What is an erc20 token

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What is an ERC20 Token?

97 views | 5 Jun. 2018

What is an ERC20

What is an ERC20 Token? In this video we explain what an ERC20 token is. We share two examples that demonstrate the importance of having some standard code for new tokens.

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Foulianna FouaGraf

Hi! Thanks for this video, I should have seen it before creating my first ERC-20 token in my Coinomi wallet, that brings me to my questions: I've misspelled the token's symbol (I know, I should be more careful...) and now I'm not able to remove it. Q1: does that mean that I'm not able to use this address for any transaction (meaning is useless) ? Q2 Can I create another one, correctly this time?

What is an erc20 token

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Blockchain on the Block: What is an ERC20 Token?

566 views | 24 Jul. 2017

The topic of ERC20 tokens

The topic of ERC20 tokens has been coming up a lot lately. In this episode we'll explain what an ERC20 token is and some of the standards it follows. To learn more about all things blockchain visit blockmatics.tech

What is an erc20 token

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Tutorial: What is an ERC 20 TOKEN and create your own! - George Levy

29 797 views | 1 Mar. 2018

https://GeorgeLevy.com/Free presents:

In this video, I answer a question from one of the students of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals in-person course from Blockchain Institute of Technology.

The question is:

What is an ERC-20 Token?

In the video, I explain exactly what an ERC-20 token is, why they are so popular and I show you exactly how you can create your very own ERC-20 token.


You can find the open source code used in the example which you can simply copy, modify and paste at the following link:

Tutorial: Create an ERC-20 Token


NOTE: Remix.Ethereum.Org has made some adjustments in the latest versions of the Solidity compilers and as a result you may come across an error when you compile the code. To get around this issue, select an earlier version of the compiler, preferably 0.4.24+commit.e67f0147.Emscripten.clang or earlier.

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King Kobby

Hi Thanks for the great tutorial. I have been able to deploy the contract and added the token in my metamask wallet but the balance is showing zero instead of a 1000, how do I fix this?

zeeshan sadi

Hi George I really have doubts on how to determine the value of my token.

Dmitry Solotiov

That remix site isn't working

Franky Nakamoto

Is it possible to make an Ethereum Token that can work as a wallet address for other cryptocoins?
For example, an ethereum token that is fully compatible with TurtleCoin, and that we could send TurtleCoins to the Ethereum token address and be deposited and detected as tokens.


hey George Great video very informative and well explained. I was curious as to the when i wnt to transfer my coin to the metamask where should i look up the address to find my Coin in Metamask.

bhemeswararao ankireddy

you are great george

Pecki Kfi


Philihp Busby

Video starts at 0:57

Stooge Tube Mix bag

The hilarious part is it’s suppose to be easy . This isn’t fast and easy at all . I get it but this is why erc20 will never have a push in the real world for everyone . I had to watch it 3 times to go ahead with my own erc20

Fast John

I mean how do I sell in on ico

Christopher Vanderhorst

Receiving Error: "sha3" has been deprecated in favour of "keccak256" (last line of your code) Solution?

Fast John

Great... Thanks.

But how do I set it to public offering

Blockchain in our world

Thank the author for the interesting information! This address (0x1b0c1a5046135f75b4902a1996dd0854b1397d11) is a collection of the ERC tokens of our team. We are pleased to accept to the collection several of your new tokens, which we will keep for history.

TravelMasterz Inc.

Well done Good Support system thanks

Get together

Really great .I felt like programmer. I need some more explanation in this subject. Plz enrich us with knowledge.

Ken Yang

How does a real token get its actual value worth?

wp buzz

hi really need ur help can compile !!!!!!!

Asad Baig

Can you please help because I am getting about 16 error's followed your instruction to tooth & nail details

Ben Rubber

hello sir good morning, i watch and follow your video, when i have done everything and run it after the contract is created then i paste to my wallet the address my token i Zero sir. what should i do for this sir, thank you hoping that you can help me with this test sir


Hey George! Can you make a video how to make a token that can be listed on an exchange please.


Why does it have to be a token. im just wondering if I want to make a coin not token? Would it be a similar process or more coding?

Xtra Miles

Thank you for your Commitment and Passion. Keep it up.

As if

but u didn't shown Smart Contract Code Verification. Incomplete Tutorial !


Do tokens benefit the coin in any way? For example would more tokens created through ethereum raise the value of Ethereum?

BooBsky Channel

I want to try this. but I want to know how safe it is and if that person can hack it.
I'm afraid of this. besides, do you have to pay more eth if you make more coins, for example the difference of 1000 or 1000000? how do I get this on a site for an exchange or that this can be used on coinmarket cap etc ... I would like to know how this works.

Vince Ilardi

Thank you George....wonderful video...much appreciated Brother!

aka Action #NaKaMotoUnity

Thank you for vid! I am working on tokenizing a song and need all the help I can get. ?? I am a musician not a computer guy so this was very helpful. ?? I will be looking forward to future vids and any advise you can give would be appreciated! Action316.com?


i;m getting error - string public version = ‘H1.0’; //human 0.1 standard. Just an arbitrary versioning scheme ( this part )

Judy LaMont

Great job on the video and I have watched several today with yours being the very best. Judy

Ted Mason

Great info . . but the way the world chooses words now drives me crazy. I think everyone after 1990 fell asleep in English class. The host said, "In this video we are going to show you 'What is an erc20 token'. The host should have said, "In this video we are going to show you what an erc20 token is." Help me now!

Ryan Blum

shitty quality

Valerio Auguste

Thank you George! It is an amazing video.


I tried and I don't find any tokens on the address and I don't find my token on Etherscan Ropsten test network

Rondo Monstercash

To start an ERC 20 Token and put it out there for the public...lets say 100,000,000 coins at .20 cents to start. What would be my total cost to do this?


Will this work on the mainnet and are there other steps i need to follow to allow my tokens to be put on a DEX?

Martin Kendrik

very nice video, thanks

R London

So I followed the instructions and wrote the contract and deployed it on the Test Network then on the Main Ethereum Network but on Etherscan its saying that the total supply of my ERC20 is 100 yet I selected a supply of 10,000,000,000 in the contract... ???? =/ =/
Is this because i didn't yet update verify my contract code source with Etherscan yet?
Or how do i change this?? I'll be sitting at my laptop all day trying to figure this out Please Help!!!


I'm following your instruction in every step, but unable to run, may be some thing wrong with computer... I'd tried many tutorials.

bhemeswararao ankireddy

browser/ut token.sol:235:42: TypeError: "sha3" has been deprecated in favour of "keccak256"
if(!_spender.call(bytes4(bytes32(sha3("receiveApproval(address,uint256,address,bytes)"))), msg.sender, _value, this, _extraData)) { throw; }

bhemeswararao ankireddy

hii george levy your explanation awesome i want to become a blockchain developer, please give me the how to reach my goal

Ali Lashini

Can I edit the decimals after the token is creation ?
I have created my token and now I want to change the decimals


Wow, what a great video. Thank you for moving at a good speed and very clear.

Ashraf Moussa

Any regulations ? If I'm in u.s if I want to release a ico

Isabel Beebe

Thank you for your explanation!

Keema Farrow

Hello, If I created my own token, are there any fees involve to actually exchange on the stock market, and also should I just have someone create it for Me?

Myanmar Tiktok Girls

how can create instant wallet transaction in own ERC20 ICO

Wincom Solution

Hi let's work together

str ui

Cannot create an account: Not running in personal mode ?? why?


how did yo setup ether in the test network?


10 times I watched it. Great job.

ahsan rahim

Great presentation George. Just loved it!

Amitansu Patnaik

Liked the video, learnt it as well.Thanks George.

Crypto Idiot

im trying to create in the run tab but the only option it keeps giving me is deploy .... so i tried deploy just for the hell of it and I got a contract yet no token information in there whatsoever. Is there a way to just reset it so the create button pops up ?

Marcus Bain

Why would Etherscan show 0 addresses for the 'holders' field? Is this because the transaction is happening in a test network?

Hãçkîñg Mãstér

Give me a video how can I make erc20 token & it can be exchange able

ahsan rahim

The cut and past was not legible. Can let me know what was the script you copy-pasted on Remix?

Ben Rubber

Good morning sir George, i change the decimal to 18 but after i run and deploy the token is zero sir, what should i do? because i want to have 18 decimal on it like ethereum, but when i try again and stay in the decimal into Zero, i get the amount of token created sir, how can i make 18 decimal on that code there is i need to change in the code? hope you can help me sir thank you.

Don Mon

Thank you George! But why can I not send tokens on my second address? It gives me an error of "Out of gas". Wonder if you could help