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3 Stocks I Would Buy & NEVER Sell!

245 449 views | 2 Dec. 2019

If I had to choose 3

If I had to choose 3 stocks to own for life, these would be my selections. Here are the stocks that I would personally buy and never sell. It is important to do your own research on stocks before buying them, but these are the ones I would personally pick for lifetime ownership!

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DISCLAIMER: Ryan Scribner, including but not limited to any guests appearing in his videos, are not financial/investment advisors, brokers, or dealers. They are solely sharing their personal experience and opinions; therefore, all strategies, tips, suggestions, and recommendations shared are solely for entertainment purposes. There are financial risks associated with investing, and Ryan Scribner’s results are not typical; therefore, do not act or refrain from acting based on any information conveyed in this video, webpage, and/or external hyperlinks. For investment advice please seek the counsel of a financial/investment advisor(s); and conduct your own due diligence.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this webpage are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. However, this does not impact our opinions and comparisons.

HOLDINGS DISCLOSURE: Ryan Scribner holds the following stocks: General Electric (GE), Alibaba (BABA), JD(.)com (JD), Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL) and National Grid (NGG). While reasonable steps are taken to keep this information updated, this list may not be the most current.

Alex Weberg

I don't think you mentioned it but Amazon also has the Amazon Go grocery store in Seattle and is said they're going to be opening more stores in places like Chicago this year

AS Allout

Hey Ryan u can totally use both Robinhood and webull right ? Also is there a limit to different brokerages u can use ? Like maybe one for dividends and one for growth?

loveandgamingx x

RIOT cryptocurrency has been going up and up again 31.5 % today. Should I buy in????????


I would invest on FB, BRK-B and DIS.

Tushar Prasad

0:15 “3 stocks that I would hold for life, and some I used to own in the past” - really? ?

Hermit Ally


Cornell Sinclair

I don't see anyone buying one of the companies that I believe will become a behemoth. I guess I will just plow all of my available cash into it and then talk about it on my own YouTube channel.


I'm up over 72% on apple. I love it when people buy a new apple product Christmas the best time to buy apple stock. Buy the stock instead of the phone yall see what I'm saying


Check jd, the amazon of china made also 100% profit in less time

Waking up From Matrix

if you bought stocks at this time period and didn't sell you're all bag holders now.

Alejandro Mihanovich

Tesla could be one for life?


Do yourself a favor and visit Ben Felix channel. Index funds are what the best investors recommend instead of picking individual stocks. Even Warren Buffet says this.


lol, this guys doesn't know much about investing. If you are going to buy "forever" what is the point of "waiting for them to be on sale" if buy something what is consider " all time high" today, in 30 years that number would be really cheap. Moreover, just because Google, Apple and Amazon are the thing now, doesn't mean that in 10 or 15 year some other new company comes and disrupt their business model with a new technology, which we currently doesn't exist.

Yelena Dorodkin

Hi Ryan! This is the second video that I’ve seen on your channel and you explained so well! Thank you! I plan on creating my own portfolio and wanted to ask where I can look up tracking records of stock companies, how they performed over the last decade, their caps (low, medium, high), things I should consider before buying a stock. I’m still learning so I apologize if my question seems stupid!
Thank you!

Christopher D Watson Sr.

Coke cola.. Pepsi ..wells Fargo

Shihab's Blog



These are the most obvious stocks. No homework needed. Not your best work

Jan michael Flores

What is your broker sir?

Youwill Neverknow

Horrible stock picks?

Jack Nguyen

You guys forgot the ELEPHANT in the ROOM? V is for victory!

karim lavji

Tesla, vivint solar, Qualcomm

Lisa Guerrero

Yes agree! .. thanks!

Ryan Scribner

What three stocks would you own for life? Comment below...


Just a quick question ? What gonna happen to ebay ?

Living Alone

Whats your opinion on SPCE?

Bernie Sanders

Investing in Larry/Segey, Jeff, and Arthur. Most powerful men in America

Robert Kimball

Just saw your video. I'm a nood in the stock market. I love your picks and , well, as you already know, All these are down significantly. I see a Great opportunity for investment growth in these and MANY other stocks. I'm watching the trends, watching the news, and looking for a good time to jump in. I will be looking for dividends , so they will be at the top of my list. I am researching many right now and think that if anyone is looking to become financially stable, NOW is the time to get in . Im learning here and will continue to learn more as this time progresses because IT IS A GREAT TIME TO GET STARTED. And to all reading this comment, Just be mindful of the trends AND LEARN all you can. And lets follow this GUY, RYAN, and be prosperous.

Homesteader Workouts

"or I owned at one point in time" Soooooo, you wouldn't own them for the rest of your life.

justin phelps

I remember when Amazon was $17.00, boy do I feel stupid.

Chad Wyatt

Do you have a video that will teach me the stock market

Vantage Move

Why you don't invite me for coffee ....

Mario cruz

What do you think about 3M??

Prosperous Life

Amazon is definitely one of the best ones! ???

You are Great

what about visa


what about Microsoft? they owning the coporate side with their business centric softwares

Alex Sanchez

Awesome video even though I’m late to this party

Mark Madison

It looks like you didn't age well over 2 years you look 2 decades older.

Garrett schadle

why do you got baseboard on your wall?

Fady Shia

You get 2 free stocks .. then sell them a few days later .. free money right ?

Tom Rawson

This is awful advice

Tone King

Great picks but Google was restructured into Alphabet Inc. which is a multinational conglomerate. You can think of it as a Berkshire Hathaway but with a bunch of moonshot businesses + Google. Sure Google makes most of the money for Alphabet right now, but when you buy GOOGL your not just getting what Google owns anymore. For example Waymo, which is owned by Alphabet could be big in the future.


How high could Amazon go? Is there a limit to how much any stock could cost or be worth?


how does one find out when a stock goes "on sale"?

Christopher Gray

Hi mike what about gold and silver on robinhood?

John F


Wendi McCain

I just opened 3 accounts with td Ameritrade 2 days ago. No action on these accounts yet. How do I transfer them over to webull. Just learning.

Adan Juarez

Great video

mister roberts

but if you never sell them, you will never make the money

Andres Shamis


frank zheng

Apple 10:20
Google 16:00


Well- they're definitely on sale NOW!!! ?

steve smith

I've been investing for over 25 years now and I think I can safely say that there isn't anything I I am invested in that I would "never sell." That thinking is foolish. I agree that the stocks you mention are good long term holds, any company can end up behind the curve when consumer tastes or tech changes. In my years, I've seen KMart buried by Walmart, Sears and Toys R Us destroyed by the internet and Blackberry put out of business by Apple. Apple popularized the personal computer but was almost put out of business my Microsoft. Nothing is guaranteed. In my opinion, long term investors should plan to hold an investment forever but be ready to adjust if the business falters. The challenge is recognizing when the end is near. For example, IBM and GE have been great long term companies but they have had trouble adjusting to market changes. Should we hold onto them assuming they will eventually overcome their unique challenges or is it time to move on? I've owned both in the past but no longer. One of my investing rules is I do not invest in any company that I do not reasonably believe will be around for the next twenty years. Once GE dumped their financial arm, they entered back into this category in my opinion. IBM is getting there as they develop their cloud business. The problem is that they have stiff competition in Apple and Google. For me, the deciding factor is that there are plenty of other companies to own. If IBM turns out to be a great turn around and I missed it, no big deal. I missed Apple in the early 90s when they pumping out IPods. The stock split and I had the opportunity to buy at $40 a share. I passed it up because they only had one product. Oh well, I've purchased many stocks since then and made a good return. I've also slept pretty well. Buying stocks that I'm not sure about doesn't do it for me.

Chat Pointer

Damn today amazon is$2300/share

James Nunn

Who's here mid-pandemic?!


Hi, I have been watching and subscribing your channel and I love your videos. Are you interested in attracting more Chinese speaking audience by adding Chinese caption on your videos?


If the electricity shuts off, all three are worthless.

Shane Ng

Is the app only for US citizen?

Arty Artem

22 mins to explain this? you've lost your mind! ... should be less than 4 mins...

Warren Wise

Lockheed Martin
Walt Disney
Union Pacific or J.P. Morgan (can’t decide)


Don't you think it's too late to invest in these companies? ?
Great videos ?

Faith Andrew

I got to know about the benefits of cryptocurrency and forex trading since I started trading with Mr. carlos Kingston i went from $500 to $6,000 within 7days. I should have known his strategies a long time ago, you can find on Insta att Carlos_1uptrades to know more about how to profit from forex trade. I’m doing this because this is the same exact way I saw a recommendation and I decided to give his signals a try now i can vouch his a genuis and the best trader I’ve meet so far

LowLip McGee

If amazon doesnt pay a dividend and u never wanna sell it, how do u make $$$ off it??

Tiger Monster

Amazon, Apple, Google : Thank me later

Rosa H.

Love your videos.

Dipak Nadkarni

3 stocks...... ABBV, WM, and MSFT.

Jim Morrison

If Apple would start making budget phones for people that can't afford the flagship, that could possibly put them back up around Samsung as the world's best selling smartphone's, by making flagship phones will always keep them at #3.


I am not convinced by any of those businesses to be honest. They all have such short histories that it would be hard for me to commit.

Edge 1664

I bought into a passively tracked global 100 ETF. These companies are obviously included. Seems like a good time to buy, now that they are off their recent highs. But what do I know? I'm just a snowboarder ?

Bob Marley

Netflix, Apple, NVDA.

Thomas Zhang

Let me save your time. Amazon, apple and google.


QQQ for the win

Raymond Cunanan

I have all the 3 you mentioned. But instead of 3, i add 1 more and that is Tesla. Because i see them dominating the E-car industry and solar power industry in the future.

Jesus Gonzalez

Do you have any info on cannibus and bitcoin info



Kenneth Starr

So if you’ve owned them you’ve changed your mind since?

Impala Birungi

Buy buy retail.

Robert Fritz

This would be like giving advice to buy GE & Cisco in 2007

Jeffrey Dove

I hate how you say for life if you held on to it for life and never sold you would never get money

sito M

Thanks for sharing! I

Mother Alice

Great choices I own all three and will keep them for the long term also got them for a great price. First time on channel now I am a subscriber.

Yousuf Khan

Can we use Webull to avail this facility in Australia or is it for US only?

SilverShrimp TX

"3 Stocks I Would Buy & NEVER Sell! "

Answer: Stocks that will always continually go up in value. There, saved you 23 Minutes

Mad Dog

Utilities, oil , healthcare we use them

Nicola Benigni

TLDR; Amazon, Apple, Google

meme youyou

16:20 tough decision between FB vs GOOGL? Lol u gotta be kiddin. FB wont be around forever

Aj Dinsmore

My 3 stocks are
1. Total Stock Market
2. Tesla
3. Amazon

Marco Lopez

Yeah duh

Beatrice Wongchalermthan

Liked this just because you called out Jack Ryan. :D

lin wang

Shop is a good stock too.

Susana Natareno

What is the name, write it, please.

Bob Urmom

Amazon apple and google

The 1

Roku? I have 8 shares and want more... Any thoughts?

silly guy

Amazon is lover 2000 right now

Darby Durack

FAANG stocks


Easy: Vanguard total market. Saved you 23 minutes.

Zachary Lewis

1) Disney
2) Microsoft
3) Tesla (yes I admit they have a bad performance rap sheet but they represent what the future could be and I'm in!)

LaylaTheUnicornGirl 21

These are 3 no brainer stocks..... I thought you was gonna come up with something good.


unless you trade options and futures...

Jim Morrison

Actually coca cola is the world's most recognizable brand, any company can make a smartphone and sell more than Apple, ie. Samsung, Huawei. No other company can make a soft drink and sell more than coca cola, all their competitors have already figured that out.


Why dont you own them anymore? If they are stocks you would hold for ever ?

Workday stock predictions

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Stock Analysis Workday Intrinsic Value

55 views | 15 Dec. 2020

Stock Analysis Workday

Stock Analysis Workday Intrinsic Value

A stock analysis of Workday stock which determines its intrinsic value through a fundamental analysis. In the video, I go through the due diligence required to determine a fair purchase price (per share) for Workday stock by conducting a stock analysis of Workday and comparing its intrinsic value to Workday stock price.

Subscribe so YOU continue to gain insight on how to analyze business performance so that your investment performance is optimized. Remember, when your investment performance is optimized, so is your wealth production.

Remember, the priority of any investment operation is to maintain the safety of principal with an ample margin of safety. Avoiding serious loss is a precondition for sustaining a high compound rate of growth.

That's why, in this videos stock analysis, I review the company’s competitors, industry description, risk, income statements, revenue, operating profit margin, net profit margin, balance sheet, book value per share, return on assets ratio, current ratio, cash flow statement, operating cash flow, all to come up with the company’s intrinsic value range. The low side of the intrinsic value is created by dividing the company’s 10 year median cash balance by its outstanding shares. The high side of the company’s intrinsic value is created by dividing its 10 year median net income (multiplied by 20) by its outstanding shares. This Intrinsic Value range provides a way to compare its price per share to the company’s actual worth.

Legal Disclaimer:

FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. You should not construe any such information, or other material, published on this website, by Brenden Diaz, in the form of text, video, or audio media, as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Buy my eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FJB4JWD

Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/brendendiaz

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ70H2e8e4TurQ6W9xLAbEA?sub_confirmation=1

Workday stock predictions

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Taking a look at analyst

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Again, I am not a financial advisor, this is not investment, tax, or legal advice. Any investments should only be made based on your own due diligence and research. This is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Do not make any buying or selling decisions based on my videos or channel. There has been no compensation by any companies for any of the stocks mentioned in my videos. Any sponsored content is required to be disclosed and will be done so accordingly. Some of the links on this page are affiliate/referral links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may also be awarded sign up bonuses for new account openings, or a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Affiliate/referral commissions help fund videos like this one.


Iron Brujo

Well done, Julie!

Jason S

Cool summary video, you From Canada ?

Travis Kennedy

Love these kind of videos! Affordable stocks and great growth potential! Thanks JT!

Dr Vinson

Interesting. Added to my watchlist. Cheers. ?


I get in on ATT early...my avg price is 0.11 ?

JR Alcorta

interesting analysis on ADT

Jo Ann Cloninger

thanks for the video, when it comes to going into investments and making lots of profit from the comfort of your home, I would say meeting Gregory has been of help to me with my trading exchange I have made a lot of improvement in my investments in Cryptocurrency, with him help I have understood the gateway to financial freedom, with trading and mining with him, introduced me to a strategy on how to trade and execute trades which are 100% reliable for daily returns and monitor profit while trading. You can reach him via his email [email protected]yahoo.com

James Lynn - Stocks and Finance

Just found you after your video on SBE. Subscribed! Also Keep up the good work!

Stuart Locke

JT Wealth - Covering All The Information.." Thank you!

Up North Yooper

You should give the ticker symbol at the begin of each report. I like to jump over to robinhood so I can look at the graft of the last few months while you talk about them. I am going to buy some OPTN, Thanks.

Mike G

i think this SPAC called PIC for EV XL Fleet looks like a lot of potential. https://investorplace.com/2020/10/pic-stock-worth-240-more-based-on-comparison-with-hyliion-stock/ What do you think ? It looks very under valued. It has a lot of solid partners including a company I work for called GM

Nate K


Johny Depp

The government don’t care about us, that’s why I ask people to invest in crypto,2020 stock market is just very difficult and unbelievable, I rather invest my money into crypto.


Good video

David Pineda

Playback Speed: 1.25X
You're welcome

Antonio L

Did you notice the orb that went by your arm at the 47 second mark ( just above your desk)? It looks like your dog reacts to it before it goes by you.

Christopher Jackson


RJ wolf

I like the way optinose looks the others are blah to me thanks for the video


Very nice analysis !
What does the guy behind you on the couch think about these 3 stocks ?

I like Goco & am going to buy some .
Have you looked into CloudMD in Canada
& JD Health International in China ?

Ali Suleiman

Thanks sweetheart for the valuable content.

life is good

You look so hot


Nice picks?

Eli Shimon


Peter Toler

Thank You for the great content. Added ADT & OPTN. ?


what do you think of GE?

Eli Shimon

Thanks for keeping it short and to the point!!!! Keep them coming.....


KXIN will run - up soon!!

eli johnson

fubo tv. stock ??

Hương Kun 700K Vào timbantinhvn com

04:16 rat ok ☪


U already know why I clicked this video

Qadir nasiri

Thank you ? I bought nio it’s rising


OPTN definitely has my attention. Right in my wheelhouse of small stocks with huge room to run.

All of these are great. Sharing with my crew now.

Eli Shimon

Can you take about upwork?

John Cuccio

Take a look at DPW!

Ryan The 14 Year Old Investor

Good video!! I'll be buying a lot of TSLA haha

My Financial Friend

Boom! Excited to watch this!

Ken B

These are exactly the types of stocks I'm looking for. Small/medium caps that haven't been getting attention and seem to have bottomed out. Thanks!

Akshay Invest

Hey Julie, how is your portfolio looking? Hope it's green like mine.

Rene Van der kuil

Good morning a Nice video i listen in the Nederlands thanks you


BITCOIN, that juicy peach ? is soaring as an asset. $17.5k!! It's market cap is now higher than: Disney, Coca-cola, Verizon, Nike, Toyota, AT&T, Bank of America, Netflix, McDonald's, Home Depot, etc... move over gold, #Bitcoin  ain't going anywhere! BEASTMODE! ???

Kris Krispy

Never heard of these stocks.



Willie Davis

Nothing sexier then an absolutely gorgeous woman who slays the market!

Freddy Frias

The first two are going to be green like your pretty eyes

Razmik S.

Wow, OPTN up 10% today? ADT and GOCO also up. Do we now have a JT effect in the market now? :) Curious to know if you have any thoughts on GoodRx?

Kris Krispy

You are the prettiest person I have ever seen

Edgarrr Grr

I don’t know much about stocks but I’m digging the videos the consistency is ? keep up the good job ??

Jjt Peters

I love these tips. Gives me a lot of homework though ?


I can't focus on the stock that you're talking about cause you're so damn beautiful ❤

Get Go

I want to be share of julie

Bill Kos

Can you do a penny stock called "Nakd" up 60% from .071 to .16... can you please do a review. Thanks:) just wanna know your thoughts.

Kent payen

I know it's about stocks...but dammm with your bad ass self lol...you got my subscription


Thanks for sharing your valuable investment ideas. Would be great if you can comment on air taxi drones. This EH, Ehang, already got over 1000 air taxi drone pre-orders and flying in a few countries. Morgan Stanley did a report indicating that air mobility will be a Trillion dollars market. It stock price is moving up fast now.

Joveth Mojica

Very helpful video and you're very beautiful.Thank you

Noaty Crypto

The finance market is just like other areas of specialty in life.   An engineer is best suited for an engineering job just as a doctor
is best suited to treat the ill.  A finance expert is someone who has dedicated resources ,energy and productive years to learn the
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Your picks are ??? liked and subscribed


Good job Julie! ?

life is good

You are the best


Great picks. Thank you.

Mike Daniels

What's wrong with the market? OPTN is slated to make 1bn+ and is trading for peanuts? Great opp.

Connor Mcleod


Smart Wallet And Me

The first 2 are good right now, but I don't know about ADT.

Think Money

hey Julie, can you make a video covering DraftKings? They flew today! ?

Nicholas Vitucci

Hey Julie I am new sub your videos are awesome thanks so much for your help looking forward to your next ones thanks

Dwayne Phillips

Most investors will always tell you that there's no better time to invest in the financial market than now. I've been into trading for quite a while now, and I must say it really goes with loss without the right approach and strategy. I have gotten to the point where I understand that strategy is a key element of a long term successful trading. You can keep making wins at the beginning of a period and later you start recording losses toward the end of the trading period or even halfway. This results from little or no attention to the need for sustenance and consistency with the prevailing market structure. I've earned impressive profits so far this month trading with Mr. ALLEN VAUGHN's strategies and working with his trading signals and I do that through his registered trading investment company. You may never find it easy trading on your own. If you are tired of losing so much money, I recommend him. He's a really good trader. He can be reached through ([email protected]gmail.com )

Kenneth Waller Jr

Instant believer in OPTN, gracias!

Peace OfMind

Not too sure about ADT with all the ring door bells and Alexa.. Amazon will eventually take over this space also like their entering the pharmacy space... Interesting tho


How about TTCF? Any recommendation on that?

dan brown



Thank you. Please do these weekly or semi weekly.


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Hey Julie, great video. On a side note, idk if it's just me, but i am seeing an increased in ad. It's find to have a few ads but for a video of only 9 minutes long and getting at least 5-6 ads is a little too much.


Don't fall for scammers that claim to be experts, they'll steal your money/Bitcoin.
The fake testimonials are been generated by the same scammer. They are hunting in the comments!AVOID!

Aj's journey

Wanna attract more money into your life? Watch this video: https://youtu.be/zQBBkjATVXY

William Yoga

More good news tomorrow, look at this report coming out in the Stocks Register by Kaden Berrington: PS - Robinhood has GOCO at a 90% buy.


Hi JT, great video! I believed Wayfair just found its bottom. :)


I wonder if Julie be clubbing when not making videos?

G-city UP-top Boss

Up up

Prassanna Rao

great video Julie as always

Nicholas Vitucci

Julie what do u think about door dash and Airbnb supposed to go public before the end of the year?

David C

any updates on your OPTN stock please


Love them JT! Keep them coming. Thanks. I have one for ya that has already bought me my 1st Tesla. Graphene... NNXPF. Thanks again Subscribed.


Great video thanks. share the wine please lol


(WIMI) possible big winner!

Rick B

Great picks JT??? I especially like Optinose....let’s make some money ?

Leonardo Angel

As usual, thank you for the update!!!