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Calcul Challenge - Presnel Kimpembe relève le défi

768 363 views | 11 Sep. 2017

Comme Layvin Kurzawa,

Comme Layvin Kurzawa, Presnel Kimpembe est fou du Calcul Challenge sur les réseaux sociaux. On lui a donc concocté une petite surprise : affronter en live les créateurs du Calcul Challenge, la Synesia et le youtubeur JosSpace. Et il s'en est plutôt bien sorti.

Retrouve les news et interview Konbini !

► Konbini : https://www.konbini.com

► Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/konbinifr

► Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/konbini

► Twitter : https://twitter.com/konbinifr

Konbini, all pop everything !

Alexander Lipski

Kimpembe showing how many UCLs PSG have won

Pim Perotti

Crying o espanya come help me america were are you england come fuck me giroud is gay in england is free for sitting on bottle

Jayden Boye

the swasankat (64) hit different

Oebaida Elouakili

Wallah il est trop

Sacerdoce Royal

Trop fort!!! super le beat

Callum Kendrick

How many points did psg get against United? 1:00

Jay Sosaaa

how man champions leagues psg has won




meme de twitter mdrrr

kayline chinoune

Junior, ??

Djordje Milic

That whistle at the end made my ears bleed

Pim Perotti

We fuck you with war we fuck you outside we fuck you in the streets we fuck you in the match turkiye 2-0 giroud fgaynse


french sounds hard af

Yar Audrey

Les renois s'enjaille avec tout??

Nafis Hossain

Kimpembe reminding us how many UCL's psg has

J T Dehaney

This video was the last straw for me to get this trim?

Louis Greg

aller l'om paris paris on t'encule


I tell girls I know french then recite this

Hugo ctllrd

jss mort Kimpembe il est plus fort en calcul qu'au foot

An Ordinary Person

mes notes d'examens

Khadija Badji


khalaf Omari

Ay ay ay ..

Yvan Ndefo

Dans le foot il y a pas que des cons

Minat7jj Qeiro


Lutfi Rahman

This math quiz had no business being this lit

Humble Dallas Fan

1:11 how many finals mvps does curry have?

Bocoum Amadou

Papa tu te couche

franck menez

fort comme jamais

Deniz Ates

Un plus un? Deux
Deux plus deux? Quatre
Quatre plus quatre? Huit
Huit divisé par huit ? Un
Huit plus huit? Seize
Seize plus seize ? Trent deux
Trent deux moins seize ? Seize
Seize divisé par deux? Huit
Huit fois huit? Soixante-quatre
Soixante-quatre moins dix? Cinquante-quatre
Cinquante-quatre moins dix ? Quarante-quatre
Quarante-quatre moins dix? Trente-quatre
Trente-quatre moins dix ? Vingt-quatre
Vingt-quatre moins dix? Quatorze
Quatorze moins dix? Quatre
Quatre moins quatre? Zéro

If anyone was wondering ?

Moudhoianti Said

Je t aime kimpembe de toute mon coeur❤??

Kitty Kimputu Sumbi


Elsie Michaud

Gg j'aime bien rap

Abel Alatorre

This is random but to any of the French people here, are there any French rap songs / artists or something that have this type of flow?
C'est aléatoire, mais pour l'un des Français ici, y a-t-il des chansons / artistes de rap français ou quelque chose qui a ce type de style?


This was fire and I dont even speak french

Babyy Kiki


Ameye simon

Si seulement il était aussi bon sur le terrain mdr

EjRyan- RBLX

Guy guys guys it’s not French it my language, CREOLE xD

Moudhoianti Said

J aime bien Kimpembe ???

Josep Maria Bartomeu

Here from the memes??

•Lįttlē Cløūds•

Cette vidéo c'est toute mon âme??

Dinis Marcos

Ganda a mordu la dernière partie qui se termine toujours en quatre très fort

Vituko Group LTD


Moudhoianti Said

Kimpembe aimes le mathématique ????????

James Ray

Get Kimpembe in with Dave and AJ Tracey for a UK x French collab, this is ?

Pending Deletion Due To Copyright Violations

How much money do you have in the bank?
Me: 1:10

Adam Matondo

Il est fort



Zaqib Yaseen

Love ktttt


Combien de csc? Plusieurs

Pim Perotti

Sucking dick america

Pim Perotti

Zehma gzngster moroco algerino? Hahahahhahahahahah go safe your counrty first then pray for franse visde put

Pim Perotti

Puta madre

Jair Plays Piano

Black People can make a beat out of anything??

Fola darah

I love this

Oscar Romero

How many Champions does PSG have??


How many homes in East London have running water?


MissGermany !

French men are fire ???❤️

Жазира Карамышева

My love

AJ M Williams

I’ll en jema kimpempe me la eu neymar

Steven D'silva

What are the chances of me finding true love?
This video:

Frim pong

Ok so who is the guy with the nose ring

Kevin Heidarian

1:10 How many has Manchester city won the champions league


Je pense que si nos profs nous apprenez comme ça ç’aurait été largement mieux xD

Upcastchip15 Gaming

People from tiktok?

Waffler N

This is how many champions League they won

A Girl

Complete Version
Version complète

Maimouna Thiam

Je l'aime bien le mec❤️❤️❤️ je dit bien kimpembe

Pim Perotti

Puta madre

Rue Miss M

What's the name if the guy in the black jacket on the right ??❤?

Pour les poule


Ndeye Khady Teuw

Allez kipembe

Mohammed Hassan

1:10 thats how much psg won ucl title

Pim Perotti

Cuz your mother was put in fransa right

boris yanno


Dali Ingabe

Thats how Many points they got against United

Adidja Omar

Kimpembe ????

Ruben Zagadou

Il n'est pas humain

James Ryder

I'm learning French asap

Magical Luke

Not even french but this sick

Omey Iin

Interviewer: How many goals did RB Liepzig score?

Kimpembe: 1:10

Harry Smith

Kimpembe est drôle et en plus ils vien de Val d’Oise??⚽️

Jayden F

Why they put a fire alarm as the outro

Ngone Ndiaye

Ms c kW la vrais chasson

h Pharaoh

Me mondy to Sunday a week after payday lol

Sema Gigaramadan

Never knew that simple arithemethics and making beats out of coca cola bottle could be this fire

black as my soul

8/8 the best mygad


Imaginez sa aurait été Giroud et Claudio capeo.....mdr sans noir pas de flow ???

zakaria elhaddioui

Maestro kimpembe


Tres bon!

Eden Hazard

This shit lit??❌?

Jaime Fifa

How many champions have Atletico de Madrid?:



Combien de Ligue des Champions a le PSG? 1:10

Pim Perotti

Zehma arab moslim


That was lit

Ali Wakanda

1:10 How many UCLs do Man City, Arsenal have combined?

Koumba Toure

When people ask what’s my body count

clément the sing

trop fort Kimpembe

Pim Perotti

Puta madre fransa

Iam.Acacia NN

Bravo kimpebe ta assuré.:-)

Nunana Amegee

J' adore

Releve one

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How to Do a Pirouette | Ballet Dance

1 542 953 views | 25 Oct. 2011

Watch more Ballet Dancing

Watch more Ballet Dancing Lessons videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/497190-How-to-Do-a-Pirouette-Ballet-Dance

My name is Maegan Woodin, and I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and student. I have danced for MTV, Diana Ross, Marc Jacobs and have appeared in many music videos. You can find more information about me and my career, as well as photos and videos, at www.dgtnyc.com. I'm going to be talking to you about ballet. A pirouette in Ballet is a turn that is very commonly found on the basic to intermediate level. The amount of turns depends on the skill of the dancer. So you can start off by just doing a passe in Releve to doing a half turn, to doing a full turn, to doing two, three, four. And for male dancers they can do up to ten pirouettes at a time. So it is important to think about the alignment and the position of your fourth position, which most pirouette's start in. So if you stand in fourth position, again your fourth position shouldn't be too wide, it should be pretty small and your weight should be evenly between both legs. Your arms are going to open up, one arm is to the side one arm is in front. You are going to start in a plie position. When you plie you are going to open up both arms, that is going to be the start of your plie and the start of your pirouette. You are going to open up your arms then bring them together and your foot is going to come passe. So again you are going to plie, open up your arm and everything is going to zip up into passe. And that is the very basic level. And you turn it when you become more advanced. I am now going to demonstrate how to do a pirouette turn, I am going to do a single turn and then I am going to do a double turn.Now I am going to demonstrate a double pirouette.

Ashley Liedlich

You also need to concentrate on those arms and fingers. Hold your arms like you have a beach ball in them and fingers should not look like a spider


Ok. They're her legs. They look the same whether we take a view from the front or the back.??

Sydnee Enright

She didn’t use passé correct, passé switches, front to back, or back to front. Retro ray stays put on same side.

Christie Driscoll

I learned everything thank you so much!

Hannah Golan

I learned this on dance yesterday lol


Mirage sent me here.

Aimees life

the video was great but tbh it didn't really help no offense

Sathvik Prasad

but u didnt teach us to

Gabriella Meat Tray

Not trying to be rude, but I got a better tutorial from a teenager. You should check out Fiercelivy to learn.

Emilysantos Santos

Vc e tonta quem vai entender isso

Skylar Thatcher

Ummn waiting for the actual instruction on the TURN part

Future President

Wow... You're pretty good. How the hell did I get here?


"I'm a pro at ballet"
Me: - when I saw her turns -
Also me:she's a grade 1 pro

Evie Bee

1:45 - Single 1:56 - Double

Dansing With Piano

I’ve been in dance for six years, which would’ve been eight years but something came up. And yet there are still days where I’ll only do two or three

Kylie the gacha girl

She did not even show how to do it


Remember to spot

Sabrina Rosa

Idk why I’m here I’m not even a dancer I’m just bored ?


Fun fact these are good for round house kicks

Ronnie Prenda

My ballet teacher is quaking


I pray for you to get more likes and less haters :)

no way

Does it matter in which direction i turn? It is easier for me to turn in the "wrong" direction.

Vanessa Clark

I know how to do the position but not the turn!! All these videos are the same. They just show you the turn instead of really explaining the physics or anything at all. I can’t just magically jump from the preparation into the turn.


U don't teach us how to turn what do we do just switch position


I think that she has no experience in turns because she has no tips for ballet and also can't even turn that well!

Jayda Smith

Why should only boys be able to do up to 10 pirouettes

Luna Hale

Do you turn to the side your leg is in front or do you like turn away from your leg??? Like to the side, where your leg is behind?

Pop it Asmr and soundz

Im in dance its kinda easy tbh??

Adriana McCafferty

This helped me a lot


0:17 her leg tho

Origamis With Nihara

Igot it.?Thank you, ms. Maegan.


That's mean to say that she's a professional bragger


I didn't know casey anthony was a ballerina

Spooky The Stickmin

"Baby! Whats your favorite dance move? Mines pirouette. IS YOUR PIROUETTE TO?!"

Nia-Amira Binns

I struggle with the balance and the transition from the passe relevé to the arabesque ??‍♀️?❤️

Fierce girls

I already know how to do a pirouette


hey guys the video starts at 0:00 thank me later ?



youtube: HeRe WaTcH hOw To TuRn!

Judes Random Life

My mom told me I was turning the wrong way and your supposed to turn left. My mom used to be a dancer so I believed her. Came to this video to see how to do it the "right" Way. LIES

Grace Tarpley

To be honest, I'm learning more from the comment section than I am the actual video... She doesn't really explain how to actually DO the turn. I used to do ballet and then lost interest, so going back into it I'm realizing how hard it is. I can't be saying anything (since I have no idea what I'm talking about lmao) but she didn't seem very "professional", she seemed to fall out of her turns and wasn't explaining things in an understandable way. Just my opinion though.

James Paolo Garcia

Anyone here because of Witcher?


She didn't even say specific things like "your right leg should be at X and your left arm should be positioned at Z" she just said nondescript things like "one leg here, one arm out the other in" There was no How To here, just basically 'watch me do a single and double pirouette. There. Done.' This was woefully executed unfortunately.

michele klemetson



I just did 28 turns thanks for the tip

sam b

Wrong. There’s suppose to be 8 steps.

Jelly bean

If you need help with turns and pirouettes go to Kathryn Morgan’s channel. She’s an amazing dancer and she can actually do the moves she is teaching.


Those arms were poor


Wow~It's really make me turn nicely !!!!!??

S Rahman

Next step fans where you at?


Who's here because of their Project on Physical Education

Aadya Srivastava

I am a ballerina and I know she is doing it right

Melon Sprinkles

This is hard ive tried every video none of them worked

Robellene Tongol


Hannah Rosenberg

Question: what are some good ways to stay on releve while turning and stable?

Evelyn Boggs

um is no one gonna talk about the fact that on her second turn she wasn't on relevé at all? she was flat footed. bruh

arafat Awodeji

Am really going to the hospital really am trying to but don't worry thanks for the update

Ari Colgrave

Helped heaps, thank you ?

Dysjenco Figaroa

Thats not how you do a pirouette.....

Legend Blend

Your just showing us that you can do it your not actually breaking it down in steps

Rufino Rodriguez

Miss I can do it beacause I am advanced

Kate Tomo

The text partially covers your feet unfortunately x

Joseph Gonzales

Beautiful, elegant, graceful. I was hypnotized.

Cynthia Tan

Why must you be so mean?


at 1:58 it looks like her front leg breaks


Wooden. Aahahahahha

Anika Hart

I forgot all the fancy names when I was like 8 when my parents pulled me out of ballet oof

Its His Fault

what’s this

Alice Hi

not helpful because you dont tell us how to land or how to control the spin

Tristan Luke

The gestures are so beautiful. They communicate.

The Coffee Alien

Now I can do a random chaos!


Nice work

Vivian Zampino

Any advice on shin splints?


wait i thought u didnt have to have ur posse turned out?

K Does Stuff

0:16 Scary

Kripa Wesly


Wilson Kat

I love ballet I’ll never be nothing

Jena Bagels

I quit

Hylah Daly


Celeste Lizzi

Dance moms made me do this.....anyone relate?

milly groom

sophia can do 54 peoets

Angela Kenna Kensleigh_1

Super easy!

Isabel Haya

I just realized how hopeless I am when it comes to ballet???

Aadya Srivastava

well most of it....

Melica Bonakdar

Thank you now i can do the piroutte?

maxine choung

ugh.......almost a quarter of this video was her bragging...i actually came here to listen to people teaching me how to do a pirouette, but instead i was listening to 20-30secs of bragging.. that will be one dislike from me

Søft Drippy

1:58 wth the foot.


bro I used to be a dancer when I was younger, and now I can’t even do a single pirouette


too much talking

Ashley Liedlich

Question: in ballet your face should have a soft pleasing look why do u look pissed off lady

char char

i wish there was more of a demonstration on how to do the actual turn



Zuleika GW

Are you flexible

Julie Braganza

Honestly this actually helped

Ceren Snl

Thank you so much!! I can do it??

Melon Sprinkles

Or helped

Vaughna Rodi

It’s obvious she is not a professional... like that’s not how you pirouette, most of your weight should be in your front foot and your fourth position should be a lil wider than your hip width...and you she can’t even stay up for 1 turn and she’s on flat not even on pointe?I’m not gonna be taking her advice any time soon

Ioanna Gerou

mprabo kamari mou

Kamila Borek

The video didn't explain how to do a pirouette at all!!!!!! You just did it quickly one and then again with no tips or explanation.. sorry but it is not very useful at all!!!!!

Abi Kowalewski

oh gee thanks I can do it now bc you teach so well that I get everything you need to do a pirouette bc you’re so helpful


Wow... man, I wish I had that disciple to get to such a level.

Releve one

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The Secret to the Perfect Relevé! Ballet Tips. Core? Feet? Legs? Back?

2 087 views | 10 Aug. 2017

To relevé or not to

To relevé or not to relevé is the ? Hey, it may not be more relevés.


The Secret to the Perfect Relevé

The secret to a perfect relevé is not always in the foot. We may begin there but truthfully, the work should begin in the hips, core and your mind with useful imagery.

Face it~ our feet are tiny compared to our pelvis, right? They are the roots of a much larger tree.

Our body is a tree with many limbs

Our feet may be our base but they are also an appendage and not at our center. We must extend them, reaching away into beautiful lines in space, jump from them, turn on them and of course relevé in all sorts of positions!

Love your feet, nurture them and work on them! In case you don't know, I wrote a 67-page e-book on strengthening and stretching your feet. You can find it here.

Excerpt from my e-book. $9.95

Relevés favorite

My personal favorite for my students and when I take class is the 24 parallel relevés on one foot at the end of barre. How?

Face the barre on one foot with the other in a parallel cou de pied.

Plié and rise 24 times on each side.

You can build up to this in increments:

 I recommend 12 relevés for beginners with a calf stretch.

16 relevés for pre-pointe students.

24 for upper intermediate - advanced students.

Bright ideas!

Kudos to the Australian Ballet for sharing this wonderful exercise on World Ballet Day every year. Their physical therapy staff created it for their company dancers to do at the end of every barre. It reduced ankle and foot injuries significantly! Here is their video in slow motion with a good demo on supination and pronation.

There is a point to increasing your relevés if your feet, lateral support of your ankles or any of your lower leg muscles are weak. However, I do see more core issues in dancers that are more important than the feet. To be clear, we must do both!

Here is a recent video of a private lesson with a student who was attempting to keep her feet turned out on the way down from her relevé in first. I asked her to turn her feet in slightly and eliminate the pronation (rolling in ). She needs to work on her core strength in order to keep her pelvis in neutral. Getting this in line, will enable her to acquire a finer control of her ankles and feet.

You can see that she is working on it. Being a diligent student, I know she will accomplish this quickly!

[clickToTweet tweet="The secret to a perfect relevé is more than the foot. How about the hips, core and useful imagery? " quote="The secret to a perfect relevé is more than the foot. How about the hips, core and useful imagery? "]

The trunk

of your body is not called that for nothin'. The trunk is the true center of your body. It is your core, not just your abdominal muscles.

There is a lot of talk about core strength but what good is it if you can only stand there and show off your ripped muscles? Can you move from your center and keep your leg up in arabesque upon landing even a simple jeté entrelacé (tour jeté)? Nowadays, sit-ups are passé. Well really, they don't help in passé :).

Sit-ups build your rectus abdominis which bring you up from a cambré back and probably more but they are not as essential to ballet as the core muscles below.

your transverse abdominis

your obliques-- hint: enables higher extensions to the side and trunk support in any spiral pose or movement.

proper training of your psoas

What about your upper back? Your standing leg? All of these are essential to operating from your center.

I made my point

But just imagine a tree blowing in the wind. If it is a healthy tree, its limbs will stay connected and freely support the movement. If it is too rigid or dry, they may snap off.

Think of your dancer's body as a supple, strong and responsive instrument at your beck and call. I had a teacher once tell us that we are in charge of our body, not our body in charge of you! Isn't that empowering?

Now get on with your conditioning and you will be in charge of those wayward limbs and relevé!


Thanks for this. It is easy to roll your ankles sometimes when you plie. Thanks for the lesson on the pelvis being involved in plie. I never thought of that. I'm so focused on my legs. I'm just recently learning how to keep my arches up. Thanks again.