG industry and still be successful; the one guy actually used "twas" in a sentence

Lean KidGaming

When your 30 minute speed trial is about to end

Luis-Miguel Correa

So what did you do today?
"Nap... you?"
"..... beat CUPHEAD?"

............... well then...

Jack Cottrgan


A Little Birdy

how they just destroy all the bosses
like i looked awau for 6 seconds and cagney was dead

Naza 21

I love these guys

dreamwastaken fan

Me who is stuck on the bee boss: ?

Leinad Zehcnas

does every trick in this run still work? I just want to try a few. Definitely not actually try to speedrun. It'd be impossible for me.


This devs be like: "So we tried to create a few glitches to help out the speedrunners, but they found a hundred more glitches, which was uh... expected"

Alec Dj

Did he skip some bosses on island 2 because I think I remember way more on that one :/

Moose Mabel

Art director: I Basically make sure the hard work people put in is approved by someone who cant actually produce.

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AiPhile ,

Thanks bro <3

Hamza Shah

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Hope your doing well
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Capital STEEZ - Free The Robots (Official Video)

11 729 006 views | 12 Sep. 2012

Pro Era's Capital Steez

Pro Era's Capital Steez drops the visual for "free the robots" off his highly dope & overlooked Ak47 project (http://bit.ly/HwRHTt) which is being rereleased with 6 bonus tracks on 10.10.12 . GoodTalk - Jonnyshipes

Directed by: www.KRSP.com


Purchase Summer Knights Ep now on itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/summer-knights/id722934763

Purchase "Waves" on itunes now -https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wav...

Download #SummerKnights here http://tinyurl.com/mhy63m9

Download #1999 here http://theproera.com/music/joey-badass-1999/

Download Pro era PEEP http://theproera.com/music/pro-era-peep-the-aprocalypse/

Download Thee Way eye See it http://theewayeyesee.it


shop - http://shop.theproera.com

shop - http://shop.thesmokersclub.com

Follow PRO ERA on twitter:


"Like" Pro Era on Facebook:


Pro Era Tumblr: http://proera.tumblr.com

Pro Era Instagram: http://instagram.com/proera47

Pro Era Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/proeraradio

Cinematic Music Group

Charlie Granados



I love that 2011 line ??
Because I feel like that was the last year we were truly ourselves. Idk but I felt like 2012 and beyond so much became shitty. (Personally friends) family, just so much


His look at the end when he is on the screen is kind of bothersome. He knew what he was doing when he made this video.


Steez was tryna warn us

// AMG //

Steez would have outgrown,
outshined Joey,
Von would have gotten more colossal than Durk
Such greatness would build up slowly

Most of us know it don't we?


xxx watched this

Jacob Quick

"mom told me I should let the lord handle it, the arm of the law is trying to man handle us"


Idk, but STEEZ' vision turned out prophetic. Know Peace !

Raymond Ram

Reptilians trying to read my mind.

Dante Kechroud

I am a changed man after listening to this. He was above all of us 8 years ago

Facts Villain

Holy shit.....


He didn’t kill himself , he was way to wise , wake , & powerful and some of the people closed to him didn’t like that . R.I.P ?

Toka Benzo

2021 any 1?

Slim Times .L.L.C

DAmmm he said I lost my father figure because of that......I never heard of sun until today he was most definitely different.......✌?...

The Isolated One

This song makes me feel its was dropped just yesterday

Nikki Chartrand

Boost look innocent money got no thief mask goood and mad sketchy but can’t see face emt whines camera no watch

Matt Pennington

Very trippy video! RIP ?


The railroad wants to know your address

Joni boi

January 20

Nikki Chartrand

Dab breach link can’t come can gfs drink sip


Steez Beyond an Average Mind!

Carlmeeka Jervey

Wow,he [email protected] rapper!dang-RIP

Christian Claunch

He was too smart for this life he figured it out he’s saw the end of the movie R.I.P Big brother


Steez was ahead of his time.

Nikki Chartrand

Lainey hear see dab annoy shot loud ugly nik

The Pickle

Wow the power of this and how its still playing out this fd up world..He is woke in this song and video



Eddie Jimenez

Rest in peace i still don’t believe you killed yourself they must’ve done it ?

Acab 47

I lost my father figure because of that'

Nikki Chartrand

Jacket auntie change I wanna Theo gamble play now casino dance tonmauic boo slots play now

Nikki Chartrand

Theo feed cat drink

S̶X̶D̶ S̶C̶X̶M̶『スカム』

i suck, i just found this brethren. better late than never. ???

brooke haws

Prepare yourself guys it's 2021 and the earth looks like it is fed up with our s***

WeedTalk 207

Yeah man I feel this. Again..


This will for ever choke me up. Such brilliance.

cleevage much

he ain't take no suicide, they got him

KWAhu Sentenne

It’s a shame that they sacrificed my G

Dylan Kars

Whats the opposite of laughter? Slaughter. Laughing now?

Nikki Chartrand

Big Lee drop dab dishes get dirty tags ruin money tombs tho no box tags drink drink change chante ask 20 two




The pioneer to the spiritual movement

Winters Mill

It’s 2021 and this only has 11 million view’s.... that makes me sad as fuck that more people don’t know about this man... rip king, you were the fucking greatest and the wisest.

Nikki Chartrand

Drunk high was vibe dis

roscoe pain

dear diary, what a day its been.


? from da313

London Fn

2021 and still interested in what Steez had to say.. wish things were different, he had so much to teach the world/our people, not saying what he did teach us wasn't enough but just imagine a 28 year old Steez now. I feel like he had the potential to change everything! Jamal always gonna be a legend in my eyes #LongliveSteelo

""instead of sticking up for each other, were picking up guns and sticking up our brothers" - like imagine having this mindset at the age of 19 living in the "big apple" - he was truly gifted.

p.s Still waiting on King Capital; been waiting nearly 10 years DROP THAT PRO ERA! what's the hold up?


Masta Ace-Dear Diary!!


Stay woke ??? the goat ! But we all are


People keep on saying it's scary how this is still relevant.. nothing changes, it was relevant 20 years before its release and will be relevant in 20 years time. That's no shock really

young boss

Crazy how this man was such a head of his time lmao wow



Adil Bajwa



It's good to come back to this every now and then

Jesse Warren

So Im not the only person re-visiting this right now with my jaw on the floor?


What a year its been

MuzzyThe King

I have a feeling somebody killed him...

King Benny Garcia

Vro... I just realized his name has gone over my head for years...
Captial STEEZ
"STEEZ" is always capitalized cause its an acronym
Guy is a genius

MalcolmMafia092 _

So the majority of his fans, do you guys believe that he either was set up and killed or he’s not even dead. What do y’all think? I think he was set up and killed bc he’s was too much of a positive influence on the world. Higher ups definitely do not like that

Zanco Labuschagne

Convinced pro era is a tribe called quest currated artists YouTube channel

Miguel Angel


Guava Grape

We should see the signs, but we steevy blind!

Pharaoh 2047 Anubis

2047 is in affect to infect the minds of the times with rhymes breaking spells in time not yet in our time...??frequency

DieHappy Jonny

Damn bro, I love you and miss you. Eye’ll see you in the next lifetime king


Rip 4747 pro era baby

Jay Swerve

The Masonic Reptilian Illuminati control this matrix that we live in! Jesus Christ is the only way out of this never ending maze. Tribulations are nigh!


This song woke me up

Josh Larsen

Damn this is making me feel nostalgic

Live Life


Unknown Stranger

I feel like Capital Steez didn’t commit suicide but was killed for trying to wake up people up like the song is called free the robots everyone is this matrix is a robot maybe he was killed why would he kill him self because he felt left out of ?

safaro aware


Tony Taino

Classic!!!.rip my bro.song will be relevant for a long time.

Aye Nice

Steez was ahead of this time


Maseratii .D

We all need to wake up , and stand together . We shouldn’t be afraid of the government they should be afraid of us

Melvin Tejera

One of my favorite songs of all time ???. RIP Steez forever missed legend ?.

Zotha Buthelezi


Bigg Fortyy

Yall think yall know thats funny

Tim Hansen

Why is there no steezy on Spotify... Where is his unreleased music...? ;((( Rip

Shaun Ingwane

This man was a Genius.


2021 still miss u nigga

OEuronymousO One


Young King Beams

This why he died


"THE WIDELY ACCEPTED STORY is that Courtney ‘Jamal’ Dewar committed suicide by jumping off the Cinematic Music Building in Manhattan on 23.12.12 – which equals 47, the rapper’s favourite number. None of the city’s newspapers reported his death. As a result of inconsistent stories and a lack of police intelligence, confusion surrounds the heart-breaking event for the Dewar family. In a 2013 interview with Fader, an anonymous member of Pro Era said, “STEEZ told some of the Pros that he was thinking of killing himself by jumping off the building where Cinematic had its offices.” Dirty Sanchez a close friend of the late rapper recalled, “Nothing was working. Nothing. It was like too late. He made up his mind already.”

Tamara Dewar, the eldest of Jamal’s three sisters, was confused by the official story, “We questioned what had happened on the night that my brother died. We heard ten different stories from the time that he went missing to the time he was pronounced dead. The first person who came to our house was T’Nah, she came to ask if Jamal was there.

Then Rokamouth and Dirty Sanchez show up and my mom tells them, ‘no, he’s not here’. Dirty told my mom that Jamal was missing after leaving the studio upset, but they don’t know where he went. They believed he went to Prospect Park. My sister and her boyfriend at the time ran to Prospect, by the time they get there, Joey [Badass] and CJ [Fly] are there. Soon after, the police came to tell my mom that her son was dead.”

Tam regretfully recalled, “Cinematic Building? How the hell did he get up to the top of a building with a doorman, unseen? It’s such a busy place in New York. There are cameras everywhere, no one could show us anything. When we went to get camera footage, they denied us without a private investigator. I ordered a police report and it was all blacked out. Then we were told we could not see the body and were not allowed an open casket. We could not have our final moments, I do not understand that. The story just got stranger and stranger. That day at midnight, nobody saw anything. We just got the Twitter message, ‘The End’."

Ervin Arlington

He was killed because his messages were the truth and had the capability to help understand reality for what it is , not for what THEY paint it as


he literally ascended

Bay Area Native

A sacrifice. Joey a sssssssnake

Flash Thompson

The classic white vs black scheme serving satan

Anonymouz Codez

??????????????????????????Rest in Power Capital Steez

Izzy Sivels

Imagine how different the world would be if this had as many views as whoopty

Edgar Tzul

Only 19 and had all this knowledge

Nikki Chartrand

Disk to mean cen Greta night went embed hard easy

Music Man

It's so messed up how many times I had to watch this video over these years and just started to appreciate it now, I couldn't grasp as a twelve-year-old how much this world would get worse with every year... Your message was not forgotten Steez, peace from Serbia...


still the GOAT!

tyrell stro

Timeless musix

Joseph Kanja

2021 I'm Still here rip?


He stole this video not original at all

Nikki Chartrand

Thx song all singing thx auto correct good bad

Antonio Centeno

Quarantine song. So miserable 11 months


I’m here bcuz of vontoocut


this is the way I think and see shit everyday.. Drives you fuckin crazy bro.. R.I.P. Steelo

BNC47 Bianca

Capital Steez Lives Forever ♾