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Jaipur Shopping | Best Places with Prices

4 421 380 views | 6 Dec. 2017

Jaipur Playlist

Jaipur Playlist :-

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Jaipur Shopping -


Jaipur Food | Best Places -


Jaipur Food | Rajasthani Thali -



This video is a complete guide for shopping in Jaipur.

It covers iconic markets like Johri Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Badi Choupad and Hawa Mahal.

It gives you all a glimpse of all the famous specialities of Jaipur.

Be it jaipuri razai, handblock bed sheets, handicrafts, cloths, bangles, bags, Safa and much more.....

Everything has been shown and described with prices in Hindi.

Hope you like my video, subscribe for more.

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Shoel Khan

Kya ap jaipur main rheti ho

Sonam Sain

Vishakha in chhoti Bahu serial

Kavita Patil

Hii mam redymed dress ke shop ki video banaye

Anu Dwivedi

My favorite place is jaipur

Adrija chaudhuri

Too good video.And ur cute smiling face is just like the cherry on a cake. How is the weather of Jaipur in the mid October? Can u tell me? Is it scorching heat in the noon time? Actually I had a tour plan during this durga puja in jaipur. As I'm Bengali Durga puja is the only long vacation for us.But in this year that plan got cancelled due to covid 19.So I want to go in the next year.Will u please help me? As I Will go with my senior citizens parents.

Sumita Sharma

Mam I like your video ??❤️

Happy Life nature lover

Going next week.. thank you dear.... For this vedio....❤️

meera.bhargava bargava

Jaipur is best because I live in Jaipur

Parveen Kaur

Choti bahu ?

Avanthypriya life vlog


Laxmi Priya S.V.

Radhekrishna....nice daa

meen queen

Nice viedo

Daphne Hoeg

Thanks for sharing this helpful video, I purchased the wonderful product from replicaclubs..ru last week

Shuvam Pannu

Best vlog

Salim Khan


Mayuri Choudhury

She is vishakha from chooti bahu .

Vishram Meena meena

My home Jaipur ?

kirtika Sahani


Nishtha Dubey

Ek ye priyanka ji
Aur ek crazy priyanka vlog ki priyanka ji dono great hai
Mai dono ke vlog,s ki fan hu??

Kalpana Dhakare

Earrings ka price kitna h behen...?

Lalita Singh's

no makeup

Harshita Panthwal

Great vlog!! I am planning for a jaipur trip. Please let me know the best place for buying a saare in Jaipur or Udaipur.

Sharma anju Sharma


suhane rang lucknow

Ap TV serial kyu Nahi krti

thamarai selvi

My fav place Jaipur ❤️

Monika Roshan

D plz shop ki detail with contact description me likh diya kro very important for your viewers

Ritu zone


777 Devine world light

App vhi Ho kya didi choti bahu serial m ata thi... Radhika Dev

Ajay devar Ajay devar

Very very colorful super....

Shyam Pardeshi

Ham bi 2. Sal pehele gay the

Arjun Lal

Mara mama Jaipur Rajasthan ma rata ha hava Mahal ka Samna market ha Purana langa bhi milta ha

deepak sidara

Nice city Jai pur

Jai Prakash

Please danapur street food

Total dynamic Army

Hlw priyanka kya tum mujhe phir reply or heart dogi

bharath raj B N

Mam one question living Jaipur which village come 6km

Riddhima princess

Please do 50 rupees challenge

sunita chaudhary

Didi jaipur me sbse ssta bajar konsa he plzz btaiye

The PeAcoCk's WorLd

U r soo beautiful ❤❤?

Village Life Movies

Online Shopping Hy Kia Razaian

harsh rai

Can you please mention address of this market

Shama Parveen

Mam hmare rajsthan shri ganga nagar bhii aaiye ..yaha k andh vidiyale ka vlog bnaiye ..pls most welcome mam

Kusum Yadav

Oyyyyyy aap marid or not please reply

Firdose Fatma

Umbrella is so beautiful ?

tassel decoration

truck decoration ladkan available 8800801219

Priyanka Tiwari

Please Subscribe to my New Vlog Channel ?? ?

dd pp

U did a great job.. ? really helpful..


Baut sunder hai jaipur city dreem city

Madhamshetty Sreelakshmi

Thank you for showing all the shops near hawa mahal

Padmini Series

Ghar se bedakhl hu sadi krlo mujhse
Paise nhi kma pata tum to kumati ho


Ma'am vo bags ki shop konsi thi?? And vo umbrella ki

Priya Khichi

Is video me aap ka mood of kyu hai aap haste hue badi hi cute lagti ho I love this your more videos and thanks for Jaipur shopping blog❤️

Heena jannar

Priyanka ji aap please makeup shopping ki video banaiyena

nasreen. mansuri

Can we go jaipur from ajmer in one day return .


800 wali apne punjab se pure laither ki400only

Dilip Kadam

Good information madam. I am Maharastrian. Nice Rajastan state.

Chhaya R Shinde

Love you

Neet Aspirant 2020

Didi u miss here famous kanji vada at tripolia market ?

Shweta Dutta

Is this girl vishakha from serial chhoti bahu?

Bhavna Khanna

Are you the vishakha of chhoti bahu i've seen you onscreen please make videos of how to becone and actress

Rimanshi Rajput

I love jaipur and your all vlog are good
Thank for making this vlog


maim aap kya akele ghumne jati ho. Humlogo ko parents allow nhi krte h.


So sweet love you

Mohammed Akbar Ahmed

Di your this shopping vlog is wow ???
Currently am in Jaipur ❤️???
Lots of love di ❤️❤️???✨✨

huzurul hasan

Hello mam i love your videoes agli baar me bhi jaungi ❤?

Mantasha Pathan

Very beautiful place Jaipur thanks didi nice video

Jaya Kasireddi

Excellent and no words ????. Please mention and show that clear pics and price on that items. God bless you lot and keep it up???

Varsha Singh

I like your haircut,please tell the name of your hair cut

Ranjan Kumar

Hi Priyanka diRubina Khatun ka please WhatsApp number dijiye Agar Nahi Dena Tu Na Kar ki ji

Salman Mehmood

So cute of you

Zubia Zubia Javed

Aapne kya kya kharida ye bataya hi nahi

Loma Parmar

Very nice like me

Divya Sharma

You did a serial called choti bahu why did you leave that and doing this

Suhani Sharma

Please do ajmer shopping best places with prices


Hi Maine apka choti bahu tv serial dekha Aur apka kaam bahut pasand Aya thaa vishakha

Astha Malik

Hi di me bhi jaipur me rahati ho

Varsha Singh

Wow di ye mera dreams aap khuli aankho se dekha di thanku so much?????

Shweta Koirala

U look mamta kulkarni ?

Siddharth soni Siddharth soni

Aap bahut batamije he

Amruta Jade

Jaipur is the best city for shopping

Alpana Niha

Where is Jaipur?In which State?

Anju B Tripathi music club

Plz gv me the whtsup mob no?

Sanju Sahu

Priyanka didi I am in 4 th and I m 10 years old I like your videos very much every day I see all your videos again and again

Neha Sharma

Are you graduated from banasthali Vidyapith?

suhrud parikh

It's lovely I love when people show care for othes city

suraj vlogs sidhi

So nice video

Kumar Somi


Paramjit Singh

I also have puppet at my home

Jeff Sied

Aap Bahot Nice Lagte Hai Priyanka Ji

Anita Shal


Paarkavi M

Hi Priyanka sis..am watching ur video for the first time nd i love d way u explained
Love from Chennai❤

Study With Khushboo

Aap chhoti bahu serial killer bisakha hi kya

Rubina Khan

Ap please Jaipur m dulhne jewelry nakli. Jo dulhne phnte h unki video bnana

Paarkavi M

Hi Priyanka sis..am watching ur video for the first time nd i love d way u explained
Love from Chennai❤

Anushka Srivastava

Very nice

Cave Warrior

Here in swat Pakistan the key chain price is Rs 100 ...and Pakistani rupees is twice as Indian.

y b

U cover every special things of jaipur.really appreciate u?❤

Mansha Hacks

Please dii Bikaner me shopping kijiye

nasreen. mansuri

Hii ..please tell do we need tour guider when we go jaipur from ajmer ..and how to go pls guide..

Miles On Rubber

Started this youtube channel MilesOnRubber , inspired by you! Did Bangalore to Rajasthan roadtrip. Cinematic andaaz mein vlog... do check it out Rajasthan ke doston... ?

Travel Days Tales

Jaipur shopping market is awesome... so colorful..one can not resist to buy ??..nice vlog ??

Pink markets

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Pink Sheet OTC Markets

7 242 views | 8 May. 2015

Pink Sheet OTC Markets-

Pink Sheet OTC Markets- Today I am continuing my discussion on the OTC Pink marketplace and quotation criteria. The OTC Pink, which includes the highest-risk, highly speculative securities, is further divided into three tiers: Current Information, Limited Information and No Information, based on the level of disclosure and public information made available by the company either through the SEC or posted on OTC Markets. There are no qualitative standards beyond disclosure for OTC Pink companies, which include companies in all stages of development as well as shell and blank check entities.

I have already discussed the current information and limited information levels of OTC Pink. Companies with No Information status on OTC Markets are generally delineated by a “stop” sign and do not provide any current or updated reliable public disclosure.

There are a couple additional OTC Market designations to be made aware of. The first is caveat emptor. Companies with a Caveat Emptor designation on OTC Markets are delineated with a skull and crossbones sign. These companies have raised concerns such as improper or misleading disclosures, spam campaigns, questionable stock promotion, investigation of fraudulent or other criminal activity, regulatory suspensions or disruptive corporate actions. While labeled with a skull and crossbones, a company that does not have Current Information or is not on the OTCQB will have its quote blocked on the OTC Markets website.

As an experienced OTC Attorney I can confidently state that details determine diligence and the best way to deal with a Caveat Emptor designation is not to incur one to begin with. It is imperative that Pink Sheet Companies operate with crystal clear transparency and strict adherence to all regulatory responsibilities.

Companies labeled as Other OTC or Grey Market are delineated by a grey yield sign. These companies do not have a current 15c2-11 and are not eligible for quotation by a market maker or broker-dealer until such time as a 15c2-11 application is made with and accepted by FINRA. Pink Sheet OTC Markets.

Laura Anthony, Esq.

Founding Partner

Legal & Compliance LLC.

330 Clematis Street, Ste. 217

West Palm Beach, FL 33401


Toll Free: (800) 341-2684 FREE

Local: (561) 514-0936


[email protected] #LawCast

Elissa garcia

I want to sell my company shares how do ibget inro it

Jonathan Diaz

How does one market it share

Pink markets

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4 More OTC Stocks for Your Watchlist

4 712 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Follow me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/picks_monster

Join the Discord chat: https://discord.gg/QNkG2Mky8R

Webull sign-up link for up to four free stocks and stocks for the small account featured in the small account challenge:





Remember: I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence. Consult a financial advisor before making any decisions.










Steven Mosgin

People sure would have done well with your OTC video of SIRC SSFT and TSNP. You can’t evaluate every stock in the OTC but I like Lake (LLKKF)Wondering if you have any negatives about LLKKF

siddesh pachkawade

Corbus Therapeutics & Ashford Hospitality Trust are the next boomers! can you pls check their graphs and feature them - MONSTER STOCKS INDEED


Thank you for this new video ! Noticed a stock pick from another member : ATHA aka Athira pharma. Did a bit of DD (newbie here) and I found this data : Big insider buys, tutes loading including Blackrock and bio-funds recently, high price target from analysts, EPS growing, Alzeihmer (fireeee) (+) Parkinson pipeline and more. The company said there is promising evidence that NDX-1017 can help not only slow down disease BUT also improve brain function. Current assets > *33 liabilities. Cash, cash equivalents and investments were $259.9 million as of September 30, 2020, as compared to $85.2 million as of June 30, 2020. Currently no debt. Mark Litton and crazy board. Looks great ! If you have free time could you give me your opinion about this pick ? Cheers Sensei.


Roaaaaar 1st monster

jum bailey

Thank you so much.

Hal B



Early morning vids , Niice! Good morning

We Become Family

Thank you MSP!

Kevin Donjuan


sunny gerges

That was soooo early monster . Have a great day in the market ?
I’m in ASTI . great picks as always

King Ace

Let’s go Hunting. Thank you for all you do


I tried to buy VPER but fidelity wouldn’t let me when it was a sub penny. Last week I tried to buy ASTI, and they wouldn’t let me buy that either. But yes, please more OTC! At least I got SING


What about BXRX, BBI ?


Thank you monster..i only have money for one ..out of these which one would you recommend the most ?

Ozil M

Yesssss OTC vid lonnnnng overdue MSP????


Put those suckers on the scope! Have good one yourself. I own ASTI since half a penny. Got some very good news on them, they got bought recently. It wont be an OTC soon


Let’s Gooooooo!!!!!



Neal Eash



Thank you for your OTC picks and the $0.01 discount!

Aldrin Cruzada

Good morning and let's go hunting!

Luz Escobedo

Thanks for SSFT!! Great stock

Matthew McConaghy-Shanley

Al of these have been pumped already

The bank Open now

Ready to grab all the Monster you are best On YouTube

Free Game

I bought into SRGE

MJF Invest

He's back! ?

Brandon Weatherford

Thank you kind sir!

Sheryar Asim

An error occurs trying to buy HEMP, VPER and ASTI on Fidelity. I could only buy SING. It is saying can't without information on pink sheets. I wanted to ask is now a good time to buy VYNE?


Thank you thank you!!!


Just picked up my first 3 Monsters. OZSC, SSFT, SING.
Hoping to join the Monster hunting squad

Loving all the videos and the DD is looking great

James Lovell


Alvin Hoang

Thank you! be safe safe during this difficult Pandemic time.

The Life



Common! Who thumbed down? Gotta be wrong button.

Forever Noble

Great video! Thank you

Patryk Woloszyn

HCMC to the moon ????

Julina DeMooy

Yesss you delivered on the otc picks!! ? Great selection! I tried to buy vper before it doubled but fidelity wouldn't let me ?

Bill Kos

Have you looked into tsnp and hcmc???...

David Cartagena

fidelity wont let me buy hemp?
what do you use Mr. Monster??

Sa Mirosi Bine


Edwin Borja

That beat though! Thanks for your recommendations

Julina DeMooy

Asti looks very interesting

Jonas Deveerenboot

My broker won't let me buy them ?


Thanks but wish we got them under .002. Could get 50k shares

Kevin Donjuan

hunting for monsters

Kyle S

Which brokerage offers free penny stock trades? Etrade is $5 and Robinhood doesn’t have them. Thanks

S. Syms

FREE98 ? thanks as always!

Kiwi Frenchie



I really appreciate your channel and what you’re doing!

G W3



Hi Bro, What do you think about Peak Fintech? I bought this recently but not sure whether this was worth buying.


HEMP 1:44
SING 2:34
VPER 3:45
ASTI 4:41

Thank you MSP, as always!✌??

iamALPHA - Inspiring Millions



Thanks for sharing. ?

investing ain't easy

Can't trade otc but just here to thumbs-up. Keep up what you are doing MSP!! Truly appreciate what you do ?

steve thompson

Thanks Sir.


Thank you for your DD ??

Alvin Hoang

Good Day Monster, I been looking at ARCH and TELL. ARCH is in the process of merging with MMATF (Canadian company). and the TELL... any input would be appreciated. Thank you

John Marks

All three of my stock accounts are no longer allowing me to trade otc stocks under .10! That sucks??

Daniel Welch

Took a small position in AITX in my Roth. MSP keep bringing the goods, love the channel. #SENS # VYNE #MNTR #AMC

Hema P

HCMC is the best.

Rose Smith

For the people that love OTC and Solar stocks!!! Thank you very much!!! I like them all!!


oh yeahhhhh. lets go hunting for monsters

Kyle S

New here. Love that intro music man

Kayla Cassell

Billionaire Tim Draper - "$250k Bitcoin 2022, year end."
Citibank - "$318k Bitcoin 2021, year end."
Plan B's Stock to flow model - "$100k-$288k Bitcoin 2021, year end".


Thank you so so much have a wonderful day today!

La Dieta Financiera

Are already added to the spreadsheet? Thanks for the video!!!

Mese Promise

Thank you

Rose Smith

Yay!!! I can’t wait to finish this video!!! I’m just commenting right now for what I’m about to see!!!


That 1 dislike is from a hedgefund that saw your video but can't buy OTC.

Edgar Bustillos

Here we go!!!! The MSP unbeatable!!!!!

Fish Wisperer

Thanks bother for the new plays out of your normal realm. Much love and love the discord Fam as well.

Eddie D